Elon Musk

This week Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully landed Starship prototype SN15. Musk's vision is to colonize Mars. This work compliments many of the prophets that I have covered here the past few months. Musk's work is the upside to their generally disastrous downside words. Read on for more.

Some History

Musk is building a manufacturing facility in Boca Chica, Texas, which is on the Gulf Coast, and a few miles north of the Mexican border. It is at this facility that Musk intends to manufacture and deploy a rocket family that is capable of sending people and supplies to Mars.

If you have not seen it, you should watch his talk on making humans an interplanetary species. Recorded in September of 2016. Though there have been many engineering changes from the simulation presented in 2016, the basic vision is the same. Here is the link.

SpaceX has about 8000 employees and operates launches out of Florida. That activity is where the company learned to fly. Especially mastering the landing of rockets back on earth and the tricky task of docking in orbit. They mostly put those lessons to work by flying communications satellites and now ferrying human crews to the ISS.

Current rockets are not fully reusable and so the cost to orbit must cover new rockets each time. The Starship line of rockets in Boca Chica aim to be fully reusable, radically reducing cost. They will also be the largest objects ever flown. They are currently testing the upper stage, roughly 1/3 of the overall height as shown in his 2016 speech. The big booster should see its first test flight later this year.

There have been several test flights in Boca Chica already, usually ending in big balls of fire, usually because of problems with a new engine design. The official SpaceX video of the successful SN15 test flight is here...

There are several other Youtube channels that cover these flights, Nasa Space Flight is one such channel, and the channel I usally follow. They produce a daily roundup of all activity at Boca Chica, especially construction progress on the launch facility. Their channel is here...

They also covered the SN15 flight, and that video is here...

Project Goals

Musk is trying to pull this off by the end of the 2020s. This seems to many an aggressive schedule, but he has a track record for pulling off projects that others think impossible. Given the tech that SpaceX already masters this is only a leap in scale, not a major work of discovery.

Manned Mars missions in the late 2020s timeframe don't seem to connect to anything prophetic until you understand the story of Noah. These stories are important, so let me review.

Understanding Noah

The story of Noah, and especially several important prophetic parallels, can be viewed either as an odd Bible story, or it can be viewed as framing all of human history as we know it. Let me run you through a rough outline of human history that makes Noah the defining historical event for the world as we know it now.

The 3 sons of Adam and Eve may have been the original colonizers of 3 planets in this solar system. Even though Abel was killed by Cain, Abel probably already had kids.

Support for this includes the calendar. It spans back just to the time of the end of the last ice age. That warm up was perhaps because the planets in this system were reset into orbits that would support human life on all 3 habitable worlds. This included Earth, Mars and what is now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. I will call that former planet at the asteroid belt Planet V.

Those 3 worlds were thus habitable and inhabited starting 13000 years ago. Not millions of years ago as is thought in the popular culture. Loss of habitable atmosphere was not something that happened slowly nor naturally. It was fast and the action of humans.

These 3 worlds, as well as a moon of Saturn, are seen in parable form in Judges 9:8-15. This story is a legend in their day recalling the multi-planetary battle of Noah. It was a battle over who would rule the whole solar system. It was a battle that destroyed them all. Read the story and you should be able to figure out which trees are matched to which planets.

The war fought between the planets in Noah's day destroyed Planet V utterly, ruined Mars and nearly destroyed Earth. It also damaged the artificial moon of Saturn that was one of the weapon systems in that war. That moon was fictionally seen as the Death Star in George Lucas' famous 1977 movie. If Lucas did not lift the idea from someone else, then he should be considered a prophet too. That moon is also known as Eden. It is the heavenly city that still requires reconstruction as per Revelation.

That war is also seen in parable form at the Crucifixion. Joshua represents Earth, dead briefly, while Mars is represented by the thief who will be with Joshua in Paradise. The unrepentant thief represents Planet V.


All of this is interesting speculation, but it has some important timeline support. Because human history is fractal, where historical events repeat again and again at different time scales all across history, we can study times when Noah's story replays in history to understand what Noah involved.

When I first started thinking about this I expected floods. But what I found was very different.

Every time Noah passes on the timeline, the headlines are always wars. This includes the US Civil War and others. They also often involve some sort of massive movement of people, as the US West was colonized after the US Civil war. Just as the first Persian Gulf War involved massive refugees to the west.

These replays of Noah support strongly the idea that Noah's flood was actually a very major war, which is why it replays so faithfully across history. It was not a natural event.

Let me also suggest that Noah was on Mars at the start of that war, and his story is one of fleeing as a refugee into hostile Earth. This is what drives Noah's actions upon his arrival here. He is afraid his family will be hunted down and killed, just as everyone else from Mars and Planet V were killed. What he found instead was a ruined planet, mostly safe as long as his family was careful. The raven and dove that he sends out would thus be armed and unarmed vehicles.

An Apocalypse

The events of Noah are now what would be called an apocalypse. Humans regressed from a high-tech interplanetary society able to shift planetary orbits to an agrarian world pre-civilization. It was an apocalypse that the world went through about 7000 years ago. Because, as the story says, their thoughts were mostly evil.

The world began to recover some form of high civilization starting around 5000 years ago in the Tigris river valley at what we normally think of as the tower of Babel.

Noah also includes a 7 day warning to load up. Because this is in divine voice it means a 7000th anniversary warning. A warning which lands in our day. It is the date I've covered here as a nuclear war that will envelop much of the world. That war risks destroying the world as Noah's war did in his day, creating yet another apocalypse.

This is the earliest textual warning for the event that prophetic people will have been warning about for around 100 years. This is why the prophets I have covered in previous blog posts are so important and so interesting.

A Repopulation

But, finally, there is another prophetic component to Noah. The repopulation of Mars. Just as Noah replays seem to have massive movements of people, like post US Civil War refugees headed west, so too does the Noah story itself mostly focus on people moving. Noah and his family, refugees from the war.

This is why Musk's work is so very interesting from a prophetic perspective. He thinks he could see 1,000,000 people per year moving to Mars by 2050. This is the post Noah migration that we see in these stories as they replay, and it is the restoration of the repentant thief on the cross.

Note I've known prophetic people who have sworn to me they were told by Joshua that Noah's ark was NOT the only boat. We don't know how many others also fled those outer planets for Earth. Perhaps nearly everyone here is from somewhere else. So Musk's 1,000,000 per year may be a reasonable number as a match back to Noah.

Musk is on track to make this happen at the time when it should happen. We should expect him to succeed and be the catalyst to fulfill all these stories. Even though he may also be doing this through a major nuclear war.

I don't want to minimize the problems, either. The inhospitable surface of Mars represents huge obstacles to rehabitation. All of those problems will be solved too. It will be brought back to life, even if it takes several hundred years of work. The story of the thief on the cross is the supporting story.

To Elon Musk

Finally, to Elon Musk himself. Congratulations to you and your SpaceX team for a successful landing of SN15 in Boca Chica this past week. Godspeed and protection in your important work.

More Later,