Hainan Island Incident

On April 1, 2001, there was a mid-air crash between an American spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet. This was a timed match to the story of Gideon and his famous fleece. In this post I review the headline and step through the process of matching that headline to the text. There are important parts of this story yet to be fulfilled.

The Event

I realize many of our new readers were not old enough in 2001 to be paying attention to the news. Even those who were, the story may not have seemed like a headline important to end-times prophecy. So a review of that story is in order.

In 2001 I was still very much learning about how the prophetic timeline was working in headlines. 911 was still a few months away and the severity of this work would become more evident at that point. At the time of this headline I was very happy with strong single matches between headlines and the text. These days I am much better at applying these stories.

To start, here are some links that explain what happened, in an event now called the Hainan Island Incident.

Hainan Island Incident (Wikipedia)

This is a reasonably complete written account. This account mentions the Chinese disassembly of the airplane itself, important to the prophetic story, but which makes no sense apart from the prophetic and is skipped in the reports that follow here.

A Walk in the Park (Youtube)

This is a documentary submitted in a history competition. Does a reasonable job in about 7 minutes. It properly names the type of airplane, another detail important to the prophetic story.

China Uncensored (Youtube)

This is a more modern Youtube channel's account of the incident. I don't like the tone, but it covers the main points in about 12 minutes.

April 5, 2001, ABC News Report (Youtube)

This is the American TV network ABC News giving a report on the incident about 1/2 way through the 10 days of the event. This covers Bush's start at an apology. Real time reporting like this is NOT the same as reports created after. This is an example if you want to learn about the difference in tone between real time and historical accounts. About 7 minutes of material.

My Summary

The American side was using an EP-3E Aries II type aircraft for a routine spy mission against the Chinese in disputably international waters off the coast of China. That lumbering prop plane was struck by a Chinese jet that was regularly sent on recon missions.

The differences in speed and maneuverability meant the Chinese jet was below its normal performance envelope and became the responsible party in a midair collision. The Chinese pilot was portrayed as a rogue, but likely had been ordered to try and ground the American plane.

The Chinese jet, and pilot, were lost, while the American plane nearly crashed, dropping 8000 feet in inverted free fall. The American pilot was able to recover some control, but a ditching would have been impossible to survive because of equipment on the bottom of his plane.

The pilot decided instead to make an emergency landing at a military base on Hainan Island, China. He reasoned that the 2 countries were not technically at war, so his crew would take their chances. He ordered destruction of as much sensitive information as possible on the plane. He shocked the Chinese military air traffic controllers and landed basically unannounced.

Once on the ground, the Chinese confined the American crew. At first on base, but soon in local civilian quarters. The Chinese also took the damaged airplane nearly completely apart, learning many of the American capabilities for spying on China. Especially tracking Chinese subs.

The Chinese demanded an apology from the American side. They also demanded the Americans come and pick up the pieces of their downed spy plane. The Americans did not know how to answer such a request. There was a massive cultural divide. They may also have been afraid of some sort of Chinese trick. 10 days of talks ensued.

By the 5th day, American President George Bush, himself only a few months in office, started to give that demanded apology. A complete written apology was done by the 11th day of April 2001, when the crew was released. The written apology was carefully crafted to suit the politics of both sides.

A Russian company was contracted to pick up the pieces and deliver them to the USA for rebuilding. This kept Americans away from further problems with Chinese military on Hainan Island.


In that year, 2001, that original trunk Bible timeline replay had been going for 27 years. It had started with Nixon's resignation, Adam's fall from Eden. Nixon was prophetically cast out over his eating the forbidden fruit, Kissinger's trip to China. Most headlines in this particular prophetic series involved Americans in some way.

The prophetic headline pace at the time involved something happening in the news maybe every couple months. Because this series is a day-for-year compression of the historical timeline, stories like real wars, that take considerable amounts of time, end up with some sort of singular story, and rarely run in the same way as written.

The expected prophetic date for Gideon's war with Midian on that timeline was April 1, 2001, a day accurate match to the grounding of the American spy plane.

To understand the events on Hainan Island, we need to understand Gideon.

The Story of Gideon (Judges 6-8)

The prophetic story is long, spread across 3 chapters in Judges. As written, it has several different parts. It begins with a statement of the oppression caused by a Midianite invasion of the territory of Jacob. The Midianites have essentially invaded the entire land and occupy it.

Gideon then complains about the lack of miracles that once were known, but were no longer seen in the land. Joshua then answers. He tells Gideon to go deliver the land himself from the Midianites.

Gideon is unsure of this call, and in Judges 6:37-40 lays out a fleece. In his first test Gideon wants to find the fleece wet the next morning, and does so. Then Gideon wants to find the fleece dry the following morning, and does so. This gives Gideon a supernatural witness that he will be successful in driving away the Midianites. It gives him courage to continue.

Stop here.

This is enough to find our first match to the Hainan Island Incident story. The centerpiece of the start of this whole headline is the use of a fleece. Here are 2 links that provide the interpretive key. The first is to the type of airplane flown by the Americans that day.

EP-3E Aries II (Wikipedia)

In this article you will learn this type of airplane was manufactured by Lockheed Corporation of the USA. It was developed for the express purpose of signals intelligence. This is usually abbreviated SIGINT. So how does this match Judges 6?

When I first looked this up in April of 2001, this made no sense. This is not yet a match to the prophetic story. Then I wondered, what is an Aries? Depending on the meaning of that word it might match something in Gideon's story.

Male Sheep with Golden Fleece

Stated simply, the term Aries simply means a male sheep with a golden fleece. The story coming to us from Greek mythology.

Once I new this definition found in the airplane type, I could then match the prophetic story. Gideon places a sheep's fleece on the ground as a test of going to war. Would Gideon be successful in his war?

The grounded Aries spy plane was taken nearly completely apart. The shell, or skin, or fleece was left on the tarmac at the airport. The Chinese were essentially matching the story of Gideon when they left the shell on the ground, waiting for an answer from Bush. Should we go to war? was the question they were asking.

Not immediately, of course. Hainan Island was not a serious enough incident for either side to go arms. But eventually, there will be a war. The Chinese want a stable food supply, to quote the Gideon story.

Tears of Apology

Now the Gideon story in Judges 6 involves asking in prayer for dew on the fleece. Think of this as the tears of someone sorrowfully, or tearfully, apologizing. This was the confusing aspect of the headline itself.

In western culture we don't see western leaders going around asking for apologies. President Bush was new in office at the time, so a little unsure of himself anyway, but he was also faced with a request that made little sense in western terms. This was part of why there was a 10 day delay in getting this resolved.

As the Wikipedia article linked above explains, the incident ended when the United States delivered the 'Letter of Two Sorries' to the Chinese. It ended when the USA said they were sorry.

This is the tears, the dew, on the fleece.

Technically, the USA side did not immediately say sorry, so this is a matched reversal of the Gideon story. Dry at first and then tears later. Labeled in the final document as the 2 times the USA said sorry.

Quality of Matches

This is a pretty good example of the way that stories in the text match stories in the world. The basic elements are being seen. The fleece. The Tarmac. The tears. But the fine details do not always exactly align.

I suspect this level of imprecision is to keep the wider audience of people who know the Bible from quickly spotting the linkages between the headlines and the text itself.

It takes the timeline itself to force together most stories like this. Then we find the matches buried within.

Unfinished Business

In 2001, this strong match of the airplane shell to the fleece in Gideon's story was very satisfying. It meant a great deal of math was continuing to run in real time. I would soon be dealing with more like it, the events around 911. That headline would occupy my time for a year or more, and the Hainan Island Incident became a footnote on the charts.

But thinking back on the story there are a bunch of strange aspects that I want to review here. Especially parts that did not fully happen in 2001.

Once Gideon's fleece is met we have a bunch of undated additional stories. I believe those are still going on. This is a more complex view of these early prophetic stories than I had at the time. Let me explain.

Reducing The Army (Judges 7)

Judges 7 tells the story of Gideon reducing his army. Eventually his large army is reduced to 300 men. 3 groups of 100.

China is thought to be able to field the largest army of any nation on earth. Only India could come close. Yet the story is saying that Gideon will defeat his Midianite invaders using a very small group. The modern idiom, a 'Gideon Group' comes from this story

This means that the Chinese are NOT using the same military strategy against the west as the west has used for 100+ years. There is a Chinese war strategy that basically says that in the best wars, their enemy does not even know who is attacking.

Building a war strategy to match the west would mean building a massive military machine. The west does not understand the threat. Neither did the Midianites.

The Dream

By Judges 7:13, Gideon is now outside the camp listening to a Midianite dream. This dream will give Gideon courage to continue.

In the dream a barley cake tumbled into the camp of Midian and struck the tent at the top. Then the entire tent fell. In the following verse this threat is spoken of as being from Gideon himself. This dream then gives Gideon enough courage to continue in his battle.

Gideon's strategy is simple. Blow trumpets and break pitchers. By Judges 7:22 the Midianites are going against each other with swords throughout their camp.


Let me suggest this round of Gideon's prophetic stories fulfilled with Covid. In western thought it supposedly started in Wuhan, China. So the west dreams that China, or Gideon, created Covid.

But, Wuhan was simply trumpets and broken pitchers. The trumpets are media. Those early fake videos of people falling over dead on the streets in Wuhan? Fake. Ever seen Covid deaths like that in western media? Of course not, all fake.

The broken pitchers are the nonsense threat of broken pitchers of pathogens, found in some Wuhan lab. More of Gideon's fake war.

All of this is just a show put on by the Chinese. The same as Gideon's first attack on Midian. Trumpets and broke pitchers of this textual story become all we know about Wuhan.

The dreamer saw barley striking the top of the Midianite tent. Barley, an ingredient of beer, a source of intoxication, struck the top of the Midianite tent, the top of the western leadership. The western leadership went drunk on power.

The Chinese tricked western leaders, the WEF and their agents. Those men caused the west to go to swords against each other. How? Vaccine injections, micro swords, filled with death.

There is no Covid in China. Covid as a disease does not exist. In order to make it look like Covid DOES exist, the Chinese occasionally put on a Zero Covid Policy lock down. They tell their people, and the world, that their Zero Covid policy is what prevents Covid in China. More Trumpets. More empty pitchers. More fake news.

This policy is designed to convince the world's public that Covid exists, and that the western public should take Gate's kill shots. A better answer, it seems, than being locked up like China.

This also gives the Chinese cover for messing with supply chains by shutting down Chinese ports. This triggers inflation. Under false economic theory, the western banks increase rates thinking they are fixing inflation. Because this is supply inflation caused by China, and not banker inflation caused by lending, the western bankers will collapse the economy of the western world themselves.

This is all a Chinese psychological military operation against the people who were flying the plane that landed on Hainan Island on April 1, 2001.

This is the next step in their Chinese style war to overthrow the western banking cartel and overthrow western imperialism in China.


In Judges 8 there is more war, this time conventional war. The Midianites are defeated in their own territory. This is the Chinese invasion we expect to come eventually to North America.

Will the Chinese ever be driven out of North America? Let me propose an answer.

Middle Kingdom

The traditional Chinese name for themselves is the 'Middle Kingdom.' This means the middle of the world. The first Chinese character in that 2 character name is a rectangular box with a vertical line down the middle. The forbidden city, the traditional capital complex of China, is built following the shape of that character.

In English, China is the Middle Kingdom. But even better might be China is the Median Kingdom.

Note the name match. Median and Midian are the same, vowels don't count. When the Chinese invade North American they will become America's Midianites.

This is why the Hainan Island tears are reversed from the written account. This is just a hint of what is to come.

The setup of the entire Gideon account involves a massive number of Midianites spread throughout the sons of Jacob. Jacob became Rome. That would mean the Chinese will spread into parts of the Roman world, including what is now North America.

The particular date series for that April 1, 2001, date is mostly fulfilled with American headlines, but this could extend elsewhere, in western Europe or even Russia, also a lost part of Jacob.

The Hainan Island Incident is the story of how the modern prophetic Midianites will come to North America, at least.

Once that happens, some Gideon will have the faith to drive them out by using some of the same tricks, but the other way around.

That Gideon will know Joshua and Joshua will help him.

More Later,