Mars II -- Energy

In a recent live meeting we had lots of questions on the recent blog post on Mars. In this post I address one of those questions, the source of energy for controlled planetary flight which I assert is also the energy to warm Mars.

History of a Thing

There is a general principle of education stated this way: If you don't know the history of a thing, then you don't know the thing. Similarly, and less well known, is the idea if you don't know the ALTERNATIVE history of a thing, then you don't know the thing.

If you don't know the southern side of the history of the US Civil War, then you don't know the US Civil War. If you don't know the extent of allied war crimes in WWII then you don't know WWII.

The principle is built from a known fact, victors write history. They make themselves look good and turn the defeated into villains.

You should recognize the Testimony work we are doing as a type of alternative history of the Bible. That the Bible is the result of malicious editing by 5 key people is NOT part of primary Bible history. But, it is super important to know and apply.

This principle of alternative history applies across scientific studies too, especially the history of electricity. As our first step in understanding the source of utterly massive amounts of energy needed for planetary propulsion, or planetary warming, we need to look at the alternative history of electricity.

Personal History

There are 3 general areas of electrical practice that you can learn about in school. When I was in high school I took 2 years of electronics, learning about those areas, which I will cover below.

My high school's building and campus was brand new. Most buildings had never been occupied before. It was a remodel of a former elementary school and a former junior high, with new buildings built between what were once different campuses.

There was no bench equipment in the new electronics lab. I was hired by the school to build out some of the kit based gear used at student stations in that lab. I also had a summer job at the time, rewiring a house, and learned about electrical codes and especially the problems of electrical inspections and inspectors.

The inspector for the job I was working asked me about what to him was an odd wiring pattern I had used for residential bedroom lights and their supply circuit. I explained my reasons for what I had done.

He not only felt what I had done was correct, he asked my permission for him to submit my solution for inclusion into the national electric code. He felt my reason for doing this was important enough that all bedroom ceiling lights, everywhere, should be wired this way in the future.

I do not know what path that idea followed, but that novel wiring pattern for bedroom lights is now part of the US national electrical code. (Hint: Never wire bedroom ceiling lights from the same circuit that feeds the outlets in the room. Figure out why for yourself.)

In those days, with those 2 years of high school electronics, it was easy to find a well paying job that could support a family. Instead of going to work in this area I went to college instead. I was intent on becoming an Electrical Engineer. I challenged out of first year calculus and took a year of introductory programming to fill in that empty time/credit slot.

By the time I graduated I had a degree in Computer Science with enough credits for a minor in Electrical Engineering. That minor had not been planned and I was missing a required class. If I had stuck around for another semester for that class, and taken a full load of classes too, I would have had a double major. Instead, I declined my advisor's offer out of respect for family who where helping with the cost of school.

In any case, I knew more than my degreed Electrical Engineer peers when I first went to work out of school. I had to teach them the theory and practice of circuits and boards that connect to computer buses.

I have had a soft spot for issues of electric theory ever since those days. This history seems to have been known to whomever showed me around the systems of Eden in dreams many years later. I reported on those in the first Mars blog.

Electrical Disciplines

So, there are 3 distinct areas of electrical specialization. 1) AC power systems including multiphase generation, distribution, and delivery systems. This includes the designs for the wiring of your house. Fundamental discoveries go back to Nicolas Tesla. 2) DC systems including low voltage systems as found in vehicles and especially computers. These were first developed commercially for use in telegraph systems. And 3) RF systems, which covers audio and radio transmission and reception of all types. Alexander Graham Bell with audio frequencies and Tesla with radio frequencies are some key original inventors.

These 3 areas became mostly understood, stable and thus practical in the first decade of the 1900s. This was primarily through the work of General Electric, RCA, Bell Telephone and their many competitors and suppliers.

The commercialization process of these electrical systems was a simplification and codification of the theoretical understanding of the early discoverers of electricity.

Those early discoverers were looking first at magnetic and electrical effects as found in nature. These early people were experimenters of various types without commercial interest funding their work. Something more like a hobby, electrical discovery progressed slowly across many decades. That changed with the introduction of the telegraph.

Early telegraphs were profit making commercial services without a finished electrical theory, and without any modern units of electrical measure. Problems became especially acute with the first trans-atlantic telegraph cable.

Systems that worked at small scale between nearby towns or along RR tracks failed when faced with the huge single segment distance that connected the financial markets of New York City to London under the Atlantic.

The New York and London bankers really needed this solved in order to earn arbitrage profits between these 2 market cities. This was a much larger financial reward than any other electrical application seen before. Much time and attention on that single problem started to unlock electricity as we know it now.

But, and there is a but, 2 distinct electrical histories developed. The skills taught in high school and college now dealing with electricity have a less well known, and not taught, alternative. We won't understand powered flight of planets, or warming Mars, or even communicating quickly with Mars, with just the primary history.

In order to understand this early history better I am turning to a talk given by Eric Dollard at a meeting of the Tesla Society in San Francisco in 2007. Let me introduce him.

Eric Dollard

Eric Dollard is something of an eccentric inventor type. As he states in the video linked below he learned to read at about age 6 using his father's electrical engineering textbooks. He was not a normal child.

He has had what I would consider a rather difficult life mostly from his extremely high cognitive ability and lack of financial help along the way. He has also endured overt interference from what I suspect where deep state actors.

His full biography is not our topic here. He does have a current website if you want to learn a little more about him.

History of Electricity

In this very long (3 hr 24 min) talk Dollard carefully retells the story of the discovery of electricity including most of the key early players and what they added to our collective understanding of the electrical world around us. He has read nearly all of their published books and papers, and quotes them as needed.

Until the latter part of the 1800s this is mostly a sequential story. Think about it as steps, where each discoverer adds something new and then a future discoverer adds something else new.

As Dollard works through that history he explains the MOST important step in this history is between Maxwell and Heavyside. Maxwell was the last early discoverer to fully understand the real complexity of electricity.

Heavyside took Maxwell's work and began a process of mathematical simplification in order to make electricity a relatively simple, profit making, business. Heavyside's work was picked up by Edison later at General Electric and basically finished by around 1920 by a GE research director and textbook author with the name Steinmetz.

Dollard himself has published some books, which I have not read, which are said to pick up with Steinmetz and move engineerability forward. Dollard is attempting to make engineerable, in a modern sense, some of the work of Tesla.

Alternative History

Importantly, Dollard also gives us much of the alternative history of Electricity. That history is most exemplified by Nicolas Tesla, but includes several others like Marconi. This aspect of Dollard's talk hints at what was intentionally lost that same first decade of the 1900s. Early in that decade Tesla was a hero. By the end of the decade Tesla was an outcast.

To defend this point, Dollard quotes the minutes of a meeting held by some of those early discoverers when they all felt that rotating electrical equipment would soon be SELF POWERED by electricity itself, not needing prime movers like hydro electric dams nor nuclear reactors nor solar panels. This also means they envisioned a world with no power grid and no batteries.

Stop and think about that carefully. Imagine an electric motor in an electric car that needs NO batteries and NO charging. That sort of motor would supply its own energy. What source is that? The Aether, we return to that below.

Pay Careful Attention

1) Dollard's talk was recorded in downtown San Francisco. Outside that upstairs room was an electric bus route with 2 large 600 V DC power feeder cables. Dollard stops and draws a picture of those cables to explain what is really going on in and around those 2 very large conductors.

2 different electrical effects are in play. Electro-static and electro-magnetic forces and fields surround those wires. He will draw them as they exist in space around the wires. These effects are usefully controlled in other types of circuits using capacitors and inductors.

His explanation of those 2 cables is really, really, important. Electricity does NOT flow IN wires, but AROUND the wires, dragging a few electrons in the wire along for the ride. The medium for those various flows and fields is outside the wire and in the Aether.

2) Dollard explains how the Heavyside math simplified understanding of reality itself, a point he pounds on throughout his talk. You simply must understand this to understand the future power sources for Mars.

3) Dollard is particularly critical of the work of Einstein, for good reason. Though Einstein was venerated and made into a rockstar in the scientific world by his Jewish friends at the NYT, he admitted late in life his famous E=MC^2 formula was found by studying Heavyside's work.

Because Heavyside was a simplification, so too must all of Einstein's work be a simplification, at best. Because Einstein was so heavily promoted it is likely the case any errors he made, like with Red Shift, caused more harm then they otherwise would have.

4) If you have had a good electronics education, you know of capacitors and inductors. These are plates and coils, with electrical aspects measured in Farads and Henries respectively. Working together they form the basis of tuned circuits and thus radio and transmission systems as we know them. They are used much less often in power, low voltage and digital circuits.

Be very attentive when Dollard draws a capacitor and coil to answer a question late in the video. Because Heavyside simplified the Maxwell equations, these 2 devices are now different.

In the alternative, full, history of electricity these are not different things. That strange combined device is normally called a Tesla Coil.

Tesla coils used braided wire, not stranded nor solid wire. They have significant spacing between windings. They use wood for spacers. They are often wired to other circuits at only 1 end, like 1 end of a capacitor. They can be flat, like a spiral, or cylindrical, like a tube.

These coils and related 1 wire, ungrounded, circuits generate electrical effects unknown to modern engineers. When a college trained Electrical Engineer attempts to duplicate Tesla's later devices they usually fail because they know nothing of how these devices work.

These otherwise skilled engineers usually make simplifications that upset the fundamental physics. Those simplifications come from their school training, itself a fundamental simplification routing back to Heavyside.

5) In Dollard's work he occasionally mentions the differences between 'transverse' and 'longitudinal' waves. Transverse waves are also called EM waves, radio waves, or light waves. Transverse wave propagation is limited by the speed of light. The speed of light is simply the measured propagation speed of transverse waves in the Aether. This is related to the viscosity of the Aether.

Longitudinal waves, what Telsa was exploring later in his life, and what Dollard occasionally explores, have no such speed limit. They travel well above the speed of light.

Imagine 2 people holding ends of a jump rope. One swings the rope at right angles to the rope itself. A wave will travel down the rope. That swing is a transverse wave. Now, imagine pulling on the rope. The other end moves immediately. That pull is a longitudinal wave. Longitudinal waves move along the rope much faster, nearly instantly.

Now, imagine the problem of communications with Mars, or outer planets like Iapetus or even Pluto. Longitudinal transmission to those distant places would allow, say, real time control of distant Mars robots from the comfort of Earth. Or real time video conferences between Earth and Pluto. This is another important area of future electrical discovery.

6) Pay attention to Dollard on the Edison/Tesla battles. We use Edison's products, not the alternative Tesla products. Tesla did invent the 3 phase AC power generation and distribution systems used widely now. But, Tesla was just beginning, and went on to more important work. Everything Tesla did later was with a more advanced form of electric effects, including X-rays that do not harm flesh.

7) Finally, pay attention when Dollard discusses his relationship to the Farnsworth family. Philo T. Farnsworth invented TV after having a vision while harvesting potatoes in southern Idaho.

Farnsworth eventually moved to San Francisco because that city had many suppliers with all the needed components, even in the 1920s, to build or prototype essentially any new invention.

I have read Farnsworth's biography, written by his widow. Farnsworth fought a patent battle with the GE/RCA criminal interests in NYC over his invention of TV. The many uncaught criminal acts of the NYC side beyond our scope here. Farnsworth eventually had to go work on something else, and before Farnsworth died he was working on a 'star in a jar.'

Dollard explains how he eventually met Farnsworth's son who was still living in the Bay area. That son showed Dollard some apparatus from his father's earlier experiments. Dollard mentions seeing similar effects in his own experiments, including a 'galaxy in a jar.' The full purpose of that star in a jar is unclear, but Dollard likens it to a fusion reactor, without the reactor.

The Iapetus moon, Eden, is a working, planetary, version of the same 'star in a jar' system that Dollard explains briefly in this talk.

8) There is a term I've seen used with Youtubers called a 'Knowledge Bomb.' Some brief statement, that when fully understood by the listener, will explode with useful implications. Dollard's talk is full of knowledge bombs, far more than I've covered here. For you electrical types reading this, you may want to watch Dollard's talk 2 times.


Through to the time of Maxwell, all electrical phenomena had become known to be events in a primordial fluid, now known as the Aether, sometimes spelled Ether, also known as the Active Vacuum.

Every fluid flow we can witness in fluids like water, or in the air, are also possible in the Aether. Of course at a very, very much smaller granularity. These Aether flows are known to us as things like light, sparks, lightening bolts, magnetism, radio transmissions and gravity.

Heavyside's simplification of the Maxwell equations caused the math describing the Aether to simply disappear. Heavyside had simply zeroed out those hard to calculate terms in Maxwell's electrical equations. In the days long before computers this makes much sense, but it hid the tools needed to manipulate the Aether from later generations.

This simplified math also meant, for example, that electromagnetic waves now propagated through empty space instead of the actual Aether. There was no way for people to reason about electric effects through analogy to water. That vacuum model of space is still foolishly taught in schools. The vacuum of space is really a potent, turbulent, fluid.

In the early days of the internet there were many other websites on this subject, most are sadly no more. One I remember reading years ago suggested matter, primarily electrons and protons are simply stable, rotating, bubbles in the Aether. Those bubbles, in some way, have opposite spins, so opposite polarity. Dollard leaves a complete definition of the electron and proton as undefined.

Bubbles as solid matter is a reasonable reversal of college level physics as commonly taught. So the various unstable sub atomic particles created in places like CERN are simply collapsing voids in the Aether as unstable bubbles are destroyed by the surrounding, inrushing, pressure of the Aether.

One of the few remaining websites important to this general topic is from Tom Bearden. If you want to understand this topic better, you should know his work too. Let me introduce him.

Tom Bearden

Tom Bearden is a retired US Navy nuclear physicist. Tom Bearden is mentioned in Dollard's talk above. I hold Bearden in higher esteem than Dollard holds him.

Bearden's focus has been on the engineering problem of harnessing the energy available in the Aether, which Bearden usually calls the Active Vacuum or more simply the Vacuum. Bearden is not anywhere near as well read as Dollard, and not anywhere near as broad in his subjects.

But, Bearden does try and explain in simple terms more about what is known of the Aether from a physicist's theoretical perspective. He also tries to explain what is know about it experimentally.

As he explains, there was a Nobel Prize awared in 1957 for measuring the energy of the Aether. Later experiments showed that energy essentially evenly distributed throughout all of space.

How much energy is in the Aether?

A simple teacup holds enough energy to boil ALL the Earth's oceans.

Enough energy in a teacup for colonizing Mars? Yes.

How many teacups of space are on Mars? Enough.

Tom Bearden Website

If you are interested in broader exploration of these topics, Bearden's website is a good place to start. The home page has a set of drawings that explain the principles.

The vacuum is seething with energy, appearing and disappearing constantly, and balanced, so it normally nets nothing observable. The second page has more and there is a long list of additional articles. (Poke around to find them.)

There appear to be different ways to attach to the Aether from our macro world. So unlike Dollard, Bearden explores non-electric possibilities. Some of those, in the end, may be macro world, but unexplored, atomic effects, and not Aether effects.

Let me note something important. Physics, as a study, generally disconnects from electrical systems. Physics, too, was dumbed down in the early 1900s. Einstein's promoters being the primary culprits.

The 2 systems are often at odds or even contradictory. So Bearden is taking a physicist's view and from there calling out troubles in the theoretical electrical world. Like Dollard, Bearden cites the same Maxwell/Heavyside era of theoretical simplification.

Of all the pages on Bearden's website, the most important page deals with the Kawai Motor. Let me introduce that motor to you.

Kawai Motor

The Kawai motor, patented by Hitachi in 1995, now likely an expired patent, is an example of an electric motor that needs NO primary source of external electric power. The electrical discoverer's hope of such a thing was turned into a real device by an engineer in Japan not many years ago.

Magnetic fields, which we think we generally understand, connect our macro world down into the Aether. When we push 2 magnets together we are pushing against Aether effects at the level of atoms in both magnets. Like a shovel down into dirt, or a lever through a fulcrum with the other end unseen.

Grab a shaft on an otherwise disconnected electric motor, depending on the type of motor, you will feel the magnets of the motor fighting back against you. The shaft will naturally come to rest at various stop positions based on the number of poles in the motor. At those spots of rest 2 different magnets are pushing against each other in balance. They keep the shaft from turning.

In a Kawai Motor, using strong magnets, a clever control trick, and clever 3D design of the magnet arrangement, the field of one of those 2 magnets is ever so briefly pushed out of the way. The remaining magnet pushes the shaft forward, and the now recovering magnet pushes the shaft around. The same trick is applied at each successive pole around the motor's rotation.

That brief push, when the mechanical design is correct, triggers an Aether effect, adding energy to the rotation and eliminating the need for primary, external, electric power. The control circuit still needs some power, but that can be generated conventionally by the rotation of the shaft.

This patent, more than anything else, is proof that Aether energy can be engineered and harnessed to power a useful product, say an electric car, without dangerously unleashing the Aether's full power.

The Tesla car company does not yet harness such energy, so it remains at risk to some upstart who figures out this patent, or something similar, in order to power a charging free, range unlimited, motor vehicle.


Other inventors, usually working alone, have done the same around the world over the past 50 years. As this is a magnetic effect it can also be done inside transformers, without a rotating shaft.

I have also read reasonable accounts of this being done by accident in commercial size electrical power transformers. I have also read accounts of this happening by accident in solid state electronics. In both cases the engineers involved simply set out to shunt away the unexpected energy rather than harvest it because they had no theory for what was happening.


In the dream where I was being shown around Eden, my tour guide explained something like 'jet wash' that was caused by controlled flight of moon sized ships. He wanted me to know it was dangerous to be 'behind' that effect.

That is a parable, of course, there is no jet engine bolted onto a planet. But, just as a jet has a turbulent wake in the air, devices which harness Aether energy leave a wake in the Aether itself. Air is an allegory of the Aether. This is what was meant by jet wash in the dream.

The equatorial wall described in Revelation 21, when repaired, is likely the collector of Aether energy for controlled flight. (Beware, I was not shown this detail, so this is my educated hunch.)

Small devices, say the motor in an electric car, or a stationary motor powering an electric house, will draw out insignificant amounts of available energy. I understand these types of devices to be harmless.

But, a planet moving around draws so much power that it leaves a measurable wake in the Aether, just like an airplane leaves turbulence, jet wash, as it moves around. That Aether turbulence can upset the normal functioning of a vegetated planet, which is why these artificial moons are not flown near vegetated planets.

The story of Noah's flood, which was war between planets in this solar system, used weapons systems that harvested this same source of power. Enough power can be harvested to destroy whole worlds, as the asteroid belt attests.

The book, "Where did the Towers Go?" by Woods, suggests deep state actors have engineered weapon systems that do harness this power, and used them at 911. So full access to Aether energy remains secret until the 7 times intervals are completely over later this century.

Whatever level of energy that may be needed to bring Mars back to life is available in space itself. Mars does not need any solar power at all in order to be fully rebuilt. Mars just needs carefully designed engineering, something Joshua will provide prophetically to people working on this problem.

This is the basis for the faith test, early in the 2030s, of recolonizing Mars. Some will say it cannot be done, because there is no energy available to warm up Mars. Stated differently, the faithless will say Mars is an unwinnable battle using existing weapons and known strategy.

Others will recognize a prinicple. Whatever may be needed will be provided by Joshua in order to make it happen. This includes, say, an almost unlimited supply of energy to at least heat the planet and a way to restore the magnetic field to protect the surface from solar radiation.

I hope this post builds your faith, or at least the faith of your kids. This is a battle that can be won. Mars will be resettled.

We will look at more questions about Mars in a future post.

More Later,