TT, BRB, CR, QM Updates then Red Cows

This blog starts with a warning to regular users of the TT and BRB apps. Regular users should read the notes that follow. The Classroom is updated. The Qu Map is getting a conceptual update. Then more on last week's theme of bridges and boats. Finally, we turn to the story of Red Cows.

Warning to TT and BRB Regular Users

I am working through a code revision of the TT and BRB apps. I had hoped to update these apps today. But, there is a breaking change to the history function. So I am delaying this to next week so serious users of these apps can be ready.

The history function in both apps is being changed to only record the history of lots. History will not record other uses of these apps.

If you use the history function of these apps, then you must get any important history data transferred to personal diaries. This needs to be done before next Friday's updates. Updates are usually done in the afternoons before the blog goes out around 6:00 PM Eastern time in the USA.

Why? The lots, search and history code used across our scripture apps is a mess. Some parts of this code go back over 10 years. Neither the function nor the design were understood when that code was first written. There are now slightly different versions of that poor code hacked into each app. Insane.

I am rewriting this so there is a single copy of each function available in the new shared runtime. This will remove years of cruft in what is the worst written area throughout our whole family of apps. This rewrite will allow more scripture-like apps in the future. Stay tuned for that.

Sorry if this is an inconvenience, but there is only 1 of me supporting this code. If this is a real problem for someone, please contact me. I could delay a second week if there was good reason.

Classroom (

This week the classroom app was moved to the new build environment. It was turned into a regular website. There was no reason for this to be an app, as it needs to be online in order for the media contained there to function at all.

It takes time to produce videos and we have not done this since 2020. So this was a little bit of a dive into the past. Some videos have aged well, some not. The videos that have held up well over time are dealing with the project, problems of the text and inspired systems around the text.

Those that did not age well were outside of this scope. Regular Bible studies are interesting, but just not of the same caliber of problem. We were also over confident in the state of the Testimony text in those days.

Conceptual Use

We are making some conceptual changes for this material going forward. The best use for videos there is as standing curriculum for topics related to all of our related projects.

Someone visiting that site should already know something about the work. They should want to be taught how to get from the Bible to the Testimony. By this I mean in a strong technical sense, not as entertainment. Like going to school, by taking a class, thus the name, Classroom.

This is a valid long term use of such a place. For this reason, we have not just dropped that project completely. We currently do not meet this objective very well, but it does frame what we will do there in the future.

Specific Changes

I have archived the code related to live streams. That type of weekly event belongs somewhere else, say at Paleo.In itself, or on some better known platform, say X. We do not have the back end infrastructure for serious streaming ourselves. Even if on our own websites, we would most likely need to use some streaming service to do this well.

In 2019 we had our own recording space. We were borrowing space in 2020. I did 1 test in early 2023 to see if I could do video from inside the Jeep. That worked, but without the teleprompter the result was not as good.

We do still have all the equipment, including the teleprompter, which made most of those videos so technically interesting. I do not see doing videos of any type until we have our own space and we are farther along with letter perfect recovery.


OK, so I did what I could with the videos that were there. The new tabs along the top each represent something like a curriculum. Each video now has its own page, which was not true in the past. So they can be targets of links. The next/previous system sequences through the whole set in order. There are written introductions and errata as needed.

The old classroom code had page specific icon art. This is common in most content management systems. I lifted that code into the new build environment, so this is now a possibility on any site or app going forward.

The underlying videos themselves have always been in yet a different project. So the media related html tags were moved into the new build environment. This means any page on any website or web app can now include any video from our catalog. As we redo app related introductory videos, they can then be available in those apps. A future timeline app could include headline specific videos too.

Paleo.In (

I have been slowly working through a change in the icons for all apps that are not directly scripture related. Basically this splits along our work division here. Ryan's apps are scripture apps, my apps are not.

To finish this off we went back and changed the clock and calendar apps so they have white icons with black writing. You can look at the icon set by looking at the list at the front of Paleo.In linked above.

Though we may still tweak stuff, the basic changes for icons are now done.

One sense of the Paleo.In website's new banner is that the scripture apps are like the canvas. The other apps are like the colored dots of the audit pattern. Anyway, a way to remember what is going on.

Also of general note, essentially every website was updated this week with slight styling changes to make them run better on small screen phones.

Table of 400 (

Qu Map (

This week the Table of 400 and Qu Map apps have been updated. Links to both are given above.

These apps are normally updated weekly along with the other scripture apps. I do not normally cover specific details here in the blog.

This week, though, there was a major conceptual change that impacts these apps.

A few weeks ago Ryan merged the back end data between these apps. He needed to make that change so that he had a Single Point Of Truth (SPOT) for all the various table entries shared between these apps.

This week Ryan merged much of the front end data between these apps too. Let me explain.

The Table of 400 uses various tables as the view into scripture. Those tables are organized in various ways based on the various ways scripture maps against itself. The inspired address system seems to be based on the alphabet, and there is much cross meaning ripe for interpretation when scripture is organized this way.

The Qu Map uses various maps as the starting point for views into scripture. The most complete of those maps is based on Walt Disney's Disneyland. We were directed there by prophetic dreams many, many years ago. The stunning intricacy and matches from Disneyland to the other maps continues to amaze us. The Disneyland rides are easy to remember because they are so iconic.

So the next bit of data that is interesting is to see where each story in the Table of 400 applies on known maps. This is very helpful and insightful in many ways. Ryan was doing this in his head and then realized he could just do it directly in the 400 app for the rest of us to see. Thus this week's big update. All the various popups from the tables in the 400 app now include map data.

As a bonus, Ryan has also added the various tribes into this system. He is using the River case order, and the Revelation 7 tribal order. This gives tribes to (usually) 2 cities on all maps. This is turning out to be crazy insightful too.

To keep the various pages simple for new users, some of this new function is hidden behind options that must be turned on. Explore the drop down options menus to enable everything if you want to survey this.

Canaan Map

The Qu Map has also gained a map related to the ancient map of Canaan. This is still being sketched in, it is Ryan's current focus. To see this map, go to the Qu Map app itself. Either in the main page or the drop down, find the Canaan Map entry and go there.

You will see that some cells are still empty. Some are marked with questions. But some have full notes. To see how this is working go to the Jericho entry.

Jericho is the Paleo punctuation Dot. It sits first in the sequence. It is the ticket taking entrance booths at Disneyland. Acoustically, the dot silences the trailing vowel on the letter that precedes it in the flow of written text.

Ryan has assigned Jericho as the Dot on the Canaan map. He is doing this for a bunch of good reasons. Note that the crossing of the Jordan after the 40 years in the wilderness happened at Jericho. It was their entrance into the promised land.

The military strategy for taking Jericho was to silently encircle the city for 7 days. Only at the 7th time on the 7th day, did the people shout for the collapse of Jericho's walls.

The military strategy is matching the acoustic use of the dot when reading Paleo manuscripts. The dot marks silence.

The way the walls of Jericho were closed and then opened is also matching. Elsewhere on the Disneyland map it will be the drawbridge at the castle. Opened, or closed.

A more advanced study is the heavenly king for the dot. In this case Enoch. He is the first of Adam's fallen descendants to be taken to Eden. The door of Eden opened there for him too. Eden is like a theme park, or a castle, or Canaan. It is the ultimate promised land. It has the ultimate Qu Map.

On the ground, near Jericho, is where Moses was taken. Curious. Also, Elijah is recorded as being taken somewhere across the Jordan. Another match, but maybe to the Colon further up the Jordan River.

The Dot shares the tribe Judah with the Paleo Colon. The heavenly king is Job. Job's friends sit for 7 days in silence before they talk to him. See the match? The colon also silences the vowel from preceding letters. Those 7 days of Job's friend's silence is the same as the 7 days of going around Jericho.

To make this even more fun, the Dot and Colon share the same tribe as per the River Case pairs. That tribe is Judah. We don't know much about Enoch, but Job is a righteous man in the east who was overrun by Babylonians. But he is blameless for what happened.

Russia, of course is Judah. Think Mongol hoards. Think Napoleon, Hitler, or even modern NATO, trying to overrun Russia. It is never his fault and he is considered blameless before Joshua.

Jericho On Other Maps

Knowing Jericho's stories means that we can watch for other places for Qu Maps and attempt to calibrate the center south location as related to stories of Jericho.

Johannesburg (Wikipedia)

On the planetary Qu Map we have long assigned the Dot to Johannesburg, South Africa. Now we can look for stories at Jericho to understand Johannesburg better.

The key idea is going to involve the spoils at Jericho. The spoils were to be kept in the treasury. Johannesburg is of course the capital of a major gold mining area. The punctuation characters can also be thought of as coins. So more insight coming from these studies.

Rome (Wikipedia)

The Assyrian Deportation ties by timeline to the founding of the city of Rome. In other words, most of the lost tribes departed Canaan for Rome at that deportation. So they crossed the sea like crossing the Jordan.

So is the city of Rome a Jericho on a Qu Map for Europe? Probably. Paul would also travel to Rome at the end of the NT narrative. He cites the prophetic about the tribes to Rome very nearly at the end of Acts.

A survey of Europe would hint at a similar Qu map there. Iceland and Greenland would be Europe's Qu Map Yo, like Sitka and Alaska is to the Yo on the US Qu Map. The northern most row of cites seems to map. Much more work is needed across the central regions of Europe to find all the matches.

Volga River Documentary (Youtube)

Finally, the Dot and Colon on the Qu Map go with Judah, so Russia. But most tribal pairs across the Qu map are disjointed. They usually do not land next to each other. The case of Judah is an exception. Judah lands on both the Dot and the Colon, both are along the Jordan River on the Canaan Map.

So the first step is to think, maybe modern Judah, so Russia, is informed by a river. Is that so? Yes. The key river of historical Russia is the Volga River. It is the largest river in Europe. It is like the Mississippi is to the USA.

Even more curiously, that river empties into the Caspian sea. Why does that matter? That sea is below sea level like the Dead Sea at the end of the Jordan. The last stop in the documentary linked above is where the Volga River empties into the Caspian sea. There is a considerable delta area filled with fish.

So is there a Jericho in Russia? It would need to be where the river meets the salt sea. For the case of Russia, it would need to be a special city.

Volgograd (Wikipedia)

At the south end of the Volga river is the city of Volgograd. This was also on the shore of the Caspian, but silting and lowering of that sea has separated the city from the sea, just like Jericho.

The Volga River documentary linked above ends at Volgograd. It includes an important interview with a survivor of the Battle of Stalingrad. A small group, like the Jericho spies, survived on the west bank. They held off the Germans until the Russian army could regroup and encircle them from the north. (I am not doing their story justice. Watch the documentary.) The simple answer is Jericho was captured by encircling too.

Finally, both the documentary and the Wikipedia article, show off a great statue erected in that city after the war. That statue is still the largest statue anywhere in the world. It is a statue honoring the war dead from the Battle of Stalingrad.

That statue is symbolic of Mother Russia. One of the key people in the story of Jericho is Rahab who gave shelter to the spies. Yet another match. Volgograd is also the Judah city inside Russia, so it should have national significance. That statue is symbolic of the entire country, and of the events of that war. So this too is matching what we want to see from the Canaan Map.

Note how that statue portrays Russia as feminine. I have seen this in other places, but never so clearly as here. Russia should be seen as the wife of the west. Joseph, who rules the other tribes, should be seen as masculine. They are supposed to be married in some way. They represent the 2 halves of earth, who should be seen like a married couple.

They are supposed to view the world differently, just like women and men view the world differently. The west is still a punk adolescent male wanting to conquer his future mate.


The Qu Map and 400 Stories are getting stronger and stronger week by week. Imagine some day when the text is fully recovered.

Think about what happens when the Testimony equivalent of Bible Study groups get together to study the text. Theology will not be hard to understand. But, the earth itself, and all places therein, will be wonderful material for many intense studies like I have sketched out here.

I have only covered Jericho, and then only scratching the surface. There is a massive amount of insight that will be coming out of the Qu Map and Table of 400 as Ryan's work continues.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse

With another week out from the Baltimore bridge collapse we know a few more things that I want to cover here for the record. The first main point is that there were 8 construction workers on the bridge. They were on break and were in their cars at the time of the collapse. 2 survived. The bodies of 2 others were recovered while 4 still remain unaccounted for.

Heavy lifting seaborne cranes are being moved in to remove the debris. Welders have already started cutting up the bridge members for scrap.

The hope is to get enough material out of the way to start to reopen the port at least partially. With the right equipment it is possible to pull some of the chunks out of the main channel. Cleanup can then continue out of the way of harbor traffic. Total cleanup will take months, but a partial reopening of the port has already begun.

Cyber Attack Warnings (Joe Hoft)

The US government had issued warnings about expected cyber attacks on commercial shipping targets. Like the Moscow attack a few days earlier, this lends strong credence to the idea that the Biden administration knew this attack was expected. This is enough evidence to claim that this is not likely to be an actual natural accident.

Inferencing truth from government lies is a science unto itself. Generally speaking if a government official takes a position on a topic before there has been time for any investigation, we can infer the government is party to the event. If they ever change their story, then they are covering for their crime. This is likely why the Biden administration was so quick to deny this was anything but a real accident.

Though the I-35W bridge was something of an exception, we generally think that all the plagues are created by people. Joshua is himself not running around doing plagues himself. Instead it is best to think he lifts his hand of protection from off of certain regions and events because of righteous prayer.

Bridge In Sallisaw Oklahoma (MSN)

The idea that a hand of protection has been lifted is evidenced by similar events happening around the same time. The link here is to a report of a bridge near Sallisaw, Oklahoma, that was also struck.

This time by a tug and barge on the Arkansas River. There is quite a scratch on the column where the impact happened. The bridge was closed for about 4 hours while it could be inspected. Apparently no serious damage done. No word on why the barge hit the bridge, but if this is a cyber crime ring, then we know why, and probably won't ever know for sure.

Danube Cruise Ship Crash (Marine Link)

Then there was this report. A cruise ship on the Danube river, that runs down generally south east through Vienna, Austria, suddenly lost power and crashed into a concrete wall. 17 people were injured, 11 were taken to the hospital over injuries.

In this case the reports are clear that the ship lost power, just like the ship in Baltimore. This is fitting the pattern, and it indicates this is spread around the world. It is not limited to only the USA.

Again, at the very least, the hand of favor seems to be lifting. At least in Oklahoma no serious harm was done, unlike in Austria.

Cyber attacks on complicated systems like ships might not be able to do much other than crash the compromised computers. Shutting off power might be a side effect of an otherwise crude break-in to otherwise customized ship based computers. So power loss and crashes might be the expected outcome of cyber attacks on ships.

Eilat (Reuters)

Of course the main venue for ship attacks has been off the southern coast of Yemen. Houthis based there have been stopping the flow of ships through the Red Sea and Suez Canal, this in support for the people of Gaza.

My general thesis here recently is that we should be looking for ongoing versions of the various plagues on ancient Egypt. So the roughly 6 months of Houthi activity directed towards international shipping would fit that pattern.

Houthi actions have forced traffic from China to Europe to be rerouted around the south end of Africa. This increases costs and has upset tight supply chains. Tesla's Giga Berlin factory was one such place shut down by Houthi actions. Tesla even listed this as a contributing factor for poor first quarter delivery numbers.

Yemen has also been the venue for ship related troubles when they have been sending missiles directed at Eilat. This is Israel's harbor on the Red Sea, at the very southern tip of the country.

So on April 1 another such missile was directed at that port and city. The missile fell in open waters and nobody was hurt. But in a surprise twist, an Iranian backed Iraqi based group claimed responsibility.

This claim is very curios. Can we even trust that claim? Why would anyone make such a claim knowing how Israel would likely respond. I doubt the claim can be trusted. Zionists essentially control all media, as Putin has indicated. But I digress.

This attack at Eilat is on the same theme of blood on the waters. But this time by a very different party. Israel then took the opportunity to strike back.

Iran Consulate Attack, Damascus (Al Jazera)

The Israelis appeared to be targeting an Iranian general who was likely behind the attack on Eilat. Though Israel's attack actually killed 2 generals and several others.

Israel knew what they were doing and used precision weapons. But, this was an attack on Iranian sovereign territory. Even Russia called this out as an Israeli attack on Iran.

Iran promised retaliation, but time will tell what that might be. As I explained in the last blog, restraint is being used as a military strategy against Israel. This is the sort of attack that would normally trigger an escalation, but escalation is not normally in Iran's best interest.

Protests Over Netanyahu (X)

Over the weekend of March 30 there were massive crowds in Israel apparently either calling for Netanyahu's resignation, or calling for new elections. Maybe these are the same. Netanyahu dismissed the idea, claiming it wold help Hamas.

Protests were estimated at around 100,000 people. They continued for many days after the link above.

This at least hints that support for Netanyahu is not as solid as it might seem.

Red Cows

This term is usually translated as Red Heifer and comes from Numbers 19:2. Perfect examples of these animals are needed for ceremonial cleansing. It is the first ritual modern Jews need to perform in preparation for rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.

In 2022, Israel imported 5 select examples from Texas. They have been kept in good care ever since. One of them was found to not be perfect, so their herd is now down to 4. Only 1 such heifer is needed for the ritual.

Red Heifer Explained (Youtube)

The link here is to a 9m33s youtube video explaining the story from a Jewish perspective. You can see the obvious excitement this has for those Jews who want to see a temple rebuilt atop Temple Mount in Jerusalem. That temple is the ultimate goal of many involved in the project of Israel itself.

Mentioned briefly in that video is a clip from a CBS News report that suggests Hamas' own explanation for the attacks of October 7, 2023, included the fact that these red cows had been imported. Those cows are a threat to the dome of the rock, Hamas knows it.

CBS News Report on Red Cows (Youtube)

The link here is to the original full CBS News report. The content is sensitive and I would not normally link to this sort of content from this blog. Once you start to play the video, you can safely scroll to the 2 minute mark to get to the start of the whole story of the red cows and the quotes by Hamas. In that video you can see the place at the Mount of Olives and you can see the cows themselves.

100 Days Source (All Israel)

This link to All Israel News provides the English quote of the Hamas trouble with this event. There are others around. This link just for reference.


There are a bunch of articles online about these cows. The key point is that they are approaching 3 years old, and the hopes of the organizers of this movement is that those cows (or maybe just 1) will be sacrificed ahead of Passover, 2024. That holiday is coming up fast.

The earliest possible weekend for this was last weekend, March 29, 2024, and the latest possible weekend appears to be around April 29, 2024.

Remember that there is the secular Jewish calendar in Israel and then there is also the calendar based on direct observation of the moon at Temple Mount. The secular calendar uses math worked out in the 900s on the Christian calendar.

The secular calendar does not always exactly match the calendar as observed at Temple Mount. So as preparations are being made, the exact timing against Passover 2024 may not be anything we as outsiders can track.

As the CBS News video above shows, this event will happen on the Mount of Olives, opposite Temple Mount where the Dome of the Rock currently stands. So it is not directly risking that building. But, it may embolden some people in Israel to start preparations for the 3rd Temple.

This will likely anger the Muslim world in ways we have never seen. Risk of this happening has been the subject of deadly riots in Israel stretching back into the 1920s.

Prophetic Schedules

I discussed a few blogs back about how there may be someone from the Muslim world coming to Jerusalem to set up religious services. Maybe even as precisely as from Iran.

The math for this is simply using the same 2550 year offsets which predicted the Jewish return to the modern nation of Israel in 1948. That same simple time offsetting system explains wars in and with Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. The timing for October 7 was set to be 50 years exactly from that 1973 prophetic war.

This 2550 year anniversary time system is tight and works well, it can be calculated even with a Gregorian calendar provided error bars are used correctly. The base stories for this are driven by the known timing of the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem and by the captive taking that happened in Jeremiah's day. The math for the 2550 year interval is itself informed by Leviticus 26.

So far, so good.

It is possible, though, that we are selecting English descriptions of these events with some sort of Zionist and/or Zionist Christian bent that might be wrong. The reason why this description might be trouble becomes more evident as we move farther out in time.

Second Temple Schedule

After 70 years, from the Babylonian invasion, the historical process of constructing of the 2nd temple began. Ezra is the priest, but there are other construction details spread across the 20 years that follow the 70 years of captivity. The details in those 20 years are not dated in clear text and not easy to graph with any precision.

So from a Zionist perspective that 2nd Temple schedule might just be informing the current schedule for rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. We will know in the next few years if this is correct.

But think about that 2nd Temple history from a conceptual basis. The religion present in Jerusalem at the start of the 70 years of captivity is then restored in Jerusalem after a 70+ year gap. We know this as Ezra restarting the temple system in Jerusalem.

Yes, I know Ezra is an editor, so he is restoring a system that is an edited version of what was known 70+ years before. Save that twist for now.

What religion was active in Jerusalem, at Temple Mount, in 1948?

The answer is the same system that has been there since the Dome of the Rock was built about 1300 years ago.

If we are looking for simple history replays, this is what we should see a modern prophetic Ezra restoring.

But the 1948 era Temple Mount system is not gone, is it?

There is nothing currently worth rebuilding that had only been gone for about 70+ years. Other than, say, regular Palestinian life in and around Jerusalem.

Red Cows Risk

When I saw the reports on what is going on with the Red Heifers, I realized that if Israel really does let this process happen, then it may well cause the loss of the Dome of the Rock and thus provide the reason why, say, Iran, would send a prophetic Ezra to rebuild.

If nothing happens with these Red Cows by, say, the beginning of May, 2024, we may be out of the woods for the rest of this year. But, the age of those cows seems to matter. They are in their 3rd year now. They finish that year late this summer. There may be some biological, Talmudic, pressure to get this done now.

If something does happen with those cows, watch for this to escalate in very strange ways over the months to come.

Personal Prophetic

I continue to be awoken in the night and I continue to get prophetic on the war in Israel. I know I am taking a side about like that of the prophet Micah. I am taking a stand against 100s of Christian prophets on the other side.

Whatever is going on in Israel now, it is not going to end well for them. They could still stop this war, and save themselves, if they really wanted.

Joshua is going to arise. Joshua is going to judge. It may take 3 years before this fully plays out. Just watch.

More Later,