Plagues, Part 5, Israel Too

In September of 2015 a young man in Israel named Natan had a Near Death Experience. After 15 minutes dead, he returned with quite a story to tell involving future destructive events in Israel. He also repeatedly pointed at then President Obama as the cause. In this post we explore that NDE in detail, including a possible fulfillment involving Covid Vaccines. Read on for more.

Natan's Story

Natan had gone with his family to visit relatives on the first day of Jewish Tabernacles in late September, 2015. That afternoon he did not feel well, and lay down. Soon after, he was hovering above his bed, looking down on his body. He then began traveling above and away from earth.

He eventually arrived at the outskirts of the Garden of Eden. Called Lower Garden of Eden. He was judged for his life to that point, and offered the choice of a return to earth or staying there. He choose to leave that place and return to earth.

Natan was dead for a total of 15 minutes, but in that time saw much. While at the outer reaches of Eden he was shown future events in Israel, along with a schedule.

Some of what he saw I can confirm, and some of what he saw requires some normal prophetic timeline interpretation. Some of what he said is standard prophetic packaging that we commonly see, in this case for a Jewish audience.

As I have reported previously, we see packaging in nearly all prophetic voices. Because this is outside of our normal Christian frame, if you are studying prophetic packaging, there is lots to learn from Natan's case.

I will unpack Natan's prophetic message for you here. I am doing this now because he puts all blame on then President Obama, our 'Plague of Arab' that we looked at in a previous blog. Natan also gives a schedule, which links to all the prophetic words that point towards 2030 that I have also covered previously.


Those whom Natan met at Eden were pretty adament that he needed to know the Torah better. His family obviously helped connect him to a Rabbi in order to better understand what had happened and perhaps prepare him for enrollment in a school dedicated to Torah study.

3 days after his NDE, he was invited by that same Rabbi to give his testimony in an open meeting. They had a professional videographer to record, and for 108 minutes the camera ran.

The first 38 minutes were released online within days. This early video was released with hastily prepared English subtitles. In 2019, a full copy of the video was released, all 108 minutes. This time with a well produced English voice over.

If you are in a hurry, you are interested in the 28 to 38 minute marks.

If you are not rushed then the video through the 38 minute mark is what you want to see. After 38 minutes the meeting starts to degenerate, which is why it was not released in 2015. Natan is sending the audience into a tizzy and the attending Rabbi spends much of those later 70 minutes calming down the room. Exactly the same happens in Christian circles.

Here are the 2 videos. The first is 38 minutes with subtitles. The 2nd is 108 minutes with a voice over.

Confirming Eden

Part of my early prophetic eductation involved getting to know the nature of the kings that occupy the Revelation 7 throne room. Those 25 kings come and go from Eden. So an education in Eden is the first step in understanding those kings.

When this prophetic season about Eden happened in 2005, the Cassini Mission had recently arrived at Saturn.

In those days I had a series of prophetic dreams that regularly preceeded a series of blog posts. (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (#6) Those posts were reporting on what Cassini was finding with 1 of Saturn's most unusual moons, Iapetus.

Those posts dealt with what the Cassini mission data might mean and how NASA appeared to be covering up their findings. Note, NASA's founding legislation requires it never to release any evidence of off-planet advanced life. This because it might upset the religious sensibilities of the public. Read the best selling book, 'Dark Mission, the Secret History of NASA,' for more on problems with NASA itself.

That particular moon is artificial, and that blog series explains why. I was being shown prophetically features of that moon that were NOT in those blogs, especially the interior structure, interior design and flight controls.

To reinforce these dreams Ryan and I later met other prophetic people who had been there too, in roughly the same prophetic season. These other visions and dreams usually marked Eden by passing through a rainbow before final approach to that moon. The 'rainbow' being Saturn's rings. They are a feature set in place, and mentioned in the text, at the end of Noah's flood. The rainbow is a promise that moon's weapons systems will not be used again.

So the journey of Natan from his bed to Eden looks like a rocket traveling to a place in space because that is where he was going. He did not phase into some other dimension. He traveled there. This is because it is a place in the outer reaches of our solar system.

Natan's NDE was about 10 years after a real rocket arrived there, but he saw the interior, unlike NASA's cameras. As the attending Rabbi says, many others have been there too.

Eden's Interior

The Book of Revelation includes a description of the exterior of Eden. It is faceted, like a soccer ball, as the blog posts on Iapetus suggest. The rough dimensions are given in Revelation. It has a high raised equatorial wall. It remains in ruin, but will eventually be repaired, or made new. It has a propulsion system and will eventually come down near to earth.

Nothing in the text, nor in the Cassini mission photos, shows the interior of that moon. Prophetically, though, the interior can be known.

That moon is mostly hollow, with a small star in the very middle. That star warms and gives light to a vegetated interior surface, upside down to the outside of the planet. In the middle, opposite to natural gravity, up is towards the central star. The vegetated interior provides food and oxygen to what is essentially a giant terrarium.

People living in Eden are either on the interior surface with the vegetation, or in floors spreading out from there. Those floors are a honeycomb like series of massive caverns, what Natan calls 'halls.' At 1 layer there are a series of anti gravity plates that reverse the direction of gravity and provide planetary propulsion.

Natan tells us he arrived at 'Lower Garden of Eden.' This means the outskirts of the planet, far from the middle. He saw mostly souls, without bodies. I understand a normal human body is required to go into the middle garden itself, called Paradise, where the horizon lifts up behind the clouds, not down and away as it does on earth.

Those with bodies, the kings as he mentioned a couple times, and many more, have a mostly normal environment up inside the planet. This is the garden from where Adam and Eve were cast out. It is the place which Joshua gives to those who follow him. King Enoch being the first to be given access.

Natan did not make it far into the structure in his brief tour. He was on the outskirts where souls arrive and depart.

By writing this I am vouching for Natan, he went to a known place, though only at the outer edges.


Natan's Jewish audience was particularly interested in questions related to Messiah. Natan makes points that are on the edge with the attending Rabbi. Towards the end of the long version of the video the discussion has driven the audience a little crazy. The attending Rabbi starts quoting Rabbinic texts to bring the room back to stability.

If you pay careful attention, you will notice that Rabbi is quoting texts in some disagreement to what Natan has said. The Rabbi is also switching into a political voice to calm down the room.

Natan completely allows for Joshua to be that Messiah, but he also hints at a surprise when it is figured out. Natan references the story of the mount of olives splitting into 2 parts. These are in Ezekiel and Zechariah. These are likely prophetic stories dealing with textual repair.

Messiah was a Jewish term important to the NT editors, so it becomes important in the Bible. We currently do not think it will be very important in the recovered, inspired, Testimony. So part of the surprise to Jews on the subject of Messiah may involve the nullification of the question itself.

Summary of Natan's Message

The packaging for this whole encounter seems to make Natan able to carry a prophetic word to his audience about major war across modern Israel where all the nations come together for battle.

That war will start suddenly and will last 2 weeks. Natan also deals with how Israel will respond. For 2 days in that war the Israeli Defense Forces, (IDF) will be able to withstand the foreign invasion, but then the IDF falls.

In the long form of the video Natan mentions Tel Aviv and Haifi being nuked, but the rest of the war involves a simpler hand to hand style ground invasion.

When asked who is responsible, he says then US President Obama will start the war. He makes the point several times, insisting on it.

Natan's prophetic word is adding a very key point, the reason for this long blog post. Modern Israel will ALSO lie in ruin by the actions of the SAME man we have discussed in previous blogs, then President Obama. As we will explore below, those actions stretch beyond his time as president.

Natan's live audience pushes on Natan on this point. Natan understands this war to have already started, but the audience cannot quite see how. In the long form video, they ask specifically if this was going on now.

Remember, Natan is 3 days out from his NDE, which itself was the first day of a week long Tabernacles holiday. There was natural concern in the room that day that ground invasion was only days from starting. Perhaps within days of that meeting.


Natan's audience that day was not very good in dealing with the prophetic. The first problem is the attending Rabbi. He immediately links Obama to the US Military. He does this several times without much thought in this interpretation.

If the US Military was the intent of the prophetic word then Natan would not be insisting on Obama, the man, but on the US Military. The harm 1 single powerful man can cause is far greater than an entire army. Indeed, a general theme of alternative media for the last decade has been the harm done TO the US Military by Obama and now by Biden.

The general US public, and by extension the average US soldier, is generally pro-Israel, and would not come against Israel except by corruption in high office.

Beware when you are considering a prophetic word. Try and interpret that word within the prophetic vocabulary. Be self-aware when you are converting via some substitution. Obama is NOT the same as Obama's army.

The other problem in the room that day was nobody, at least on camera, seemed to know how to work a prophetic schedule. Let me do that for you next.


There is a general principle with timelines and prophets. 1 day for a prophet is 1 year for a nation. The principle is established by the 40 days of spying out the land leading to 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. This principle applies essentially everywhere prophets speak about time.

The other problem of prophetic schedules is that we must pay careful attention to how those intervals are precisely stated.

2 weeks is not exactly the same prophetically as 14 days. Though these ARE the same absolute time intervals, the '2 weeks' form includes a date in the middle, at the 7 day point, whereas '14 days' does not imply a middle prophetic date.

Looking Back

Natan's NDE happened almost exactly 7 years to the day after then candidate Obama made his famous TV slip about his Muslim faith. He identified himself as an Arab 7 years before.

So the idea that we are looking for 2 intervals of 7 years each is confirmed by the 7 year interval back to Obama himself. This does NOT mean Natan's prophetic clock began exactly 7 years earlier. His prophetic word, as given, saying this has already begun, reduces to absurdity if that is so.

Looking Forward

Running 14 years forward from Natan's NDE lands in September of 2029. This is only 6 months after the main Noah flood date that marks the start of widespread nuclear war, 13020-02-17, or February 22, 2029.

If we grant him a 6 month starting tolerance, then he is agreeing with every serious prophetic voice for 100 years. Natan is just 1 more voice in a long list of prophetic voices pointing to that same time.

So not only does Natan confirm visions of Eden, he confirms many prophetic voices he most likely knew nothing about. Another point defending him as a credible witness.


Natan's prophecy says that there is a 2 day battle when the IDF falls. The rabbi hosting the meeting pushes on this, and Natan is again certain of this. The Rabbi rightly points out that that IDF is one of the best armies in the world. On top of talent, they have also had serious divine help at various times over their history.

Nearly every adult male in Israel is a member of the IDF's reserves. I have been there on business and talked to middle managers who were also reserve officers in the Army.

They are a very impressive bunch of devoted people. It functions like a big extended family, especially for commanders in the army. Everyone knows everyone. They know they live together in a tough neighborhood and are not at all afraid to defend it.

So the Rabbi's objections live on 2 layers. First, the talent in their army, and second their clear history of divine help in their victories.

The problem for the IDF, Israel, and the west at large, is these nations all share the same footholds. The same 'blood on the river' as described in the plagues narrative spoils everyone's land.

I will return to this point in a future blog, but the Rabbi is not putting proper weight on the problems of the secular culture around them, and how those risks can cause everyone so much trouble.

When 2 Years?

So when is the trouble for the IDF? We take the 2 days as 2 YEARS, that land somewhere in the 14 years.

Because of Noah being nuclear, the 2 year point likely fills in the middle point in those 2 weeks because the end is already roughly understood.

Because of different ways to align 2 years in the middle of 14 years, they can start as early as 5 years in. If we grant Nathan a 6 month starting point tolerance, then March of 2020 is the earliest leading edge of that 2 year prophetic window. This same 2 year prophetic window could start as late as 7 years in, without a 6 month starting grace, so those 2 years could start as late as September of 2022, ending around September of 2024.

So we are basically there now, and the main event going on NOW in Israel is the vaccines, planned under Obama's time in office, which I will address in a future blog.

Vaccines in Israel

When we look around at the world, modern Israel stands out as having trouble with Covid. Measured on a per-capita basis, they are both highly vaccinated and have a high case rate for Covid.

Like everywhere they appear to shift counts of Covid deaths to the unvaccinated through slight of hand in the definition of being vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated does not begin, by definition, until 2 weeks after the last shot. For most brands of vaccine, there are 2 shots, several weeks apart. They use this unnatural definition because in that window many vaccinated simply die from the shot, usually horrible deaths. So those vaccine caused deaths go into the unvaccinated column of their ledgers.

The definition of the percentage fully vaccinated goes down each time new boosters become available, since anyone short a booster shot is now not fully vaccinated. Deaths by anyone not fully vaccinated is again on the ledger as an unvaccinted death.

So when the various Israeli government officials claim their cases are in the unvaccinated, they do so with unnatural definitions of vocabulary words, and political slight of hand.

Remember, Covid in 2020 was a co-opting of seasonal flu sprinkled with selective mass murders, done in order to scare the public into accepting the vaccine.

In 2021 Covid is a blood disorder caused by ingredients in mRNA vaccines. They were never ever approved for use on humans because in drug trials years ago all the animals died. Animal drug trials are always required before human trails because of events during the holocaust.

Because those vaccine orders began in late 2020 in Israel, we should now be on the very earliest edge of IDF trouble. Since nearly all adult male Israelis are in the IDF, the national numbers we read about are proxies for their military.

The Israeli public seems to understand something is seriously wrong. There have been riots in Tel Aviv against mandatory vaccinations. Their own government is now their enemy, rightfully being called Nazis by Israeli citizens.

The whole western world stands a similar death profile, maybe a few months behind, and less severe in various places with lower per-capita vaccination rates.

These kill shots may well cause the IDF to be defeated from within, without any foreign ground invader even stepping foot in Israel. Instead by treason from within its own government because they fell for a trap set in place in Obama's day. Other western militaries will suffer similar fates.

Natan might well be prophetically telling us world wide life expectancies for those who receive Covid vaccines. If so, his number is at the short range given by scientists studying the problem from the outside. 3 years +/- 2 years is the shortest average expected vaccinated life expectancy I've seen reported.

In a future blog, we will look at evidence that this vaccine trap was planned and set before Obama left office. We will also look at the designed in 'dial a death rate' feature that creates the prophetic story's pattern of a death in every house, but not everyone in every house.

More Later,