Returning To Work

The next date in the prophetic series for the Covid disaster is next Monday, April 20, 2020. Germany reopens for most businesses on that date. Many parts of the USA are seeing the public spontaneously return to work. Details follow.


The prophetic series for the Covid disaster is following the same schedule as Noah's flood against the Paleo Calendar. The opening shot was March 11, when the markets and much of the western world's political leaders started responding.

The first date out is 40 days later, when the 'rain' stops. That date is next Monday, April 20, 2020. Though we are still 3 days away, some headlines are already clear.

The German government is reopening all businesses under 800 square meters. (8600 sq ft.) Schools reopen 2 weeks later on May 4. Large businesses and large gatherings have a slower schedule. New Zealand is discussing doing the same on the same date.

This is exactly on the expected date and represents the likely fulfillment for April 20, the end of rain. We will watch for more, especially Trump's response on that date. Read on for more.

State Protests

On Wednesday, April 15, there was a large protest in Michigan where people drove their cars to Lansing to protest Covid responses by the State of Michigan. Montana will have a protest on Sunday, April 19, at the state capital for similar reasons. We can expect the same at other state capitals across the USA.

I read a long report out of the NYC metro area. As background, the city itself has few freeways, having been built up before widespread automobile adoption. The outer metro areas are filled with freeways. Not as big as southern California, but similar. (Usually rusty and falling down, but I digress.)

The report out of the NYC metro area is the people are spontaneously returning to work. The traffic noise from freeways, though not completely packed, is returning. People have run out of funds and are returning to work.

There is a certain anger in the hearts of these early movers towards anyone who would stop them. They are trading the risk of arrest against feeding their families. Families win. Like an avalanche, once someone leads, the rest will follow.

Cuomo was asked about this specifically. He answered that he cannot arrest 19 million people. If they return to work, then they return to work. Nothing is going to stop them.

Trump has also been dealing with the reopening process in his daily briefing because he knows the public is going to return to work, sheriffs stopping it or not. He is better at sensing the public mood than most others in Washington DC. We will watch what he says precisely on the 20th.

Anecdotal reports from across Washington State are saying the same thing. People are spontaneously returning to work. Car and foot traffic is returning to normal levels, at least during the day when everyone else is out and about. Expect by Monday, April 20, 2020, for local sheriffs to get what is going on and stop enforcing governor orders.

I also understand many small businesses in the Seattle area are also simply reopening. This is riskier because they are targets for insane law enforcement. But, food in jail is better than no food at home.

The best framework for understanding this is the idea of the 'consent of the governed.' People have given deranged state governors the benefit of the doubt and stayed home. There is now massive agreement that enough is enough. It only lasted around 40 days. Note well, even when nuclear war hits late this decade, the public will still only give government 40 days of grace. Unless killed by a nuke, they will return to work.

Politicians who do not get this will be seen as idiots and fools, and will not have the consent of the governed much longer. Maybe as short as 1 week from today.

For those following the Sabbath Reads, this week is the Wheel, and the tide has turned against what are turning out to be poor political leaders. The false imagination of Covid is being seen by many. I will discuss this on the stream tomorrow, tune in.

The Con

Much of the public no longer follows corrupt TV news. My survey of this suggests those who follow TV news in the USA are much more likely to be elderly, and in panic over this. Those who do not follow TV are younger and have much better mental health.

Some alternative news sources have been shown corrupt too. Mike Adams, as but 1 example, has lost my support. Others have been dealing with this as con, a very interesting idea. Jon Rappaport has taken this stance since Covid started. His history covering earlier pandemic cons gave him the confidence he needed for this con.

Ron Paul is rightly calling this a fake pandemic. Ron Paul is very interesting because of my prophetic history with Washington DC. The city and government based there is so corrupt that Joshua usually leaves only 1 sane voice. Ron Paul was that voice while he was in office.

Bill Gates, perhaps a hero in old tech circles is now widely considered a pandemic monster. See Martin Armstrong for more on Gates and Gates' dreams of world conquest.

The virus test, used for the counts all over the news, have paperwork that accompanies them. Usually on websites too. They basically disclaim use of these tests for anything other than doctors wanting a second opinion. In the fine print they say it even more directly, the tests used for Covid do not work.

They give random answers for the presence of any virus. They are are not built for Covid specifically. So no Covid case count anywhere is valid. At best the shape of the curve might mean some virus is going around. Essentially it is showing how many tests have been given. Nothing more.

There has been no time for these tests to be worked out, so we should not expect anything to be any different unless a con is going on.

Most hospitals, in most places, have not seen any heavy Covid case loads. Field hospitals, say at the football stadium in Seattle, saw no patients at all. The hospital ships in LA and NYC, almost no patients.

Hospitals are paid big bucks if they find a Covid patient. Even more if they put said patient on breathing machines that are known to cause deaths. Business 101 example of a conflict of interest. Nothing trustworthy going on around treatment. Again, more evidence of a con.

To top this off the national system for tracking deaths has been perverted to code the forms as all deaths are Covid deaths. The joke going around is a question, has anyone died of a heart attack since March 15? Someone who dies, but with other health problems are always to be counted as Covid deaths. Again more evidence of a con.

The simulations that said millions of deaths would happen are turning out to be frauds. Probably intentionally so. Now they say maybe a few tens of thousands deaths, if that. This is not counting deaths of despair caused by government action in shutting down work. So they only count 1 side. They probably are causing more deaths than the deaths they are trying to prevent. More evidence of a con.

Finally, the people most at risk from this virus are those with other conditions. Mostly elderly, who are already sick or regularly taking dangerous drugs. So instead of telling those with compromised immune systems, or with conditions like cancer or kidney or lung problems to stay home, the powers that be told everyone else to stay home. Again, more evidence of a con.

One professor, and expert on pandemics, said the worst possible thing to have happened was closing public schools. Why? To stop a pandemic requires herd immunity. That builds fastest in schools where young people are already safe because of their age. Nature's way of solving this problem, usually in 14 days. Again, more evidence of being screwed up by medical and political people doing the wrong things. More evidence of a con.

The public is not very bright. It takes time for the public to think. But, they have had lots of free time to think. These are the issues going through many people's minds. There is something wrong with government itself. This is why spontaneous return to work.

Part 2, Banking

I never really understood one aspect of Noah's flood. The rain goes for 40 days. Simple enough. But, then the next date, at 150 days out, is measured not from the end of the 40 days, but from the same point as the start of the 40 days.

This is an unusual structure. It may mark an editor's hand, but right now we assume the text is OK.

So something else started on March 11 and it will have its own 150 day mark on August 8, 2020. It is called a flood water. Liquid. In the banking world the term is called liquidity. Any big availability of money is likened by bankers to tons of water.

What we saw at the start of this event was the Federal Reserve and the US Government coming up with a plan to flood the financial markets, and big businesses, and small businesses, and individual tax payers, with money.

Then later, last week now, the Federal Reserve decided to take over the market for most bonds. Leaving only small government entities and very small businesses to fend for themselves.

The Federal Reserve, one of the few remaining privately owned central banks, now essentially controls the entire planetary market for US Government bonds. They have contracted with another private entity to manage part of this problem. Probably in preparation for public takeover of the Fed itself.

What a strange thing. Sudden and massive. To liquidity levels not seen in the western world. Perhaps in Zimbabwe, but not in the big economies.

I said briefly on the live stream last weekend that this marks a collapse of the US Central Bank. This has happened many times before. Usually a war is intentionally caused to give cover for such times. War is the historical cover for central bank collapses. This time it looks like Covid.

Russia's leader, Putin, gave an important speech last August and asserted that the US Dollar would not be the world's reserve currency much longer. He knew then what was going down. It is now happening, just as he said.

Covid is likely the cover used this time. With so much at stake, including the ability of the US to fund war, do not expect anything to be trustworthy about the true source of this bug. Like 911, they will pin the blame on someone else.

I am going to assume that we have no more April 20, 2020, headlines, and that the next date, August 8, 2020, will be banking related. If there is to be hot war on this series, then April 20, 2020, is the date to watch. The rest should be winding down events from mid March, 2020.

Something else should happen very near August 8, 2020, and it should involve the banking cartel.

Tech Work This week

Since we work at home already, nothing about Covid has impacted our daily lives. It certainly has impacted friends. We also set up live streams, which was unplanned. In any case we have been as busy as always.

All of our apps were updated this week. Ryan has been taking a careful look at styling. At one point when we were doing websites we looked for them to have different styles. Now that we are doing apps, we want identical look and feel to help with transfer of learning.

So he's been looking carefully at making similar styles identical whenever possible. He's also changed many of the artwork files to make them hand crafted and much smaller. He's also reviewed and tweaked the styles that deal with day and night lighting within the apps.

Our goal is that each app looks and works the same within the constraint of having different purposes.

We're also on a hunt for general bugs. The internet itself is running slower than the start of the year and every byte counts. Apple related media bugs were the first example. Others followed. I ended up rewriting the code that deploys websites to make that process as byte efficient as possible. Video and 3D model deploys will ride on that new code here shortly.

Much more house keeping work going on with our systems. We are looking at our git system, set up about 10 years ago. Though on newer hardware than we used then, the project layout needs attention.

If you see any styling or performance related bugs, we may have introduced a regression of some sort. Please let us know if so.

On one other point... The feedback emails from the various apps were arriving fine into Ryan's email, but not my own. The problem involved email filters. It was a problem that I could not see until Ryan asked me about emails that both of us should have received but that I had not seen.

I tracked down the cause and have fixed it, but found I had several emails lurking unseen. I have answered all I could find. If you emailed me and did not get a response in the past several months, this may be why. Please try again.

Thank you for your patience and support through this long journey.

More Later,