ARC Conference

This past month Jordan Peterson and his friends hosted a large conference in London. This is likely the Christian side of events in Gaza that began a few weeks earlier. Just like Gaza, the effects of what happened in London may take a few years to fully bloom. This blog explores the possible prophetic details.

Season of Resurrection

The war in Gaza seems to be marking a major historical shift. That shift is tied back to events at the end of World War II. The main prophetic event at the time was a prophetic replay of Joshua being placed in the tomb.

We know the post WWII primary event as the Jewish return to modern Israel. We also know that World War II caused a general collapse of Christianity throughout the western world. If Joshua is real, then why was the European heart of Christianity so decimated?

Because world history overlays the chronology of the text, events in and immediately after World War II are the same question as why did Joshua let the Jewish leaders and their crowds crucify him?

You can imagine what it might have been like to be one of Joshua's followers late in that week. What had happened? The one they had hoped in was now dead. Phrases like 'heart fallen' might describe how they likely felt. This is what happened to Christianity in areas impacted by WWII. Western Christianity lost its vigor and drive.

By recovering Jerusalem soon after that war, the Jews essentially started to run wild in the streets. They appear victorious over Joshua and his people. The western world is now the Judeo-Christian world, not the Christian world.


But, then, there was resurrection morning. Things shifted. It took some time for the disciples to get their bearing, but eventually they went off and changed the world.

We are now looking for that to replay too. As it must.

I have previously given the math. It suggests a prophetic replay of the resurrection around 77.5 years from events in Palestine after WWII.

What should we be looking for?

This time the focus is well away from the Jews. They do not really enter into the resurrection narrative at all. The text at the story of the resurrection is focused narrowly on believers. That means within what now are Christian communities. Especially the western Christian communities, those who were involved in WWII.

Let me clarify a point that might be misunderstood by readers here. One of the sub-tenets of the time in the tomb was the Jewish leaders who had crucified Joshua were triumphant. That expresses itself in what we call the post-WWII era. I see this especially as Zionists and their secret friends in high political office. This is not so much the average reformed Jew.

Story Details

Think more carefully about the details of resurrection morning. Those details should be seen somewhere in our headlines. They should run coincident to events in Gaza and Israel. The resurrection story should also reflect on the ground and in world history.

As always, it is easier to see these AFTER they have replayed. After some time has passed, we as observers have some perspective. But we should be alert to this, because this headline is a shift in the attitude of Joshua's close followers. This should not be a small headline.

From the NT side of this prophetic interval, it is marked by the women who went to the tomb to anoint Joshua's body. Both a special Sabbath, Friday, and then a normal Sabbath, Saturday, were over. They had gone early in the morning to try and catch up on what they thought they needed to do for the dead body. To them the body was still dead, and still in the tomb.

Miriam, Joshua's mother, seems to have been on point. She was the matriarch of her family. Her other sons would become leaders in the movement that was about to start. But she was not alone.

There were others, especially Lazarus (the disciple whom Joshua loved) and Peter. These men were also involved in finding the tomb empty. They marvel at what they see and have trouble comprehending what has happened.

They have encounters with heavenly kings near the empty tomb. They appear to have been given instructions about what to do and where to meet. But the accounts disagree. All of these early witnesses then testify about what they have learned to their friends.

I believe we may have seen the start of a prophetic replay of that process in the ARC 2023 conference. Let me explain.

The 2023 ARC Conference (

The link here is to the website of the organization behind the ARC conference. It was held in London from October 30 to November 3, 2023. There are a bunch of references off that website. Let me shorten your hunt and give links to specific talks below.

I am in some sense speculating at this point. But it hints at a bunch of components that seem to match the expected prophetic story. It may not stay with them, it may move to others. Just as Mariam was first, but then not mentioned again in the NT account. But in any case, ARC could indeed become the start of this next move of Joshua in the world.

This could become what we know of as the 500 year Reformation cycle. Though the speakers there are not using the term, they are essentially calling for a new Reformation.

This is a more hopeful view of the future than what we seem to be facing. We are still hanging under the threat of World War III. We still have a Noah anniversary date in 2029. We still risk a massive war.

But, note the name of this group. 'ARC' is essentially a word play on Noah's ark. This group seems to have adopted a name that plays to this component of the prophetic dates that are soon to come. (Maybe someone there reads this blog?)

In any case, from the Noah side the ark was a place of shelter and refuge in order to survive a massive destruction of the world. If we spiritualize this just a bit, the next reformation may perform this function in a world otherwise filled with chaos.

Measured by years to the day, a strange reversal of how we normally think, an 'ark' based reformation should run for many hundreds of years. About like what happened with Martin Luther's reformation 500 years ago.

Let me give some links and commentary so you can think about what is going on with ARC. There are several other matches that suggests the resurrection headlines are unfolding around them.

Jordan Peterson's Antidote to the WEF

The link here is to an 11 minute Dave Rubin interview with Philippa Stroud. She is the CEO of the group behind the ARC conference. Importantly she is a Baroness, so a member of the House of Lords in the UK. (That body is roughly equivalent to the Senate in the USA.)

Stop here. The Mariam who starts the resurrection story in the NT text was the matriarch of her family. So a prophetic Mariam in our day needs to be a woman in some similar prophetic position. High government office is a reasonable prophetic match between Stroud and Mariam.

In the interview Stroud explains the origins of the ARC Conference. Let me review that here. It origins with Jordan Peterson. Why should we be surprised? In some sense he is one of the most well known Bible preachers that we have. He has traveled the world. He has paid a high personal price for fighting the badly broken and woke Canadian government.

Note that Peterson might be our prophetic Peter. Names sometimes line up between the ancient prophetic stories and the headlines. Even if ARC fails, we should not count him out. Let me continue with Stroud's testimony.

Jordan Peterson had spoken at a meeting Stroud had hosted in London. It was at an organization that she runs. Jordan had then continued traveling and went to eastern Europe. By the time his trip east was finished the 2 of them had decided to create some sort of venue for a broader movement to bring fundamental change to the western world. It has been called an antidote to the WEF. Not a bad title. The WEF is a house full of evil men.

In the end, Stroud and Peterson invited 1500 guests to London for their 2023 conference. That is the conference that started on the last day of this past October.

Their guests came from over 70 countries. The video above gives the general counts for various types of invitees. They were chosen in part because they have online followings of various sizes. They are all considered influencers of various types. The movement wants to be distributed, not hierarchical like the WEF. It does not want to rule by decree.

Peterson is explicit in his discussion of this. We don't need any more kings. He can basically quote Samuel's speech on this matter.

Paul VanderKlay (

I first heard about this conference through a video by Paul VanderKlay. The link here is to his Youtube channel. He was one of the invitees, and has been doing a bunch of videos about the conference. I generally like his perspective. He tends to run long, so explore his channel if you have lots of time.

Paul was himself surprised at the invitation. The largest group in attendance in the room were political leaders. Paul was presumably invited because he has provided a lot of good commentary on Jordan's work over many years.

All of Peterson's early friends, called the Intellectual Dark Web, or IDW, were also there. This included Dave Rubin, Eric Weinstein and others.

But Peterson's circle of influence has outgrown that early group. So at the heart this is Jordan Peterson taking his next step up. He is operating with a new level of influence.

Given how Peterson understands the mess in the world, it is only logical to try and make a difference. He is trying to stop genocide in the west. It will only come if 'heaven comes down' to use his term. This seems to be the current venue for his attempt at changing the world. I very much support his effort.

Rebuilding the Foundations of our nations

The link here is the keynote speech by Philippa Stroud herself. It is about 10 minutes long. She reviews how the western world has lost its way. It has lost confidence in itself. She is calling for a fix to a host of problems. In particular she is looking for a 'new story.'

Stop here on the idea of a 'New Story.'

I spent a lot of time researching fulfillment headlines for prophetic events in the past. One strange pattern was how subjects of prophetic headlines often spoke phrases from the Bible that matched their particular headline.

Leaders from Iran, wise men from the east, did that with the 2000th anniversary of Joshua's birth. Saddam Hussein did this in the first Persian Gulf war. Many other prophetic stories pick off names related to the story. The 'forbidden fruit' from Eden showed as key to Nixon's visit to the 'forbidden city,' the capital of China. Nixon should never have gone there. The nation will die because of it.

Philippa Stroud may be doing something like that here too. A new story might actually be a prophetic call for a new version of the story that formed western society. Without knowing it, she may be calling forth a new version of inspired scripture. What we here call The Testimony.

This spooky quality in Stroud's keynote is why I needed to call out the ARC conference in a blog. I hope she gets her wish. There is very much more work to do before that can happen.

Stroud makes numerous allusions to the Bible. But, she cannot bring herself to use the term 'Christianity' nor 'Jesus' nor 'the Bible' in any of her public speaking. This seems to be Jordan Peterson's job. Though he is also being very careful with what he says and how he says it.

Jordan Peterson's Keynote

Jordan gave both opening and closing talks. The link here is to his 15 minute opening speech. He sets forth the need for people to take distributed responsibility and thus avoid the need for a king. He weaves this call with themes that are common to his many public talks that he has given over the years.

Jordan is well integrating principles from the Bible. This is why I see him as a satisfactory prophetic match to Peter in the replay of the resurrection.

As you watch these talks, think back to the themes of the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago. Scripture alone was perhaps the best rallying cry of those days. Take personal responsibility for reading the scripture on your own. So teach everyone to read and write and think for themselves. Peterson is exhibiting very strong parallels to the 500 year reformation cycle.

In Luther's day, the Pope and his friends had become corrupt. Papal edicts were as though they came from god himself. Likely the Pope in those days was corrupted by people around him. The same goes for our current false Pope, apparently another pawn of the WEF.

So the themes of ARC are on the 500 year reformation cycle. Jordan is explicitly making this plea as an attempt to avoid hell on earth. He is well versed in the recent history of the past 2 World Wars. We still face down another world war. Only if 'heaven comes down' as he says, will that war be stopped.

A Chinese army ground invasion of the continental USA is perhaps the worst hell I can imagine. When I visited China 20+ years ago I met people with vivid family memories of the current Chinese government's invasion of Mainland China in the 1940s. Hell on earth is not a bad description. There are other forms of hell staring down other places around the globe.

The prophet Jonah gives us a model. Jonah's basic message was 40 days and Nineveh will be destroyed. But the people listened, and disaster was averted. This is the best hope for averting nuclear war, especially going into the 2029 prophetic dates.

There is good reason to try and make a difference now, just as Peterson calls for in his speech. Like Stroud, he is limited in his ability to use Biblical terminology, but he does at least call for prayer.

Jonathan Pageau

This link is to a talk by Jonathan Pageau. He is a friend of Jordan Peterson and is probably responsible for sparking, or at least reigniting, Jordan's own faith. He comes out of the Orthodox branch of Christianity. This is very different than what American Protestants are familiar with.

Jonathan addresses the elephant in the room. Earlier speakers were not talking much about faith, which is what it will take to be successful.

Early in this talk he takes a show of hands to see how many people there have some sort of professed religion. Hard to tell for sure, but it looks like the majority of those in the room raised their hands. Does that make sense if the invitees needed to be influencers? Yes. Joshua himself may be up to something.

Then Pageau takes another show of hands to see who does not. There are some, but far fewer hands on his second poll of the room. If this is the seed of a Reformation, we can see it has some chance just given those hands.

Yet not even Jonathan can talk expressly about faith, in clear vocabulary, from the ARC stage. This is ultimately the problem at this stage of this Reformation. There is still fear of taking a faith stand. They still do not have their new story. Once they see with their own eyes the body of Joshua in a resurrected form, then they will believe.


The venue was intended as a place for attendees to be able to network. If you look at the audience in the earlier videos you can see they are seated around tables.

It was not setup with more conventional theater style seating. Though there was a larger public meeting outside of this more intimate room.

There were also side booths intended for interviews. Many videos are floating around online that were recorded in those booths. You can spot them by the gray paneled background.

Dave Rubin with Eric Weinstein

The link here is to one of the many videos taken along the sides of the ARC conference.

In this video, David Rubin met up with Eric Weinstein. Eric is drawing out the historical shift going on now in the world.

Specifically, Eric argues well that we are drawing to a close of the era created by the end of World War II. This, of course, has all sorts of natural implications involving the end of the American Empire.

As I think about the prophetic interval we are now in, this interview seems to be adding more understanding about what is going on now. Weinstein has a pretty good grasp of world events, even if not much grasp of faith.

In his view, the world is returning to normal. The ascendancy of the west, I would say the Zionists, prophetic for the high priests and Romans who crucified Joshua, is now ending.

Eric is giving this historical era some flavor and why it must naturally come to an end. He seems to view it as coming down. The text suggests the other way, something will raise out of our era that is better than what we know now.

Jordan Peterson's Closing Talk

The link here is to Jordan's closing speech at the ARC conference. There are different cuts available. This one has a short intro by Dave Rubin. Well worth the 24 minutes if you have the time. Jordan is calling for his audience to take their burdens and work towards climbing the hill to the city of God.

Jordan is able to get away with a little preaching from the Bible. Few of the others on stage could do it this well. He may have intentionally saved this for the end.

Are we looking at the start of a new Reformation? Perhaps.

Is Philippa Stroud a prophetic Mariam? Perhaps.

Is Jordan Peterson our expected prophetic Peter? Perhaps.

Will Peterson one day run to the tomb and find it empty?

More Later,