Jacob's Blessings

3d work has moved far enough that I can begin to confidently use it as a study framework to unlock stories in the text. This blog reviews some of this and then goes through Jacob's blessings over his sons. Those blessings form a newly discovered application of this 3d work.

Valley Of Dry Bones

Each letter of the inspired Paleo alphabet folds in 2 different ways with other letters of the alphabet. The original 2009 rediscovery of the letter shapes came by folding the Phoenician/Paleo Hebrew alphabet letters against each other with a fold point in the middle of the alphabet.

This folding was found after an intense prophetic dream. That intense prophetic season continued for about 3 weeks because of the difficulty in solving for the 3d objects given the degenerated nature of the known examples of the alphabet.

The objects discovered this way assemble into either a sower or reaper and form the bone series of models. They were of course written about by Ezekiel. So we call them Ezekiel's bones, or the valley of dry bones.

The new top sides of these models become the drawn form of the vowels. This explains why vowels were never written. The supposed advancement of the alphabet via the introduction of vowels was really an example of degeneration. As the design was lost, vowels were added to cover this loss of information.

3d design work since August has assigned an order to letter pairs in the Ezekiel's Bones system that we never knew existed before. I have mentioned it in a previous blog.

We have set up options in the Sabbath Reads app to explore. That app has been updated again today based on this work.

The letter sequence for the 'Eve' series has been reviewed, the code has seen some debugging and the Dot/Colon pair has been cleaned up given the finished forms of the 3d model system. I will return to this Eve order or 'mountain' order in a future blog.

River of Life/City Pairs

The basic letters can also be folded on themselves. Each letter is a 2d drawing of a side of a 3d object that is some sort of tool. Those tools provide letter definitions and from there inspired word definitions can be constructed.

Just like in the bones system, each of these 3d tool objects have 6 sides. 4 sides are projections of the letter in question. 2 sides are new to us and rediscovered through the folding process.

These new 2d shapes are not vowels. They form a set of 12 plant related shapes. When folded on themselves they form plant related models. Similar to the vowels, these are shared shapes and given the growth cycle of plants they form a new order.

There are 12 steps in this new order, similar to the 12 months in a year. Since most plants used in farming have an annual life cycle, this order is the most likely order for timed use of the alphabet.

Each step in this new order is made up of a pair of letters. There is nothing particularly alphabetic about the letters in this order. Important to note and finally confirmed, the letters within each pair remain in their alphabetic order. The old River Case on the bom.paleo.in site is not correctly modeled on this point.

Each letter in this set carries its normal, tool derived, definition. There is nothing new here. As I will show below the letter definitions remain no matter where they are found.

There is a theoretical 13th plant shape, created from the Quad punctuation. It has 9 dots, the same number of 'seeds' as the seeded plant model created from the Ba Oo. It naturally falls as the 13th month in a calendar year. It is thus related to the idea of a Sabbath, as only Sabbath years have the 13th month.

In the 3d work I have finished this week, I did not model the Quad in the farm related maps. Instead the tool based Quad model informs the star in the middle of Eden. So that model is the pinnacle object related to the Quad.

The farm land areas in the map of Eden wants 4 sections of fallow ground. So the Quad at the level of plants means fallow, it means time for the land to rest. There is no work, nothing going on, no plants, no seed, just fallow ground. These spaces, these times are a period and place of rest. The 2 ideas are intimately tied together.

The area in the maps where the plant related 3d models are presented does not allow room for a 13th model. So the Quad letter being fallow, a time, or place, or season to spend with Joshua is born out in the 3d systems.

Those 12 plant models appear to also be functioning as a city wall or shield. They surround a map of a city that itself is in the main map of Eden. The productive work in this panel is an orchard and there are important trees growing in that area. All other farmland areas grow the plants created by the 3d models.

The wall of that city, so the 3d models related to plants, are the highest form of defense against attacks. So to be well armed in spiritual matters means you known them and how to apply them using the text.

We have not settled completely on the name. For years this has been the river series based on the river case model. This itself is based on the river stories late in Ezekiel. This is also based on the 'city case' top side pairs. So we are also calling this the city pairs series.

I don't yet have strong conviction on the right term. Calling these the city wall or just 'the wall' might be better still. When I have conviction on this, the name will get fixed. Bear with us as we find and get comfortable with the correct name.

So let me show you how all this works out with a real study from the text.

Jacob Blesses His Sons (BRB)

The link here is to the story of Jacob blessing his sons. This story is tough to crack because the order given here does not match any other list of those son's names. Jacob is most surprisingly not using their birth order, nor is he using the Revelation 7 order.

This has escaped our understanding across years of looking at that passage. Once we started looking again at all these 3d problems, we also started looking again at riddles in the text, including Jacob's blessings. We have now finally solved the riddle of his blessings.

Jacob is using this river series/city pairs/wall to order his blessings of his sons.

Let me go through the list of blessings in order and explain how it follows this order. Refer to the BRB text linked above for the full text. I have paraphrased the quotes here for brevity.

Intro, Dot|Colon, (Gen. 49:1-2)

Jacob called his children and said, Assemble yourselves that I may tell you what will befall you in latter days.

Dot is a single seed, or sown seed. Jacob would be the dot, he sowed his seed to reap his children. His children, his multiple harvested seed, is the Colon.

This is introductory, as is normally expected on Dot related material. This is showing us the introductory nature of Dot/Colon pairs in this system. Dot/Colon come together in Eve/Mountain system too, but not at the front.

Note how this is structurally telling us the seed being sown in the following stories. It is not a blessing itself, as the other elements in this passage are blessings. This itself is how Dot/Colon works in these lists.

Reuben, Wa|Ze, (Gen. 49:3-4)

Reuben, you are my firstborn. You went astray like water. You will not surpass others because you went up to the bed of your father.

The Wa is a star, which comes out at the start of a day. Reuben, as firstborn is the start of Jacob's family. The reference here to firstborn is the Wa.

The Ze is a belt buckle. It is normally closed, but must be removed for sex. Reuben became the father of Joseph when Reuben was hired for sex. Jacob is calling out that story here. So the Ze matches the second point in this blessing.

Simeon and Levi, Ve|Pe, (Gen. 49:5-7)

Simeon and Levi are brothers. Instruments of rage are in their nature. I never agreed to their counsels.

The Ve is a tent peg, or stake, with ropes. It ties, or anchors together. It can be used as a weapon. So these 2 sons of Jacob are tied together, or anchored together and they are like a tent peg in terms of their behavior.

The Pe is an ear. It listens. It represents the processing we do when listening. In this case Jacob would not listen to what they had to say. Jacob turned away his ear. Even in the negative, this matches the Pe.

Judah, Ku|Qu, (Gen. 49:8)

Judah, your brothers will praise you. Your hand will be on the neck of your enemies.

The Ku is a sprout. Especially like a seedling growing in a field of many others. At young stages of growth both plants and animals look alike. Judah referenced against his many brothers is an example of the Ku. Importantly Judah is standing out in that crowd.

The Qu is a brain, but includes the spine going through the neck. The neck is referenced here directly. One of the concepts for the brain is to follow. The passage means he will be followed.

Zebulun, Jo|Yo, (Gen. 49:13)

Zebulun will live at the shore of the sea and by the beautiful ships. His border will extend to Sidon

The Jo is a balance. The masts of ships pitch side to side like the needle on a balance. Buoyancy of ships is also an example of the Jo. So the reference here to ships is a reference to Jo.

The Yo is a hand. The fingers of a hand when opening is a demonstration of extending out in different directions. So the spreading out here is a reference to Yo.

Issachar, Lu|Sa, (Gen. 49:14-15)

Issachar is a mighty man that crouches between roads. He saw his dwelling excellent and land good, but worked as a servant for taxes.

The Lu is a shepherd's staff. Shepherds are mighty men compared to their sheep. So being called a mighty man is using the Lu.

The Sa is a post, like in a fence or a place to hitch a horse. Working like a hitched animal is in view in this second part. It is a match to the Sa.

Dan, Ge|Fe, (Gen. 49:16-17)

Dan will be a serpent by the way that bites the horse on the heel and causes its rider to fall backward.

The Fe is a plow or rake. It cuts into the ground. So biting on the ground is a match to Fe.

The Ge is a scythe. It cuts down grain, causing standing grain to fall to the ground. So this blessing matches the Ge.

Gad, Mo|Re, (Gen. 49:19)

Gad with go forth and strike the heels.

Mo is water. One of the things water does is flow to distant places. Think downstream in a river. Unlike the Yo, that diverges, rivers converge. So going forth is a match to Mo.

Re is a head, especially as a head of sheep or goat. The striking actions of a ramming goat are matched in this passage to Re.

Asher, Ha|Sha, (Gen. 49:20)

Asher saw his land was good. He will give good food to the king.

Ha is a corral. A special place for special purposes. Good land is a reference to a good corral, a good place to be trapped. This is a match to the Ha.

The Sha is a tooth. Eating and drinking are 2 of many symbolic meanings of the Sha. So Jacob's reference to good eats is continuing this long list of letter matches. In this case to the letter Sha.

Naphtali, The|Ne, (Gen. 49:21)

Naphtali is a swift messenger. He gives attractive sayings.

The The is a wheel. Wheels allow moving along the ground faster than walking. So calling Naphtali swift is matching the The.

The Ne is a seed. Unlike punctuation which treat seed in quantity, the Ne letter deals with the seed's life cycle and functions. Seed is also a specific parable for letters in the inspired text. Letters are what sprout up from seed. (See Matt. 13) So the attractive sayings is implying words, and what they can grow into when mentally digested. This is a match to Ne.

Joseph, Ba|Oo, (Gen. 49:22-26)

Joseph is a fruitful son. The god of your father will help you and bless you with blessing of the breasts and womb. These will be on the head of Joseph, on the brow of him separated from his brothers.

The Ba is a tent, or place to live. It is where people collect blessings, especially family. The reference to the blessings of the breast and womb is a reference to a large house. This is a match to Ba.

The Oo is an eye. So the reference to the brow, the forehead just over the eyes, is another direct reference to the Eye socket. The separation of Joseph from his brothers means he will be seen at a distance. This a match to Oo.

Benjamin, Du|Ta, (Gen. 49:27)

Benjamin is a plundering wolf. In the morning he will eat the prey. In the evening he will divide the spoil.

The Du is a purse, it surrounds coins for example. Wolves hunt by isolating their prey, like putting something in a purse. Calling Benjamin a wolf is a match to Du.

The Ta is cloth. It presents the end of the day when places are clothed, ie: closed. The evening reference speaks to the end of the work day, or going to bed, a match to Ta.

Summary, Quad, (Gen. 49:28)

All these are the 12 tribes.

The summary, or Sabbath, at the end of the series, is typical of a Quad. The data in this passage is 'Meta' or data about data, which is what we look for on Sabbath.

What This Implies

The most important implication of this list is that Jacob knew this ordering of letter pairs. This strongly implies he was familiar with this system, so he knew the 3d system of design used to build the alphabet.

This has lots of implications in terms of alphabet history. It must have been known and used by his family centuries before the Exodus when it might have otherwise been introduced on the stone tablets.

This implies that in any given passage, in inspired text, the writer has available different sets of structural tools. So any given passage must be inspected to determine what, if anything, is being used for structure.

As readers we must know all the available tools. It takes work to figure out what tool any particular passage is using when it was written.

This has taken years of work to learn. The text does not yield its secrets lightly.

Everything I have listed in the study above applies to the lost tribes. Jacob prefixes this list indicating this for the latter days. He wants us to apply it to that end.

Since these are the major nations in the world today, it means we may be able to take what we know about the letters and apply them to nations. That would mean specific rows in the table of 400 apply to specific nations. When we are finished with the text, and can trust the stories, a whole new avenue opens to understanding our world.

More Work To Come

After about 2 months of intense work, the map of Eden is finally finished.

After work like this I generally want it to sit for some days so I can look again with fresh eyes to see if I have overlooked something. I am still finding a few code bugs, which I expect to continue for awhile.

There is still another round to prepare parts for 3d printing. I do not expect to 3d print the entire system. There is no place to put it. I do hope to print some sections of the bigger system.

I am no longer getting intense daily prophetic to make changes to the map itself. But, daily prophetic is continuing. This is the longest such prophetic stretch I have ever been through. Daily prophetic is now pushing me to understand Eden's system of roads. Even correctly mapping them out flat is not at all easy.

As I have briefly mentioned here before, I believe these become the basis for the 'wheel within a wheel' written about in Ezekiel. If the text is encoded in DNA it will be encoded based on a system driven by what I am looking at now.

Those roads have a complex set of riddles all by themselves. I will report back here when there is something interesting to share.

More Later,