History, Theory and Goals

This week I updated the main website with 3 new articles, History, Theory, and Goals. This blog gives a little introduction and then links to those articles.

Website Refresh (Paleo.In)

This week I went through and did a refresh on the front of Paleo.In. The immediate task was to setup the tools so we could quote the NIV in future position papers.

As I looked over the site I did not like the way new visitors could not really get a good understanding of what we are doing and why. So the very top now has links to 3 new full position papers.

Below are the specific article links. This has been a very busy week of writing. These articles form the written material for this week's blog, over 13,000 words if you read them all.

History (Paleo.In)

Reviews the history of the Paleo.In project. It begins in 2008 when we had to understand the problems of Obama's Muslim faith. Most long time readers here should know the history.

Theory (Paleo.In)

This article covers the theory of recovery. It reviews our various failed attempts at recovery. It then points at the Tabernacle articles as the real way to recover the text.

Goals (Paleo.In)

This article lays out our current project goals. The hardest goal by far is finding a place to do this work.

Phil On Video (cr.paleo.in)

For a surprise bonus, I set out to test if I could do videos on my phone. I 3d printed a stand that would fit the dash of the car and then recorded a brief personal testimony dealing with Mormon Missionaries.

This was without any script. It was very easy and I am thinking about doing these regularly. Feedback is encouraged, especially if these would be interesting going forward.

More Later,