Paul Part 3

This week's talk continues the series in Paul. This time Birth of Joshua and Joshua's age 12 visit to the temple. I am still working on the Joseph Case, details follow below.

Joseph Case

I finished assembly on the Joseph case and found more fit and finish issues that I felt needed to be fixed. More printing next week to make sure the changes are good. After that will be another upload. If you are thinking about printing it yourself, please wait.

Sorry this is taking so long to get worked through. I am very busy.

Series on Paul

I continue to cover our current draft of the Testimony. Going through it point by point. This week is about the birth of Joshua and his age 12 visit with the teachers in the temple.

A point to note is material that normally has no purpose in a regular Bible suddenly has considerable purpose to explain the Roman world and the world we still live in 2000 years later.

The editors did not want readers to understand how the world works.

More Later,