Twitter Purchase

For the past few weeks there have been headlines surrounding Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter. It was finally approved by the Twitter board this past week. This headline appears to be an important, and hopeful, headline related to our March 1, 2022, prophetic date. This blog explores why.

Elon Musk

I have discussed Musk in past blogs. Musk is either our generation's timed prophetic Noah, or he is Noah's shipwright. Life expectancy is shorter than in Noah's day, so our prophetic Noah may land on multiple life spans across a timed match to the ancient flood stories.

Elon has done several things recently that point at his work being a prophetic echo of Noah. His pending purchase of Twitter is but 1 of those. But before discussing Twitter, lets back up to the new Tesla factories.

Giga Berlin

Giga Texas

These links are to the Tesla pages on their 2 recently opened purpose built factories. Giga Berlin was officially opened on 22 March 2022. Giga Texas was officially opened on 7 April 2022.

These dates are in the weeks following the 1 March 2022 prophetic date for Noah. One bit of the text that would apply to that 1 March date is for Noah to start loading his ark.

The modern prophetic replay are these factories being loaded to produce vehicles which will roam the earth like animals once this flood is over. At the Giga Texas opening Elon said the plan is to ramp volumes this year, and then next year announce new product. In the language of the text, they will be loaded with lots of different beasts of burden.

Of course these buildings are massive. 100,000,000 square feet of floor space in Texas. These will not float up as the text records for Noah. But, they will propel the work of opening Mars.

Space X

Space X was formed at about the same time as Tesla. It was fortuitous that NASA was looking to retire the Space Shuttle. Space X stepped into that void and succeeded.

Space X has had considerable success with the Falcon 9, and can out bid most competitors for most payloads to orbit. Their success is because the booster stage is reusable. This is an exquisite piece of engineering. It is providing the cash flow needed for designing a much larger rocket.

Space X is now developing a new 'Star Ship' rocket with full reusability designed in. That work is producing a rocket with more payload capacity than the Saturn 5 and a per launch cost close to the fuel cost alone.

This company is where Musk is really building the 'ships' that will replay and reverse Noah's ancient move from Mars to Earth. The tech these days is different. Chemical rockets this time, some unknown tech 7000 years ago.

Star Link

Star Link is a business within Space X that has designed and is deploying an extensive fleet of low earth communications satellites. As with most of Musk's products, this is another piece of exquisite engineering.

This is yet another part of the Noah story that matches Musk's work. Near the end of the Flood account, Noah sends out 2 birds. A raven and a dove.

In historical replays of Noah, especially the First Persian Gulf War, these birds were real airplanes carrying diplomats working to end the war.

This fleet of satellites are like a bunch of birds. Twitter will become our prophetic Noah's other bird.


The earliest date I have seen in Musk's purchase of twitter mentioned was March 14, 2022. This was the date when he had purchased enough shares in Twitter to require an SEC filing. In order to keep the per share costs low, he would have started some sort of daily buying pattern and that would have been going on for some days already.

This March 14, 2022, date is only 2 weeks after our working prophetic date for Noah's 7 year warning. It is also the likely date for the midnight departure from Egypt. It is also aligning well with both the Berlin and Austin factories that were opening around the same time.

Raven Or Dove?

Musk himself, in a quote in an interview on 60 Minutes, called Twitter a war zone. So Twitter is Musk's raven, the war bird. Star Link would be his dove.

Given the responses from all quarters on his purchase of Twitter it is probably right to call this the raven. What follows is a selection of responses to what is going on with his Twitter purchase.

Tucker on Twitter

Tucker does a good job of explaining how this matters to everyone. This segment includes all the other sound bites needed to understand what is going on. Pharaoh's Egypt just took a hit. The people are leaving.

Obama On Free Speech

Just like Moses, Musk picked up wrath from Pharaoh. Here is Obama, the guy who slept in Pharaoh's bed, wrathfully speaking against Musk's Twitter plan.

Remember the prophetic story on Obama? He is the Arab who sleeps in Pharaoh's bed, and the country will be in ruin before he leaves. He is still blabbing, he has not left yet. He is now Joe Biden's boss.

So if the man who ruins the country comes out against this Twitter purchase then this is a very good thing.

Musk Vs. Gates

Gates has been trying to convince Musk to contribute to Gates' philanthropy efforts. Remember, in 2010, Gates had the guts to say in front of 3000 people he intended to kill 1,000,000,000 people using vaccines.

The Gates crime against humanity is already baked in. (Correction, injected in.) Now he is trying to talk Musk into helping with whatever his next scheme may be.

Musk's instincts are good, but with enemies like this, Musk succeeds with Joshua's favor. Joshua sees Musk's Twitter purchase itself as philanthropy.

Tesla Stock Moves

Musk is buying Twitter using various types of financing. There have been leaks that financing is tied to a TLSA share price above $570. Below that price perhaps Musk cannot close the Twitter deal.

So someone may be using the markets to drive Musk away and harm Tesla at the same time. Soros, for example, made most of his money through shorting operations against the British Pound in the mid 1990s.

Musk has had trouble with short sales, it seems, forever with Tesla. Gates, at least, is shorting Tesla too. Gates alone cannot be doing this, but Gates has many evil friends.

Twitter Board

Jack Dorsey, the original founder of Twitter, has come out in support of Musk's planned changes. This suggests current Twitter was changed by external forces.

The first place to look for evidence of this is the Twitter board. They were the only people with the power to make changes against Dorsey's will. As you review the biographies of the board members, think about who might be driven by membership in the WEF. We will return to the WEF in a future blog.


Purchases of businesses like this are similar to buying houses. Once the offer is accepted there is a period where the property being purchased is inspected. If all goes well it then moves to closing. That is expected with Twitter by late in 2022.

The inspection period usually involves an auditor hired on the buyer's behalf to inspect the books. In particular they look for risks of unseen financial and especially legal liabilities.

If an auditor finds anything criminal, they will turn evidence over to the authorities for prosecution. Same as you would do if you found a dead body in a house you were buying.

This prevents future prosecution against the buyer, but can cause sellers to act strange as they know the crime scene. There are plenty of clues the sellers know something needs hiding.

Internal Lockdown

This is a report that Twitter management had stopped employees from making changes to the internal systems. This will be their defense that they are not making changes. Given other evidence, linked below, this is a patently false Twitter lie.

Internal Meltdown

Deluded organizations often use vocabulary that is disconnected from reality. 'Health' is one of those terms at Twitter. Musk's new term, 'Law' is a better term. Use of wrong terms flag delusion.

The lawyer responsible for the banning activity reportedly broke down in tears. She probably knows she risks prosecution.

Restating Performance

Musk's offer was based on publicly known performance numbers for Twitter. If those numbers are false, then the price actually paid can change. Twitter is already adjusting those numbers because an audit would find them easily.

Conservative Accounts 1

Conservative Accounts 2

Conservative users of Twitter, those who still remain, are seeing massive changes in followers. Of course Twitter is attributing this to user action. This is likely happening too. But Donald Trump Jr. did not just get 200,000 new followers by the actions of 200,000 different real people. No disrespect, but Donald Jr. is just not that interesting.

All the code doing the dirty work looks to be coming off the running servers in a rush before closing. Depending on the revision control system in use, this may not fully hide their crime from the auditors. But, if they knew the code was criminal then it could be completely stored on cloud servers about to be disconnected.

Shadow Banning

Shadow banning of accounts is a practice where someone posts to their account and it looks normal to them, but nobody following them hears about the post. This is how Facebook works too, part of why that platform is unfit for purpose.

This is part of the code base that Twitter people will need to rip out soon, before Musk and his auditors arrive on property.

Hornet's Nest

This Hornet's Nest video is from the Solving The Money Problem channel on Youtube. This channel usually tracks Tesla, with high respect for Musk's skills. Video evidence is presented of massive code changes going on at Twitter over the past few days. The Twitter people are scrubbing their crime scene big time.

Babylon Bee Interviews Elon Musk

Quitting In Protest

White Smoke

12 New Jobs

Mad Censors

The Babylon Bee was banned recently by Twitter, over a factually true joke. The Bee is a Christian satire site that often, hilariously, looks at the absurd world we live in.

The first link above is to their recent interview of Elon Musk. That interview gets interesting near the end, so stick with it, or skip ahead. I strongly disagree with their take on the Bible, but still enjoy Musk as he answers their questions.

The other 4 links above are the Babylon Bee's often hilarious coverage of the Twitter purchase.

Land In Texas

Many people are hoping that Musk moves his new bird to Texas. This would change the Twitter politics, provide some legal cover from a more friendly legislature and reduce company taxes. It would also keep Musk out of California which impacts his personal taxes.

Moving Twitter to Texas would make it easier for Musk to manage Twitter while also managing Tesla in Austin and Space X near Brownsville, which is in the very south of Texas.

The link above is from a man in Texas offering 100 acres of free land north of Austin to help get Twitter moved. This gives a sense of the excitement found in many quarters over what Musk is doing. Many people want to help his work succeed.

Banning Of Twitter Itself

Once this purchase gets through closing, Twitter itself risks being banned by the remaining members of the big tech cartel.

This includes sudden loss of rented servers, like Parlor, or being banned from the app stores, like Gab. Or even a walk out of key but woke employees.

All of these would be good things, but they cause trouble when they happen. Musk is facing a very difficult few months ahead.

We wish Musk the best with his new found bird. Played well over the next few years he may have the funds to build the Mars colony himself. Noah built his boat himself, so why not Musk?

More Later,