Roe Vs. Wade

There has been a flurry of headlines dealing with a leaked draft of a US Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe vs. Wade. This is another recent hopeful headline directly tied back to the Genesis stories of Egypt. This is tied to several other textual passages and principles. Read on for more.

Exodus 1:15-22

As a reminder, the story of Moses and the Exodus begins with an undated story when Pharaoh orders the killing of the babies. The means of baby death is originally unspecified, but later becomes drowning in the Nile.

This ties back to the story of Joseph and the text's introduction to Pharaoh's Egypt. See Genesis 40:20-22 when Joseph is introduced to pharaoh's officials. Pharaoh will promote one of those officials. Pharaoh will kill the other.

The lesson from both ends of Egypt is that prophetic replays of pharaoh's Egypt always involves rule by killing. This includes the little pharaohs, pharisees, who murdered Joshua. It includes all the other prophetic pharaohs across history.

Pharaoh kills both his governing officials, but he also kills babies. Pharaohs want a way to control the population at large. So this practice of killing is not unknown to the midwives. They fear Joshua more than pharaoh for good reason.

The midwives of Moses' day know the story all the way back to Noah, and we need to know that story so we may know why the midwives acted as they did.

Genesis 9:5

After the account of Noah's flood there is a long passage in divine voice. That passage stretches across Genesis 9:1-17. In the last verse the passage is called a contract between Joshua and the world after the flood.

Within this contract at verse 5 is the issue of blood. Joshua himself will demand an accounting from anyone who kills another.

This is normally taken as deliberate killing. This is what the faithful midwives were so afraid of. If they did what pharaoh ordered, then they would be guilty of blood guilt under this contract.

Precisely this means to the midwives that Joshua will not protect them should their own lives be at risk. This is the absolute negative end of favor.

This could mean being swept up in a Nile river flood, or caught in a war from an invading army. The loss of protection, the loss of favor, is imprecise. Joshua will no longer protect someone who is guilty of blood.

The Math

Notice also that this Genesis 9 passage involves an 'accounting.' So we can understand how this Noah Covenant works by counting the dead.

If we do this with abortion in the USA, including all who have had them, or paid for them, or recommended them, or legalized them, or voted for someone who legalized them, we get a blood guilt number something like 1/2 of the US population.

(Math: 62,000,000 total abortions in the USA since legalization. 2 parents immediately involved and 1 other family member who agreed, say at least 1 parent, less some who disagreed but were not persuasive. Less a few who repented and stood up publicly against the practice, recovering Joshua's favor. So around 150,000,000 people under blood guilt in USA now.)

This is how we get to the numbers of dead in Matthew 24, where we read of 2, where 1 is taken and 1 is left. This is speaking to a ratio of 1 out of 2 are in trouble with Joshua.

Joshua steps in to stop whatever is coming only once these sorts of numbers are reached. In ancient Noah's case only a few were left alive. This time things look better.

Of course the Chinese have this problem too, with their 1 child policy. We can presume a similar proportion of their population is similarly guilty. Ditto Russia. Ditto Europe. This is very widespread in the modern world.

By Noah's covenant this is why the population of earth is about to fall. This is why the population in Noah's day was reduced to a handful. Blood guilt was apparently much greater in Noah's day. This is part of what it means when we see Noah stories active again in the world.

The Leak

So the US Supreme Court has been deliberating another abortion case, heard late last year. The justices may be using this to turn the question of abortion back to the individual states, though until a decision is reached nothing is certain.

A draft of a possible decision to that end was leaked to the press. The article linked here goes through the essential reasons why the court would drop Roe.

This article also deals with the damage this leak has done to the reputation of the court itself. Anyone tracking recent court appointees could speculate as to where this leak originated, but that is not my point here.

If this is turned back to the states, as the draft suggests, it would be one more feature of pharaoh's Egypt that is leaving US Federal politics. Confederations are not as hierarchical as a pyramid with a pharaoh atop.

This leak is another very hopeful development because it might slow the increase in the abortion totals. It would also start to localize and isolate them.

If Roe is overturned, the issue goes back to the states to decide for themselves. This means there will be a bunch of new state lines that will matter. Those lines will provide some predictive ability to figure out where these Noah Contract accounts will be settled.

We can look at this again once we know if this decision really happens and after the individual states have responded. Some state legislatures will protect themselves, their territories, and recover some of Joshua's favor by publicly repudiating the practice. This is a very important thing to see happen.

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