With this week's headlines out of Canada we can explain even more details in the Exodus account. This time involving the Canadian government going after money.

Federal Reserve

I showed in last week's blog that the founding of the Federal Reserve matches the start of World War I. Joshua was mockingly presented as king, as the Jewish Priests and Roman Soldiers were about to kill him. In modern headlines this matched the western central banks and governments with conscripted soldiers. They were about to kill millions of people

The Federal Reserve is the top of the banking cartel in the USA. After World War II, with widespread destruction everywhere except in the Americas, things changed. The US Dollar was still gold backed and it became the world's reserve currency. The Federal Reserve Bank became the central bank for the world.

Part of the process of bringing control to itself required the removal of money from the hands of the public. Gold coins, worth $20 at the founding of the Federal Reserve have bounced around as high as $2000. This change in value was lost to the public and gained by the banking cartel.

Most people now only have claims on a bank, not actual money in any Biblical sense. Remember Abraham buying a burial plot with 400 pieces of actual silver? Almost nobody reading this blog could do the same now.

Banks can use hard money as their tokens of exchange, but 'bad money drives out good' and the intrinsic value of the gold and silver and copper in the coins eventually cause the issuance of fiat.

Gold was lost to public circulation in the USA in 1933. Silver was lost in 1964. Copper was lost in 1982.

Check Genesis 47:14. The gathering up of everyone's silver is near the start of slavery in Pharaoh's Egypt. So we passed that point in 1964.

So what we have now is a system of claim checks against banking institutions. People rarely use cash at all, but move around credits with the bankers. They think of their claim against their bank as money.

This is no different than workers in company towns, old western logging towns or mining towns. Workers were given credits at company stores. They never saw their wages as real money at all. They where trapped in a system like a slave, and if they left town they walked away with nothing but their clothes.

These days, this company town credit system is the entire economy.

This of course is convenient, people never really risk robbery any more, since people don't normally carry money on their persons. This is a benefit of living in Pharaoh's Egypt.

But, as with so many other things, the banking system is a hierarchy, and functions with a singular person at the top. It is a modern expression of ancient Egypt's slave system. When Pharaoh gets angry he can use this system to seriously screw with his slaves, as we've seen this past week in Canada.

Canadian Banks

For those who may not know, there are only five retail banking companies in Canada. There are other banks by name, but they specialize in various ways. In the USA those other Canadian banks would be more precisely called financial services companies.

If you live in Canada, and have a checking account with a bank, it will almost certainly be with one of those 5 firms. (This fact once caused a relative of mine, a Canadian citizen, great trouble. This is why I know this figure.)

The CEOs of most corporations, in general, must kiss up to Pharaoh. This is why Tesla was not invited to Biden's EV summit. Musk is not a party to Pharaoh's slave system. Musk commands too much economic power on his own. Business founders, like Henry Ford 100+ years ago, usually do. This will also cause Musk increasing difficulty going forward, say in getting FAA clearance for rocket launches. Pharaoh is putting the screws on him too, but I digress.

So the heads of those 5 banks in Canada are 1 step down in the Egyptian hierarchical system. At their level they now have a corporation and independent financial books, so they can fail independently. From each of those 5 CEOs, there are still many, many layers down to local bank tellers.

Those 5 bankers do not form an effective political block against their crooked government. They are effectively a branch of government. In the terms of political philosophy, this is called Fascism.

So those banks, and ALL of their account holders, are at a fundamental risk to their wealth because the system is fundamentally fragile. This by design. It is part of Pharaoh's system. You can exercise your claim to your wealth only at Pharaoh's bidding. Though banking as we know it now, say with debit cards, is built on modern tech, the fundamental tricks involved are ancient.

The problem for Pharaoh, though, is he must not exercise his magical powers very often, otherwise the slaves might discover the fraud and revolt.

Emergency Powers

So in response to the truckers, instead of ending mandates as the rest of the world is doing, Trudeau doubled down. He decided to use his magical powers as Pharaoh to go after everyone supporting the truckers by using Canada's banks.

To explain what is going on with these magical Emergency Powers, we turn to a YouTube video by Ben Shapiro entitled INSANE: Canada Is Attempting Something UNPRECEDENTED. If you are in a hurry, the first 6 minutes of this 21 minute clip is all you need to watch. Importantly Ben shows clips of the government's announcements and he explains what each of those announcements really mean.

Shapiro's point: All electronic money, both bank ledger and crypto, is under government control. Trudeau will confiscate that money at his personal whim. This is like every other evil government in history.

Ben is really good at explaining what was going on, but the message was not lost on the Canadian public. Within hours the impact was being felt by everyone.

How many is everyone?

Say the GoFundMe's $10M raised, divided by a $10 average gift, so 1M people. Plus maybe 10 others for each of those who did not act financially on their feelings of support. Then include everyone who waved a flag from an overpass, or drove their flag waving car past a camera equipped police car, or anyone with a cell phone tracked to a border crossing protest. All of them were suddenly put on notice.

As soon as Trudeau acted, most of those people started thinking. Damn, that could be me. Truck Trudeau! They also wondered, knowing governments are slow to act, how many hours before my bank account stops working?

It only took a few hours for the Canadian public to wake up, as Zero Hedge explains well. Canadian based web searches on the term Bank Run, and troubles with online access to funds were being felt by nightfall.

The Canadian public had lost confidence in the Canadian Government, which had failed to reign in a tyrant. The Canadian public also, in nearly an instant, lost confidence in their banks.

Central Banks

The idea of having a central bank was sold to the public because they provide a means to prevent bank runs. Bank runs had plagued the banking system across the 1800s. In those days banks failed individually instead of the nation suffering inflation. The public put money in a local bank only when they could afford to loose it.

Household money boxes from that era are an interesting find if you shop in antique stores. You might not even recognize what you are looking at because they are gone from use in our modern culture.

Theoretically, central banks backstop any local bank suffering from a bank run. The relative size of the central bank compared to the size of local banks makes this easy, especially when the central bank could create money out of thin air.

In Canada there are only 5 banks, so there is a small relative size difference between the entire economy and any individual bank. So the benefits of a central bank are not as pronounced in Canada as they would be in the USA. Because those banks are large they are less likely to suffer a bank run. But, if they do suffer a run, there is less help available to stop the run.

Bank runs are also hard for central banks to contain if the run is across a nation, and not just against 1 bank. At scale, this sort of bank run is just a bank run against the national central bank itself.

A bank run against a large nation's central bank is outside of textbook theory of central banks.

Once we start thinking of a central bank run, we can now start to understand other parts of the Exodus account.

Looking Back

The Financial Crisis of 2008 was generally following dates from the Plagues on Egypt. Bear Stearns, AIG, and others were all in trouble on prophetic anniversaries of the plagues.

This week we returned, at least in a little way, to the plagues of the banks.

As Canada leads the rest of the world in the trucker protests, we should expect them to lead the rest of the world in responses to those protests. So we can expect similar magical banking powers used in other countries in the future.

Looking Ahead

If we peek ahead in the Exodus account, we see silver and gold are returned to the people in Exodus 12:35. This on the way out of Egypt, but before Pharaoh drowns. So this should be expected broadly, and before 2029, if we are understanding the timeline correctly.

Many people have asked me how, exactly, this plundering event might fulfill in modern headlines. How is it the people can ask the Egyptians for gold and silver, and they are given it? I have never had a very good answer, and I have never heard a good answer either. Now I understand.

The modern technical term for this is called a 'Bank Run.' The public goes into their neighborhood bank and simply asks for their money. Just as the text says.

This is a trap for bankers, because if they don't give the money, their scam is exposed, and they collapse. But, if they do give the money, which they don't have enough of for every depositor, they also collapse.

Of course they can print paper bank notes and hand them out, but the public will not trust those for long either. Only hard currency will ultimately be meaningful, the same as if a major war were underway, which is how this connects to Noah. (Keeping an eye on Ukraine.)

In ancient Egypt they were asking for gold and silver. This because their bank credits were going to be worth nothing.

They were given those metals because the givers thought those things were not worth anything. They had faith and credits, after all, in Pharaoh's banks. But, to their surprise, this was a bank run on Egypt itself.

More Later,