Several months ago I promised to do a blog post on how to track news over the Internet. This is it. What follows are the tools, feeds, and reasons for tracking news outside of the controlled media. Read on for more.

False History

If you've followed our work for any amount of time you know we spend most of our time dealing with a false history that was merged with the inspired text of The Testimony. The goal of the editors was always to keep truth away from readers. Ultimately to keep Joshua and his salvation away too.

That same system of false narrative continues on. The heirs of the editors, both kings and priests, continue to weave false narratives in order to mislead the public. Note how biblical priests, in the broadest sense, also include all modern TV news anchors, most establishment historians and a huge swath of all levels of the research and educational systems. No matter who you are, you are caught in false religion every time you turn on a TV.

I need only spend 5 minutes with someone to know if they are trapped in that false system. Clues include holding to 'facts' that are in serious dispute. Clues include relying on experts from either the king or priest hierarchies. The text is teaching us that once a term like 'priest' applies, then definitionally the priest and his followers have a false view of how the world works. Someone caught this way has a strong conviction of how the world works but has unsound basic facts.


Nicodemus was a priest and teacher. He knew everything about the world. Nicodemus' high learning, he was warned, would force him to be born again. He was warned by Joshua his supposedly true, but actually false, knowledge of the world was going to force a memory wipe and a redo at life itself.

Most people in the educated west think they know better than Nicodemus. Young people, especially those in their 20s, just out of college, are perhaps the worst. They have typically paid a ton of money for an education. A 'Giffen Good' where they think the price of the education must mean it was of high quality. Not So. Their education has only just begun, and they start their adult life in an arrogant, but negative position.

The entire world view on TV and in higher education, even if it is from a conservative school, is still mostly false. Big bang, evolution, global warming, and many other theologies are simply a fanciful retelling of stories from the NON-inspired parts of the Bible. Same book as Nicodemus was using.

If you hold tight to supposed facts held throughout our society you will be unable to reason about Joshua and his view of the world. So you gotta learn about the faults with what you know. Learn to hold everything at arm's length.

You do that by listening to disputes of fact about the world itself. If you do not handle factual disputes well, then you are a modern day Nicodemus. Like Joshua said to Nicodemus, if you won't listen to how the world works, how will you learn about life in the skies?

Since the late 1990s we have had a way to at least listen to alternative voices about how the world works. That tool? The Internet as originally designed. Let me explain.

News Readers

The Internet grew up in stages, first from low level byte transfering protocols, first expressed with email. Email, curiously, was demonstrated in 1968 in the Mother of all demos.

It took another 22 years before the first website and browser were running. That model still runs to this day. It is highly distributed. It is very low cost. Anyone who can support themselves can have their own website if they have something interesting to say.

The website/browser model worked fine as long as the Internet was something like a large collection of books. A massive online library, if you will. What happens when we want to follow some story that is changing every day, or every hour, or even every few minutes. What then?

The answer appeared in 1999 with the first introduction of Rich Site Summary protocols. Originally this was an additional protocol understood by browsers, but eventually it became a stand alone program type. Those programs are generally called 'News Readers.' Their purpose is to track additions and changes to websites.

Kings and Priests Fight Back

The 'powers that be' those who see themselves as holding the divine right to control the world saw the website world as a threat. The same threat as had been seen 500 years ago with the invention of the printing press.

A key biblical symbol for kings and priests are 'wolves' who attack the flocks. Wolves attack by corralling. Go visit Yellowstone in winter and watch how wolves corral even bison. Our human wolves' natural response to a million stand alone websites was to corral.

This lead first to the Google family of projects, like web search, so the location and discovery of websites was corralled.

Then we saw the development of huge integrated websites, like Facebook, which take over much of the desire to speak publicly, and twitter, which covers the problem of a News Feed. All other similar modern Internet properties are all about corralling the public so the wolves can pick off wayward sheep.

In 2007, with the release of the iPhone, the entire consumer facing platform became a corral. No app makes it through the various app stores without a king/priest affirmation. Many of the biggest websites shifted their public face to app store apps. They moved inside the corral.

The final phase, going on now, is the traditional establishment forcing the shedding of anyone from these corrals who are out of their realm of orthodoxy. Thus fact checkers, shadow banning, deplatforming and 2020's the mark of a beast, a muzzle/mask, marking the inability of the public to speak publicly. These symbols are powerful and run across multiple domains in life. The fact that widespread muzzling is right from the Bible is part of the proof this is a religious battle, not a medical battle.

News Reading Hardware

Rich Site Summary (RSS) protocols are usually used for reading news. News Readers are the apps used for reading news. You will usually want at least a laptop grade device to do this. You want the larger screen, so you can see your 1) list of news sources, 2) the outline of your current source and 3) at least some of the content in a current news article. Usually arranged on the same page.

The skill of using a News Reader app has an echo back to the lost skill of reading a real, big city, news paper. Back in the day, a big city weekend paper could run 250 pages. (As I well remember.) You had to sort through what you really wanted to stop and read because the amount of material was overwhelming.

Internet based news should be similarly overwhelming. You must be actively deciding for yourself what you want to read on any given day. Not someone else.

Quite RSS

There are quite a few different free News Reader programs that you can install. I use a free program called Quite RSS. It has been around for years and runs on Macs, PCs and Linux machines. For Linux users it should be in your repo, for the others visit the Quite RSS website and download a copy built for your machine.

Quite RSS is a little quirky, driven in part by the underlying protocols. On some feeds it only shows an article summary. Sometimes it shows the whole article. This is not Quite RSS's fault, different sources are configured differently. Also, Quite RSS generally does not like to show embedded media. You can easily click back to the original website's page for the article if you want to watch embedded media.

I do very little configuration to the stock install. There is 1 important configuration change to make. Quite RSS, by default, will store your reading progress every 30 minutes. This is simply wrong. Find the setting and set it to no more than 3 minutes. Better still is 1 minute if you have a modern laptop or desktop.

One more point. Quite RSS, like all other News Readers, needs to know the URL of the feed for each website it is tracking. Websites can be configured for auto-detection of their news feed. High quality sites always do this. Some websites do not auto detect. You can either look for an RSS icon, usually an orange box with a radar looking thing, or you can add 'feed' or 'rss.xml' to the end of the website URL. This is the most common path for news feeds.

Websites that do not supply News Feeds are not on my list of possible sources for news. If they can be tracked at all they will instead want an email address or use the big social platforms. In all cases they are tracking your identity, which is the first step to a wolf/sheep relationship.

The people behind websites without a News Feed, but which give updates in some other way, don't understand deplatforming. Or if they do, they cannot be speaking truth to power which is what we as readers are looking for.

We want websites built by people with guts. News Feeds from websites that have been banned from social platforms are more trustworthy than all the others. Most feeds given below have been banned somewhere.

News Feeds

After you have installed a news reader, now the problem is finding interesting sources of news. Using a search engine, or other socials, does not work well any more because the best sources of news have been banned by the kings. You learn about News Feeds from friends or from other News Feeds. I am going to give you a list of 10 feeds that will give you a good place to start.

General News Aggregators

You will want at least 1 'news agragator.' This means the feed includes articles from other feeds. This rerunning of articles is powerful because you can learn about, and crawl back to, interesting original sources for new feeds. Here are 3 news aggregators to get you started. (Feed) (Manifesto)

Zero Hedge attempts to track all financial market moving news. If the markets move, they attempt to search out whatever headine it was that moved the market. So by definition they are a news aggregator. They give a summary of markets at the end of all trading days. They carry a lot of opinion on the markets and the world that markets move within.

Zerohedge has been around for years, originally battling network news channels. They triumphed in that goal years ago. It remains an oft-cited source across other financial industry related news feeds. This could be categorized as my 'Business News Feed.'

Zero Hedge was banned from socials at the start of 2020 when they started covering Covid, a sign that they speak truth to power. You will see in their editorial voice that they speak truth to power regularly. (feed) (Mission Statement)

Ron Unz provides something like the op-ed page for the entire Internet itself. By definition he is a news aggregator and his website is widely known for the discussions held in the comments sections.

Ron Unz does alot of writing himself. His American Pravda series is an introduction to how modern history is fraudulently written.

Lessons from his work helped me see the mechanism of frauds in the Bible. Hint: History, say that of WWII, is changed because someone has something serious to hide. Their detailed changes leave a pointer at what their crime actually was. We now think this way all the time in our work. I recommend his American Pravda Series and I recommend following his ongoing news feed.

Note, he posts so many articles they cannot all be read. I survey the recent list every day, then go back when I have days off and work from the oldest forward. You may need to do the same.

Unz Review has also been banned by the socials including being banned by Google Search, a pretty amazing commendation. He also maintains a lot of reference material, including books banned by places like Amazon, another commendation. (Feed)

The Liberty Daily bills itself as a replacement to Drudge who imploded in 2020. This is a general news site which often picks up interesting stuff. Has a conservative bent as Drudge once had.

Liberty Daily has not been around long enough to be banned. It has not been on my list very long, so it could get replaced. So far I am happy.

Key People

News feeds are also produced by individual people running their own websites. People like this become interesting when they have some sort of domain expertise. Here are a few high quality examples to get you started.

Armstrong Economics (feed)

Martin Armstrong is one of America's very few political prisoners who have lived to tell what happened. He was a darling of Wall Street, widely credited with inventing the practice of hedging. If you are old enough to have read the Wall Street Journal in the 1980s you know him.

I was first introduced to his work because his system's predictive ability is similar to the original Bible Time work. His base math involves the value of Pi, 3.1415, times various time intervals including 1000 days. At that I realized he is tracking the uncontrolled oscillations of human history. 1000 day intervals are directly from the Book of Revelation, and must be the radius of some time circle.

Martin spent 11 years in the same prison where Epstein died. Martin survived the same sort of attempt on his life where Epstein lost his. It took US Supreme Court intervention to free him from corrupt NY bankers and judges.

He is thought to have around 600,000 subscribers, and his posts are so widely followed these days that they can become self fulfilling. You may not agree with Martin, but NEVER bet against him.

The size of his ongoing subscriber base strongly supports the idea he was framed. He hosts annual conferences that are the antidote to Davos. (feed) (bio)

Jon Rappoport is an important investigative journalist who went out on his own around 20 years ago. He specializes in media fraud and in medical fraud. He is quick to pick up frauds in both of these areas, and is an important fraud detector against many stories in the MSM.

Jon was all over Covid from the day it started because it had all the usual tell tail signs of both media fraud and medical fraud. He has now posted over 200 stories on Covid, often citing the original medical research that so often disagrees with the political messaging on Covid. (feed) (bio)

Paul Craig Roberts had a wide ranging career, including service in the Reagan administration working on Reagan's famous cutting of taxes to spawn economic growth. He worked as an editor at the Wall Street Journal. He has published several books. He knows well how government and media function. He is old enough that he provides a voice of adult reason in a land overrun by bratty political children.

I was first interested in his work because he provides a powerful explanation of the fall of the USSR that comports with the prophetic stories for the same event. In Robert's well reasoned view, the USA became deranged with power, and did not keep any of the agreements that would have lead to world peace. This has all sorts of end-times prophetic implications overlooked in essentially all prophecy circles.

For years he published a column in newspapers but now in retirement runs his own website. Because he is not afraid to speak truth to power, he has been banned by the socials in various ways. To his credit, he was included in the very first, original, list of 200 banned websites. Quite a commendation.


If you wanted to do a search on some medical problem you would need to be careful because these days you'll get hundreds of links to the same government propaganda page. To avoid this you need to keep links to websites that catalog research across the whole alternative medicine domain. Here is 1 such site from my short list. (feed) (About)

Natural News was originally setup to catalog articles on alternative health. Want to know about how to use an herb for something? You can probably find it here. Want to know the effects of some toxin? You should also be able to find it here. Natural News remains a huge website full of articles often pointing at scientific research studies on issues related to natural healing.

Because the practice of medicine is proscribed religiously in the Talmud, part of the 'Great Bible' in the Book of Revelation, anyone operating outside of mainstream western medical orthodoxy runs into trouble. Natural News has had trouble with the socials for a long time, and have rigorously fought back, to their great credit.

When Trump mentioned the use of HCQ as one of several cheap and widely available agents against Covid, the medical establishment banned its use. They even threatened doctors with loosing medical licenses if they heal someone with HCQ. (HCQ is over the counter in most of Africa, like aspirin, used mostly for malaria. Nobody should be banning it in the USA, much less requiring a prescription.) This response to Covid showed everyone Covid is political, not medical. Natural News now covers Covid and the 2020 Election as 1 event. An important alternate voice in this space.


I remember growing up and learning about Physics, especially, in High School. Red shift and the Big Bang was one of those topics. I was taught this was settled science. Oh, how wrong. First, it is a retelling of Genesis chapter 1, but that makes cracking the problem a Bible study. In order to escape these delusional scientific bubbles you need some science to fight the science. Here are websites with very active News Feeds, that regularly attack false science. (feed) (About)

Thunderbolts takes the problem of 'Cosmology' from 2 perspectives. First the evidence on earth in ancient rock art of events in the skies. Much of the rock art around the world can be produced in high-energy plasma experiments. Humans on earth witnessed a planetary lightening show like we don't know now. Because people drew the pictures, this cataclysm was in recent human history. (What the inspired text will call Noah's flood.)

Thunderbolts also looks at the physics of electrical and magnetic flows in space. From the level of planets to chains of galaxies, the entire universe above us at night is filled with electric and magnetic currents. Those currents are far more powerful than gravity, and impact the skies in more important ways.

Red Shift, the primary evidence of the Big Bang has another explanation in this view. The galaxies are closer to stable, not flying apart and much, much older. (I may need to deal with this in a different post.)

Their daily News Feed covers topics from this family of topics. At times they debunk NASA planetary science, which is also quite fun to watch. (feed) (bio)

Tony Heller has an amazing bio, he worked in areas from geology to large scale integrated circuits. Like so many others, he saw scientific fraud at work, and then realized fraud was going on in the scientific world too, especially global warming.

His website, Real Climate Science, debunks everything dealing with global warming. Every time a global warming article or study is released he follows a few days later with the debunk. He is so well known, and so good at what he does that the global warming crowd knows him by name. They attack him, he attacks them. Great spectator sport.

Global Warming fraud generally deals with shortening data series and fraudulently changing raw data. These frauds are to defend carbon tax, which is why climate fraud is so rampant. They are a retelling of the Biblical idea the world ends in fire.

Not yet banned as far as I know, Tony Heller has a popular Youtube channel too. Watching well qualified scientists argue is how you learn what is settled science, and what is not. Global Warming is not settled science.


We gotta have some fun somewhere. There is also plenty of funny News Feeds. Here is a good place to start. (feed) (About)

The Babylon Bee is a well known satire website. Mostly written with a Christian bent, so if you don't have first hand church experience some of the humor will not make sense.

They were also banned by the socials until the sensors realized it was satire. (So the socials can't read standard English, perhaps they use ESL employees? Interesting study all by itself.) Anyway, The Babylon Bee can now get away with scathing political commentary in ways few others can.

Other Sites

Last summer I was wondering if the set of News Feeds that I have long followed in my News Reader was representative of the information flowing on the Internet. To study this I dramatically increased my list of tracked sites. (The list above is mostly from my older list.)

What I found is that a much longer set of websites covers mostly the same material. They cross post each other's material. So if some headline hits, some site will cover it and everyone else follows within a day or so. So this strange world of independent news sources does not require an official top, as the NYT is for most media in the USA. You can be on any of 100 other aggregation News Feeds and get roughly the same material.

So, the list above is a good place to start.


If you have read this far, congratulations. This is the longest blog post ever. The website was also updated with this post. The upper right menu, currently in the about page, now has an active feedback form so you can give anonymous feedback to our work. Try it out so we know it is working.

More Later,