Matthew 24

In last week's blog I likened the opening of the new Berlin and Austin Tesla factories as timed matches to Noah going into his ark. The same story is in Matthew 24, adding details which we explore below.

TT Updates

The TT sections that deal with material from the Gospels has been getting attention over the past several weeks. Much of Matthew 24 was returned to the TT in this work. Not yet tightly edited, only cursory review for problem content has been done so far. That same Matthew 24 chapter was in last week's Sabbath Reads, where we noticed the Noah references in that story. Wow.

Matthew 24:32

This passage uses the 'Fig Tree' as a sign of events related to the end of the age. Properly understood the 'age' we are in now is defined by Nebuchadnezzar's statue and tree dreams. As long as that statue stands we are in his age of global empire, as we remain now.

This Matthew 24 passage says that as soon as its branches come forth, you know that summer is near.

In order to unpack this story we need to know who or what is the fig tree?

There is a fig tree cursed earlier in the Passion Week story. This earlier tree is usually as far back as this Matthew 24 story is taken.

To make matters worse, the various accounts in the Gospels dealing with that cursed fig tree are contradictory, and probably edited, as we would expect.

That cursed fig tree story can be taken back to Jeremiah, where good figs are those who depart Jerusalem before Babylonian invasion. This makes the withered fig tree into the Jewish religion, leaving and returning to/from Jerusalem. But Jeremiah 24:1-2 is not dealing with the tree, only 2 baskets of figs themselves. This is a weak argument.

Fig Tree

Let me state the best answer. All fig tree parables, in some unclear, editor mangled form, point back to a general story of trees found in Judges 9. Here is the link.

Judges 9:7-15

This story of many trees is being used as a historical parable against parties in Judges itself. At the end of that story fire breaks out and burns down the forest. The punch line for the parties in judges is they risk burning down their own world if they do not heed the lesson of those various trees.

The story of the trees themselves are history in the time of the Judges, but they are a parable about the history of the destruction of Noah's day.

The various parties in Adam's family have grown up and after 6000 years of human development are now spread across our solar system. Each tree thus represents a planet. But, they were at war with each other over the same original conflicts as described for Adam and Eve's kids.

At the time of Noah, fire broke out in this forest. Only Earth was left habitable. The 5th planet out, habitable before Noah, is now an asteroid belt, blown to bits by human technology deployed as weapons at the same time.

It is a riddle to figure out which tree in the Judges story goes with which planet. It is a fun study which I do not want to take away from blog readers. Hint: The Fig Tree itself in that story is the planet we today call Mars.

For those who may not know, there are 2 threads of evidence that Mars was destroyed in an at least a nuclear disaster. Here are some links if this is unfamiliar to you. There may be others too, this is just a place to start.

Nuclear Catastrophy on Mars

Isotopic evidence that a bronze age civilization on Mars was nuked.

Did Aliens Nuke Mars?

More evidence from recent rover discoveries of ancient nuclear war on Mars.

The villian is unknown to the theorists behind these videos because they think we are evolved up from primordial goo.

There was a high tech civilization on earth which caused the disaster. That civilization was destroyed too. Earth was naturally warm enough, and had a surviving magnetic field, so subsistence living was possible here after Noah. We are still recovering from that apocalypse.

Summer Is Near

So the Matthew 24 story says to look to the fig tree for signs that summer is near. So with the fig tree as Mars, we can look for summer.

That process of summer on Mars has been happening slowly since early probes were sent to Mars in the 1970s. There are currently active missions on Mars now. The Space X rockets being built in Boca Chica Texas are designed to be able to handle manned missions to colonize Mars. Elon Musk is the lead designer and founder of Space X, so he is our prophetic Noah. Even though his arks are in another of his companies.

This is the fig tree sign. Mars is in its very earliest stages of coming out of a long, cold, nuclear winter that began with Noah about 7000 years ago. The tech to repopulate Mars is coming together. Mars can bloom again. This is Musk's Mars vision. Summer is near.

Matthew 24:36-39

Following the Fig Tree sign in verse 32 there is another paragraph, a story about Noah. This paragraph from verses 36 to 42 says there will be time in history like at Noah's day. So note carefully, Matthew 24 ties the Fig Tree to Noah, too. We like seeing multiple, cross connected, stories that all point at the same thing as here.

This passage begins with a blatant textual addition, where it says the timing of this cannot be known. Of course it can be known, I gave 1 of the dates as March 1, 2022. Most of the rest of the dates can be known too, especially out into future years.

After that obvious addition, Noah is then likened as a precursor to the coming of the 'son of man.' Here we have another technical, symbolic, term.

In all my church history the son of man, as a phrase, is a always defined as Jesus/Joshua.

Throughout all of our work on the text we consistently find inspired text does not function this way. Parables are used against Joshua's enemies, he inspired the story and does not allegorize himself. Editors allegorize stories to be Joshua, it is a marker for their work.

So the son of man is almost certainly something else. The phrase itself carries us back to Adam and the various players in those stories. Some son who has in mind the things of man, of earth. The same son who destroyed the other planets in this system. An ancient culture somewhere on earth which was destroyed in Noah's day, but which rebuilt and survives to our modern era.


Let me remind new readers the story of Henry Kissinger's visit to China. In the time of Nixon's reign as US President he sent Kissinger to China to open trade. The capital of China has an ancient name, the Forbidden City. China's ancient symbol is the dragon, or serpent. Kissinger was Nixon's Eve, eating from the forbidden fruit. The single act that brought death to the world. The act that leads eventually to World War 3.

I will return to prophetic Eve in a future blog. But militarily, the 'son of man' is most likely China. So the coming of the son of man is an invasion by China way beyond her natural borders. She will burn down the other trees again as per the Judges parable. In Noah's day those trees were planets. In our day non-Chinese empires.


So in the last blog I said that Musk's Tesla factories are like Noah's ark(s). Noah in his day was building ships to flee the soon destruction of Mars. He'd been warned. Go watch Musk videos on his Mars vision. Life needs to be multi planetary in case something bad happens here. His gut is right.

Verse 38 in Matthew 24 uses Noah entering his ark as the sign that all the other stuff that can be determined as inspired is about to happen.

OK, so our Noah has 2 big arks, Giga Berlin and Giga Austin. They just had their open houses. They were just opened for business.

So the Matthew 24 marking sign just happened. Within about 2 weeks of theoretical. Close enough to be counted as a prophetic hit.

Matthew 24:40-41

The Matthew 24 passage completes with 2 more verses. These verses tell a story, 2 men in the field, 1 taken, 1 left. Then 2 women at the millstone, 1 taken, 1 left.

All counts, no matter what else they may be, are references to time. There are 8 time units counted here. Given we are already counting years, this suggests a series of additional prophetic dates. These are annual and spread across 6 dates ending in 8 years or early 2030.

We will check this as we go, and by 2030 should have high confidence this is a good series.

Chinese invasion dreams, especially very common in the late 1990s are likely 'son of man' invasion.


Let me speculate here. The dates across the next 8 years should confirm something more about these locations. But the locations of Noah's arks are probably important to this Matthew 24 sign.

There are several other Tesla factories, but only 2 were opened on the prophetic dates. Any future factories also miss these dates, so only the Austin and Berlin factories matter.

The flood comes and surrounds where these arks sit. A flood is symbolic of a ground invasion by an army. This symbolism is used in the text for both the Assyrian invasion and the Babylonian invasion. See Isaiah 8:5-8 and Jeremiah 47:2. The ark in Austin marks the western USA, including Texas, traditional grain growing fields west of the Mississippi. So the western USA is in view. Personal prophetic to Ryan and I says the Mississippi will stop this invasion from the west.

The ark in Berlin is thus the millstone, where raw materials are processed. Grain mills are the oldest type of factories. So central Europe, especially the manufacturing wonders of modern Germany are in view.

We have no personal prophetic on where this invasion may come from in Europe, nor any modern boundaries. We don't think the Russians are as threatening to Europeans as the Chinese. Russians are a lost tribe as is the rest of Europe. Pay attention to rumors of Chinese troops being moved into southern Europe especially areas in the Balkans destroyed by NATO in 1999. Watch the Danube as a possible European version of the Mississippi.

China's Intent to Destroy the USA

Covid lockdowns in China at present have nothing to do with Covid. They are an excuse to shut external shipping to western supply chains and help Russia against the US/NATO.

Here are a couple links on Chinese war plans. I have no way to confirm if they are real reports or fake. So take care. They only deal with North America, not Europe.

The following links confirm 30 years of widespread prophetic in the western USA of Chinese invasion. They confirm what I have sketched out above.

Part 1

Part 2

The first article above says this was to be a 5 part series. Parts 3 and above were never published, as far as I know.

More Later,