The Army

The trucker protests continue in Ottawa. Over the past couple days local officials have called for the Canadian Army to remove the drivers. Trudeau, curiously, has said this will not happen. This banter brings us to the next step in the Exodus story, Pharaoh's army and what happens to them. This post explores.

The Prophetic Story

After the midnight event in the Exodus story, where every house has dead, the narrative shifts. The sons of Jacob start to leave, as there is no reason to stay in Egypt. Death by some unknown means awaits anyone who remains.

Pharaoh comes to his senses and starts to give chase, bringing his army with him in his pursuit. Pharaoh has lost the service of his slaves, after all.

This departure from slavery is generally called the Great Resignation, where anyone with ability is resigning from corporate jobs and heading out to work for themselves.

The math for this differs wildly by company, but generally speaking, big high tech American corporations can have annual revenue per employee more than twice the average annual salary of their employees. This means that half the work output of these workers is captured by the company's investment bankers in NYC. The value of that work is never shared with employees. This math is what it means to be a modern slave in Egypt.

Truckers, like those protesting in Canada, are often working for themselves already. Especially owner operators. I don't know the exact numbers for Canada, but in most US States, truck driving is the MOST COMMON profession.

So the trucker protests in Canada are at least a general stand in for the most common profession, a profession often working for themselves already. They are the single most common model for what it means to NOT be a slave in Egypt.

I am not saying this is an easy profession. Working for yourself never is. Success requires a level of faith. Everyone I know who works for themselves is well aware that their success is tied to favor from Joshua himself.

Similarly, everyone I know who still works a corporate job has all sorts of other troubles. Especially no faith for coping with life, and having to 'self medicate' from the toxic work environment of corporate life. These are topics for another time.

The text explains that Pharaoh's army takes out after Jacob, after everyone started thinking and acting for themselves. Pharaoh has lost the service of his slaves.

To the average son of Jacob fleeing Egypt, it does not look good. Pharaoh has the apparent power. All those fleeing can do is trust Joshua. Of course we know the end, Pharaoh and his army drown in the seas. Joshua is delivering a generation from bondage.

Of course Joshua now has trouble with those who have physically left Egypt, but still think as Egyptians. This trouble lasts for a generation, and we will see that for another generation now too. Corporate jobs pay well, and provide many fun toys. Former corporate slaves especially don't get what it means to work for themselves. But, that too is a story for another day.

Modern Armies

So the call by local Ottawa officials for the Canadian Army to come to their rescue is the first time we've seen a headline in the Exodus plagues were a villain government has called for an army to be used against people of faith.

To be fair, we have seen similar despotism in Australia, various US States and in parts of Europe. But something is different here. The city leaders of Ottawa are not ruling as aggressors, for a change. They don't have the willing obedience of their slaves.

I had to look this up, since I don't know much about the Canadian Army. Curiously, the highest ruler of the Canadian Armed forces is Queen Elizabeth II. This is a very curious match between this trucker's protest's actual army and the best publicly known candidate for modern Pharaoh.

This is because Joseph, as PM of Egypt, becomes the Lost Tribes of the UK and USA. Ephraim and Manasseh. A community of Nations, the UK, and a great nation, the USA. So Pharaoh should be ruler, a king, or queen, over some part of the English speaking world. Now we have seen a request to call out that very army.

This Ottawa city request is skirting with the text in a dangerous way.

What Happens To Pharaoh's Army?

What does the text say about ANY army that answers prophetic pharaoh's call? Not just in Canada, but anywhere, including the USA?

The text is clear, that army is mostly dead, to a person. Drowned later in the seas.

Trudeau has said he will not be bringing the Canadian Army to the rescue of Ottawa. The truckers have huge public support, and he knows it.

The truckers are not a risk to the army in any normal sense, and the optics would be bad if the army started attacking truckers, themselves often polite veterans.

But, the truckers represent the sons of Jacob in this story. Other truckers, in other countries, who follow the Canadian lead in this may be attacked and chased by their army.

We will watch to see if this is in Canada or somewhere else. The prophetic story does not demand a specific place. The UK, or any former UK colony, or anywhere related to the USA, is a possible fulfillment venue.

The text does demand some army of Pharaoh, somewhere, will be made an example before this story is over a few years from now.

More Later,