Introducing Eve

A dream 2 years ago at Tabernacles suggested if we keep folding the text we will find another document, Eve. Originally I thought this was a letter level document. Not so. Eve appeared this week as an alternative reading plan. Let me take this blog to introduce her. Also, Queen Elizabeth II died this week. Notes on her passing follow below too.

Mountain Case

My focus recently has been on the possibility of recovering inspired text from the human genome. Part of this work is a replacement for 2 of the cases that I designed a few years ago that hold some of the 3d models used in the alphabet. Those 2 older cases are purely decorative, and hold no interesting information in themselves. For those who know the cases, the City Case and River Case remain good. The Sower/Reaper case and Joseph case are being replaced.

This larger, single, replacement case is full of important information, and is a study by itself. It makes explicit the pattern of 3d transformations from a single origin object out and down to the letters themselves.

To get this to work the branching patterns behind the 3d system become paths or trails down a 'mountain.' That mountain is seen prophetically in various places in the text. Something any well educated student of the letters should know to recognize.

To make those paths flat, without any crossing points, and complete, where every side of every 3d object is used, requires 2 complete sets of the alphabet around the mountain and it requires a very strange, non-alphabetic, order to the letters around the bottom edge.

This arrangement also firmly establishes the 'face' of the letters in ways we have not seen before. The Phoenician alphabet's standard face now gets strong 3d confirmation.

We diverged from that with an update to the Lu letter in our standard font which we will be restoring. Lu goes down on the right and then hooks left for standard left-to-right reading.

That strange arrangement of letters is: Dot, Colon; Pe, Ve; Lu, Ku; Wa, Ta; Ne, The; Re, Ge; Ha, Sa; Qu, Du; Yo, Mo; Sha, Ba; Oo, Jo; Ze, Fe; and the single Quad.

Note the normal letter pairing when folding the alphabet is still evident in this list. Within those folded pairs some are reversed from their normal alphabet order. Then, the pairs themselves shuffle around to agree with the models higher up the mountain.

Table of 400 (website)

Since we first started working on the Testimony back in 2016 we have been working on the problem of how many stories, or section breaks, exist in the inspired text. We long ago were convinced we'd find 400 such stories, and we have long had an app that graphs those stories in a table, the Table of 400.

As there is a folding pattern to the alphabet, we have long looked at how the stories under each letter fold against other stories. This is not particularly new, and has been a fruitful study tool for finding the inspired structure.

But what happens after the first fold? What happens once 25 stories are paired and reduced to 13?

To discover the entire 3d model system, the shapes are folded again, but NOT evenly. They had to be paired off based on what shapes could meaningfully create new 3d objects when folded against each other.

It was a process of elimination to work out those shapes and what they create in terms of fundamental models. It was not simply folding again like a piece of paper being folded repeatedly.

So the new mountain case flattens that process out and shows each folding step in detail. To make it flat from top to bottom requires moving letter pairs around at the edges.

So the Table of 400, once we start to fold, should exactly mimic what is going on at the 3d layer of the alphabet. It should not follow simple folding. It is not folding like a piece of paper either. It relies on what a child should have learned in school about the 3d design of the alphabet.

So this week we rearranged the table of 400. First step was to leave each of the 8 scrolls as 50 continuous stories. This is how many letters surround the mountain.

We then run those stories vertical to make the table friendly for use on cell phones. Now the table is only 8 columns wide and 50 rows tall.

The front of any given scroll is now the top 25 rows in this new table. The back of any given scroll is the bottom 25 rows. Each side of each scroll still has a complete set of the alphabet, Dot, Wa and so on down through Colon and Quad.

In the old view each column was a Sabbath Read, so now each row is a Sabbath Read. But, there are only 8 stories in any given Sabbath, and the entire set takes 1 calendar year to complete.

So as I write this blog, next Sabbath is the Fe Sabbath read. Because we are in the 2nd half of the calendar year, this coming Sabbath read will be from the bottom half of the new table of 400, on Sabbath Read 31, or the Fe row.

We call this view of the world Adam, because if you read down the columns you are reading the Testimony in strict chronological order. This is also, perhaps, how Adam thinks. He thinks in linear time.

Adam was created first, so this is the text that was written first. We know this as the public text. But, in the creation of Adam, Eve was there all along. All we need to do is find her.

Eve Table

We took the 400 app and built a new second page, a second view of those 400 stories. We call this new view Eve. She turns out to be as different as women are from men.

There are still 8 columns for the 8 scrolls. These still match an 8 day reading plan, say across a long holiday week. There are still front and backs to each scroll, just like in Adam. So the top 25 rows are the front, and the bottom 25 rows are the back.

But, we take the strange letter order found around the base of the mountain and use that to set the order of individual stories down the rows of each side of the scroll.

What stays the same?

Each set of 8 stories that make up a Sabbath read remains together. And for each 1/2 year in the Sabbath read cycle, they both start with the Dot set of stories and end with the Quad set of stories. This make sense because the Quad often speaks of Joshua and will always precede a holiday week. No matter which view, Adam or Eve is being used, they all start and end together.

What is different?

The subject material from the Testimony is now sorted topically and in only rough chronological order.

You will just need to go look at her to see what I mean. I suggest top left corner of the Eve page in the Table of 400 and then reading stories down that first column. The first part of the first column is roughly finished, and stunning, just as Eve should be.

Sabbath Reads (app)

What we saw was so compelling we are updating the related apps to go with this. The Sabbath Reads app can now be set to run either the Adam order or the Eve order. The Calendar now indicates Sabbath Week by number in the year instead of the letter so it works for either Adam or Eve. Check the options in the top right menu to choose.

These changes go live today with this blog, and tomorrow everyone doing Sabbath Reads gets to test it out. The big difference is 8 stories instead of 16. The skip distance between stories is now 50 instead of 25.

These represent 2 sides of the mountain and 2 different shades or aspects to the meaning of specific letters. So when this is ultimately finished there will be more distinct threads of meaning in the 8 Sabbath Read stories than there were in the previous sets of 16.

Queen Elizabeth II (Wikipedia)

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8, 2022. She had reigned since February 6, 1952 after the death of her father, King George VI. Her formal coronation was in June of 1953. She reigned for over 70 years. This was the longest reign of any British monarch and the longest known reign of any female monarch in history. Extremes like this always want us to pay attention.

There is a significance to the complete set of 70 years in this time. The prophetic stories that mark time from the end of World War II seem to involve 70 year intervals. Her reign of 70 years may be the best prophetic marker, more so than using the end of military hostilities during that war.

To understand this better we can look up the start of her reign using calendar tools. February 6, 1952 was 12942-13-16 AA. Note this is just at the start of a prophetic month in the Sabbath month of a Sabbath year. In the previous Sabbath month the war was still going on. The last day of a 70 year or 25,500 day interval was 13012-11-16 AA, or November 30, 2021.

Precursor events to the war in Ukraine were just beginning in late 2021. This new war is most certainly the precursor to another world war. By this understanding the Korean War would be the tail end of World War II that was ending when Elizabeth came to power. So 70 year prophetic offsets are only now lining up.

Elizabeth was a devout Christian, unlike her son Charles who is taking her place. She seemed to take on a mostly ceremonial function, and was not particularly active politically. For nearly everyone reading this blog she reigned for longer than most of us have lived, sometimes much longer.

This is important because we may accidentally impute her style of reign to the next monarch. He may or may not operate in the same way. Though Charles will also assume the roll of the head of the Anglican Church, he is most certainly not a devout Christian. He is better known as the King of the WEF and a devout depopulationist.


The general stories of our time are replays of the stories of leaving Egypt. Pharaoh is the most interesting character in those stories, the person who is in the middle of the mess when Egypt is destroyed.

We had a prophetic date dealing with Obama's visit to see the queen. This seemed to be a fulfillment of the story of the Great Arab sleeping in Pharaoh's bed. Generally this meant sleeping in the White House in Washington DC. But if the Queen was Pharaoh, which has been hard to firmly establish, then this visit was a particular fulfillment.

That visit to the UK was particularly note worthy because the rule when visiting the monarch is to not grope (touch) the queen. Michelle did that and it raised a storm of controversy.

OK, assume for a moment that pharaoh is the British monarch. So we have a new pharaoh. Is this in the prophetic story? Yes. A pharaoh who did not know Joseph came to power, then there were plagues.

The idea of not knowing Joseph might have a prophetic application of not knowing anything about faith. Joseph symbolized faith to pharaoh. Charles would match the idea of a change in pharaoh, to a faithless pharaoh, before military grade plagues begin.

Charles may match in other ways too, but we will watch together and see how he steps into this new office and what he makes of it.

In summary, Elizabeth's reign may ultimately mark a 70 year interval of world peace that separates World War II from World War III.

More Later,