Currently, there are 2 of us working on Paleo.In and the related projects. This article explains.


We met at a conference on the Person and Works of the Holy Spirit held in Yakima, Washington in the spring of 1995.

An exercise in that conference was to break into small groups and pray for each other. The condition for the exercise to work was that each group had to be made up of people who did not know each other, at all.

The following year, 1996, the conference was held again. This time in Tukwila, Washington. The church itself was were Ryan had grown up. Unknown to either of us, this was also where Phil's father had attended church in High School. It was the church where Phil's parents had been married.

Phil's father died about a week after the conference, and thus began a long prophetic journey. Phil soon started attending there and was eventually selected as an elder.

By the summary of 1998 we had been called to Rhododendron, Oregon, just west of Mount Hood outside of Portland Oregon. Ryan completed his education at Bible College in Portland. Phil began working full time on what is now the Bible Time and and Bible Tribes projects.

What follows here are more formal biographies for each of us.


Picture of Phil

Phil Stone holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in Business Administration. He quit a job in the computer industry to work full time on the Bible Time project in 1998. This work later spawned the Bible Time Line project, the Bible Tribes project, the Clock project, and the Calendar project.

After 2011 attention slowly turned to a bottom up goal of recovering the letter perfect inspired manuscript. That goal started with the Ezekiel's Bones and Bill of Materials projects for dealing with the 3D systems that recover the lost inspired alphabet. Work then shifted to the Spice Bible project, a base line for further recovery work. His work has now shifted to an unreleased project to recover the Paleo Language version of the inspired manuscript. Phil is keeper of the Paleo.In website and usually in front of the Classroom project camera. He writes and maintains the code behind all the projects.

Picture of Ryan

Ryan Eaton holds a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies. He worked as an advisor in a residential boarding school before leaving in 2006 to work full time on a Bible Book Order project. The goal was to bring better context to biblical material by adjusting the book order. That project grew and became the current Bible Research Bible project that uses stricter English than most translations and now feeds text into the other projects.

After 2015, his Bible work morphed into a top down, Bible Study and Acts 15 driven, set of projects to find an English approximation of inspired scripture. That text is now The Testimony project. His work also includes the Sabbath Reads project and the 400 Stories project. These show off important aspects of inspired internal structure. Ryan also works the Qu Map project which shows even more internal structure and shows off how the text maps to geography in the external world. Ryan is the Paleo.In proof reader and generally works behind the Classroom project camera. He writes and maintains all of the styling behind all of the projects.