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The WEF has been around in various forms since 1971. They are most famous for their annual Davos meetings, to be held next week from May 22-26, 2022. The founder, Klaus Schwab, ties into the prophetic story of the garden of Eden and Adam's fall. Schwab is a good candidate for our era's prophetic pharaoh. Everyone involved at the WEF/Davos meetings would thus become modern pharaoh's officials. This post explores the details.

News References

Depending on your news source you may have never heard of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Or, you may be noticing a rather dramatic uptick in WEF references. My guess is articles on Zero Hedge, alone, are now referencing the WEF at least several times per day. Almost always the WEF is in a very bad light, Schwab is something like the world's current top James Bond style super villain.

By necessity, the WEF is the primary driver of news. Why? The WEF is now the primary driver of the western world's politics, currencies and markets.

The WEF is attracting popular attention too, for example from Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan's Roast

This is no longer a financial news issue. It is a general issue that impacts everything. As but 1 example, consider the recent roasting Joe Rogan gave on Klaus Schwab.

Rogan picks up an interesting point, Schwab even dresses like a pharaoh.

Adam and Eve

Because of this influence it is important to at least know the history. That history links importantly back to Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was involved in a 1974 prophetic headline involving the resignation of then US President Nixon.

Nixon resigned on a day-accurate prophetic replay of the fall of Adam. The situation surrounding Nixon, especially Kissinger's role in opening China to trade, is explained in the Garden of Eden stories from Genesis.

Kissinger, as Nixon's Eve, ate from the forbidden fruit when he traveled to the Forbidden City, the ancient capital of China now surrounded by the modern capital of China, Beijing. Tienanmen Square, the center of the government of modern China is walking distance south across a major street from the south entrance to the Forbidden City.

The text provides some editorial. Because Adam and Eve had done this the ground would no longer yield its increase. After China was opened to trade, American workers would no longer be able to support a family on the wages of just 1 (especially factory) worker. And, because of this death entered the world. That 1974 date is on a mostly US related date series. Kissinger's action brings death to the USA through an eventual Chinese ground invasion. The war, though, happens through Eve's prophetic son, Klaus Schwab.

With this ever so brief review of that prophetic story, we turn to the story of the history of Klaus Schwab, the man recruited by Kissinger to build the WEF so that the west could take over the world.

Schwab Family Values

Dr. Klaus Schwab

The articles linked above are both long. If you have time they are well worth reading. They cover the man who runs the WEF and his family's history. They explain in detail how Schwab's WEF fulfills western desires, especially post Word War II, to conquer the world.

Rothschild Family Connections

The article linked here suggests that Klaus Schwab, the WEF founder, is also related to the Rothschild banking family. In this case on his mother's side. Important because in the Jewish religion your faith is determined by your mother. The family tree mentioned in this article is not the same as used in the articles above. So beware.

This is important to understanding the WEF from the perspective of the traditional banking cartel in Europe. This was traditionally a mostly Jewish business. Beyond our scope here, but traditional Jewish eschatology is they end up ruling the world, with the rest of the world as serfs. This of course done through interest payments. The same slavery system explained in the text relative to going into pharaoh's Egypt.

Remember, we are in an era of leaving Egypt, not entering it. This will not happen at our point in history, no matter how hard they try. Instead they are triggering a world war with Russia and China, and the west does not win.


Pay attention to any interesting news out of Davos next week. Remember, their religion demands they speak their plans in public before they execute those plans. That same ethic allows them to deny the very plans they must announce. So anything strange, pay attention.

More Later,