As I cross the subject of Shechem nearly every time I talk to someone, I decided to do a talk on Shechem itself. Here it is, surveying history, why editors would want to erase the place and future prophecy.


Almost all end-times prophecy, within the 3 major religions, points at Jerusalem in various ways. I'm not trying to say nothing happens there, but it will not become earth's spiritual capital in any normal sense of the word.

Fighting over the location is caused by editors. It was not the inspired location. That was Shechem, about 25 miles north.

I can see now why I had to stop with Timeline work. This was not clear and I was looking for the wrong thing in the wrong places.

Someday, maybe, I will return to Timeline and explain why Jerusalem is more likely to be vacant by the end of the century that the seat of a divine capital.

In any case Shechem is more important, so you should understand the key stories that involve that place, including the prophecies. I've covered the key points everyone should know in the talk linked above.

If I was doing the talk again I would spend more time on Philip, who returned to follow up the Woman at the Well. We think he wrote the inspired parts of Matthew, the oft quoted prophecy book within Christian circles. It matters that his thinking was shared publicly at Shechem, since that valley is the center of the inspired action.

3D Models

I'm making more cosmetic changes to the Joseph Case models than I originally planned. Clever texture makes things easier to understand. Better colors make the case easier to see.

So no updates for awhile.

I've built a Prusa MMU2S upgrade so I can print multiple colors. While testing and calibrating the past few days I can see why various online reviews so often pan the product as junk. Stay away from it if you can.

I've removed it from the base printer, and stored it. I will eventually salvage parts from it and build one of the open source alternatives from Thingiverse. Thing 3431438 is my current best candidate. It will reuse most of the pricey parts from the MMU2S kit.

Until then I am bringing that printer up with a new bed, extruder and enclosure. This so I can use 2 printers to fully reprint the Joseph Case. Even with 2 printers running flat out it will be something like a 2+ week print job.

More Later,