Paul Part 4a

This week's talk continues the series in Paul. This time on John at the Jordan. We also updated the TT and BRB today, details below. Finally a little more on model work also follows below.

TT and BRB Updates

An update to the TT and BRB apps is now online. If you have either app installed you should see the normal flash about 3 seconds after launching. If you use either off line, you may want to load them in order to get the update loaded into your device.

There have been major structural changes across the TT. The most dramatic is a shift in the transition to material that comes from the New Testament. That transition is now at the start of Scroll 4. This is 1/2 scroll earlier than before.

This gives more room to material that directly deals with Joshua's life on earth and what followed via his disciples.

There has been much attention put into the placement of section headings. Both in Paul's work and across the rest of the TT. Though we are not done, we are much happier with these heading placements than we have ever been before.

You will also notice that material originally from the Book of Acts in a regular Bible is now split into 4 different books in the TT. We previously had this split into 2 parts. This change splits off Paul's trial in Jerusalem and his shipwreck into their own individual books.

The voice of the writer of the shipwreck story is different and most likely involved at least Timothy's help in writing. This is the 4th generation of writers if you've been following my recent talks.

These book breaks were likely merged in order to hide the inspired locations of Paul's epistles to Jerusalem and Rome. Especially Paul's letter to Jerusalem, written after his trial, and written back to the city he had now left behind.

Because books themselves fold together in the same way as section headings, it was important to the editors to re-block books in order to hide meaning. The Book of Acts in a regular Bible combines 4 works, and thus hides at least 3 book headings. About as much damage as was done when Genesis was re-blocked and tampered by earlier editors.

In this update of the TT, you will see we have reversed the general order of Paul's epistles. This causes the section headings from within Paul's Travels to fold to the epistles sent to those locations.

Paul makes the point in his Book of Paul that the material there is in order. This implies some material in other places are not in chronological order. It took us awhile to see through this riddle. His epistles is one area where the order is not chronological.

We have restored to the TT much material from the Gospel of Matthew. For awhile we had a strict rule of not allowing duplication of stories in the TT as is found in the Gospels in a regular Bible. This is not a rule of addition from any specific place, it was just a working hunch.

Because we are better at understanding the inspired purpose of material passed down to us inside the Gospel of Matthew, we can see why duplication might serve an inspired writer. So we looked again at that material.

In this update to the TT, the material from Matthew that we think is inspired is split into 2 books, with working titles of Philip B and Nathanael B. These span the 2 sides of Scroll 8. Both of these books appear to take stories from Joshua' public ministry and arrange those stories for specific prophetic purposes.

Nathanael B, especially, seeks to lay out world history future to the writings of their time, stretching out over what appears to be thousands of years.

Check the Table of Contents page in the TT in order to see the current organization.

We still have much work to do in the area of Scroll 4, currently called The Dispersion. Watch for more changes, especially there, over the weeks to come.

3D Models

After moving from Colorado I upgraded both 3d printers. They now have spring sheet beds, bond tech gear driven filament feed, better cooling and new belts. I put them into enclosures, which regulates heat. I also updated the slicer software. For some of the parts I shifted colors which let me use name brand, high quality, plastic.

As I was assembling parts off this new setup I found the parts to be far more dimensionally accurate than anything I'd seen printed last year. This meant that some parts went together better, with tighter fits. It also meant that other parts showed off long standing subtle design issues. Problems were primarily in the area of part tolerances, including part alignment pins and lid overhang.

In order to find and fix these sorts of problems I will be reprinting most of the parts from across all of the cases. I will be doing that over the next several weeks at the same time as I am doing a design review on each case. I am also adjusting color to reflect what ancient builds of these cases might have looked like.

For awhile the Bill of Materials website will be going through some flux.

Series on Paul

I continue to cover our current draft of the Testimony. Going through it point by point. This week the talk is about John at the Jordan.

Because of time, I stopped mid way through the planned material. I will continue with the second part of this talk next week.

With today's TT update, the text I am using on the slides in this series now exactly agrees with the text in the TT, including headers. You can read ahead if you are so interested.

More Later,