William Branham, 1932

In 1932 a young pastor named William Branham was on his way to his church when he had a vision of future events. The most important was a future female president who would precede the destruction of the USA by fire. That woman and the fire have not yet been fulfilled. But the other scenes in the vision have been fulfilled. Because of Biden's advanced age, Harris is likely to be replacing Biden sometime in this new term in office. In this post we look at that 1932 vision.

Branham Background

Several years ago I read a biography of pastor William Branham. Written originally in 5 installments that biography is now sold as a 3 volume set, called 'Supernatural: the life of William Branham.' Still available on Amazon.

If you are interested in the history of the Christian Church in the USA this is one of the people whose biographies you must read. Branham was born around 1907. He had a very tough childhood, raised in a dirt poor alcoholic family. By the early 1930s he had become a pastor of a small church in Kentucky. He later became a traveling evangelist.

By the end of WWII he became what is widely regarded as the first televangelist. Essentially everyone else who had similar stature went on to found a denomination, but when asked to do the same he insisted no, that preachers must be free to find new things in the text. This spawned the movements seen later in Oklahoma and Texas that do not operate denominationally. Branham died in a tragic accident in 1965.

The Audio

In late 1932, after Roosevelt was elected but not yet in office, Branham was getting ready for Sunday morning church. He was the pastor. He fell into a vision that would lay out future events. He wrote the vision down, and would read from those notes for the rest of his life.

The following audio is just under 13 minutes long. Recorded in November of 1960, when then president elect Kennedy is about to take office. If you are in a hurry the first 5 minutes is enough.

In this series of posts I've been dealing with the problem of prophetic interpretation and related issues. Branham knows full well the difference between the vision and his own interpretation, he will read the vision to his audience, and then attempt his own interpretation.

Branham's vision is mostly literal, which is our topic in recent posts and why I'm choosing it here. It has essentially NO packaging, which caused him great trouble. Even that first Sunday morning when he read his notes to his church, some members wanted to throw him out of the building.

What Branham is giving is a long distance, maybe even 100 year long, series of future headlines. This is rare, but important to learn about. It has its own set of interpretive problems which are the same as interpreting scripture across long distances too, but a topic for another time.

Remember, we are listening to a recording over 60 years old and that of a prophetic word received 28 years earlier still. We have hindsight and can see through various mistakes and hopefully not make them ourselves.

Branham would also read these notes several different times and pick off different points from his piece of note paper. Biographers like the author of the book I referenced above make it clean and neat for readers. In real life, as we've seen with more recent examples we often times deal with a mess passed to us. Picking up these messes can be a life call all by themselves.

Also, note, the US culture has changed so severely that he will sound alien to many listeners. Just as parts of his vision were unbelievably alien to Branham the day he received it. This is very much like Duduman who had to change cultures across distance. Here the culture is our own as it changes across time.

Here is the link, to the '7 Event Vision' kept online at what I consider the official keepers of his recorded sermons. The complete set of his sermon recordings is held by Tucson Tabernacle in Tuscon, AZ, which Ryan and I have visited. We will pick out key points below.


Branham as Messenger

Branham was not particularly liked by the 'denominational' pastors of his day. He had several things going against him. He was clearly called to the ministry instead of simply trained for the ministry. This means he was not tight to denominational orthodoxy and he had an ongoing prophetic walk across his entire career. Most people called this way have trouble interacting with people who see public ministry as a vocation. This is one of the problems faced by the apostles in the NT, so it is a common problem.

Branham may have been given this vision because of his eccentricity. Here we are 88 years later and many, many people are still diving into that 1932 vision. Most of Branham's denominational peers have disappeared to history, so consider the staying power of an eccentric preacher.


The first point made to Branham in the vision is that Roosevelt would cause the whole world to go to war. The biography I cited above points out that Roosevelt was widely liked, and had just won a national election for President.

The idea Roosevelt would start a world war was preposterous to that first audience. World War I had ended about 15 years earlier and was well known. Who in their right mind would think an American President would do such a thing? This is why Branham was nearly tossed out that morning.

This part of that prophetic word crosses another general problem. Historians, especially after 1954, would write out Roosevelt's guilt in starting that war from western history books. Remember the general principle is this, 'History is always written by the victors.'

The blame for starting the war was later shifted exclusively to Hitler. He was dead and gone and could not defend himself on every point. War crimes committed against Germany were written out of the history books. Many of those crimes, well outside of the holocaust, are still illegal to even study in Germany to this day.

See the American Pravda series on unz.com for many more articles on this point, both how and why history was changed and generally speaking what was likely hidden.

By 1960 Branham has another problem. To his post 1955 audience the popularly accepted history is now in disagreement with that prophetic word. See the trap Branham is in caused by those rewriting history?

The people who control the public messaging can stop audiences from accepting true prophetic, and the prophet gets caught in the middle. This is also what the editors have been doing to the text for 3000 years. It takes a certain fortitude, and the risk of loosing audiences, to give literal prophetic words as Branham was doing.

Africa Invasion

Branham moves on to the Mussolini invasion of Ethiopia. Mussolini did invade Ethiopia in late 1935, about 3 years after Branham's vision.

The Italians were defeated in that same area in 1941, curiously early in WWII when Italy was in alliance with Germany and at full military strength. This is a reasonable fulfillment of what Branham was shown. This is a very typical fulfillment for these sorts of literal prophetic words.

War With Germany

The vision continues, and says the USA will be at war with Germany, and to watch the 3 'isms.' Communism, Nazism and Fascism. These 3 isms would kill over 100,000,000 people in the 20th century and are now combined. We see this, say, in China, were the connection between big business and the communist government is readily apparent. We see this in the USA as well, with the radical left and big tech working together. This matters to the end of the vision.

Women Voting

This is perhaps the hardest part of Branham's vision to modern ears. It helps to know the original design for voting in the USA. It was based on a principle: 1 vote per land holding household. This so voters were set against government officials who would otherwise tax real property like happened in Pharaoh's Egypt. The hope behind this design was to prevent a return to Egyptian style slavery.

This same principle was seen again in the design of the US Senate where each state had 2 voters placed in that upper house.

The legal principle used in courts as suffrage was granted to various groups was that voters gave up their right to insurrection. This won the legal arguments, but it meant that we got a system where promises of wealth redistribution began to work because small wealth holders were out voted. Pharaoh's Egypt could return.

This is expressed in households with a husband working outside of the house defending their household's economic interests with a wife who stays home with the kids. She always needs wealth redistribution, it is the nature of the family. Politically this division of labor is called in the audio above the various 'isms.' This is what the left is so good at, and what we are headed into now with Biden and without a hung congress.

The Wall

The vision continues and talks about a concrete wall in Germany that represents problems for Americans. Branham will interpret this as the Maginot Line which was a military line of French defense near their border with Germany.

Branham may have been misspeaking the Atlantic Wall which was a German defensive fortification. It failed at D-Day and was not a simple concrete wall as relayed in the vision.

Branham's biographers will come along later, after this 1960 recording, and suggest that Branham was really being shown the Berlin Wall, built in 1961 during Kennedy's reign, and torn down during Reagan's reign in 1989.

This interpretation fits the vision much better, but was future to 1960. This better interpretation causes the entire vision to stretch out over decades, 29 years from the vision until the wall was even built. 56 years from the vision until it is taken down. The vision said that the Americans would conquer it. Notably this happened by American President Reagan who famously called Gorbachev to 'tear down this wall.'

Here we see by example another problem with literal prophetic. When the prophetic is very long term, across decades, it is very hard to know if the currently suspected fulfillment will turn out to be the best fulfillment in the end.

Understand the tension that Branham faces. His usually American audience wants the whole of future history of earth to happen in our life times. Preachers are trapped by the audience's lack of perspective on time and especially on our place in the flow of history. Other nations, like China, with much older cultures, do not have this problem.

Branham himself also wants to be justified before his audiences in the idea that the vision is true. He is treating it as an endorsement of himself. We saw this same problem in the interview that Stan Johnson did of Dana Coverstone. It was more important that the vision be valid than finding what the best fulfillment might be.

Well Dressed Woman

The vision moves onto a woman who will rise up. Well dressed but cruel in heart. If we take these visions in order, then we start looking for this woman AFTER the fall of the Berlin Wall. So she will rise up sometime after 1989. In some recordings of this vision she is US President, in others the term Vice President is used.

The most reasonable candidate for this, and widely suspected at the 2016 election where Trump defeated her, was Hillary Clinton.

She comes to prominence coincident to Bill Clinton's presidency which began after the US Presidential elections in late 1992. This would chain well from the Berlin wall, and stretch the story out even to 2016 and beyond.

For Hillary to be the fulfillment we would also need to look to alternative histories, and understand what we can of her behind the scenes rolls. What, for example, did she do for Obama, say. What did she do behind Biden, say. Maybe something to do with the Clinton Foundation, say.

Note that Branham has a parenthetical remark about this woman possibly being the Catholic Church. This is an example where Branham is using his theology, widely shared in his era's protestant circles, about the Catholic role in end-times prophecy. This was also a big issue in the Kennedy election which Branham goes on to discuss. Kennedy was Catholic and was therefore frightening to many protestants. Use of theology as an aide to prophetic interpretation is a path fraught with problems.

Note that by calling the woman in the vision the Catholic church, Branham would be mixing symbolic and literal interpretation. Though this can happen, the vision's headline series even to his day is strongly literal, so he is making a mistake on this point.

Depending on what hidden history of the world you might be using then he may be hunching a connection that is real in some other way. Remember how Coverstone provided interpretive clues when he quoted Joseph while the simple prophetic was Nebuchadnezzar. They are linked but not consciously a linkage. Branham may be doing the same here. Whatever group this woman is part of may actually have links to the Vatican.

Science and Egg Shaped Cars

Branham references experiments in 1960 dealing with self driving cars. Most self driving equipment of that era followed a wire buried or cut into concrete. They were not really autonomous, ended up being used mostly for factory automation.

Real self driving cars did not happen until just before the 2016 presidential elections when Google took delivery of about 100 white, very small and egg shaped cars. Google used them for testing self driving software. The prominent woman running for president was seen at essentially the same time.

Though Branham wants this to be fulfilled in 1960, he missed by about 45 years. Again, he wants to be justified before his audience. A common problem for people in his line of work.

His mistake is also a key point that validates the entire vision for us. We really did see small, white, egg shaped, self driving cars that hit the roads more than 80 years after the vision was given. (Those cars hit a few people too, which is why they are not yet commercially available.)

He goes on see the US as a burnt out wreckage. Let me deal with that at the end.


Branham then goes on and suggests all this will be done by 1977. This is called 'date setting' and is a very dangerous game. Most who play it loose spectacularly. As he did with this date too.

Date setting does work in 1 special case. If a long series of dates are given, and then prophetic fulfillments start following them. On the strength of the fulfillments early in the series then the rest of the dates can be trusted. Branham is not doing that here. Branham was not given dates for any of this. If he had been given dates the vision would probably have been lost to history.

His failed date setting does not make this a false vision, but it does make Branham a poor interpreter. Note the very real difference. This is why we always want the prophetic transmitted independently of the interpretation.

The Woman President

In the recording linked above Branham uses the election of Kennedy as the president elected by women. When we contrast that election to the 2016 campaign of Hillary we see her belief that women voters will elect her because she was a woman. She lost in part because she did not seem to understand the game of the electoral college.

With that 2016 election now past, attention has again turned to Branham's vision with regard to the Biden/Harris presidential ticket.

Branham was shown there would be a woman US President who is some sort of tyrant. In some of his other recordings of this same 1932 vision he will also use the term 'vice president' along side 'president.' He seems to have sensed she comes to office via the vice presidency. He will also warn to watch Russia, the base of communism in his day, the extreme political left.

With Harris being sworn in as US Vice President on January 20, 2021, we now have this aspect of Branham's 1932 vision coming together. She is also out of the radical left, similar to the communism of Russia. If the current woman governor of South Dakota had been sworn in we would have far fewer fears of a fulfillment.

What we do not know is if Harris will really become the fulfillment, or if there is some future fulfillment that is still out of sight to us now, like the Berlin wall was in 1960. We can easily make this mistake ourselves.

In 2016 those who tracked Branham's work were monitoring closely Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency. When she lost to Trump this vision of Branham went back to the list of things for the future.

Now, in 2021, this vision of Branham is active again. If Biden passes within this current term, Branham's vision starts to fulfill.

For anyone on this list who has never watched prophetic fulfill in real time, this is a good time to learn. Follow Harris and Biden in the news. By this I mean follow them for months if needed. Compare what you learn from their actions against the Branham vision, and try and decide for yourself if Harris is going to be the fulfillment. Does Harris demonstrate external beauty but internal cruelty? This process is an education in how prophetic fulfillment works.

Burned Out

The final scene in the Branham vision is where he looks out across the USA and it is a lifeless, burned out, ruin.

This outcome is either caused by, or follows after, the woman president that he was previously shown. It is quite a disaster, and quite terrifying.

If Biden makes it at least 2 years into his current term then Harris can run 2 times for president herself. By winning in 2028 she could theoretically reign for nearly 10 years.

Now, watch the math, her term would span out to the end of 2032, or nearly exactly 100 years from that date in very late 1932 when this vision was originally given to Branham.

This 2028 to 2032 presidency roughly triangulates with words shared by Dutch Sheets, by some of the Coverstone dreams, by Duduman at 40 years from the fall of Romania, and by my own prophetic suggesting nuclear war in the late 2020s. There are many other confirmations, including raw timeline dates which I will eventually cover here.


Branham is theologically called a 'Calvinist.' He gets that from his early Baptist upbringing. In that theology all prophetic visions of the future are fixed, and will happen no matter what. So he views that future as inescapable.

The alternative to a Calvinist is an Arminian, where the future is determined through the actions of people and through prayer. Pentecostals, as Branham became, are generally in this latter category, which is perhaps part of why he was not readily accepted in those circles. They would not have liked Branham's Calvinism.

The text of the Bible is contradictory on Calvinism vs. Arminianism. This is why there can be such a dispute within Christian circles.

The Testimony looks to be Arminian, by the way.

A key passage on this point comes from Joel 2:12-14. His city, Jerusalem, was surrounded by the Assyrian army. Everyone was about to die or be hauled away captive.

Joel called for prayer. Perhaps, the point is made, Joshua will answer and avert disaster. Indeed, that prayer was answered, the Assyrians withdrew and the city was spared. It happened then, it can at any time in history. It can happen this time too.

In this view, visions like Branham was given are BECAUSE Joshua wants to avert some future disaster. A disaster that will impact all souls on earth. The series of events are given so the audience just before the final scene can know with certainty what could fulfill if nobody steps in to pray.

As you watch, and think about, life under a future Harris administration, think about adding your prayers to ours. Pray to stop the USA from becoming a burned out ruin. Consider this an avertable disaster. Do this EVERY DAY if you can be so diligent. Convince your friends to do the same.

More Later,