The war time media we are now seeing out of Gaza is very different than in previous wars. How the public learns about the war is very different than in the past. This shift seems to be an important prophetic event all by itself. In this blog I explain my reasoning and what it might mean.

Gulf War 1990-91 (Wikipedia)

I am old enough to remember the events that lead up to the first Persian Gulf War in 1991. The link above is to the Wikipedia article for those who might not remember.

Briefly, in August of 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. The motives for the war have never been very clear. Remember, victors write history. At the time the common justification was that the 2 countries were arguing over how to split shared oil reserves. The shared border of the 2 countries straddled a particularly valuable oil field.

They had been negotiating over which country would pump how much across what interval of time. The rate of pumping and time distribution impacts the total amount of oil that can ever be extracted. Preferences related to the time value of money also impact when to pump. The Kuwait and Iraqi sides could not come to terms. The Iraqi side then decided to invade and take everything for themselves.

These days I would say nobody could know with confidence what really caused that war. The Wikipedia article admits this and speculates as to cause. The Americans took the side of Kuwait. This in keeping with Zionist goals for greater Israel.

The USA gathered an alliance of nations who assembled a large army in Saudi Arabia, but without formally declaring war. Starting about February 21, 1991, the US and Iraqi governments declared war on each other.

On February 28, 1991, the war to liberate Kuwait began. There was 40 days of bombing from the American side while the Iraqis set the Kuwaiti oil wells on fire and spilled oil into the gulf. After 40 days were over, there was a ground invasion that lasted about 100 hours. The US side declared victory and went home.

This was itself an echo of Noah's flood. This is on a timeline that seems to preference events in the United States that began with Nixon's resignation. The war would pick up years later, especially after 911, when Iraq was fully conquered by American Zionists. What we know now is that the Zionists' general agenda was to remove independent governments from all the surrounding Arab states. Then displace many of those people so that Israel could expand to its ancient Biblical border.

Media Control

In the days of the First Persian Gulf War, the Zionists (I am experimenting with using the correct term) essentially completely controlled all important media. They could set an explanation and there was no other voice of any significance to say otherwise, at least in US based English language publications.

There were not very many media outlets that needed to be controlled in order to set the narrative. Here is the main list. The New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal were the 3 national papers. There were 2 wire services, who supplied news to local newspapers, radio and TV stations. There were 3 weekly news magazines. There were also 3 national TV networks. Whatever the public knew about that war came through those regulated services.

We have since learned that the CIA regularly planted operatives in the media. This was done so they could travel the world under press related passports and so that they could control how stories were written.

If there was any sort of alternative history it could only come out through books published on small presses after the headlines took place. Those took years to publish. The general public could never hear about any alternative views, especially not in real time.

When history books finally were written, they were normally vetted and edited by the big publishing houses, themselves controlled.

Contrast to Now

Contrast that with news coming from the current war in Gaza. Essentially anyone with a phone can publish what they are seeing. Typically they are using X or Telegram. These are like the old media's foreign correspondents.

There are many 100s of websites run by people who are sifting through the raw data feeds and collating the posts that interest them. Virtually every important fact has dozens of individual witnesses and hundreds of websites carrying the news.

To get a sense of scale, consider the top 10 alternative news websites. Let me give you the list from a recent article on The busiest website in this list has over 99,000,000 monthly page views. The least around 8,000,000 monthly views. These are, in decreasing order,,,,,,,,,, and

Not to mention millions of people following the raw data feeds themselves, like and Even some of the sites above are now followed on X because of Elon Musk's buyout last year.

Elon remains a single point of failure in this modern media chain, but note that all of the sites I've listed above were functional and high traffic even when the US Government was illegally interfering in the operations of Twitter.

Note how the old line media companies maintained control of the message because they used expensive capital assets to distribute information. Big high speed presses for print media, broadcast studios, and specialized video networks. The cost of these tools were a barrier to entry. They favored the rich and powerful and governments.

The ever declining cost of transistors and computer networks has fundamentally removed the monopoly the old line media houses had over messages. Their monopoly goes back as far as Roman times, if not before.

Though much of the public wants to live in abject ignorance, anyone who wants to know what is going on in and around Gaza can readily find out. Many millions of people are now free of media control.

This is a historic shift. It is probably the fundamental technical change that breaks the control of our 6 textual editors off from over the world.

Covid History

Because of propaganda and deaths surrounding Covid, the public is generally much more astute to the problem of Zionist tampering with media messages. It still seemed to work at the start of Covid. But not any more.

The public now knows something is afoot. Someone intends to kill lots of people. The public is not playing along like it was. The new media sources are very quick to call trouble.

Some Tricks Still Work

Some of the Zionist tricks still work. Flooding the media channels with contrasting theories is still an active trick to split the public. The book "Protocols of Zion" explained how Zionists keep the public unable to focus on real problems. Any real deep state crime will have many different versions and theories published in as many channels as possible. This strategy works to split the public from forming an understanding of root causes.

Any website without an obvious person running it is likely from this trick. It must be shunned. Ditto any channels on X or Telegram. No name, no picture, no biography, or no content that proves point of view, are all clues of trouble. Any news source without original cites, or with a hidden writer, is trouble.

It is easier than ever to find consensus views that are contrary to the Zionist version of headline events. So events in Gaza are not understood by the public under a Zionist lens like they were with the Gulf War in 1991 nor the 911 events in 2001. Lets look at some details.

Killing Whose Babies?

The consensus of most online sources is that the war in Gaza was some sort of setup meant to give the Zionist side a moral high ground to justify ethnic cleaning of Gaza. This is especially true from online sources with a Christian ethic, even if not formally Christian. The Arab world also seems to be taking this position.

This consensus came fast because the general plans for Zionist creation of Greater Israel are also now widely understood. So this war in Gaza obviously looks like a continuation of the Persian Gulf War of 1991, and the wars after 2001.

This consensus is not shared by news sources who are Zionist. This includes all the traditional media. It also includes new media of Zionist Christians, Masons, and other assorted sources. It also includes most of the important members of the United States Congress, again mostly Zionists.

In these circles the deaths of hundreds in southern Israel on October 7 is grounds for killing or moving 2 million Gazans. Leaked documents suggest the Israeli plan is to displace them into Egypt's Sinai.

This position is even more outrageous if October 7, 2023, was a setup and Hamas was baited into Israel. This is an old trick. Putin was baited into Ukraine, as Hitler was likely baited into Poland.

The Zionists are following the historical goal of re-establishing ancient Israel to its historical borders. This means to the Euphrates and Nile rivers, including Lebanon and parts of Cyprus.

They do debate the details of their eventual borders. One word in obscure off-bible texts can move the line by 100s of miles. They might also include parts of southern Turkey. They still want a world capital in Jerusalem. Gaza is just the next step to this greater end. They need to remove the locals in all of these places in order to reach their goal.

Problem, the whole world now has some level of formal education. Literacy has been spreading fast across the globe over the past 50 years. The whole world knows about the concept of Genocide. The whole world seems to be aware of what is going on. The whole world is not in support of what Israel and her western backers want to do. The whole word, it seems, has been victims to similar wars in the past.

In any case, the public that wants to know what is going on can learn. This in ways not possible 40 years ago. There is no longer Zionist control of public understanding of events in the world. The world is radically changing. They may still control the levels of power in much of the world. They no longer have the hearts of the public.

Historic Shift?

The historical prophetic shift we are looking for in our time is the raising of Joshua. I mean that narrowly, but not precisely. So this year, or next year, or the year after. A world wide shift when the darkness lifts. A prophetic replay of when Joshua came out of the tomb.

Joshua was seen by a few at first. Then he was seen by more people. The idea is that people who are paying attention can see something going on. A shift in understanding the world. Elon Musk buying Twitter about a year ago may be part of this.

The public's response to Gaza is just crystallizing this shift with a major headline. We will see how it unfolds. We will see what happens in Jerusalem. That is where Joshua went into the tomb. That is where he must come out.

I am encouraged by how the world is viewing events in Israel differently than it has before. This is a component of what we are broadly watching for. Perhaps we will all be able to watch the tomb become empty.

More Later,