Plagues, Part 3

The alternative media has been filled with reports of strange interactions with supposedly reputable doctors when families have been dealing with sick, supposedly Covid, patients. These link to an earlier plague date in 2008. Read on for more.


The 2008 headline on this prophetic series that matters now hits a date in September 2008 when then US Presidential candidate Barak Obama was interviewed by George Stephanopolis on a Sunday morning TV show.

The video clip that went viral from that interview was Obama's admission to having a 'muslim faith.' He was corrected, don't you mean your 'Christian Faith?' Oh, yes, Obama retorted.

To Obama his Christian faith was a matter of politics. His muslim faith a matter of conviction.

The prophetic story for that 11:00 AM Eastern Time headline, said to look for an Arab who would sleep in Pharaoh's bed. In addition, the prophetic story indicated that Egypt would be in ruin before this Arab was gone.

The Problem of Office

As we followed the headlines at the time, we saw Obama taking office in January of 2009 and remaining in office for a full 8 years. At the time Obama left office I had some hope the ruining was over. The obvious deep state plan was for Hillary to replace Obama, but in a surprise twist on that election, Trump won.

There was alot of hope placed on Trump who had a surprise landslide victory. Trump most likely gave us 4 years that gapped out the prophetic plagues. His constant fighting with some unknown force controlling the media was likely how the public was given a small view to a deeper problem.

Changing out a king does not fix the problem when the real problem is the office of king. Egypt had Pharaoh, their king. It was the defining problem of Egypt. All the interactions with Egypt are personified in Pharaoh himself. Trump used the power of his office to fix many things, he was if you will a good Pharaoh.

But when the problem is having such an office at all, eventually power will corrupt everything. This is why asking for a king in the days of the prophet Samuel was such a severe problem.

Importantly, someone intentionally waited until Trump was safely out of office before widely rolling out the vaccine kill shots in the USA.

Most likely whomever delayed this was afraid Trump would have stopped a roll out in some unpredictable way. Trump was unpredictable, after all. Trump risked seeing through enough of the Covid crime to know something was afoot.

Trump is still a pro-vaxxer, though, so he is still not paying much attention. He gets boos when he mentions vaccines at his rallies. So there never was much risk of Trump upsetting the plan.


In any case a mistake I made at the time was to think that with Obama out of office, that he would then stop ruining the country. How he might be still doing that expresses itself in 2 ways.

I have seen recent clips of Obama hanging out with Biden. He was in the shadows, for example, at 20th anniversary 911 memorial services in mid September, apparently with the Clintons as well.

Obama apparently still has a house in Washington DC, so it is at least fair to say the Arab marked in that 2008 headline has not yet left. Biden may still be Obama's effective Vice President. Filling in where Hillary was planned 4 years earlier.

The other way Obama is still ruining the country is through his signature legislation, Obamacare. Because Obamacare was a huge, complex, piece of legislation, it was not clear at the time what it really meant for american healthcare. Keep your doctor, keep your insurance plan were 2 grand rallying cries when it was passed. Neither were true.

Only people who have been interacting with Obamacare through Covid have really learned what Obamacare is all about.

Real Medicine

I lived for a time in the moldy woods of western Oregon. General maladies with no possible diagnosis were common in the people who lived there. It came with the wet, rainy, moldy, chilly and stunningly beautiful territory.

Successful doctors, long before Covid, long before Obamacare, had a small arsenal of drugs they used to treat various maladies. They did NOT try and diagnose everything. They just cycled prescriptions until something worked. In those rare cases when nothing worked, there were also homeopathic answers, and in those woods certain problems needed something beyond western medicine in order to be treated.

My favorite case at the time was someone whom, I was prophetically told, had anthrax. This after they had gotten wet while visiting a defiled former pig farm.

There is no possible anthrax diagnosis after certain medicines are tried, as had happened here. So, there was no medical diagnosis possible, so no big city doctor could provide a medicine that provided relief from symptoms because they could not diagnose the real problem.

Finally, an old country doctor, after the big city doctors had failed, said to the patient, I don't know what you have, I don't care, but this usually works... He prescribed a cheap drug listed on the CDC website as working for farm grade Anthrax. Days later, symptoms were gone.

It is a crock to think that medical staff can figure out what is going on in all cases. Especially mystery diseases, as Covid remains. The only answer is to try stuff. But, doctors that did this with Covid got in serious trouble with their hospitals. Trying stuff is not done any more because of Obamacare. The diagnosis triggers the available funds that keeps the medical staff working on the patient.

There are emergency funds available for Covid diagnosis that are not available for any other diagnosis. This is called a serious 'conflict of interest' which any good business ethics class will teach you about. You should NEVER do business with another party who is under a conflict of interest.

Most medical staff no longer work for the patient. Patients are a product being sold to insurance companies. Indirectly they are working at the whims of the central government.

All of these people are breaking the commandment, Don't Serve Pharaoh, but I am getting ahead of myself.

A Covid Testimony

There are many, many testimonies of people who have had very strange interactions at hospitals over Covid. Depending on your source of news you should be seeing these stories almost daily. If you are not, then you have a problem with your source of news.

From within that stream of testimonies of dealing with doctors through Covid I have picked one as an illustrative example. This is a long, well documented, personal blog post that deals with what happened to 1 woman as she struggled to get Covid care for her father.

In the end she was not successful, neither by herself, nor with the help of her 3 sisters, nor legal help. Yes, legal help from sympathetic judges is now a known successful therapy for saving lives from Covid. That legal interventions work points at this being a political event, not medical.

The medical system, following Obamacare rules, wanted the following woman's father dead, and beyond a certain aha moment, there was nothing the family could do to stop it.

Here is the link. Please stop and read it. Because of its length, it includes most of the details you will see everywhere when interacting with hospitals over Covid. The title is "My Dad's story -- Covid did not kill him."

Key Points

1) Being sent home after a Covid diagnosis is very common. For her mother's sinus infection this was done. But not for her father's Covid. Early and aggressive treatment is important with all dangerous diseases. Sending Covid patients home to get sicker is a common pattern under Obamacare.

Even, by the way, a 50 cent placebo would have been better than nothing. Some people get better just because they believe something is being done, ie that someone cares.

2) Everyone apparently believed the covid test results. We know someone who was forced to take a Covid test at work. Because of inside connections they were able to read the actual lab results, which almost nobody ever sees. Those results were explicit.

My paraphrase: You tested positive for Covid. BUT, in no way should this be construed to mean you have the virus responsible for Covid.

We now live in a world where nearly everything is fake, including supposedly scientific test results. A positive Covid test result means absolutely nothing. It never has. The labs know this and are very afraid of future malpractice litigation. So they are clear in the fine print that these test results mean nothing. (Read more on tests)

3) Because the doctors were not helping, she found a treatment regimen for Covid. The photo of this list is in the post. The normal C/D3/Zinc set is at the top of the list.

This is from some other medical establishment with its own problems of malpractice. So they are not going to push the dosages. The source for this list was also threatened with being closed over successful treatments. Why? This is a feature of Egypt which we must return to later.

In particular vit. C for emergency use needs to be researched by anyone using it this way. It is normally, but not always, safe for adults to take orally to several 1000mg per hour, and should have been used this way to stop any symptoms essentially immediately.

Here is a link to a YT channel for a doctor specializing in high dose C therapies, beyond what can be safely done at home. He was partially responsible for Singapore's Covid treatment regimen, based successfully on C. His team stopped clinical trials of C on Covid because they had no more China based Covid cases to continue with their studies.

His testimony is important, all recent C research for use against Covid was intentionally under dosed to fraudulently show C is not effective against Covid.

Research from the 1950s and 1960s is more reliable on why this works against corona viruses, and why it is so effective against anything remotely resembling a cold or flu. It is effective against many other things too, which might be why it is so loathed by vaccine manufacturers.

Think about C with respect to a phantom illness, created as a political illusion. In mid 2020, before the vaccine, Pharaoh was co-opting as many other diseases as walk into hospitals. So, anything that works against wide classes of real illness will work against Covid. Here is R. Z. Cheng's YT channel.

4) Ivermectin was used with her father the last few hours before he had to go to the hospital. This is showing up commonly as effective against Covid symptoms. It is safe and over the counter in much of the world, about like Asperin. It appears to be like C, and works against a wide spectrum of real disease, so it should work for Covid too.

Early and agressive use may have helped too. She found the doctors at the hospital refused to continue Ivermectin. We see this everywhere. There are reports of pharmacies refusing to even fill Ivermectin prescriptions.

These are all examples of Pharaoh's interference in the process of caring for sick patients. These types of interferences do not appear to have been possible before Obamacare, and so it links back to Obama and to the plague of the Arab from September, 2008.

5) Once her father was checked into a hospital, the chances of survival went way down. Reports widely indicate they are incentivized financially to ignore patient concerns. Obamacare at work.

Her father was checked into a hospital in a small town of 19,000 people. The town is about 1/2 way between Milwaukee, WI, and Minneapolis, MN, each under 3 hours drive away. There were lots of alternative choices.

No medical establishment should be entered, big or small, at all, without express and direct prophetic confirmation that Joshua agrees with stepping foot on the property.

Even though doctors are usually smart, have been through much school and are licensed, these mean nothing. Many evil men, called Cain's seed in the text, are smart, been through much school and are licensed.

If you wanted a job killing people, besides working in an abortion clinic, where else would you work? You want nothing to do with people like this who lurk practicing medicine. Remember, attending doctors fill out the death certificates for their own dead patients.

6) She reports on how the doctors were refusing known good medications over cost. You can see this situation going down hill fast when the doctors refuse the very medications that are known widely to work. This was a red flag that said they wanted her father dead.

7) Finally, it dawned. She had her aha moment, as it does with most people going through this mess. In bold caps she writes how she realized that the doctors were following some other agenda. These sorts of aha moments are widely reported.

These are also reported by STAFF in Covid wards when they realize something else is afoot. Early whistle blower videos had nurses reporting from NYC area hospitals that patients were intentionally being murdered by ventilators. Again, these same aha moments happen when people realize that something else is going on behind Covid.

8) Besides calling a lawyer, there was not much else the family could do. The lawyer, who probably motivated the writing of the post, attempted to get a judge to step in. This is also being widely reported as working to save lives. It did not do so here.

Under Obamacare there is no give and take between a patient and their doctor. With Covid, especially, there is no room for a hospital to just 'try something until it works.' Doctors have been loosing licenses when they use this strategy.

So doctors who are under orders from their administrators, behave strangely when patients are in their office.

If you ever see a doctor switch from technical, scientific, evidence based speech into a mode where they are using political speech, like you might expect from a politician, then it is time to flee. Doctors using political speech around patients to deflect from known good therapies are know as 'Covid Quacks.' Leave immediately.

Curiously, fleeing is the main event at the end of the story of the plagues on Egypt. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

Plague of Arab

The text surrounding that 2008 prophetic date and Obama's slip about Muslim faith informs some of what we are seeing.

The text says an Arab will sleep in Pharaoh's bed and when he is gone Egypt will be in ruin.

The text, and Obama's slip itself, is providing a fundamental prophetic explanation for his motives as president.

Imagine an Arab, in some cartoon sense, as driving these Obamacare moments. Does it explain what is going on? Yes. The text of Exodus plagues wants us to think about this problem this way.

Is the Arab Gone?

Is Obama gone? No. Not as long as these strange Obamacare aha moments continue. These will not change because of who sits in the office of Pharaoh. These will continue until Egypt is ruined and everyone with a little bit of faith has fled.

There is another prophetic story dealing with Obama, linking him to a ruining of modern Israel too. We will explore that point in a future blog post before returning to more on the plagues.

More Later,