Plagues, Part 1

In 2006, as part of the Bible Time project, we started following a series of prophetic dates based on the Plagues of Egypt. We have been in a gap from that series that has lasted about 10 years. The most serious of those plagues is becoming active now. In this post I review that history and point at ongoing fulfillment. Read on for more.

Plagues On Egypt

Many folks who follow this blog have been doing so since our days doing Bible Time. But, we also have a bunch of new readers, so I need to review for those who may not remember or are new to the blog.

In 1998 I began working full time on the Bible Time project. The basic principle of that project was that a precise timeline from the Bible repeats at various times and with various time ratios at various places in history.

This includes internal repetitions. So the NT dates, for example, follow the OT timeline at various time ratios. Especially interesting are Joshua's life, ministry, and passion week.

But, most importantly, these repetitions include external, future, replays across world history. This includes various repetitions across the past 500 years, and repetitions spanning out into the future.

The trigger event that caused me to quit my job and do this was a series of prophetic encounters with Joshua in late 1997 and 1998. I felt it was irresponsible to do anything other than quit my well paying job, follow the call, and work the technical problems.

In 1998 looking forward, there were 3 future eras which were the most important. The first was a time in the years just ahead of 2010. This was mathematically important because of a Biblical millennia break after 2010. Math from the last chapter in Daniel pointed strongly into those years just ahead of 2010.

Daniel math also points out about 2 years future to us now. And then, finally, Noah flood math points at events late this decade. Blessed are those who wait for and reach the end of those later years.

The last series of headlines that we were following closely in that Bible Time era dealt with key headline series that the world knows mostly as the 2008 banking system collapse. Those were the fulfillment of the stories ahead of 2010.

Those plague dates were driven by a prophetic read of the stories of the plagues on Egypt applied in the modern era. They hit most of the key headlines in a series of banking system collapses, including Bear Sterns, Iceland, AIG and many others, including the election of President Obama.

The Obama date was particularly important. In a September 2008 date, accurate to the hour, then candidate Obama slipped on a TV interview about his 'Muslim faith.'

Problems with the text behind that headline are what lead to the discovery of general problems with the text and why we are doing manuscript recovery. Once the text is recovered, I have long expected to return to doing Bible Time, though probably not by that name.

Important to note, though, the Book of Daniel is about the text. I did not fully understand that in 1998 when this started. Daniel may be giving dates for interesting world headlines, yes, but he is also giving dates for recovery of the Testimony. I knew the schedule before I understood the task.

The Math

The math for that Egyptian Plagues series was pretty simple. The plagues on Egypt are said to have been spread across 40 days, ahead of a 10 fold Jubilee break at the Exodus itself.

A careful read of the story suggests 1 of the plagues is identified by a certain ripe crop. This is odd because a ripe crop would last across most of the indicated dates if they were just 1 day apart.

I understood the riddle years ago when I woke from a prophetic dream. The problem term was 'day.'

In some NT timelines there is a 30 to 1 time ratio and that ratio, somehow, must have been what was going on with those plagues. So, I spread them out, using a month long interval for each plague and reran the math.

So those 40 days of plagues became a 40 month long story ahead of the jubilee break in their era. Then I transposed that headline series 3500 years forward to the modern millennia break in 2010 and there was the plague series headline dates. Sounds complicated, but with the right tools, not much trouble at all.

The term 'pharaoh' means something like a 'fruit corraller.' This is what happened when Joseph was PM of Egypt. The produce of Egypt was corralled into silos.

In our modern world produce is measured by money, and corralled into silos which are normally called banks. The modern replay of those plagues were generally on the banking system, which is why these headlines are collectively known as the 2008 Banking System collapse.

In the end, the date series worked, sometimes as accurate as the time of day, usually around 11:00 AM on the US east coast. (Sunset in Israel.) This is what happened, for example, with Obama's famous slip.

The Missing Headline

The 1 headline that we never saw in that era was the final plague, the 'plague on first born' or alternatively called the 'plague of blood' where blood is placed on doorposts and where every house in Egypt sees someone dead.

The problem with timing that specific plague was the text of the Bible looses a coherent timeline in Exodus chapters 11 and 12 where this last plague is discussed.

The best prophetic reads of the text at that time placed possible expected fulfillment dates many years future, 10 to 12 years was a good estimate, long after the other banking system plagues were finished by 2010.

Now, my paper records, including printed charts for those plagues, are packed in boxes in storage, so I have nothing to refer to directly. So I don't know when this was expected, exactly. The software that printed those charts? Still have it, but built on a library now withdrawn. Note to self, never use proprietary software for archival work ever again, even if open source.

Even if I had ready access to those records, it was always speculative because of the nature of those 2 troubled Exodus 11 and 12 chapters. The structure of those chapters, as I understood in 2008 and 2009 was strangely confused. These days I can easily say those chapters were edited.

In the past week I was given another prophetic word. Here we are 10 years later, and I am reminded to look again at those strange plague days. The last plague from that Exodus series is now in play.


In 2008 and 2009 when these headlines were rolling by regularly, I had no notion of severe editing within the text of the Bible. I recognized only that Exodus 11 and 12 were not telling a simple narrative like the other plagues. I also recognized the plagues as described by the English text was often severely wrong. That discovery lead to our current manuscript work. These days I recognize the haphazard, patchy, nature of those chapters to be a sign of severe editing.

For most of the last 6 years we have listed the entire series of Exodus related plagues as not likely inspired, at all. This because Joshua does not himself break the commandments. So his agency in these plagues is at issue.

We know from our study of Noah, were Joshua is said in the Bible to be the agent of the flood, that Joshua's agency is added by editors. The plagues were surely similarly edited.

If so, using Noah as a guide, Egypt itself was responsible for its own demise as some sort of natural outcome for the way it was run. Just as the people in the world of Noah's day destroyed themselves by war.

To understand the financial system in detail, read a book like 'The Creature from Jekyll Island.' It handily explains that banks as we know them are fundamentally fraud systems that always collapse. Like a massive Ponzi scheme, they always eventually collapse. This is by their very design.

Why? Because the bankers eventually lie about what is in the vault. Pharaoh always lies about what is in his silos.

The natural collapse of the banking cartel started in 2008. That collapse was following prophetic dates and those strange plague stories.

Herculean efforts by the head central bankers and the US Government bailing out those bankers has kept the system running these past 10 years. It is still, though, very much unstable and collapsing. Zero and negative interest rates, especially in Europe and Japan are the best ongoing evidences of this.

Great Reset

The bankers are well aware that the money systems of all of earth are collapsing. They have had roughly 10 years to devise a plan to try and rescue those systems. That plan, though publicly named as the Great Reset, is not publicly documented in any trustworthy way. So what those plans involve cannot be known by the public.

The prophetic stories of Exodus 11 and 12, though, suggest that those little Pharaohs will be unsuccessful. Pharaoh works hard to keep prophetic Egypt together, while what really happens is the place falls apart. Those chapters also say in hard to understand, edited, prophetic terms how this is going to end.

The feature that matters most is the idea that nearly every house saw someone dead, and that blood was somehow involved in those many deaths.

After the plagues, the Egyptian system is gone as the narrative turns to people who survived and left Egypt. Pharaoh gives pursuit, but drowns in yet another future prophetic event that the world will know as nuclear war near the end of this decade, aligned as it is with Noah.

So the riddle for our current time is what happens to trigger widespread death?


It has been well said that you don't understand a thing until you understand the history of the thing. It has also been said that you don't understand the history of a thing until you understand the alternative history of that same thing. Why the alternative history? Because the victors write the accepted history.

When we think about Covid, now running a little over 2 years, there are 2 different histories. There is the public history you get from sources of government propaganda, the victors writing history. There is also the alternative history you get from most independent, underground, media.

Primary History

The victor history is that Covid started in a lab in Wuhan China in late 2019. By early 2020, it infected millions in China before spreading to the rest of the world. Initial western world deaths were among elderly living in nursing homes, but it spread from there to the general population.

The government's valiant response was to shut down the economy, lock down populations and to demand mask wearing and social distancing. No medication was effective, there was nothing anyone could do besides hide in their houses from sources of infection.

Hiding in houses is a match to Exodus 12, where hiding behind blood covered doors is a route to escape. That story is the high ground for editors, so the hardest part of the puzzle.

Covid death numbers where said to have spiraled out of control until the vaccines became available in early 2021. There have been millions of vaccinations, maybe as many as 3.4 billion doses already delivered. Instead of stopping Covid, variants are spreading and Covid is likely a permanent fixture of life on earth. (As well, dare I add, as the political tyranny that goes with it.)

Alternative History

There is an alternative Covid history that is held across much of the alternative, independent, media. Though there are rarely single articulations so it is hard to nail down specifics of alternative Covid history.

The key alternative point that matters for the prophetic headline is the timing and source of Covid. Martin Armstrong's testimony is the bankers were discussing their soon virus release early 2019. Katherine Austin Fits' testimony is the bankers decided to unleash what became known as Covid at their annual conference in Jackson Hole Wyoming in August of 2019. Some point earlier, Bill Gates was boasting in a Ted Talk about how vaccines will reduce CO2 production by reducing the planetary population. (Exactly opposite of what the public thinks vaccines are supposedly used for.)

In this view Covid is not a surprise and origins with the bankers and their wealthy, evil, friends. This links the 2008 prophetic headline stories together with Covid now. The headline series has always been mostly central bankers and their evil friends. Pharaoh and his officials.

The alternative history that you might hold following alternative media is going to be pretty diverse, with lots of points of dispute. Someone with alternative credentials usually comes along and writes the alternative history. For WWII that happened 30 years later. With Covid that hasn't happened, at least not until a couple weeks ago.

John O'Looney with Max Igan

A video of a 38 minute conversation with a UK based funeral director was released on September 16, 2021. This is a watershed video, one that I hope everyone reading this will watch. The importance of this conversation is his first hand and important perspective on Covid, as someone who was called to collect dead bodies.

In those 38 minutes he lays out every key point in the alternative view of Covid, except the origin with central bankers. He gives his evidence for each of his observations. He moves across Covid history and explains what was going on, and what sort of dead bodies each phase was producing and why.

Here is the link, I suggest you stop and watch it now and then come back and keep reading as we frame what is going on. Note, this video is spreading wildly, and it will be censored. If the link goes dead, do a non-google search for the names listed in the heading.

Bit Chute Video

This basic outline will be our outline for what really happened with Covid through September of 2021. We will take this view of history and match this story to the various prophetic stories.

Let me finish this blog post with a review of his points. Let me link those points to what the alternative media has been saying for 18 months.


1) The UK funeral homes were preparing for mass deaths in November of 2019. This agrees with Martin Armstrong who has reported the bankers were talking about a virus coming in early 2019. This is important because it is earlier than anything out of Wuhan China, and along with Armstrong's witness indicates this is a planned event, the scale of expected deaths was well known long before it began.

Funeral directors take precautions around HIV and TB deaths because they don't want to get sick from the bodies they are handling. Though he started with those precautions once he realized Covid was a fraud, he stopped. Those refusing to be vaccinated, and those refusing to mask are doing the same for the same reasons.

2) Across 2020 there were no actual significant death rates beyond normal. Many others have reported similar things. Through 2020, the aggregate death rates were consistent with relabeling of seasonal flu deaths as Covid. Nothing supported Covid as a pandemic. It was a political creation of some sort.

3) He makes an important exception in March and April of 2020. Here there were a series of mysterious nursing home deaths. In a real pandemic, deaths would be reported across specific age brackets. This would usually mean the elderly with weak immune systems. This would NOT hit strictly by where people live.

At the 9:18 point he identifies the sedative used as a poison to kill nursing home patients in order to create Covid deaths. This ran for about a month and was used to scare the public into believing Covid. He is reporting his situation in the UK. Because this is a central banker plague series, the same play book was followed in the USA. The USA deaths may or may not have been caused by the exact same poison. The fear effects in the USA were the same.

As murder of the already frail, this was a time shifting of deaths. Sweden published data on their own nursing home issues, and curiously someone checked into a nursing home there only has a 9 month life expectancy. So deliberate murder of nursing home residents is time shifting deaths. So by year end 2020, as was reported widely in alternative media, the overall death numbers were at or below normal for the entire year.

4) He relates how nearly every death was counted as Covid, no matter the cause. This was reported widely as happening across the USA too, and there were many, many such reports early in 2020 to this effect. There were no such thing as especially Covid deaths early in 2020, someone, world wide, was ordering the widespread relabeling of all deaths as Covid. Only central bankers and their friends transcend national boundaries, another match to the prophetic plagues series.

5) Death rates soared the day the UK started vaccinating. This has been widely reported in alternative media. The vaccine is the kill shot, the mechanism for this plague of blood. The mechanisms of death via this shot is blood related, another prophetic match to the Exodus plagues.

Curiously, January 6, 2021, was the same day as Crystal Night in Washington DC. If this is landing on prophetic dates from earlier in the series, which were always on mid month multiples of 30 days, then the nearest possible prophetic date was January 2, 2021. So only 4 days off.

6) High deaths continued in the UK until mid April, 2021, and involved all ages. Everyone was being vaccinated. There is an immediate window for vaccine induced deaths that lasts for about 2 weeks after injection. The USA does not count someone as having died by vaccine if they die within those first 2 weeks. This is why the CDC says there are high deaths in unvaccinated. This is a deliberate lie to skew their statistics. John O'Looney was seeing those initial deaths in his numbers, following the January 2021, UK vaccine roll out.

7) Between mid April, 2021, and late August, 2021, his death rates were particularly low. Way below normal. Funeral homes in this time were worried about not having enough paying customers to keep their doors open. This was another time-shift event like the year before. Anyone frail who received the kill shot died within a few weeks. Much earlier than they would have otherwise, leaving a lack of funeral home customers weeks later.

8) Then late August, 2021, the death rate comes back again, all ages, with symptoms consistent with vaccine related death. In the year and a half since this started, what was defined as a variation of a flu, remember the Wuhan Flu, is now defined by symptoms of an mRNA vaccine injury, a remarkable media driven redefinition.

9) By the 20:00 mark he discusses the disbelief in the families of the dead that the vaccine killed their family member. This is not a fight he takes on, what is the point?

We see this same problem everywhere we look. There is utter disbelief that people are being mass murdered by express intent through kill shots labeled as vaccines. Nobody listened to what Bill Gates had planned.

This is being done at an unimaginably large scale, with eventually billions being killed. The Exodus 12 story says every house will see someone dead, by express action of some king like person. The editors shift blame to god, but Pharaoh, whomever that is exactly, is responsible for it all.

The greatest crimes always involve victims who never know they are victims of that crime. That is going on here. The prophetic story of Exodus 11 and 12 is that EVERY house will know someone who dies in this plague. This is a massive event spread across all of prophetic Egypt. About the only place on earth not impacted by Covid is equatorial Africa. Is that Ivermectin? Or lack of centralized control of unlicensed medical practice?

10) By 22:40 he comes flat out and says what we already know. There is no Covid pandemic, this is an organized event aimed at killing as many people as possible. He knows his own life is at risk because he has been willing to speak out. The inspired text makes clear the only path to survival risks death at the same hand as those who are committing these horrendous crimes.

11) At 26:00 he relates a problem relayed in alternative media. mRNA vaccines kill all the animals in animal studies. It will be no different in people. These are kill shots, not vaccines.

Many in alternative media have tried to estimate time to death after vaccination. 2 +/- 1 year, 3 +/- 2 years or a maximum life of 10 years after the kill shot are the intervals that normally come up. It depends on which toxic ingredient is considered the active kill agent in the vaccine. It also depends on the number of booster shots.

12) He reviews what is wildly known about PCR tests. By fraud, the cycle counts are set high so they nearly always give positive test results. Even though Covid does not exist at all.

13) Finally, he touches on Covid concentration camps. Again like Nazi Germany in the late 1930s. Alternative media has not covered this extensively, Washington State built several. The Tennessee governor just authorized their use too. Many other places, like Australia, have done the same. Pharaoh chasing after survivors to kill them too is a future part of this prophetic story.

Nursing Homes

The only point John O'Looney makes that I had not heard in alternative media is that early Covid nursing home deaths were done by intent. Seeing bodies wheeled out of nursing homes is how the public was convinced this was real.

This is what scared much of the USA into believing the Covid lie. We will explore this nursing home angle, the 'first born' part of the Exodus 11 text, in a future blog.

More Later,