More On Benjamin

This blog looks closely at the modern history of Israel to solve even more riddles involving the Lost Tribe of Benjamin. Before that, project status. Finally, we end with a headline review.

Travel Last Weekend

This week has been a short work week for us because we were traveling last weekend. It was a good weekend and we visited a bunch of people we have not seen in awhile.

Getting on the road is something we look forward to because time in the Jeep forces us to stop working on normal things. It gives us face to face time with people who have followed our work for 20+ years.

On the first day drive we had a long discussion about the state of our apps. 2 remain to be updated, the TT and BRB. I am going to try and get those finished next week, but no guarantees. Though not yet finished with those, we had a good planning session over what comes next.

By the time we were home we had a detailed plan for the first step in the manuscript recovery work that we have been working towards for a long time. We have a bunch of lessons learned from previous attempts that matter to how we go forward.

We realized we need to go all the way back to our set of downloaded original language manuscript files. We need to review their content, formats and file names. When we first did this, often many years ago, we left out data that did not matter to our BRB work. At times that was wrong and we need to redo some of that original work. I will share more as soon as I have something to show.

Project Updates

Across this short work week Ryan went and did that review of our inventory of bible manuscripts. In particular he was making a bunch of house cleaning changes to manuscript file names and looking for content that I need to write code to regenerate. As soon as the BRB and TT are done, I will be turning to that file format problem.

I was also making a bunch of matched minor name changes in the way we quote those manuscripts while also working on BRB app changes. Working together we also brought everything up to the current version of the new runtime. Several projects had older bible quote configurations that needed to be made current.

Ryan also made a final pass on a longer term reorganization to the style system. Every app and website listed from Paleo.In was updated this week with those changes. (Except the TT and BRB.) Many of the icons were updated for better contrast.

The next and previous links on website pages were moved out of the colored trim and into the edges of the center part of otherwise prose pages. This will dramatically help vision impaired readers. If anyone spots any regressions please let us know.

Will Zionism Self Destruct? (

The link here is to an article by former British ambassador Alastair Crooke. He is a regular contributor on judge Nap's Youtube channel. Alastair has been a significant source for understanding recent events in Israel.

In the article Alastair is explaining the general shift to the political right in Israel. That shift is causing that nation to move from traditional western democratic ideals to a world were Jewish law takes over society.

Part of his point is that it is no longer possible for westerners to reason about what is going on in Israel because Israeli politics now often involves Jewish religious debates.

There is a quote in that article that is so important I must copy it here into the blog. (Limited as I am to formatting that will work in email. Most readers should see the following paragraph in italics, marking the quote.)

Last year’s election in Israel saw a revolutionary change: The Mizrahim walked into the Prime Minister’s office. These Jews coming from the Arab and North African sphere – now possibly the majority – and, with their political allies on the right, embraced a radical agenda: To complete the founding of Israel on the Land of Israel (i.e. no Palestinian State); to build the Third Temple (in place of Al-Aqsa); and to institute Halachic Law (in place of secular law).

This paragraph is the turning point in Alastair's longer argument. This is where he explains the new political reality in Israel. This set of goals is what we see Israel working hard to complete. This includes finishing the modern borders without Palestinians, it involves rebuilding the temple and it means getting rid of secular law, replacing it with religious law.

I would add details on Alastair's final point. That religious law also explains to them about how to rule over non-Jews. Remember, it sees them as ruling the Earth from Jerusalem. For their non-Jewish subjugated nations this includes open borders, no freedom of speech, debt slavery and many other things.

We have been seeing those aspects of this religious takeover roll out over the past few years. This is happening openly across both the USA and Europe. It is also going on in the Arab world too. This religious change in Israel is no joke, it impacts everyone, everywhere. As Alastair explains, nobody in the west is prepared to reason about what is happening.

In the first sentence of the quote above you can see how he names a political movement in Israel known as the Mizrahim. That group, whomever they are, is driving this change. As soon as I read that word, I knew I needed to learn more. Astute readers here should have reacted the same way.

Mizraim or Egypt?

Regular users of the TT and BRB apps know that we render the place name Egypt as Mizraim. Most English language translations do not do this.

When translating from 1 language to another, normally, names are left mostly alone. Spelling changes usually just reflect differences in enunciation. There are usually conventions for these conversions. So sometimes, say, a Y becomes a J, but whatever the specific rules might be, they are followed for all names.

The biblical place name we know of as Egypt has a 3 letter paleo root. The same root is used in Hebrew and in Aramaic. Mo-Ze-Re is the spelling of the place using our normal Paleo conversions. Mizraim is a reasonable and known English name for Egypt. It follows normal name changing rules. Using this English word, anyone can see back to the inspired name in the base text. This is why our BRB text uses Mizraim. We are following the same rules as are used for essentially all other place names.

There are of course complexities on the endings of place names that are not found on personal names. Consider the differences between Leban, Lebanon, and Lebanese. The first is a personal name, the second is a place, and the third relates to the people or offspring of the first. The root of these variations is what matters. Lu-Ba-Ne in this case.

The conventional English use of Egypt does not use the known rules for translating names. Someone decided to just trade out Mizraim for Egypt. It simply exchanges the original name with another. Using this convention, it is not possible to see back to the real root of the name. So English readers of standard Bibles are unable to reason about the name Egypt like we can using Mizraim.


Now, go back to the people whom Alastair said walked into the prime minister's office. The 3 letter root is the same as the root for Egypt. Mo-Ze-Re. So the group who walked into that office has something to do with Egypt. No Christians reading their Egypt Bibles will ever notice the significance.

Our growing understanding of the prophetic surrounding modern Israel is that they are Egyptian. We also understand the office of the Prime Minister of Israel is prophetic pharaoh. We got that just from listening to Joshua and studying the text. (Mostly just reading the text in places where Joshua told us to read.)

So here, only a few weeks after making this discovery ourselves, we find an important person telling us that some form of Egyptians walked into that office of prophetic Pharaoh and are now driving the show. How strange can it get? Pharaoh's officials are self identifying as Egyptian.

Even better, the difference in spelling as used in Alastair's article is just an H. This is just like how Abram was renamed Abraham. So the Mizrahim are to Mizraim as Abraham is to Abram. In Abraham's case it simply meant more offspring. So a larger group. Mizrahim would thus mean simply larger than Egypt, but otherwise the same.

So I needed to understand the word Mizrahim better. I started searching to learn who those people are, and where did they come from. What I learned is stunning, and explains the Lost Tribe of Benjamin in significantly better detail than I have ever seen before.

Let me give some links for anyone wanting to go deeper, but then I will explain the essential points that everyone following events from Israel should know.

Mizrahi Jews (Wikipedia)

Mizrahi Jews In Israel (Wikipedia)

These 2 links are to the 2 main articles on Wikipedia explaining this group of Jews. I am using Wikipedia because content there will have been approved by Zionists, so we are going to the least controversial source of information on them.

Much of the material is shared between these articles. The second article details the political history inside Israel. The first gives their origins from before the founding of Israel in 1948.


First point to note is that the M on the end of the term is often not used in English. Alastair is using the longer form. I may not have noticed if he had not used the long form. I suspect British English conventions want that longer form name.

The term as normally translated into English is meant to be understood as the Jews from the east. On the ground this means Jews with long term historical family lines from across North Africa and from around the rest of the Arab world. This historical zone also stretches out into southern Russia. Wikipedia exactly agrees with Alastair's references to this group.

As a memory peg, I tend to think of it this way. No matter how they may translate their modern term, the root is the same as the root for the place name Egypt. These are the Jewish groups that spread out from and were originally centered on ancient Egypt. The passages starting in Jeremiah 42, which deal with going to Egypt, may be the root Bible history for this. This group is named for the region in the northeast corner of the continent Africa.


Mizrahi Jews developed an independent set of religious traditions, especially when compared to the Jews from Europe. Jews from Europe are known as the Ashkenazi and more generally, the Jews from the west.

I would expect that most readers here who might know Jews in the USA will be familiar with Ashkenazi, or western, Jews. 2 of my mom's sisters married Jewish men, so they would likely fall in the Ashkenazi heritage.

When we look at the political history of Ukraine, especially before 1000 years ago, we find a strong concentration of Jews in what is now southern Ukraine. This appears to be the historical homelands for Ashkenazi Jews in Europe.

In previous blogs I have discussed the pairing of the Lost Tribes of Judah and Benjamin. That pairing is centered at Kiev, with Russia being Judah and then Khazaria being Benjamin.

That history in Ukraine should now be tied to the modern term Ashkenazi. That area was likely a historical destination for a part of Benjamin fleeing ancient Canaan at some point.

But, the term Mizrahi applies to a part of Benjamin that stayed behind. That group took on the name Egypt. This is a second group of Benjamin refugees. When we look for the Benjamin Lost Tribe we are looking for 2 groups. This impacts our understanding of the Benjamin Seal Date, which I will cover below.

Political Spectrum

Measured on a modern political spectrum, the Ashkenazi tend to the political left. Generally speaking Ashkenazi would be more likely to associate with the traditional left leaning politics seen throughout the western world. So these would more likely identify as Democrats in the American sense of the political left. Depending on how much political power should be ascribed to the Ashkenazi, perhaps they even created the political left for their own purposes.

But the Mizrahi are not the same. They fall on the right side of the political spectrum. Just like in the USA, where Christians who are serious about their religion tend to fall on the right, so, too, the Mizrahi are serious about their religion and fall on the right.

In modern Israel's earlier history, when Ashkenazi were in dominant political power, the structure of Israeli society tended to look like the left-leaning governments found elsewhere in the western world. Golda Meir, who was the Israeli Prime Minister from 1969 to 1974 is an example. She was born in Kiev, then moved to the USA with her family as a child and then finally she moved to Israel.

Over the past several decades, though, that liberal, secular, western ideology of Israel has been slowly replaced with a shift to the right. Specifically to the world of the Mizrahi. Benjamin Netanyahu is out of the right leaning Lukid party. As the shift right has happened in Israel, the Lukid party has been the primary beneficiary.

But the Lukid party is not as far right as the Mizrahi as a group. To remain in power the Lukid must move further right to keep up with their political base. This is why many are suggesting that when Netanyahu leaves office, his likely replacement will be even farther right. This is part of Alastair Crooke's point.

Sephardic Jews

To be complete in this review of the immigrations into Israel we need to cover Jews from Spain. In 1492 the Jews of Spain were expelled. Though individuals went everywhere, as a group they generally moved into areas of north Africa and the Middle East where the Mizrahi were already established.

Because these groups had been separate for so long, there were differences in religious practices between these groups. So the modern migrations into Israel from Mizrahi regions included both Sephardic and Mizrahi branches. For the past 500 years these 2 groups have mixed some. Mizrahi rabbis of today usually report in a hierarchy into the Sephardic branch that has a head rabbi in Jerusalem.

Russian Jews

Articles about Israel and the sources of modern immigration also list Russia as a key source of Jews now living in Israel. Though they make up large numbers, and often still speak Russian as a second language to Hebrew, they do not make up a distinct practice of the Jewish religion.

Apparently, Russian Jews from eastern Europe are Ashkenazi in practice. Jews from southern regions of Russia, or areas with heavy Russian influence, say former Soviet republics, tend to be Mizrahi in practice.

So migration from Russia includes knowing the Russian language. It tends to include the desire for a better economic life. But it does not bring with it a distinct practice of the Jewish religion.

Attitudes Towards Arabs

When war broke out in 1948 in Israel, the residents in Israel fighting for independence were mostly of European origin. They were fighting Arab governments for the land. Those governments did not want Jews in their territories for fear of 5th column attacks.

Arab governments already fighting with Israel forcibly expelled Mizrahi Jews from many of their ancient Arab and Iranian lands. On July 23, 2014, the Knesset voted to celebrate November 30 as an annual holiday in remembrance of that expulsion. You can see this is a relatively recent change as the Mizrahi and their history are being better remembered in Israel.

The Mizrahi ended up arriving in Israel with less wealth and different skills than the Jews from Europe. The Wikipedia articles go into the statistics on wealth distribution, and only very recently have the Mizrahi branch come into something like financial parity with Jews of Ashkenazi descent.

So the reasons for arrival in Israel differ based on the group. The Mizrahi tend to view Arabs with much more distrust than other, more secular, groups in Israel. So as the political world of Israel shifts to the right, it will naturally become less accepting of peace with Arabs and Palestinians. Finally, as Alastair explains, the political discourse in Israel will become a religious discourse that makes less sense to the secular west.

Benjamin Seal Date (

The link here is to the article on Bible Tribes where I worked out the math and identification of modern Israel as the Lost Tribe of Benjamin. That article sits in a larger system where all the other tribes are identified using the same system of math.

I have long wondered about the 1974 seal date for Benjamin. Why in this case do we see a document being signed between the national tribe, say Israel/Benjamin, and an outside nation, in this case the modern nation of Egypt.

This is generally not what happens on the other dates. There are other seal dates where Lost Tribe countries are being rebuilt after war. So the signing documents sometimes have other countries involved. Even then, those other countries tend to also be lost tribes.

The Mizrahi political movement in Israel is 1/2 of the religiously distinct political movements that came together to form modern Israel. It is the Egyptian half, named after Egypt. The other 1/2 of that movement were Ashkenazi, or European Jews.

The seal date now makes more sense.

The Lost Tribe of Benjamin is being identified by the joining of 2 parts of that ancient tribe. 1/2 of that tribe had been in Europe. Historically it was centered south of Kiev, but in later centuries it had spread out. The other 1/2 of Benjamin had always been in the Middle East. That half was centered on and named after Egypt in some interesting way.

The Ashkenazi/Mizrahi split is a memory of those 2 sources. The seal date is doing the same, it is indicating that Benjamin had been in 2 places across history. After the war in 1973 they had been brought back together. Now we know why.

Thinking about the Sephardic branch of the Jews makes me think about the timing of their expulsion from Spain. Note that similar expulsions were not that uncommon, I understand this has happened in history over 1000 times. But in this case it may have contributed to the Reformation that would begin soon thereafter. Here is a link to a documentary on the Reformation.

Luther (Rick Steve's Europe, Youtube)

Importantly, this documentary begins with the castle where Luther took refuge to work on what becomes the start of vernacular language translations of the Bible. We, of course, sit in that tradition. It is because of that tradition, especially of study of the Bible for ourselves, that our work can even take place.

But, there may have been hidden motives for Luther's work. Note that someone of means sheltered Luther in a castle so that he could eventually split the Catholic church. This bigger political goal may have been the purpose in providing Luther shelter.

By time correlation this is following the 1492 expulsion of the Jews from Spain. This whole movement may have been funded and protected by someone who wanted retribution for what had happened in Spain in 1492.

Evidence in support of the idea that Jews were behind Luther's work is how he switched out the older Latin source documents for what was at the time a newer Vowel Pointed Hebrew version of the old testament.

Luther had to have had help with the Hebrew. Hiding certain names, like Egypt, may have happened at this time to protect the identity of the Mizrahi.

Anyway, the prophetic charts for European history may not be possible to accurately fill in without a better understanding of Jewish history in Europe. This is but 1 simple example.

Prophetic Over Modern Israel

Last week's blog had a short section about the prophetic future of Modern Israel. Over this past weekend I was asked several times about that short section. I still stand by what I wrote. What I wrote was a short summary, devoid of the tone of the prophetic as I received it, which was much more severe.

I realized this week that much of that prophetic word aligns with prophetic stories that are on the charts for this year. I am not saying that it must fulfill this year, but it might. Let me explore that idea here for everyone on this blog to consider.

Jesus+2000 (

The link here is to the table we are using to track the key prophetic dates from the 2000th anniversaries of Joshua's life. We are using the historical timeline as the skeletal structure for that study.

If you inspect that table the next key dates are the first full week of July, 2024. This is the birth of Aaron and Moses. This is the story of pharaoh killing the babies of Moses' year. He is placed in a basket in the reeds of the Nile. Stories from that date appear to be active now, ahead of that date.

Current headlines in Gaza are pharaoh and his officials committing genocide just like in pharaoh's day. That tragedy might have a completion around that first week in July. We can hope. These souls have the claim against heaven for wrongful death. Just as the babies dead at pharaoh's hand had the same claim against pharaoh in ancient Egypt. Blood guilt was ultimately the cause of the fall of ancient Egypt.

Loss of Jerusalem, by fire, does not have an obvious match to a simple story related to Egypt. But, conquering of the king of Jerusalem is in the general story of crossing the Jordan and conquering Canaan. That whole story replays in November of 2024.

The prophetic word includes refugees from Israel to the west. We do not really know what happened to the ancient Egyptians. But, we currently believe that the inspired miracle of conquering Canaan was done without breaking the commandments. Those living in Canaan at the time may have simply fled in fear.

The people group who had lost babies under pharaoh were the ones who would be given Canaan. That happened in history at the crossing of the Jordan. So reclaiming Canaan is a component of the stories in November of 2024. This time it would presumably be Gazans returning to their ancestral lands by crossing the Jordan. The modern nation of Jordan is filled with refugees and this would be the group that could be involved in such a crossing.


Again, I do not know if this will happen this year. Israel, of course, could always repent and put a stop to their own departure.

But, if it does happen this year, then those are the rough dates when it could be expected.

Over the 1000 days following the Exodus date in late September 2024, there are many other prophetic stories where these things could time in an accurate prophetic way.

So I am not trying to add to the prophetic word with the comments above. I am only advising on when to watch this year for possible matches.


There were several points this past weekend when we had discussion about antisemitism. The key point, that everyone reading this blog should know, is that there are 2 different and distinct definitions of the term.

Definition 1: Those who hate Jews.

Definition 2: Those who Jews hate.

The first definition has modern roots in the World War II era. It is the more commonly understood use of the term. This is the definition taught to children in public school.

The second definition is the most commonly used meaning by adults in modern media and politics. When some politician or other media personality calls out another as antisemitic, then definition 2 is usually being used. It is a common political slur used by Zionists. It should be considered a badge of honor, especially when definition 1 is known not to apply.

Use of this second definition is what happened to Elon Musk earlier this year.

Anyone who is called out as antisemitic for calling out genocide in Gaza is being accused under definition 2. That genocide would still be genocide no matter who was doing it.

Once you know these definitions, then it is possible to make sense of otherwise strange headlines. Here is an example.

Columbia University (Youtube)

The link here is to the regular weekly conversation between Judge Napolitano and Professor Jeffry Sacks of Columbia University. This video is dated April 22, 2024.

If you scroll forward to the 25 minute mark you can watch the judge asking the professor about student protests at Colombia University. It is about 4 minutes of material that is very important about what has happened there.

Seems that Columbia University students started protesting genocide in Gaza by Israel. So they are accused of being antisemitic under definition 2 given above. Never mind that Jewish students were part of the protest. Never mind that passover was celebrated by some of the protesters themselves.

The president of Columbia University had apparently been before some sort of witch trial in Washington DC which did not help. The NYPD does not normally have jurisdiction over private property unless asked by the property owner to step in. In this case the NYPD was invited in by Columbia. Chaos ensued, with many students arrested.

Columbia has gone to virtual classes for the rest of the year, though at least 1 professor held on campus classes in support of the protest. Ultimately, free speech, the heart of western higher education, is not something that is compatible with Mo-Ze-Re rulers.

Protest groups like at Columbia tend to be unfocused, and there are different opinions on the goals. Professor Sacks' opinion focuses on Jewish donors to the University. By this reasoning they are simply using their power to crush dissent against Zionist goals in Israel.

Divestiture by the Columbia endowment against companies with business in Israel is explained as a different goal of the protesters. This is in part how South Africa Apartheid was eventually defeated. This of course make some sense too, but does not explain the timing. Signage from the protests suggests this as less likely to be the real goal.

Campus protests are spreading out to other parts of the country. There have been major headlines out of Austin, Texas, as but 1 example. The best hope for this would be a nation wide student strike involving college and high school students. This last happened in the USA during the Vietnam War.

And of course, regulated media are using definition #2 to explain what is happening at all of these campuses, never mind that average Jews are taking part along with everyone else.

Israel Retaliation

So as last week's blog was going out there had been reports across the night before of Israel's retaliation against Iran for the retaliation against Israel for the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. (A mouthful.)

This had been expected for several days, the only open question was how much the hot-headed war council in Israel would escalate. There were reports of explosions that Thursday night. Many trusted sources like Col. Macgregor were posting on that attack against Iran in real time. It was late, so I went to bed with the intention of getting up early Friday to report what happened and then get on the road for travel that weekend.

In the morning, the Iranians said that nothing reached the ground. Everyone involved had shut up and was not saying anything clear about what happened that night. That means nobody wanted to tell what really happened, and there was no cover story, so they would not speak. Strange gaps in stories mark that something is being hidden. In the blog that day I called it mind games.

On Saturday, April 20, 2024, Pepe Escobar posted on X what his sources told him had happened over Iran. Here is that original post.

Russia Foiled Israel EMP (X)

So the link above is Pepe's report based on his intelligence sources in Asia. Over the past week he has taken serious flack for that post. Especially flack from trusted sources like Scott Ritter. Scott argues this could not have happened.

In the past day or so, Pepe has now doubled down, and said that his original sources have confirmed the story to him again. They still vouch for what happened that night. So on that, let me review what those sources say happened.

Key Points

In short, Pepe's sources say that Israel loaded an F-35 with a nuclear weapon with the intent of creating a nuclear EMP over Iran. This would fry all the high voltage power transmission lines in Iran and cripple the country.

This would have been a proper escalation by Israel. With luck Iran would not have been able to immediately respond. With 1 strike Israel would return to military dominance in the Middle East. But, that is not how it was reported to have ended.

Pepe's sources then say that as the Israeli fighter was traveling to Iran, the Russians shot it down. This caused a crash en-route and demonstrated that Russia is actively protecting Iran in their collective struggle with Israel.

This story is serious enough to explain why nobody was saying anything that Friday morning.


If true, Iran now has a big brother protecting them. Israel has truly lost situational dominance in the Middle East. This also means that Israel has nukes, which is sorta known, but not publicly. So if true, then Israel is using nukes. Of course, then this means that Israel cannot even effectively use them. This is yet another problem for Israel.

Then there is the problem of the Russians. They must be listening in on Israeli and/or American communications. They had to have known the plan and been able to scramble a fighter in defense of Iran.


The primary objection to this story involves the problem of Russian access to the tightly controlled airspace where this reportedly took place. The other major objection is that for an EMP to work, it must detonate way higher in the sky than F-35 planes can fly.


We do not have a detailed timeline for a specific run of plagues going on now against Israel. If there was such a run it might point at a story that would tell us more about what happened.

Putin is likely Netanyahu's nemesis, so the basic idea in Pepe's report about Russian intervention is supported by the general prophetic that we have. But, we cannot go any further on either side of this debate.

I have reviewed other commentary on Pepe's story and there is 1 more component that is not being discussed. There has been congressional level testimony of off-world UFOs. That testimony indicated those flying in UFOs do not want to see use of nuclear weapons, and are willing to stop such use.

Ryan and I also have various testimonies about humans in UFOs. They too could have stopped this in some way.

In either of these cases Pepe's source may have needed to blame the Russians instead of saying what happened.

The original textual stories of the plagues on Egypt do seem to allow for off world interference in events on the ground when the plagues are active. This may be going on now too.

This strange story remains as a footnote that may make more sense in the future.

Red Cows

Hal Turner had a post on April 21, 2024, that the red cows were to be sacrificed on Monday, April 22, 2024. So far I have not been able to confirm that this happened. Hal himself has not mentioned it again.

Think about this from the plagues narrative. 1 of those plagues is when Pharaoh's cattle are plagued. Given the upended way we need to think about Israel and pharaoh, those red cows may yet be another plague related headline.

If anyone sees an article that seems trustworthy and shows this did happen, please send me a link. It may yet be found in some dusty corner of the Internet.

More Later,