TT Major Revision, Watch Date: 2024-02-18

This week the TT manuscript has gone through a major revision. This blog explains. The next prophetic watch date is also coming soon. This blog reviews what is known about that date. Also Passover is coming up in about a week, details on that too. Finally, there is an important new article on Bible Tribes.

TT App (

What is now the TT app first went online in 2016. Across nearly all of the past 7 years that app has had a 2 level organizational structure. The upper layer was the books, the lower layer was the stories.

There was a hint at scrolls, but those were always just blocks of 50 stories. Nothing more fancy than that.

A few weeks ago we rebuilt the tooling for how the content of the TT text is mapped out across that application. The old tooling has been around just about as long as the app itself. The new tooling allowed a major theoretical revision to the organization of that material. Ryan's update to the TT this week now formally reorganizes the TT material with a 3 level heading structure.

The newly introduced top layer of the organization is called scrolls. These are conceptually above the Book and Story layers. Those 2 lower layers still remain.

The best way to see the difference is to follow the link above to the front of the app and then page to the Table of Contents. There you will see the outline of the TT in this 3 tier system. The current Table of Contents is showing the Scroll and Book layers. You need to jump into the individual books to see the story headings within. Story headings are still used in the Sabbath Reads, and may return to the Table of Contents in the TT in the future.

Major Insights

This 3 level heading structure causes the various natural breaks known in the text to actually be reflected as breaks in the running text of the TT itself. The first example is at Genesis 5:1, The Scroll of the Generations of Adam.

This formal start to a scroll is now at an actual start to a scroll. What a concept.

Many other places across the text which have natural breaks are now found to be landing on an actual division in the writing. You can see that the material from Moses' day is now organized under a scroll, within are the books that match material thought to be from his hand.

The Scroll of Acts now takes material from the Book of Acts in stock Bibles and breaks it down into individual books. Especially interesting is the voice change in Acts 27:1. At this chapter the Book of Acts shifts voice, which has always been strange. That voice change means there always was a different author. So the book of Acts has always been a composite work. Now that voice change is rightfully reflecting a change in the block of writing.

Structural Issues

We are expecting that there will turn out to be 25 inspired scrolls. Up until now, we have conflated those with the 25 throne room kings. What this does is free the manuscript to have 25 parts that match the alphabet in all the normal ways. This organization then leaves the 25 letters of the alphabet to also match those kings. We are no longer forcing authorship strictly against the sorted scrolls.

This past couple weeks has been a furious time of discovery in this area. Though we have not fully worked out all the scroll breaks, the beginning and end of the scroll list are already very much worthy of consideration.

The Book of Hebrews likely sits alone within the 25th scroll. It is a Quad letter and does not fold. It was most likely actually penned by Joshua himself. The sign off at the very end, I have written you briefly, has layered meaning. He wrote Hebrews, but also the rest of the entire manuscript through his inspiration of the other inspired authors.

But, back up. Watch what is going on with Revelation. That book sits in a scroll marked with the Colon. So that scroll should fold back to the Dot scroll. So Revelation should fold back and match the stories surrounding events in Eden.

Just by the introduction to Revelation, you can see the match. Eden is where the writer of Revelation was taken. There are other various content matches between those 2 subject areas. I have covered those matches in an earlier blog on Revelation. Now those matches are showing up structurally.

The next scroll pair will be the Wa, so material from Noah, matching against the Ta, which looks to be the writings of the Apostles. Those Apostles are the more senior writers to Paul and their material appears to follow Paul's writing. Many of their illustrations, like elements melting in the heat, and so on, are themselves matches to the historical events of Noah's Day. They are explaining features of the modern replay of Noah's flood. They are using Noah as illustrative of what happens when nations do not have faith.

Out in the middle of the scrolls is the Ku/Lu letter pair. At the scroll level, these 2 scrolls appear to pair the history of the Northern kingdom and the history of the Southern kingdom. The Ku being those who were sent away to grow up in Rome. The Lu being the shepherd city in the southern kingdom.

Book Level

We expect the books will also run the alphabet. So the total number of books will come in at some multiple of 25. Likely, this will be 100 books in the end. We will know for sure when we finish the audit.

In the past we were looking for some sort of regular structure between the various layers. This was a mistake. The book level is irregular compared to the scroll level. Some scrolls have many books. Some scrolls have a few or even just 1 book.

Similarly, going down from books to stories, the same irregular structure is found. Some books only have 1 story, but most have a few stories. We don't know the inspired total number of stories yet. Likely the total number of stories is somewhere between 400 and 500. As with the other levels, we also expect the total number of stories to be some even multiple of 25.

Consider Hebrews again. We think it was penned by Joshua himself. We think it was intended as the end of the text. So at the end we see the Quad scroll containing the Quad book containing the Quad story. Joshua is the matched king to the Quad and it includes his sign-off on the entire work. Very cool.

More Diverse Authors

This reorganization allows for a more diverse set of inspired authors. It allows for some of the kings to not have authored anything. It allows for the patterns of NT authors to be continuing a pattern first seen in the OT material.

So minor prophets in the OT are likely responsible for parts of it. This allows for writing that is not otherwise attributable to authors. The Northern and Southern histories are a good example of this.

Annual Read

Ryan and I expect to read through the current manuscript as it stands as part of our Unleavened Bread week that begins in about a week. We expect to learn much more as we read through it. I would expect a round of tuning to hit all the scripture apps in about 3 weeks.

Watch Dates

It has been a very long time since I regularly covered watch dates in any of my online writing. Let me review what these are for, and why they have become important again.

I originally left my well paying full time job in April of 1998 to track a series of predicted prophetic dates. Those dates were a rerun of the main timeline of the Bible. The series had been relatively quiet for about 7 years at the time. They were going to get interesting late in that year.

From the fall of 1998 until 2004 there were prophetic dates going by every so often. Some months were busy, some were not. My confidence in the whole date system was initially a little shaky. For awhile in the fall of 1998 I thought I maybe should return to computer work. But, then headlines started to follow the expected pattern.

After 2004 the timeline seemed to go dark. But there were Psalm dates and later plague dates. Once those dates passed, there was little reason to continue with watching headlines for predicted dates.

Another Timeline

There has always been another timeline running, it is based on the 2000th anniversaries of Joshua's life. His life reran the trunk timeline, so each year in history was 1 day in his life.

As a prophetic timeline in our era, it then shifts forward by 2000 years, to the day. That is the series we are now running. But, the earliest it could even start to be interesting was the Noah's flood related dates on that series. Those landed in March of 2015 and by then I was working on other things.

As a point of review, let me mention key stories. The first date on that series was when the Iranian president visited the UN in New York City. The 'wise men from the east' at Joshua's birth.

That same series sees the Noah dates in mid March, 2015. The Noah Flood dates, which previously was the 40 days of bombing in the Kuwait war, became about 40 days of irregular bombing by Saudi Arabia against the Houthis in Yemen. This went for about 40 days from mid March, 2015, until late April, 2015. So the series is running OK. It seems focused on Iran and her interests, at least so far.

This entire series needs to be fully charted. That work needs new software. I can see how poorly the software of my earlier charting efforts has aged. That old software was built before I understood any of the real problems. It was basically a pretty picture of what could be done with pencil on paper.

I do not intend to do serious timeline charting work without new, specialized, software.

But I am going to try and monitor the dates in this series going forward. I will record what I see. That record will be here in the blog. Blog Posts with "Watch Date" in the title will mark this work. This blog post is the first time in this new era when I am again running Watch Dates.

Why Call Watch Dates?

It is important to make a public statement about these dates before they happen so that anyone watching the series knows I am not making up the math as I go along.

Though I am not making this up, the table of dates on the Bible Time website that has the outline is not very complete. I will fill it in once this series picks up strongly. I can do that for all future dates as needed. I'll do that soon if we get a strong headline on February 18, 2024.

If this round is anything like the past, some dates will miss completely, and have no obvious headline. Others will be clear to anyone watching. I understand much better how this works, and how the text works. So I will address confidence in prophetic stories as I am writing up watch date blogs.

If they remain focused on Iran, we will need to find English language news sources that report carefully on that part of the world. Most western media does not care. Most English language alternative media does not care either.

Timeline Review

Because we have not been tracking watch dates very closely, I need to review where we are in the timeline. If there are any overall themes, then they will come from the timeline season we are in.

We are currently replaying the part of history when Jacob's heirs are living in Egypt. This was 430 years total, so 430 days now.

2024-09-25 is the prophetic date for the replay of the year of the departure from Egypt. So you can get some bearing by memorizing that date late this coming September.

Backing up some, to 2024-07-04. This is the replay of the first year of Aaron's life. This has no story either, but 3 days later is the first year of Moses' life.

At that date we find the story of Pharaoh ordering the deaths of the male slave babies in the Nile. So if this series is running and valid we should see headlines to match that story. At that point we can gauge the series and the effort it deserves for writing new tracking software.

Going Forward

After the 2024-09-25 Exodus stories we will run for about 1000 days with a relatively constant series of prophetic dates. Those dates are usually less than 40 days between each one. At most times across those 1000 days, the prophetic pace should be passing by much faster.

Nearly all of the prophetic stories in those 1000 days have some sort of text to provide back story. So watch dates across those nearly 3 years will be filled with topical hunts, matching headlines against stories in the text.

When these were running in the past, not all dates seemed to have fulfillment. Only certain key stories had headlines. But, news reporting in those days was very much poorer than it is now. As long as Musk can hold together as a wire service, things this time should be much better to figure out.

Those 1000 days end roughly on 2027-06-20 with a prophetic replay of the 2nd temple dedication. As we get close to that date we will know if this is really an Israel related story or if it is prophetic for something else.

Watch: 2024-02-18, Amram's First Year

So the date coming up is the start of a prophetic replay of Amram's life. The reference is Exodus 6:18-20. The day before, or 2024-02-17, is the last year of Kohath. For context, the first year of Kohath was 2023-10-08.

The October 7, 2023, date with the breach in the wall from Gaza, was a prophetic replay of the last year of Levi, so the death of Levi.

So the first point is that we are strictly looking for a transition between the thing started at October 8, 2023, and whatever follows.

So the current setup with the war in Gaza should be considered closed by February 17, 2024. I am not at all saying the war is over, but this phase should be expected to wind down, or transition, in some way.

Whatever it is that will follow should then start on this new date, February 18, 2024, and run until the end of 2024-07-03.

Likely Headlines

For watch dates where some obvious venue can be expected, I will normally make a guess at it here in the watch date reports. This is always just a guess, unless I expressly indicate I have some prophetic insight. This time I have no such insight.

It is pretty clear that Israel's war in Gaza is winding down. Netanyahu appears to have shifted to a strategy of shutting off the food supply for those people still alive in Gaza. This is mostly to be done by removing the funding for that food supply. Israel is very good at getting politicians in the western world to follow orders, this plays to their best strengths.

So the decline of the current war in Gaza is already going on. Look for something formal in this regard to happen on or about 2024-02-17.

There are also many rumors of Israel attempting to get the USA involved in war in the middle east in some new way. Either in Lebanon against Hezbollah, or perhaps in a wider venue somewhere else in the Middle East. Yemen and Iran are 2 good guesses and places to watch. Syria is yet another possible venue.

I am planning to review this headline in the 2024-02-23 blog, so 2 weeks from the date when this blog goes out.


13015-01-14 (2024-02-16) also known as Friday, February 16, 2024, is the date for Passover.

This is already curious in terms of how this date comes so close to the prophetic watch date given above. I do not know if that will matter to the way the headlines unfold. Sometimes headlines within these prophetic weeks foreshadow headlines that will be seen in the matched prophetic month.

Ryan and I will be taking the following week off from regular work in observation of the week of Unleavened Bread. It is now our custom to read through the current draft of the text in the TT app ( on each of these week long holidays. So we will still be very busy. We also do daily lots for use in our diary. These weeks can foreshadow the next 6 months.

Any prophetic headlines in that week might do the same, so beware.

If you are planning to read along, we would recommend starting on that Friday and then planning to read across 8 full days. This will still require some jiggering in the middle of the week in ways that must be figured out as it goes. Hopefully future years will have a better reading plan going into the week.

Ahijah's Robe (Bible Tribes)

This week I have also deployed a new article on Bible Tribes. The link here is to that article. The topic is the encounter between Ahijah and Rehoboam.

This is an obscure story just ahead of the death of Solomon. For those perhaps unfamiliar, there is a well known math error in that story. Ahijah tears a robe into 12 pieces. He gives 10 pieces to Jeroboam because Jeroboam will be ruling over 10 tribes. Ahijah assigns 1 piece to Judah.

But the remaining 12th piece goes where?

That article explains why there is a missing piece. The remnant of the tribe of Benjamin moved into the city of Jerusalem. This was so they could survive and not be lost within the other tribes. Their identity was now to be based on the city of Jerusalem and not on their tribal name.

Benjamin, as a landed tribe, was lost. Thus the 12th piece of cloth, symbolic of land, was never given by Ahijah. Ahijah himself calls out the city of Jerusalem as that 12th place. All references to Jerusalem going forward through the rest of text are veiled references to the tribe of Benjamin alone.

This is a new insight for me, it clarifies many other textual riddles spread across the Bible. Benjamin must have survived the Assyrian deportation. They had regrown enough to survive being hauled away in the Babylonian deportation later. They gained their own cultural identity, enough to survive across the 2000 years since.

This new Benjamin article is establishing an important textual linkage between the tribe of Benjamin and the Jews. This linkage is both of the Jews in the text and Jews of today. Their permanent motive of always seeking revenge are now linked back to the last 3 chapters of Judges.

We know these reasons in the text with Benjamin. But we must see across their name change. After their name change these same motives are reflected by Jews against Joshua in the NT. These same motives are still seen against Joshua's modern followers and all nations with a history of Christianity.

Anyone who has ever been hurt asks the question, where was God when that hurt happened? This personal version of the question also applies to an entire lost tribe.

They will carry that hurt until they have a Damascus Road experience about like the Apostle Paul. Paul himself, was from Benjamin. More interestingly Paul was most likely the same soul as King Saul from Benjamin, who lived through the last 3 chapters of Judges.

Why, Joshua asked, are you persecuting me? You make it hard for yourself. (Acts 9:4)

More Later,