Plagues, Part 2

In the last blog post I layed out the video that provides the Covid history I will use for prophetic maps to Covid. This time I go into details on early nursing home deaths. Especially the Kirkland Care Center where Covid started in the USA. Read on for more.

Kirkland Care Center

The first place the US national media started focusing on Covid deaths was at a nursing home located in Kirkland, Washington. Local media was of course following events there too. For those far away, Kirkland is an eastern suburb of Seattle, near Redmond, Washington, known best as the headquarters of Microsoft.

I once lived about 2 miles from that Kirkland location. My parents lived about 2 miles from there too, though off in a different direction. This was happening very close to home. It was very strange to watch news footage of dead bodies being wheeled out on stretchers. I had driven past on a main arterial about a block from that location 100s of times.

The standard history of how Covid came to Kirkland goes something like this. Covid broke out in Wuhan, China. Because of unrestricted international air travel from Wuhan to the USA, someone traveled from Wuhan to Everett, Washington, unknowingly carrying the virus. Everett being 25 miles north.

After several weeks of slowly spreading around town, Covid made its first deadly appearance at this particular nursing home. Where it found its first batch of victims.

Soon after, other nursing homes, both in western Washington State, and in other parts of the USA started having the same thing happen. Batches of dead residents were being wheeled out dead on stretchers. As these nursing home events stretched over many days, the Kirkland event was not over before it was going on in other places.

The first US doctor to die of Covid was at Evergreen Hospital, not far from the Kirkland Care Center. That doctor was attending to the nursing home residents, apparently catching whatever was going on at the nursing home.

Notes On Hospitals

As a personal note, I once checked my father out of Evergreen Hospital when he was first diagnosed with bone cancer. He had gone there by ambulance one morning because it was close to home. I left work around noon and took him to his regular doctors downtown. My dad would later use a hospital in downtown Seattle for the rest of his care. I spent many hours there with him.

Hospitals in the USA are generally classified into 3 tiers. Rural hospitals, which deal with the simplest of care, with the lowest grade of doctors. They usually triage severe cases and send those patients to larger hospitals.

Suburban hospitals are generally a 2nd tier, with a larger base of patients. They attract better doctors and offer a wider range of services.

The highest tier of hospitals are big city hospitals, usually downtown. They usually compete with hospitals in other major cities. They compete over type of medicine and based on their specializations. Think Mayo Clinic as an example.

That Evergreen doctor's death was used to seal the idea with the Seattle, and national, public that the virus was also deadly to middle aged men who presumably had access to good medical care. So Covid was now deemed deadly to more than just the elderly.

Our Visit

In early 2021, about a year after all this happened, Ryan and I made our way on a prayer drive over to that nursing home. As background, you should know we together have prayer driven nearly every block inside the city of Seattle, and we have done the same across much of main roads across the entire region, especially south of Seattle.

Joshua speaks about many things when asked. In those 1990s prayer driving years we were told about the Kingdome replacement, the Nisqually quake and many other neighborhood level things. Dung filled tent cities of today are a reflection of the spiritual climate of the entire city.

Our intent that day in early 2021 was to visit several other locations where we had unfinished prayer business. We were asking Joshua about a list of specific things.

After several earlier stops, we finally made it to that nursing home. We asked Joshua if he wanted to tell us anything at this ground zero of Covid in the USA.

What he told us was that facility had been attacked. Deliberately. That this had nothing to do with a disease. Read what I just said again, initial deaths at the Kirkland Care Center were never Covid.

Those who died there did not die from any sort of virus. They died at the hands of men who did something to the residents in that building. Joshua also told us that event was now over, that it was now safe to be there. We were told we would learn more later about what happened. Someone would speak publicly about what they knew.

To understand this better, there was a local media clip of a nurse who worked in that building. There had been a party with a punch bowl where nearly every resident who died had been in the room.

The nurse quipped to the news reporter asking her questions, that perhaps there really was something in that punch bowl. Joshua agreed with that sentiment, but he was much more serious.

We also went to Evergreen Hospital, and asked about that first doctor's death. We were told the attending doctors knew this was trouble. But, they did not know what was really wrong, nor how to help, at least in time to save their co-worker.

From that day on we have known prophetically that Covid is a lie. Some other means of death was used to scare the public into believing in Covid. Wherever this is from, since Covid is planet wide, they have an organization that runs across the whole planet.

UK Nursing Home Deaths

John O'Looney's testimony from the UK is filling in for what happened in Kirkland. He is that voice we have been expecting to explain more about what really happened in nursing homes everywhere.

John O'Looney's testimony about nursing home deaths in the UK was the first time I've seen anyone speak to what we were told. Let me review his 2 points, both of which were likely in play in Kirkland.

John O'Looney identified 2 different problems with early nursing home deaths attributed to Covid. The most important was the problem of location.

In a real pandemic, disease is transmitted via children at school. All parents know this instinctively, kids bring home the latest bug. This is by the grand design of our bodies. We build a strong immune system for our adult lives each time we catch diseases when we are children.

If a real pandemic was going on, one that naturally selected weak elderly, then those elderly die in proportion to proximity to children. Some deaths would be at home, some in hospital care, some in hospice, some in nursing homes, some in retirement homes. Especially, though, elderly living with children.

As an undertaker, he collects bodies from different locations more or less in proportion to where the elderly live because they naturally die in proportion to where they live.

This is NOT what happened in the early Covid nursing home deaths. They clustered in nursing homes. Exclusively.

O'Loony then says that there was a specific agent, a sedative, that was ordered in high volumes and used to kill UK nursing home residents in order to trigger public fear of a pandemic.

His claim is this is why the deaths clustered in nursing homes, and not evenly based on where elderly actually live. In other words all those early nursing home deaths, like we saw in Kirkland, are not evidence of a pandemic, but instead is another simple proof this was NOT a pandemic, but a planned event.

Though he is giving a UK witness, early Covid outbreaks in the USA were also by type of residence, not by risk of disease. They may or may not have used exactly the same poison, but an attack it certainly was.

O'Looney explained the mechanism behind what we were told prophetically. This was a deliberate attack on nursing home residents in order to jump start widespread public fear of a pandemic.

The Plague

The Exodus 11 and 12 text breaks this plague into 2 parts. In chapter 11 there is a warning about the plague on firstborn, and then late in 12 is the story about how every house in Egypt saw someone dead.

Firstborn is a curious term. When used for the children of a family it means the oldest child. Reuben, for example, is Jacob's firstborn. But, when used across a society it means the elderly, the elderly in general.

Those many nursing home headlines were the setup for the kill shot, the vaccine, that only started to roll out in early 2021. But, it looks like round 1 of this plague was a specific 'plague on elderly' that marks the start. These strange nursing home events in the spring of 2020.

For the vaccine to work as a kill shot everyone had to be convinced by media lies or be otherwise forced to take it. This involved instilling widespread fear from those initial deaths. It jump started Bill Gates famous talk on using vaccines to reduce planetary population.

Note that O'Looney's testimony is that death rates returned to normal after that first episode. He says it remained normal through the rest of 2021. Governments everywhere relabeled regular deaths as being from this plague. They setup a false testing regime to give everyone an excuse to call everything one of these special deaths. But they did not materially change the death rate itself until vaccine roll out.

So O'Looney is saying this nursing home phase was a singular event. Though don't forget the killers are still loose, and remain so through the rest of the Exodus account.

The vaccine is the 2nd wave, the part from Exodus 12, which I would not expect to see peak death rates until around 2023. The Exodus plague timeline, at this scale, clicks together with the timeline of Daniel chapter 12, which has a few more years to run.

After that first nursing home round, people were still dropping dead. Not enough to change the overall death rate, so only people with some real 'co-morbidity' that would have killed them anyway.

I attribute some of this 'death by co-morbidity' to very strange behaviors in doctors that have been widely reported across the USA as people seek help from doctors. Reports of these strange behaviors began in 2020, and continue now.

Another event from those same plague headlines explains this widespread and strange doctor behavior. We will look at this important prophetic detail in a future blog post.

More Later,