We are finally done moving from Colorado. This blog post covers our current status working on the Testimony.


We finally closed on the house in Colorado. We were grateful to dodge snow storms, both before and after closing. Driving was tough that first night, dodging horrendous traffic in Denver, both from accidents and a Denver Broncos game letting out at about the same time we drove through downtown.

We are staying with friends in Goldendale, Washington. We're expecting to be here through the holidays so we can watch for property after the start of the new year.

For the first time since early in the summer, I am back at my desk and back at my main computer. A good position to be in.

The Testimony

Ryan and I are both working on The Testimony. Our major discovery this past summer was finding and solving a riddle that names the editors. With names in hand it is possible to get into the heads of the editors, and know what drove their edits. This makes finding and understanding edits much, much easier.

We are working towards a major update to the online version of The Testimony. This involves a revamp of the filters. Instead of filtering on type of edit, this update will filter on the name of the editor involved. This is conceptually simpler and is directly matched to the reading skills the writers of Acts 15 expected their readers to have.

I cannot yet estimate when this update will be done. Ryan, especially, is going through every chapter in the BRB and checking existing tags, converting them to the new filter tags and also checking for both overlooked edits and material that should be included in the Testimony app. This is tedious yet needs to be done carefully.

More Later,