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We are recovering the alphabet, language and manuscript of the inspired parts of the Bible. Scared yet? Maybe you should be. Read on. A longer introduction follows below.

Position Papers

This section contains long form answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Project History

    This article explains the origins for each of the projects that currently make up parts of Paleo.In. This story is told in historical order, and includes the problems and fundamental insights that spawned the need for each project. (13,023 words)

  • Project Theory

    This article explains the theoretical problems of recovering the inspired text of the Bible. It starts with some simple points from communications theory. This theoretical model suggests the nature of the problems that any inspired system of error detection and correction must solve. It then reviews our many failed attempts at manuscript recovery. Each of these enriched our understanding of the problem in various ways. Finally, it explains our working understanding about how the letter-perfect inspired text of the Bible will ultimately be recovered. (11,721 words)

  • Project Goals

    Our goal now is to recover the letter perfect inspired text of the Bible. This article details the problem and our general steps to get there. (1,748 words)

  • Is the Bible Inspired by God?

    People today mostly say no. A remnant, mostly Christian, say yes. Christians are following Luther's interpretation of Second Timothy 3:16, all scripture is God breathed. We started as Presbyterians and accepted the conventional Luther era answer. Our position has now changed, but not as you might expect. Keep reading to understand why. (3,373 words)

  • Why Joshua As The Divine Name?

    We only use Joshua as the divine name. We do this in our Testimony family of texts and in our daily devotionals. We are often asked why. There are several parts to the problem and a little history. Read on to understand our thinking. (2,322 words)

  • Is Letter Perfect Recovery Possible?

    With Acts 4, word level changes, and the reality of whole cloth additions, can the text ever be perfectly recovered, letter by letter? Matthew 13 is one passage that suggests so. We think we know how, and are working on the problem. (622 words)

  • Example Bible Contradictions

    This page is a growing collection of Bible contradictions. Together they show it is unreasonable to affirm that everything in the Bible is inspired. The examples are taken from a widely used, modern, translation of the Bible, the New International Version. (1,543 words)

  • Chinese Invasion of the USA

    Since at least the late 1990s prophetic people within the United States have been warned of a future ground invasion of the United States from the west by Chinese military troops. This article provides a current summary of the general prophetic and notes on future US boundaries. The purpose of this article is to provide frame of reference for other people who are experiencing prophetic warnings. Use with caution, it is by no means complete. (3,191 words)


This section contains various downloadable files.

  • Annual Planners

    Each year we make a planner that can be used as a personal diary. Paper is preferred because it is better for archive and it is private. If you are interested, you need to download and print the .pdf file(s) for yourself and/or for your friends. (298 words)


A few articles about the project itself.

  • About

    This project is the hub for a family of websites and apps. The goal of our work is to recover the alphabet, language and manuscript of the inspired parts of the Bible. (182 words)

  • Biographies

    Currently, there are 2 of us working on Paleo.In and the related projects. This article explains. (742 words)

  • Contact

    Contact us in the following ways. (160 words)

  • Share

    Share this website with this QR Code. (92 words)

Blog Index

This article lists all blogs. They go back to 2018. Most recent are listed first.

  • Wyatt Followups

    This blog answers questions raised by last week's blog reference to Ron Wyatt's work, especially modern Noah's ark scans, Moses' metal working sites and the blood of atonement. Before that, we explore some of the iconography used by Russia in Ukraine. Finally, a headline review. (5,310 words)

  • Manuscript Recovery

    Our attention is now turning to manuscript recovery. This blog starts the journey with an important review of history from Noah to Babylon. Our special focus is ultimately Jonah's Nineveh. (3,804 words)

  • Criminalized NT?

    This blog looks at the US Congress criminalizing the Christian New Testament. Before that, we look at app updates to the TT and BRB. Finally, a headline review including a plague of hail in the USA. (4,771 words)

  • More On Benjamin

    This blog looks closely at the modern history of Israel to solve even more riddles involving the Lost Tribe of Benjamin. Before that, project status. Finally, we end with a headline review. (6,433 words)

  • War Lots

    This blog reviews how events in Israel are impacting lots and making intercessors sick. But first, a new member to our family of apps, the Canon Bible. Finally another headline round up. Read on. (4,219 words)

  • Dome Of The Rock

    This blog reviews timing of the building of the Dome Of The Rock. This unpacks riddles of Daniel 12 and significance of the war in Gaza. Then we turn to the identity of modern prophetic pharaoh. Also, we go on a hunt for Job's friends. Finally, we finish with project updates, especially details on the return of the Bible Book Order website. (7,279 words)

  • TT, BRB, CR, QM Updates then Red Cows

    This blog starts with a warning to regular users of the TT and BRB apps. Regular users should read the notes that follow. The Classroom is updated. The Qu Map is getting a conceptual update. Then more on last week's theme of bridges and boats. Finally, we turn to the story of Red Cows. (5,889 words)

  • Moscow

    This past week there was a major terrorist event in Moscow. There was also a serious bridge collapse in Baltimore. This blog explores those headlines and introduces an update to (4,958 words)

  • Texas Fires

    This blog looks at the recent fires in Texas as but a small part of an ongoing plague on cattle. Also, more app updates, this week SR, 400, QM, BOM and EB. (3,482 words)

  • Boeing

    There has been a bunch of recent headlines involving Boeing. This blog looks at how this might relate to one of the Exodus plagues. This week we are also back to technical work. The 400, BIG and SR have been refreshed. Read on for details. (4,290 words)

  • Followup: Kiev

    This blog covers some followup questions to recent blogs. First, why did 2010 plagues fizzle? Also questions on Putin's name. Finally, much more on the 1000 year reign at Kiev. (4,006 words)

  • 2 Types Of Kingdoms

    This blog explores the differences between the northern and southern kingdoms. Only the southern structure was enduring, but is being defeated now through the use of a condition offered to the north. Russia appears to be the key. (3,861 words)

  • Watch Date Matches

    This blog reviews headlines for this past week's watch date. Avdeevka, Gaza and Yemen seem to be the key places this time. Also, this blog includes more insight driven from Tucker's interview with Putin. (3,149 words)

  • Bible Clocks

    This blog reintroduces Bible Clocks, especially the story of the inspired Prime Meridian. That line has bearing on modern political events. The blog ends with some comments on the Tucker/Putin interview. (3,918 words)

  • TT Major Revision, Watch Date: 2024-02-18

    This week the TT manuscript has gone through a major revision. This blog explains. The next prophetic watch date is also coming soon. This blog reviews what is known about that date. Also Passover is coming up in about a week, details on that too. Finally, there is an important new article on Bible Tribes. (3,827 words)

  • Music

    This blog deals with the general issues of music in the inspired text. This is a longer followup to comments in last week's blog. The tools we use to spot editors in the text can spot also problems with Christian music. I use an example below to show how this might work. (3,427 words)

  • King Manasseh

    Manasseh is both the name of a tribe and the name of a king. Both are prophetic for the USA. This blog adds details of that king to our understanding of the USA. Also, this blog covers important changes to the TT and related apps. (3,091 words)

  • Benjamin

    To understand the war in Gaza better we need to understand the Tribe of Benjamin better. This blog explores some new aspects of the lost tribe of Benjamin. (3,749 words)

  • Diary Review

    This week I have reviewed my own diary. In this blog, I retell the journey from the early Bible Time days until now. This is an example of why diary keeping is so important. Links to new Annual Planners are given at the end. (6,606 words)

  • Bible Tribes

    Today we are posting a very major update to the Bible Tribes website. This blog explains. (536 words)

  • 2020s Prophetic Dates

    This blog introduces the main prophetic dates for the rest of the 2020s. Read on. (3,671 words)

  • Last Chapter Of Acts

    This blog looks at an edit in the last chapter of Acts. Along the way we look at Putin's annual press conference and problems with the USD expected in 2024. This blog ends with important app updates. (5,228 words)

  • Alex Jones

    This blog deals with the recent redemption of Alex Jones. He is now back on X after a 5 year absence. Alex Jones is important and fighting a battle similar to ours. I go into why this is so in this blog. (6,361 words)

  • Cybertruck

    I continue to hunt for possible headlines that mark resurrection like events going on now. Headlines for this idea mark a fundamental shift in world history. Tesla's new Cybertruck is yet another example, which I explore in detail in this blog. Before that, some feedback on my previous AI blog. (5,718 words)

  • AI

    This blog reviews recent strange headlines involving OpenAI. The discovery of how to build artificial brains may be another headline related to our era in history, so AI is generally interesting. But rumors are flying about a change to what AI systems can do. It happened mid October, 2023, and adds to our growing collection of important headlines at the time. (3,943 words)

  • Albert Pike

    This blog continues a series looking at the war brewing in Gaza. This time we look at Albert Pike and his prediction of 3 World Wars. In his writing, World War 3 was to be between Arabs and Jews. This was not the normal USA against Russia split that we tend to think of in the post World War II era. (4,187 words)

  • ARC Conference

    This past month Jordan Peterson and his friends hosted a large conference in London. This is likely the Christian side of events in Gaza that began a few weeks earlier. Just like Gaza, the effects of what happened in London may take a few years to fully bloom. This blog explores the possible prophetic details. (3,602 words)

  • A Voice From The Sky

    We are making various changes to the text based on using our new markup tools. This blog looks at a king list from Hebrews and then the famous voice from the skies at the Baptism. This blog ends with the history of our build environment, programming language choices and current status. (3,492 words)

  • Media

    The war time media we are now seeing out of Gaza is very different than in previous wars. How the public learns about the war is very different than in the past. This shift seems to be an important prophetic event all by itself. In this blog I explain my reasoning and what it might mean. (2,333 words)

  • Corinthians Lists

    This blog looks at some interesting lists in Corinthians. Before that some clarifications on last week's blog. (3,448 words)

  • Future Of Israel

    In this blog I lay out an argument for why we should expect an essentially total evacuation of modern Israel by the Jews. There are 2 different ways to do this from the text. I explain both ways. Both point into 2025 when this should be finished. (7,362 words)

  • Events In Israel

    Last Saturday morning tragic events unfolded in Israel. Most western media is now focused on Israel and Gaza. This blog reviews once again the prophetic background of Israel. It also looks at interesting implications given the timing. (4,840 words)

  • Samaritans

    This blog follows up the last blog by looking at a documentary that introduces the modern Samaritan people. This especially focuses on a man who is heir to becoming their future high priest. This is a group almost completely unknown to western religions. (2,956 words)

  • Ahab's Temple

    This blog continues to explore the temple that sits atop Mount Gerizim. This may also be the location of Ahab's temple. This blog explores the evidence. Also, a flurry of new features landed in the scripture apps this week, details follow below. (4,571 words)

  • BRB, TT and SR App Refresh

    This week we finished a major refresh of our main scripture apps. This blog goes over what we have done, explaining why we've made various changes. Weekly updates resume today. (2,672 words)

  • Lists Of Seven

    In this blog I look at some new insights we have regarding how to reason about lists of 7 things in scripture. These are ultimately villain lists, even though they are 7 long. (3,577 words)

  • Capernaum

    This blog looks at Capernaum, a village on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee. This is where Joshua lived as an adult. By starting with a tour on the ground we can make sense of a few more stories. We finish up with project status. (2,971 words)

  • Holiday Next Week and Status

    Next Monday is marked on the calendar as Incarnation Day. This blog reviews that date in detail, especially alternative venues near Sychar for the events recorded in the text. We also traveled this past weekend. Our workweek has been short as a result. Current status follows at the end. (2,075 words)

  • Long Term Headlines

    This week we did a major UI update to the website. It is still missing charts. This caused me to think about long term headlines. Covid is perhaps the best current example. This blog explores what we did to and then explores these issues with an interesting example of the problem. (2,666 words)

  • Bauscher Interlinear

    This blog introduces Glenn Bauscher's Aramaic Interlinear. This is a fundamental and important work for understanding the problems with the Greek NT. This is a free resource, you probably need a copy for your library. (2,614 words)

  • Ezekiel's Bones

    This blog introduces a new website to our growing family. The name is Ezekiel's Bones. The purpose is explained below. Also in this blog is an important Nixon era prophetic headline. (1,746 words)

  • UFO Hearings in DC

    Congress is holding a series of hearings on the subject of UFOs. This blog gives background, links and commentary on what is going on there. It ends with a few notes on an IPv6 upgrade to our production server this past week. (7,463 words)

  • Commandments

    This blog explores the Commandments as seen on the Staff and Tablets Tabernacles items. (3,853 words)

  • Harmony Examples

    This blog explores Matthew's Grand Run using our new Harmony app. Also, a brief look at possible fulfillment for this weekend's prophetic headlines. Finally a reminder of the Tabernacles holiday that starts Saturday. (4,945 words)

  • Harmony App

    This week we are publishing a new app, the Gospel Harmony. This blog explores why, and explains some of the details. Also in the blog a heads up about using lots, now that we are in a war. Finally, a review of the headlines for the July 8 date, the NATO summit and cluster munitions being given to Ukraine. (6,058 words)

  • Headline Roundup

    This blog covers a bunch of interesting prophetic headlines. First South Korea is changing everyone's age. Then how the Amish fared through Covid. Then the latest on Covid related death rates. Then the Plague of Arabs in France. Finally an interesting match of the Malachi prophecies to Pope Francis. (3,615 words)

  • Russia

    This blog deals with headlines out of Russia late last week. Apparently this was the plague of gnats. A few more dates are coming in quick succession which I cover here. The plague series dates likely lives as a band on The Crown tabernacle item which I also explore in detail here, especially the problem of building such a thing. (3,922 words)

  • Clocks

    The clock app was updated this week with 2 new faces. This change provides paleo letter based face markings. This update goes with a 3d design for a clock that will go with the other Tabernacle items. This blog explores. (3,419 words)

  • Volumes

    Back in April, 2023, I did a blog that estimated 16 total volumes. That number is not correct. This blog explains and provides some of the parables that give the real count. This blog also looks at a couple stories where Tabernacle items are keys to unpacking Joshua's parables. (3,167 words)

  • Kakhovka Dam

    Tuesday morning this week Kakhovka Dam on the Dnieper river in Ukraine was destroyed. This seems to be the next headline in the plagues series that started with the Nord Stream pipeline destruction in September, 2022. This blog explores the details and the trouble we have in tracking this headline series. (3,351 words)

  • The Lamp

    The lamp is perhaps the best known Tabernacle item. This blog looks at its detailed design. Once the design is established, we survey some important parables that build on the lamp. (2,385 words)

  • Mordecai

    The BRB app has been undergoing review of the filter tags. This review is clarifying our thinking about which editors are responsible for what types of edits. In this blog we look closely at Mordecai. Also this week, updates to the 400 app. (2,080 words)

  • May 18, 1980, The Week After

    Mount St. Helens blew up 43 years ago yesterday. The week that followed was like no other I have lived through. In this blog I share my testimony and end with some thoughts about how this applies now. (2,999 words)

  • Coronation Dates

    This blog looks at the prophetic timing of the Coronation of King Charles III. By timing, it is tightly linked to the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia. Then we turn to Black Rock, Republic Bank, Lindsay's EU speech, reader feedback on Mars, and finally current Covid numbers. (5,315 words)

  • Lessons Learned

    I've substantially updated one of the linked articles from last week's blog. I've added lessons learned so readers can understand the journey. This blog explains my purposes in those changes. (1,589 words)

  • History, Theory and Goals

    This week I updated the main website with 3 new articles, History, Theory, and Goals. This blog gives a little introduction and then links to those articles. (428 words)

  • Ukraine

    This blog looks at the prophetic origins of the war in Ukraine. This war is intimately tied to the 1990 collapse of the Soviet Union. A bunch of other things started at the same time. All are expressions of the world eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. (6,510 words)

  • Dreams

    This blog deals with dreams. It begins with a survey of all the dreams in the text. It concludes with some commentary on the dubious use of dreams as a source of prophetic inspiration. (4,566 words)

  • Revelation -- Volumes

    This blog finishes the series on Revelation by showing how Revelation lists all the additional volumes. This post is long, so plan your reading time. It lays out the promise of what our work could become. (7,613 words)

  • Revelation -- Turning

    In this blog we cover the forward turn in Revelation. Before that, project status and some clarification on ciphers from last week's blog. (3,216 words)

  • Revelation -- Woman Giving Birth

    This blog continues the series from Revelation. This time backing up to the woman who gives birth in pain. Before that, we visit Nebuchadnezzar's cut down tree. (3,413 words)

  • Documents

    This blog starts with evidence that Joshua performed a by-hand recovery of inspired text before digging the vault near Sychar. It then covers our recent by-hand recovery of the commandments. With this success we can now recover the whole thing. (4,099 words)

  • First Fruits

    The Saturday after this blog goes out is the reference date for First Fruits. This blog explores some of the stories that provide parables for understanding the First Fruits holiday. (2,908 words)

  • Revelation -- Little Writing

    This blog continues a series from Revelation. This time we back up to the king carrying the little writing. Before that, we start with the broad works of each Villain. (3,589 words)

  • Revelation -- 144,000

    This blog continues a series from Revelation. This time backing up to the first story about 144,000. Combined with a few other stories they will tell us the total inspired letter counts and size of the carved monument. We start with a few points on the Asbury revival, and end with current project status, especially model size issues. (4,965 words)

  • Revelation -- Villains

    This blog continues a series from Revelation. This time we look at the introduction and then we move forward across context and then on to the first villain list. This continues to unpack the book. (5,743 words)

  • Revelation

    In this blog I explore the difficulty we have had with the Book of Revelation. A major problem lies in how a certain important vocabulary word is translated into English. Quite a story. Read on for more. (4,489 words)

  • Epcot Design

    This blog deals with the prophetic design details of Disney's Epcot park in Florida. It answers many long standing questions people have asked about the prophetic design of Disney property in Florida. (5,282 words)

  • So You Want A King?

    This blog explores Samuel's answer when the people asked for a king. From there we look at the feast at Cana. Both are Villain list stories. Finally project status and request for help follows at the bottom. (3,945 words)

  • Wedding Feast Parable

    Previous blogs have used the Villain list to explain stories in the Epistles. Those passages materially added to our understanding of the Villains. Now we turn our attention to Joshua's own Wedding Feast Parable. We need to use what the Epistles told us to crack this parable. But first, an update to our understanding of Acts 15. (3,433 words)

  • Jude

    This blog continues looking for lists of the main villains. These are the editors identified by Acts 15. This time we look at Jude, who appears to run the villain list 2 times. ALSO, the 13014 first month holidays begin next week. A review of those dates is at the bottom of this blog. (3,529 words)

  • Armor Of God

    The armor of god, discussed in Ephesians 6, is perhaps one of the most popular passages used in preaching series. This blog explains how to find the back story. Before that a few notes on the 13014 annual planner and calendar app updates. (2,892 words)

  • Plagues, Again

    This blog is a correction to the 2022-09-23 blog dealing with the plagues on Egypt. This time I am using the River case letter pairs. These are now looking to be the normal letter pair set for sequential lists used throughout scripture. This series brings better insight into the plagues. (3,811 words)

  • Christmas

    We have been looking again at the schedule of holidays. In this post I review what we know and what it would look like to add Christmas and Easter to the list of inspired holidays. (3,814 words)

  • 2 Peter

    The 3d work from the past 3 months has changed the tools we have for studying the text. In this blog I go through the structure of 2 Peter as an example. (2,480 words)

  • Ancient Apocalypse

    There is a series running on Netflix by Graham Hancock called Ancient Apocalypse. It is a well produced story of what was going on around 13,000 years ago on Earth. This blog explains the scripture behind those events. (2,606 words)

  • Twitter

    This blog explores the recent history of Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter. I am going to start using Twitter on the hope that Musk's Twitter is different. To start this off I am doing an Advent series of 3d model pictures. Details follow. (3,150 words)

  • Jacob's Blessings

    3d work has moved far enough that I can begin to confidently use it as a study framework to unlock stories in the text. This blog reviews some of this and then goes through Jacob's blessings over his sons. Those blessings form a newly discovered application of this 3d work. (3,214 words)

  • A 3D Faith Walk

    This blog covers current status with the 3d work that has been going on since September. It has been a faith walk. The most recent piece to come out of the work is a giant map of Eden, a flower. Read on for more. (2,416 words)

  • Covid Headlines

    I have not dealt with Covid for some time here in the blog. Time for a review of what we know so far. This time paying attention to the effects of strange clotting caused by the vaccines. (1,276 words)

  • Watch Headlines

    People have been wondering about what to watch for in headlines related to our current plague of blood on the river. In this blog I cover some general headlines on the general theme. I also go into detail about gas for heating Europe this winter. (2,037 words)

  • Great Renumbering

    We are updating all of our scripture apps this week. The goal is to make numbered lists easier to convert to letters in the Alphabet. This blog explains the problem and how we are fixing. Also, there has been an update to BIG. (2,667 words)

  • Alphabet

    I've been in a prophetic season dealing with issues of the alphabet. This blog reviews and explains some of the implications. (3,170 words)

  • More On Moses

    We have been looking at Putin as a candidate for our prophetic Moses. This blog looks at a recent speech to help with this identification. (300 words)

  • Models

    In this blog I answer some questions about the current 3d modeling work. (2,983 words)

  • Plague Of Blood

    Looks like plague headlines are back. This week the plague of blood in the Baltic Sea, bricks without straw, no gas to drink. This is also identifying an entire series of plague dates, we have only just begun. Details follow below. (3,367 words)

  • Plagues

    The stories of the plagues on ancient Egypt are perhaps the most important stories for understanding our current age. So understanding them is important. In this blog I show how to study the plagues using the alphabet. This provides the framework for better understanding how they might replay these days. (3,516 words)

  • War

    Over the past few days war seems to have broken out in Armenia. This adds a second front to the war against Russia. This blog reviews what we know so far. Also, update on projects. (1,621 words)

  • Introducing Eve

    A dream 2 years ago at Tabernacles suggested if we keep folding the text we will find another document, Eve. Originally I thought this was a letter level document. Not so. Eve appeared this week as an alternative reading plan. Let me take this blog to introduce her. Also, Queen Elizabeth II died this week. Notes on her passing follow below too. (2,293 words)

  • Kansas City

    This blog looks at a series of talks given by Mike Bickle in 2019, which have been recently posted to Youtube. His subject was the prophetic origins of the International House of Prayer at Kansas City (IHOPKC). This is a complex story because it sits at the Missouri river. This is where Chinese invasion is likely stopped. Read on for my reasons why. (3,871 words)

  • Beatitudes

    Long time readers know we use various grids to find structure in the inspired text. Using the Beatitudes we can spot an editor's spelling change for one of the kings. This is an interesting find. Project status follows at the end. (1,871 words)

  • Updates

    This week added a new tool to BIG as well as a couple more articles in the parables section. This blog explains. (1,033 words)

  • Big News

    I have added a bunch of pages to Those pages deal with parables of finding scripture in the human genome. The idea of finding scripture in the human genome changes everything. A point not lost on some scientists like Bret Weinstein. Links given below. (1,611 words)

  • Trip To China

    This week saw Pelosi visit Taiwan. In this post I give a trip report on my own trip to mainland China in 2003. I review key places and prophetic symbols and what I found talking to typical Chinese at the time. This is a bunch of foundational material to future blogs on China. Beware, this is the longest blog I have ever done. Take your time. (6,387 words)

  • Bible In Genome

    Today marks a new app going online at Paleo.In. The app is called Bible In Genome. It will be a place to explore the genome to see if we can find inspired text buried within. An introduction to this new app follows below. (1,925 words)

  • Tabernacles

    Next Wednesday is the start of the annual holiday of Tabernacles. In this post I review the holiday definition. I show where it was typically practiced in ancient times. I then explain modern adaptations. Finally I give our planned TT update schedule for next week for those who want to read along with us over the holiday. (1,276 words)

  • Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

    The Challenger disaster and the attendant Rogers Commission Report that followed is an instructive prophetic replay of Enoch's ascension. There is much that can be learned from understanding this story because it impacts our future understanding of NASA and Mars. Read on for more. (3,808 words)

  • Hainan Island Incident

    On April 1, 2001, there was a mid-air crash between an American spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet. This was a timed match to the story of Gideon and his famous fleece. In this post I review the headline and step through the process of matching that headline to the text. There are important parts of this story yet to be fulfilled. (3,246 words)

  • House At Capernaum

    We have been working recently on the mystery of Joshua's house at Capernaum. Much was going on there that is lost to typical Bible readers. This post explores. (1,673 words)

  • My Favorite Martian

    In this post we look at Martians in scripture. Especially my favorite, Philip's friend Nathanael. (1,295 words)

  • Texas

    This post goes into more details on how the future Chinese ground invasion impacts Texas. (1,150 words)

  • TT Updates

    Coincident to this blog going out we have updated the TT. This includes bug fixes, an update to the Lots Calculator and textual changes dealing with Joshua's house in Capernaum. Read on for more. (1,476 words)

  • Chinese Ground Invasion

    This blog post provides a link to a new position paper on a future Chinese ground invasion of the USA. This following a couple weeks of field work in the western USA, especially Texas. (245 words)

  • Ukraine

    The situation in Ukraine has shifted dramatically this week. Western media seem to be telegraphing a change in strategy. This is good. It slows down the path to nuclear war. Details Follow. (794 words)

  • World Economic Forum

    The WEF has been around in various forms since 1971. They are most famous for their annual Davos meetings, to be held next week from May 22-26, 2022. The founder, Klaus Schwab, ties into the prophetic story of the garden of Eden and Adam's fall. Schwab is a good candidate for our era's prophetic pharaoh. Everyone involved at the WEF/Davos meetings would thus become modern pharaoh's officials. This post explores the details. (986 words)

  • Roe Vs. Wade

    There has been a flurry of headlines dealing with a leaked draft of a US Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe vs. Wade. This is another recent hopeful headline directly tied back to the Genesis stories of Egypt. This is tied to several other textual passages and principles. Read on for more. (1,199 words)

  • Matthew 24

    In last week's blog I likened the opening of the new Berlin and Austin Tesla factories as timed matches to Noah going into his ark. The same story is in Matthew 24, adding details which we explore below. (2,211 words)

  • Twitter Purchase

    For the past few weeks there have been headlines surrounding Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter. It was finally approved by the Twitter board this past week. This headline appears to be an important, and hopeful, headline related to our March 1, 2022, prophetic date. This blog explores why. (2,430 words)

  • All Cause Mortality

    The death wave from Covid Kill Shots is starting to grow large enough that people are starting to notice. In this post we look at the statistics behind these deaths. This is bad enough that everyone will know someone who is killed by these shots. (1,311 words)

  • Apps Updated

    Late last year we set out to get all of our apps back online. The last of those original projects went online Thursday night. In this post I review the last couple apps that just went back online. One of those apps will help us think about Putin and Russia. (1,252 words)

  • Ukraine Update

    We are very nearly 40 days out from the March 1, 2022, prophetic date that matched Noah and the Exodus to Ukraine. Time to review what we know so far. Will war there settle down? (1,282 words)

  • Commandments

    A young man asked Joshua, What must I do to have everlasting life? Keep the commandments was Joshua's answer. This post goes deep into this question and the conversation that follows. (2,469 words)

  • Email List And BRB Canon

    We have moved our email blog from a big tech platform to our own. Email based subscribers will see changes, which I explore below. We have also updated the BRB with a major new canon feature, which I also explore below. (1,736 words)

  • Banker's Wars

    People who understand markets well have now had enough time to think and write about events in Ukraine. In this post we look at an interview of David Morgan who writes a paid investment newsletter called the Morgan Report. He has many reasons to think this is a Banker's War. (732 words)

  • Ukraine Roundup

    News out of Ukraine has slowed this past week. In this post we look at more background scripture and we look at various reviews of what caused this mess. We also look at the next date in this series. (1,361 words)

  • March 1, 2022, Prophetic Headline Review

    We passed a prophetic date on March 1, 2022. As was evident a week earlier, headlines involved US/NATO response to Russia's provoked invasion of Ukraine. This blog post explores several key areas that have prophetic significance. (2,524 words)

  • Ukraine

    Russian invasion of Ukraine is probably the fulfillment for our expected March 1, 2022, watch date. Though there could still be a more precise event closer to the date itself. In this blog we look at what we know so far. (1,705 words)

  • Money

    With this week's headlines out of Canada we can explain even more details in the Exodus account. This time involving the Canadian government going after money. (2,203 words)

  • Passion Week

    I've been working on bringing back online. This week I reviewed and refreshed a set of articles that gives the prophetic chronology of Passion Week. In this post I survey several key prophetic hours in that week, especially the 3 hours of darkness which gives the timing for World War II and might show a World War III landing late in the 2020s. (2,849 words)

  • The Army

    The trucker protests continue in Ottawa. Over the past couple days local officials have called for the Canadian Army to remove the drivers. Trudeau, curiously, has said this will not happen. This banter brings us to the next step in the Exodus story, Pharaoh's army and what happens to them. This post explores. (1,154 words)

  • Truckers

    Canadian truckers with support from other parts of the world are converging on Ottawa, Canada, starting on Saturday, January 28, 2022, to protest mandates. Another fulfillment of the Exodus stories. This time perhaps with some teeth. (1,105 words)

  • Houses

    In this post I look at the hardest of questions, how bad might total vaccine deaths become? By asking this question, we can explain an early story in the Exodus narrative where those who don't do what Pharaoh says are rewarded with houses. A strange point, let me explain. (2,133 words)

  • Altar

    Continuing my church rants, I want to deal with a vocabulary word, the dreaded word 'altar.' Ever hear this word when describing a place in the building? Time to run. (983 words)

  • Introducing: Qu Map

    This past week we turned on a new public Qu Map app. This post covers the history and use of this curious app. (2,617 words)

  • Priests

    The followers of Joshua, the people who knew him personally, never became priests. Priests are the villains. But, we see them all over the church world today. In this blog I rant a little about some of this. (1,595 words)

  • Christmas Gifts

    Christmas gifts? Why not. This post deals with some gifts we have placed under the tree. (1,608 words)

  • California Exodus

    A likely fulfillment to our expected March, 2022, prophetic date involves the current Exodus from California. In this post we explore. (1,440 words)

  • Bolinas

    This post completes a series of posts on the tech likely used in Noah's war. Here we look at strange electricity and take a tour of one of the first large radio transmitting stations that did not originally use EM radio waves. (1,322 words)

  • Dr. Judy Woods

    This post looks at the alternative history of 911. Important on the prophetic timeline and to our discussion about Mars. Here we look at the alternative history to events in NYC on 911 as told by Dr. Judy Woods. (2,095 words)

  • Mars II -- Energy

    In a recent live meeting we had lots of questions on the recent blog post on Mars. In this post I address one of those questions, the source of energy for controlled planetary flight which I assert is also the energy to warm Mars. (5,289 words)

  • Lent, 2022

    Lent starts each year on Ash Wednesday. In 2022, Ash Wednesday is at the 7 year mark ahead of a prophetic replay of Noah's flood. Ash Wednesday matches the last plague story from Exodus, so we have our first prophetic match for the date for that last plague. (2,800 words)

  • Heroes

    In this post we look at people who are speaking out on what they see going on around them. Heroes. (2,265 words)

  • Mars

    The last several blogs have been on the near term troubles of Covid. What comes after? In this post I give a textual and prophetic argument for why enough people of faith and enough high technology survive for a large scale, mid century, recolonizing of Mars. (3,302 words)

  • Plagues, Part 6, Obama's Reign

    Much of what has become the current Covid Vaccine pandemic began while Obama was president. In this post we look at how the plague series mysteriously stopped in early 2010, and how foundations for the current vaccine plague were set in motion. Read on for more (3,794 words)

  • Plagues, Part 5, Israel Too

    In September of 2015 a young man in Israel named Natan had a Near Death Experience. After 15 minutes dead, he returned with quite a story to tell involving future destructive events in Israel. He also repeatedly pointed at then President Obama as the cause. In this post we explore that NDE in detail, including a possible fulfillment involving Covid Vaccines. Read on for more. (3,732 words)

  • Status, Plagues, Part 4

    Been busy around here the past several weeks. Time for an update on manuscript work and a high level review of future plagues. Read on for more. (2,696 words)

  • Plagues, Part 3

    The alternative media has been filled with reports of strange interactions with supposedly reputable doctors when families have been dealing with sick, supposedly Covid, patients. These link to an earlier plague date in 2008. Read on for more. (3,148 words)

  • Plagues, Part 2

    In the last blog post I laid out the video that provides the Covid history I will use for prophetic maps to Covid. This time I go into details on early nursing home deaths. Especially the Kirkland Care Center where Covid started in the USA. Read on for more. (2,183 words)

  • Plagues, Part 1

    In 2006, as part of the Bible Time project, we started following a series of prophetic dates based on the Plagues of Egypt. We have been in a gap from that series that has lasted about 10 years. The most serious of those plagues is becoming active now. In this post I review that history and point at ongoing fulfillment. Read on for more. (4,424 words)

  • 400 App

    We have been putting attention into the 400 App. This week we released a major update. In this post I explain what we have done. Read on for more. (2,360 words)

  • Communion

    In this blog post I deal with an interesting possible historical source for the practice of communion. It was a well established pagan Greek practice apparently added to the text by NT editors. Read on for more. (1,877 words)

  • Versions

    Stopped this week to think again about versions of the text available to us. What would be the shortest path for someone who wanted to reproduce this work later? Not such an easy problem. Read on for more. (1,201 words)

  • Geeks In The Room

    Feedback from the past few posts on the manuscript recovery work has been very strong. We have a bunch of technically trained readers that are very interested in this work. So in this post I dive deep into the design of the code. If you are not a geek, perhaps come back next week? Otherwise, read on for more. (1,702 words)

  • Status

    This post explains what we are currently doing in order to try and find the inspired text of the Bible. Read on for more. (1,383 words)

  • Sabbath Reads

    Saturday, August 14, 2021, starts a new series for Sabbath Reads. We have made some significant changes to the underlying system which will make this next 6 months of reading far different than previous reads. In this post I explain those changes. Read on for more. (881 words)

  • Daniel

    The prophet Daniel first makes a splash in the royal court of Babylon when he gives and interprets a dream of the king. In this post I review the dream, the common interpretation, and then give a different way to look at the interpretation. Read on for more. (2,008 words)

  • 400 App Changes

    We are deploying the various TT related apps today, 1 day later than usual. This to get the deploy done before Tabernacles. This deploy is big, integrating Boustrophedon into various tables. Read on for more. (1,445 words)

  • Apps

    We have made some significant changes in the organization of the TT and 400 apps. In this post I go over what we have done and why. Read on for more. (1,828 words)

  • Gospels

    We have been making progress in understanding how the Gospels were edited by Ananias. That insight has been driving a bunch of updates to the various TT related apps. In this post I explain how we are thinking about this problem. (2,160 words)

  • Abram

    There was a bunch of feedback on last week's post. In this post I follow up with another passage about Abram. Hope this will help answer questions. Read on for more. (2,500 words)

  • TT

    These past 2 weeks we have updated the TT in significant ways. In this post I go over the subject of Walk Offs, many of which were hidden by editors. Read on for more. (2,036 words)

  • Jude

    In this post I explore more evidence that the NT writers had more texts available to them from the field ripe for harvest than passes down to us from history. This time I explore clues in the Book of Jude. Read on for more. (2,046 words)

  • Hebrews

    In Hebrews 11, the classic Hall of Faith, there are some strange textual anomalies. Those anomalies point at problems with author's witness, which in turn point at the vault near Sychar. Read on for more. (876 words)

  • Elon Musk

    This week Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully landed Starship prototype SN15. Musk's vision is to colonize Mars. This work compliments many of the prophets that I have covered here the past few months. Musk's work is the upside to their generally disastrous downside words. Read on for more. (1,916 words)

  • Translator Tricks

    There were questions on the previous post dealing with the plague of flies. In this post I look at that passage more closely, and cover a few of the stock tricks used in the Bible's text. Then I finish with another example from Luke. Read on for more. (2,260 words)

  • Jacob

    We have reworked the epistle of Jacob this week. It finally makes sense. The discovery of the key was triggered by problems with a single word. Read on for more. (2,374 words)

  • Update

    In this post I deal with recent edits in the TT dealing with John the Baptist being changed to Jonah the Baptist. I also deal with recent news out of Ukraine, the likely fulfillment of coming out of the ark. Finally, some house keeping issues related to our apps. Read on for more. (2,041 words)

  • Bubble

    We have been working out Trinity as a concept in the Testimony. Long ago we saw through the problems with 'Father' Now we are seeing problems with 'Spirit.' All that is left is Joshua himself. So how do we see him? How do we explain our relation with him? Some issues are best explained by bubbles. Read on for more. (2,782 words)

  • Model Prayer

    There has been quite a bit of feedback on my recent post on the problems with the holy spirit as a concept. In this post I go over more feedback and then turn to a key question. With no holy spirit, how then do we pray? Read on for more. (2,872 words)

  • Lost Sheep

    This week we look at the parable of the Lost Sheep. First we look at the parable of the lost sheep. Then I share the testimony of a family Ryan and I once met. After praying about the abduction of one of their sons, they were given this same story to understand what happened. Read on for more. (1,864 words)

  • Holy Spirit

    A big textual difference between the OT and the NT is the Holy Spirit. It seems missing in the old and makes a big splash at Pentecost. Why the difference? Looks like NT editors needed another god. This also looks like we need to rethink what we know. Read on for more. (3,350 words)

  • App Updates

    As of this post we are back to our normal weekly app updates. We skipped about 6 weeks doing serious work behind the scenes. Details of what we've done follow below. (872 words)

  • William Branham, 1932

    In 1932 a young pastor named William Branham was on his way to his church when he had a vision of future events. The most important was a future female president who would precede the destruction of the USA by fire. That woman and the fire have not yet been fulfilled. But the other scenes in the vision have been fulfilled. Because of Biden's advanced age, Harris is likely to be replacing Biden sometime in this new term in office. In this post we look at that 1932 vision. (4,092 words)

  • Dumitru Duduman, Part 3

    This post continues to explore issues of interpretation of literal prophetic. Dumitru Duduman's group of prophetic words are our classroom. This time we pick up with Duduman's Los Angeles encounter. Read on for more. (3,629 words)

  • Dumitru Duduman, Part 2

    This post continues to explore issues of interpretation of literal prophetic. Dumitru Duduman's group of prophetic words are our classroom. This time we pick up on the problem of detecting hoaxes, the problem of our own world view and then we look at the problem of prophetic packaging. Read on for more. (1,899 words)

  • Dumitru Duduman, Part 1

    In recent posts I have been dealing with issues of prophetic interpretation. In this post we turn to interpreting literal prophetic. We will look at material from Dumitru Duduman for our study. Some of his words are unfolding now, so his story is important to know something about. Read on for more. (2,284 words)

  • Dutch Sheets, Day 44

    Dutch Sheets has been doing a daily prayer video. On Day 44 of this series he reads and interprets an extensive prophetic dream. As a follow on to earlier posts dealing with prophetic dreams, I was asked to look at the dream in this video and comment on it. My feedback follows below. (3,684 words)

  • Dana Coverstone

    Dana Coverstone has released another prophetic dream video, the "Snake Chain." That video is so much better done that I wanted to show how this works when done right. I still don't like much of the interpretation. So below I explore what is done right in this new video and I explain my general strategy for unpacking prophetic dreams. I also go on to show what that strategy might say about this dream. Read on for more. (4,807 words)

  • Media

    Several months ago I promised to do a blog post on how to track news over the Internet. This is it. What follows are the tools, feeds, and reasons for tracking news outside of the controlled media. Read on for more. (4,422 words)

  • Acts 15, Part 3

    In this final post in this series on Acts 15, I look at one more observation from that chapter about kings and priests. With that I go on to show the story of Joshua feeding the 5000 is a parable covering the same material. Read on for more. (2,503 words)

  • Acts 15, Part 2

    In this post I continue explaining how to solve riddles from Acts 15. This time David's Fallen Tent. Read on for more. (1,990 words)

  • Acts 15, Part 1

    Acts 15 contains several key riddles for solving the problem of additions in the Bible. We have known for some time how to use that chapter to find 4 of the historical editors. We have recently solved another Acts 15 riddle to find yet another editor. Read on for more. (1,829 words)

  • Election

    In 2004 I was called to pray for an election in Washington State. Though not the race I was following, the governor's race at the time was stolen by Democrats. The victim became an expert in election fraud and has been advising the Trump campaign over the electoral mess going on right now in the United States. In this post I go into the prophetic details and provide some links. (2,671 words)

  • App Updates

    We have updated all the apps on Some changes, especially in the 400, are substantial. Read on for details. (2,449 words)

  • Dana Coverstone

    Several questions have crossed my desk about the prophetic dreams of Kentucky Pastor Dana Coverstone. Short answer, I believe his dreams are genuine prophetic. Long answer, I believe he is making a bunch of rookie mistakes. In this post I give the long answer and walk through the problems so you can understand better how prophetic dreams work and why, so if they happen to you, you will know what to do. (2,518 words)

  • Florida

    There are interesting headlines out of Florida that point at the declining side of the Noah's flood series. Details follow. (1,651 words)

  • Baptism

    If you have been following our work you may have wondered about baptism. The normal Christian understanding of baptism fails by our normal rules of textual additions. We've had trouble too, but can finally start to unpack baptism. Details follow below. (1,928 words)

  • A Covid Tale

    We just returned from 40 days of travel across the US. Because of the mask pandemic I thought it interesting to share the situation with masks that we found as we traveled through 15 different states. (2,118 words)

  • Beirut

    We were watching for flood related headlines on August 8, 2020. The big headline of the week was the bombing of Beirut. Details follow. (919 words)

  • July 24, 2020, Prophetic Dates

    We are passing the 2nd of 2 prophetic dates in July, 2020. Both involve Haggai Sophia, with a US supreme court ruling providing a pair in Oklahoma. (1,854 words)

  • 400 Stories

    All of our standard apps were updated today as normal. I want to point out a new addition to the 400 Stories app, the first public release of a verse level run. Details below. (459 words)

  • Syriac

    With some changes to our internal tooling we're starting to see major differences between Aramaic and Hebrew. These are important. Read on for more. (953 words)

  • Riots

    We have been following a series of dates driven by the story of Noah's Flood. May 30, 2020, was the next date in the series when widespread George Floyd riots broke out. This post explores. (1,349 words)

  • Cases

    This week has been mostly working on the 3d models. Also some technical updates to the classroom app. Details follow. (850 words)

  • Judges

    Weekly updates to the main apps happened Friday evening as usual. Much of this update involves changes in Judges. Details follow. (828 words)

  • Updates

    Weekly deploy of most apps. Also a new talk on the Covid related prophetic schedule. Details follow. (493 words)

  • Updates

    A mostly regular work week around here. Most apps were updated. The classroom app is now functionally complete. Details follow. (457 words)

  • Headline

    The April 20, 2020, prophetic date hit much harder than I had anticipated. Oil went seriously negative because the world is awash in oil. Details follow. (1,192 words)

  • Returning To Work

    The next date in the prophetic series for the Covid disaster is next Monday, April 20, 2020. Germany reopens for most businesses on that date. Many parts of the USA are seeing the public spontaneously return to work. Details follow. (2,681 words)

  • 400 Update

    Major update in the 400 Stories App. This impacts The Testimony and Sabbath Reads as well. We will be streaming again at 10:00 AM Pacific Time on Saturday. Read on for more. (513 words)

  • Streaming

    New classroom app, new talk, and we will be live streaming on Saturday, April 4, 2020. Details below. (1,197 words)

  • Status

    Back home from the recent trip. We drove 28 hours straight through to get home before we could not. Saw Canadians streaming home as they drove north on I-15 through Salt Lake City. Notes on how to calculate the Covid-19 prophetic timeline follow below. (346 words)

  • New Apps

    On the road again this week. So no new talk. But, this week we are releasing 2 new web apps. One of which might be giving a weekly framework for studying headlines. Read on for more. (1,431 words)

  • Paul Part 6

    This week's talk is on the healing of the centurion's servant and the raising of the dead son of the widow of Nain. We've also updated all website icons. To get current icons you may need to reinstall the apps. Details on this below. (793 words)

  • Paul Part 5

    We are back from several days of travel. These times usually advance our thinking in leaps. Insights follow below. This week's talk resumes the series in Paul. This time on the calling of Simeon Peter and healing of the paralytic. (963 words)

  • Paul Part 4b

    This week's talk continues the series in Paul. This time on Joshua reading the Isaiah scroll in Nazareth. (229 words)

  • Paul Part 4a

    This week's talk continues the series in Paul. This time on John at the Jordan. We also updated the TT and BRB today, details below. Finally a little more on model work also follows below. (1,178 words)

  • Paul Part 3

    This week's talk continues the series in Paul. This time Birth of Joshua and Joshua's age 12 visit to the temple. I am still working on the Joseph Case, details follow below. (293 words)

  • Planners, 3d, Paul Part 2

    This week's talk continues the series in Paul. This time Gabriel to Miriam and the Birth of John. Read on for update to the 3d models and next year's annual planners. (554 words)

  • Paul, Part 1

    This week's talk marks a change in my strategy for talks. This week I start a new series dealing with the book of Paul. Details on my change in strategy follow below. (610 words)

  • Shechem

    As I cross the subject of Shechem nearly every time I talk to someone, I decided to do a talk on Shechem itself. Here it is, surveying history, why editors would want to erase the place and future prophecy. (566 words)

  • Adam and Eve

    In this week's talk I'm continuing my discussion on parables. The Testimony has a story pairing system that is like regular parables. I use the story of Adam and Eve as test case and show the Testimony Fold interpretation. (330 words)

  • Solving Parables

    This week I answer a question raised after last week's talk. The question was this: Can you explain your methodology for solving parables? I can. (685 words)

  • Salvation

    What does the story of Salvation look like in The Testimony? A question from the audience after last week's talk. Here's a survey that explains. (671 words)

  • Rules of Interpretation

    The classic Rule of Interpretation, that demands multiple passages for correct understanding, is not strong enough for villainous editors. This week's talk explains. (384 words)

  • Acts 15: Editors and Examples

    This talk continues the series on the editors, as identified by Acts 15. This time we look at specific examples of their work. (311 words)

  • Acts 15 Riddle

    My first talk in this second season is dealing with the riddle posed by Acts chapter 15, the Jerusalem Council. The chapter, and the riddle, identifies the main editors by name. (405 words)

  • Status

    We are finally done moving from Colorado. This blog post covers our current status working on the Testimony. (430 words)

  • Statue

    This week's talk concludes a series of talks on the 500 year cycles of history. This talk explores the matches between document changes and Nebuchadnezzar's statue dream. (642 words)

  • Pairings

    This week's talk continues a series of talks on the 500 year cycles of history. This talk explores the pairings found within the cycle. (231 words)

  • Buildings

    This week's talk explores the 500 year, 10-fold Jubilee, cycles of history. This talk explores the buildings that mark the cycle. (232 words)

  • Reincarnation

    This is the second and final week of guest speakers on the blog. This week's speaker is Dr. Jim Tucker. He runs a research group at the University of Virginia dedicated to studying cases of childhood reincarnation. The UVA group has been in operation since 1967 and has meticulously collected files on 2500 individual childhood reincarnation cases. My commentary on this extraordinary work follows below. (1,899 words)

  • The Soul

    As you know we are working on translation issues, what does the inspired subset of the Bible say, and what does it mean. In the following video the presenter, Rupert Sheldrake, effectively a guest speaker this week, covers various experiments dealing with his term 'mind' and how it extends beyond our normal bodies. My commentary on his work follows below. (1,207 words)

  • USA Map

    This week's talk explores the overall design of the United States itself. Also in this blog post is review of Tabernacles and our current status. (1,007 words)

  • Disneyland Map

    This week's talk explores the overall design of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Also following is a status report on our move. (587 words)

  • Ezekiel Commandments

    This week's talk explains how the commandments map to the cells of the Ezekiel Case. We have also updated the BRB and TT, with another editing pass through material from Hebrews. Details follow. (589 words)

  • River Case

    This week's talk introduces the final of four 3D printed cases, the River Case. We have also updated the BRB and TT, in particular the very end of the Testimony. Also, a mid-year call for planners. Details follow. (996 words)

  • City Case

    This week's talk introduces the third of four 3D printed cases, the City Case. We have also updated the BRB and TT, details follow. (797 words)

  • Joseph Case

    This week's talk introduces the second of four 3D printed cases. (220 words)

  • Ezekiel Case

    This week's talk introduces the first of four 3D printed cases. (124 words)

  • Paleo Vocabulary

    This week's talk introduces the Paleo Language system of determining word definitions. Also this week are updates to the TT, BRB, and BOM. (1,470 words)

  • Additions Series, Talk 2

    This week's talk is the second talk from our series on additions. This talk starts with the parable of the Wheat and Tares and shows why the problem is additions. (127 words)

  • Talk Series on Additions

    This week's talk starts a new series on Additions. The Bill of Materials website is now live. Finally, lightening strikes. (1,295 words)

  • Aramaic Primacy

    This week's talk is on Aramaic Primacy. (162 words)

  • Using Lots

    This week's talk deals with the Lots Tool of The Testimony App. The TT and BRB received vocabulary editing. The manuscript repair code continued to grow. Some thoughts about what happens when we have the manuscript. A final thought on Russia's new nuclear torpedo. (970 words)

  • Doctrinal Statements

    This week's videos deals with a popular doctrinal statement. The TT and BRB were both updated. Also, I'm onto manuscript recovery code. (974 words)

  • Alphabet Video

    Our first video on the Paleo Alphabet is now online. Also, TT and BRB updates and a BOM delay. (691 words)

  • Weekly Update

    Part 2 of the Structure and Content video is online. BRB and TT apps updated. BOM progressing. (299 words)

  • New Talk and Website Updates

    TT Structure and Content talk is online. The website was updated to index talks better. (318 words)

  • Noah Video

    I've posted a Noah's Flood video. A prophetic warning. (137 words)

  • Busy Week

    New video now online, audio tracks now online, updates to TT and BRB, website updates, 3D mostly done and a blizzard to top it off. (531 words)

  • Try, Try Again

    This week, second try on our BRB video. Status on 3D, TT and BRB follow. (432 words)

  • BRB Tour Video Online

    Our 2nd video is online, details follow. (296 words)

  • First Video Online

    We just uploaded our first video. Link and back story follow. (916 words)

  • Friday Update

    This week's Testimony work is in the General Epistles. The 3rd case design is finished, with issues, and a few parts for case #4 are printed. We also started prepping the teleprompter for video. Details follow. (625 words)

  • Book Chain

    We've updated the TT and BRB as usual on Friday. This week's work includes attention to the book chain. Also, continuing with 3D modeling for cases. Details follow. (786 words)

  • Section Heading Milestone

    With today's deploy, the Testimony app now has a complete set of 400 section headings. Details on this, and on the 3D work, follow below. (896 words)

  • Annual Planners

    Annual Planner printing next week. Also, weekly update to the Testimony. Details follow. (501 words)

  • TT Update

    The Testimony text was updated today. Details of changes follow. Also, thoughts on Passover and Videos at the end of this update. (1,455 words)

  • Post Holiday Update

    We're back at our desks after a trip out west for the holidays. Out today, Friday, are updates to the TT and BRB, and there is more to cover on Patreon. Read on for more. (1,174 words)

  • December Status

    We're headed out for the holidays. Much going on. Here's the latest. (1,400 words)

  • November Status

    Been busy around here the last few weeks. Updates on 3D model work and Video work follows below. (1,050 words)

  • BRB Back Online

    Our old friend the Bible Research Bible (BRB) is back online. Details follow. (493 words)

  • The Testimony Online

    We've finished getting The Testimony working from our website. Details follow about getting it installed on your phone, as well as major changes and features. (863 words)

  • September Status

    It has been a busy summer, and much has been going on. With this post our old email list has been brought back online, as well as a few new subscribers. This post covers project and personal status. (1,566 words)

  • Personal Name of God

    Throughout our work we use the name Joshua instead of Jesus for the personal name of god. We have good reasons for this which I need to explain before we go any further. (1,691 words)

  • Reorganizing Everything Online

    In the middle of 2018 we reorganized nearly everything about our online presence. We had told friends we were going to do this early in 2018. But, we were delayed with some technical work. This post explains the delay... We found a book. (1,342 words)

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