Bible In Genome

Today marks a new app going online at Paleo.In. The app is called Bible In Genome. It will be a place to explore the genome to see if we can find inspired text buried within. An introduction to this new app follows below.

Reviewing Our History

Across the summer of 2021 I was looking carefully at the computer problem of textual recovery of the inspired text from within the extant copies of the Bible manuscripts.

This is not an easy problem. It has problems in terms of the amount of compute power needed to solve the problem and problems in terms of manuscript preparation needed to solve this problem. Finally there is a problem of the unknown nature of the inspired language itself. How far away is inspired Paleo from what we see in extant manuscripts? If it is very far the problem may be impossible to solve.

Around October of 2021, while I was stopped thinking about these problems the prophetic word came to shift focus. I was told to stop thinking about manuscript recovery for now. I was tasked instead to go and bring back online all the projects that had once been online.

I'd taken some off line, especially, it turns out to protect them from being ruined by me trying to keep them current. I have covered those recovered projects here in the blog, so I don't need to review them now.

By November of 2021 I was hard at work on that restoration problem. It kept me busy into this spring. Then we were sent on a prophetic mapping journey. In part to understand a future Chinese land invasion in the USA. We also wanted to understand better the future international border which runs generally along the Mississippi river. We also wanted to understand Space X and Mars better.

We learned the Missouri river is a better border approximation going north. We learned that much of Texas is also an exception to that border. In particular, we learned that the Tesla factory in Austin and the Space X factory near Brownsville, in the very south of Texas, will be preserved, apparently for specific prophetic reasons.

The massive Tesla factory in Austin is considered a prophetic Noah's ark. The animals built there (cars) will come out and repopulate the world once the war is over. There will be no significant use of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles in the post flood, post war, world. That tech is being worked on now, and Tesla is leading the way.

The Space X work in Brownsville is important to future colonization of Mars, so it is also generally protected. We have now also visited Kennedy Space Center in Florida and that area will not see foreign invasion. Florida will see internal migration from the north. We don't know why, but stick with the theme. Imagine suddenly no imported hydrocarbon fuel over winter in New England. Where would you go?

I have outlined a future set of videos on this. If I stick to the plan around 105 slides in those videos. Right now, no studio, so no teleprompter, so those slides must wait.

For the past couple weeks my attention is now back to the problem of manuscript recovery. There are 2 theoretical ways to recover the inspired text. The first is by computer analysis of the extant texts. The other is by recovering a vaulted copy from somewhere. Consider with me the problem of a modern vaulted copy.

Vaulted Copy

There are many stories in the text where the lost inspired manuscript of the Testimony was recovered and restored to the public. In all those cases it was a hidden copy that was brought out of a vault.

Usually this was out of the cave originally purchased by Abram. That cave, and the land around it, appears to have been sold by Joseph in Acts 4:36-37. (With some tampering to make him not Joshua's half brother.)

In 1 exceptional case there was a copy hidden in the temple and found during a restoration. We call this strange case the Hilkiah Scroll. Let me review.

Temple Restoration (2 Kings 22)

The story of the Hilkiah Scroll is recorded in 2 Kings 22. That chapter records details of a project to refurbish the temple at Jerusalem. In that work a copy of a scroll is found. By verse 13 they realize that scroll is NOT the same as the public copy of the text used for practices at the temple.

In that generation, Josiah, the young king, will decide to revert the kingdom to the newly rediscovered scroll. But that restoration of inspired religion will only last for his life. The prophetess Huldah explains the city will still be destroyed. After king Josiah dies, the kingdom reverts back to the edited text.

Jeremiah is a descendant of Hilkiah, and has family access to that scroll. He uses it during his own interactions with the degenerate kings in Jerusalem. Generally speaking Baruch is taking dictation while Jeremiah reads the Hilkiah Scroll.

There are people of that time who listen and stay on the inspired text. Job, Daniel, Ezekiel, and eventually Haggai are a few. The king's refusal to revert to the Hilkiah Scroll is what eventually grants Babylon the right to invade. Those who stay on the inspired version mostly stay in the land, Jeremiah and Job being the best documented examples.

So the question stands, is there some place in the world now where a copy of the inspired text might be hidden? Not in a cave, but somewhere else? Maybe under the nose of a high priest, like in Hilkiah's day? Might such a recovery stop or at least make survivable a modern invasion, as it did for Jeremiah?

Human Genome

In 2021 as I was looking at textual recovery I was also thinking about checking the human genome. I had several email conversations with people on this group about this idea. There are many good reasons to think the text might be hidden, or vaulted, in the human genome. In particular the scientifically understood encoding of DNA is very similar to the Paleo Alphabet. Not exactly, it turns out, but similar.

A couple weeks ago my general work load lifted and I started thinking about this problem again. I started by looking at what it would take to at least check if the text is vaulted there. I started first by looking at the encoding problems of Paleo and I started looking for what could be downloaded from the internet in terms of sequencing data for the human genome.

To my surprise there was a major change in the status of the sequencing of the genome in January of 2022. When the human genome was said to be finished being sequenced in 2003 the widespread media reports of the time were very wrong.

In 2003 only around 92 percent of the genome was sequenced and there was no suitable tech nor funding to finish the job. The politicians, as they do, declared the job done and walked away. It would take basically a generation of scientific development to finish that sequencing task.

In January of 2022, a new and complete sequence of the human genome was posted to the internet. Only since January of 2022 could this work of checking the human genome for inspired scripture even be reasonably attempted. No wonder I was told to do other things late in 2021. This is a serious change. Here is a link to a magazine article that covers what just happened in January of 2022 in great detail.

A Complete Reference... (Science)

As that article explains, in the older reference genome they never actually sequenced 1 person. They had created fake genetic diseases at the splice points, and there was a ton of other serious problems.

As I looked more closely I found this is still going to be a huge problem. There is a ton of questions that must be answered, massive files that must be correctly parsed and a bunch more riddles in the text and a bunch of riddles presented by the genome itself.

So, I needed a place for this work to be organized. I needed a place to write articles about all the problems and how I propose to solve them. I also wanted to do this publicly, as we have friends who might want to give feedback as we go. Another app in our set of apps was the best way to do this. So let me introduce that app.

Bible In Genome (

I have set up this app to bring together what will be a big set of articles on the theory, the encoding, and the code needed to study this problem. It is a web app so it can be kept off line on devices like phones. It is not easily crawled which is fine for now.

There is a very early rough draft up now. Not enough to settle the structure. As these projects develop they tend to get reorganized over time. The prophetic has been flowing like water on this app. There are many, MANY, more articles that will come.

The inspired text would have been injected into Adam's DNA about 13000 years ago when Adam was brought back to life. There are a bunch of verses in the Bible that suggest that the inspired text was indeed injected at that time. I think it was tucked away in a living human vault so it could be pulled out later. Maybe for such a time as this.

Maybe the high priests of our generation are the evolutionary scientists who treat human DNA as their high holy temple. Maybe the text is tucked away in their temple, under their noses. Or more precisely tucked away inside their noses.

More Later,