TT Update

The Testimony text was updated today. Details of changes follow. Also, thoughts on Passover and Videos at the end of this update.

If you don't have the Testimony installed you can get it by visiting our main website.

Remember my normal caviat. We (mostly Ryan) are working on both the book order AND the book names AND the content of each book. A hard problem. Everything here is subject to change as we continue the work.

Ok, with that out of the way...

3 Updates Worth Noting

We are continuing to work the general book order of the New Testament. We've shifted front and back on the scroll of The Apostles. This brings the last 25 books into better alignment with the first 25. Remember, book 1 maps through to book 51, and so on through book 25 mapping through to 75. In the end there is a letter, commandment, and content map across these pairs of books. This is important structure for finding the inspired order. (The middle books will fill in too, 1 to 26 to 51 and so on, but we're not ready to work there yet.)

We've dropped Jeremiah's book as a separate letter and brought back a general epistle. Ryan is pretty convinced at the moment that Philip wrote what we normally call Matthew. He would also have written a small general epistle, and so you will see Philip A for the larger work, side 1 of The Apostles scroll, and then Philip B his general Epistle. Philip B starts with the comment that this is his second writing, the support for this. The interpretive key for the larger work, 1 day is as 1000 years, is given in the smaller work, so the authors should be the same.

Miriam has moved down after her sons. This following a hunch from the Book of Revelation. If you look at the table of contents or the pull down menu, under scroll 7, the Apostles, you'll see Philip A, the front of that scroll, and then 6 names. Those names are the Prophet Simeon, who gave a prophetic word to Mary when Joshua was 40 days old, then her 4 sons, with a substitute of Matthias for her son Joseph, and then Miriam. It is looking like Simeon stepped in after the death of Miriam's husband Joseph to in effect be the virtual father of her family. Miriam was "bought for a price" and thus stolen from someone we're supposed to be able to identify, perhaps Simeon himself.

The next section of names, Peter, Silas and John, are the 3 fishermen with Silas substituting for the fisherman Jacob, himself killed by Herod.

The next section is Philip and Nathanael, another pair of disciples.

Finally, Revelation, the work of John the Baptist, Joshua's cousin. We don't believe John was beheaded, and wrote Revelation after receiving it as a vision.

Revelation has received some key attention at the section/silver/future chapter level. Revelation is interesting enough it is worth noting here.


The book of Revelation starts with a timing reference, normally rendered in English Bibles as the "Lord's Day." A check of the Aramaic of this phrase shows no reference to Lord, but instead 1st day of the week. This is assumed by most translators to be a regular week, and thus Sunday, and thus the Lord's Day as in normal Christian practice.

BUT, the Aramaic word behind 'week' is a word that has another meaning. That other meaning is only used in 1 of the translations we normally check. That word can also be translated as 'Sabbath.' So, "1st day of the Sabbath" is another valid translation.

What Sabbath?

This makes no sense to Christian translators. But it does make sense in a general case. The 1st day of a Tabernacles holiday, which happens in month 7. Or even more interesting he could mean a 7th year or Sabbath Year Tabernacles, for the reasons that follow.

As currently positioned Revelation is sitting on book number 62. It will pair back at book 27, still unknown to us, and back at book 12. Book 12 defines the tabernacles holiday where it is commanded by Moses that every 7 years EVERYONE is to attend a reading session of the entire Testimony itself.

That the definition of Sabbath Year Tabernacles is matched to the book of Revelation itself is a strong match that John had his vision on the opening day of a Tabernacles holiday, probably a 7th year or Sabbath Year version of the holiday which is 8 days long and is the only time when there are enough days to read the 8 scrolls 1 per day.

So, watch what happens next. We have marked out 8 section headings in The Book of Revelation. 1 for each day of a Sabbath Year Tabernacles. AND, even more interesting, those sections address content from each of the 8 scrolls of the Testimony itself, in order.

Is that cool? Yes, very.

John's vision is also presented through 12 kings. We think in the end there are 24 total kings who sit around Joshua's central throne, on a map coming from the alphabet. Those 24 pair off, 1 prophet to 1 apostle. Just as they do in the Qu-map, with the Quad in the center and alone.

The Apostles are the writers of the Apostles scroll, in order, starting with Simeon. Revelation being John the Baptist and is thus the 12th Apostle. The recursive nature of this thought can be seen in the last section of Revelation.

The 4 kings holding back the 4 winds are thus the 4 sons between Simeon and Miriam, and thus the reason for our reordering of this section.

We have NOT yet done the verse level work in the Book of Revelation, so verse-by-verse still remains to be done there, so beware when reading Revelation as currently cut.


I have a lingering cold and Ryan has been subtly pushing me not to do videos until both my cold is clear and the entire 3D set of parts is finished. (Currently at 598 parts and assemblies, another 200+ to go.) 1 stressful, mental, project at a time. I've been told by Joshua to get the 3D system done. These pre-holiday rushes have happened before. So, we are holding off any video until after Passover.

Passover Dinner on our usual calendar is at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

3 years ago we did a set of talks across Passover Week and streamed them live. Everyone involved had a lot of fun. The Holy Spirit came down quite strongly in the days following. I am looking for prophetic confirmation we should do that again, assuming, of course, I am well by then. This time full video instead of audio, and maybe only 1 session per day.

If we do a Passover week video set, we'll start live streams on February 13th, 2019. We'll run through either the evening of Monday, February 18th, or the day of Tuesday, February 19th. Details, like time of day, still to be determined, but mark your calendar and let me know if you'd be interested in watching live and if so, are you limited to evenings only? Most streaming platforms have a chat channel too, so we would presumably do questions after.

More Later,