California Exodus

A likely fulfillment to our expected March, 2022, prophetic date involves the current Exodus from California. In this post we explore.


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A California Testimony

Ryan and I, along with some other intercessors, were in the gallery of the California State Capital Building when they voted to amend their state constitution removing a clause that demanded a balanced annual state budget.

This eventually went before the state's voters who are reported by the state's rigged voting machines to have approved.

I had never witnessed a less civil meeting in my life. Most of the men on the floor of that chamber were acting about like brute beasts. They shouted down a lone voice of righteousness who was one of their members who was publicly objecting. Grabbing their crotches... (This blog is rated PG.) They were a bunch of greedy, immoral, bastards.

They were intentionally tearing up the heritage put in place by the state's founders.

The prophetic to us at the time was that Joshua was weeping over California because they had set in place their own eventual destruction.

Fast forward to today. We are seeing many companies, their staff and their families, flee the coming wrath.

The California Exodus

Since the start of Covid, there have been ongoing reports of an Exodus happening as companies flee California for other places. Oracle is moving 8,000 programmers to Nashville, Tennessee. Disney is moving their Parks Division headquarters staff of 2,000 to new property purchased south of the Orlando airport in Florida. Tesla is moving corporate headquarters to Austin, Texas. This part of a $10B, 20,000 employee new facility there. Sandy Monroe, an important voice in the auto industry, has publicly stated Tesla should close their cursed Fremont, California, factory.

This year, every 5 days on average, some company has moved their headquarters from California to Texas. California has seen its first drop in total population since it was founded.

Earlier this week Dave Rubin released a video on why he is moving his company to Miami, Florida. This is insightful because he has personal reasons for perhaps staying in California. He also sees the problems close up. He has also been willing to talk about his journey.

Why I am Joining the Calfornia Exodus

Rubin is moving his whole staff. Similar to how Ben Shapiro moved along with 100 staff to Nashville.

Traditionally, in the USA, individuals move for jobs and retirement. These are small individual moves, and balanced. As Rubin explains, moving companies are having trouble because this is an unusual, unbalanced flow of people.

In history, though, massive group moves were more common. My own great grandfather moved with his brothers, their wives, and their little kids from Hudson Falls, NY, to Tacoma, WA, by train, about 1910. They moved en-mass in order to increase their odds of success upon arrival to what was a type of frontier.

Sailing to North America in the 1600s and 1700s was similarly fraught with peril, and usually done by extended families, whole small towns or church groups. This was especially important for protecting their women and children from harm. Getting off the docks upon arrival in New York without being robbed, or worse, was extremely difficult for single travelers across the 1800s.

Work environments today behave like virtual families. It was the families of Jacob that departed Egypt. Not individuals. This strange Exodus from California is already a good prophetic match for our March, 2022, prophetic date.

Being Chased

Rubin talks about California's plan to tax people leaving the state. I don't think he knows the history. Anyone leaving in the past decade has risked the state confiscating all local bank deposits.

Advice for some time has been to open an out-of-state bank account as soon as possible, before anyone in California knows of a planned departure. That new bank account, of course, must be with a bank unlicensed for business in California.

California is an immoral bunch, and will confiscate first, and let their victims ask questions later, from far away.

In any case, in the Exodus account Pharaoh chases after the departing sons of Jacob. The actions of California are a clear match, as Rubin reports.


Rubin's excitement over the move should not be overlooked. He had tried to help fix California, as he recounts in various ways. When it did not work, a sense of hopelessness set in.

The text of the Exodus from Egypt has this split attitude too. Stay in Egypt? Leave Egypt? Moses was worried nobody would leave. Then, when it was time to leave, everyone hurried along.

Rubin reports much of the same. Even his limited staff wanted to move instead of staying behind.

Note Joshua causes these sorts of moves without overt prophetic words. Use Rubin as a good example. In Rubin's case it was a gut feeling confirmed through signs.


These are not personal moves. Each company represents a large group of people. Textually these would be considered clans or even a tribe moving from California.

Group moves of this scale are only matched by Noah, the Exodus from Egypt, the Assyrian and Babylonian exiles, and by the departure in the New Testament from Jerusalem to Antioch.

Note each of these textual models has a backdrop of a military invasion. Expect the same to eventually follow this California Exodus. Watching companies leave is itself a sign of a future invasion, even if nobody knows the details.

By leaving California now, Rubin and the 450 other apparent leaders he mentions, have a chance of preserving home equity and arriving with their household goods. This will not be so in future years, where refugees will escape only with what they can carry. Eventually without even the help of motor vehicles.

When your state sows communism, your state risks reaping communists with military boots and a big red flag. By this logic, other parts of the USA, including parts of New England, risk a similar fate.

More Later,