BRB Back Online

Our old friend the Bible Research Bible (BRB) is back online. Details follow.

We started handling source text for the books of the Bible over a decade ago.

Initially this was for study of the Bible's Book Order, but later developed as a way to study many other issues. The most important to us these days are additions, and common word choices used by other translators. Because the range of issues we were studying, we eventually called it the Bible Research Bible, or BRB, for short.

When we put The Testimony application online a couple months ago we thought the need for the BRB was over. Not so.

We've been on the road for the past couple months and found we needed the BRB for some unexpected use cases. The most important was when we found ourselves prophetically directed to sit in on a church service. This is something we rarely do. Joshua must tell us to set foot in church, which he rarely does.

Remember the old joke? A woman prays, asking what she should wear to church. Joshua answers, I don't know, I haven't been there in years myself.

That is us.

When the preacher said, Turn with me to Ephesians... We knew we were in trouble.

We both wanted immediate access to any passage related notes that might quickly reveal trouble in the sermon. That info was back at the office, 100s of miles away.

OK, so the BRB is back.

We've updated the branding, to match our other web applications. We've also updated the underlying technology to bring it up to current web standards.

Ryan has also taken a TODO to update BRB notes on additions. He has those in 2 places, and will eventually combine them all to the BRB alone. This will take some time, but we expect the BRB to eventually explain every addition.

To install, go to the Paleo.In website, scroll down to Web Apps and select the Bible Research Bible choice. Save to your home page using menus in your browser. Like all our other Web Apps, it runs offline.

Along with The Testimony, the BRB is updated on Fridays of most weeks.

More later.