July 24, 2020, Prophetic Dates

We are passing the 2nd of 2 prophetic dates in July, 2020. Both involve Haggai Sophia, with a US supreme court ruling providing a pair in Oklahoma.

Haggai Sophia

For those needing a reminder, Haggai Sophia was the first great Christian Cathedral, finished in 537. In particular marked by the massive dome in the middle of the building. That construction is falling on a 500 year pattern, which includes Moses' Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple, Ezra's Temple and Herod's temple. It is a very significant building.

Going forward the building pattern continued, with St. Sophia in Kiev and St. Peters in Rome.

Haggai Sophia remained Christian until 1453, when the Muslims conquered what is now Turkey. At that point it was turned into a Mosque.

In 1934, when Turkey was attempting to secularize, the then leader of Turkey decreed the building was to be turned into a museum, and it is now a world heritage site.

Friday, July 10, 2020, the morning after the prophetic date, a court in Turkey bowed to the current Turkish leader and released the building for religious use again.

Then on Friday, July 24, 2020, the second prophetic date for July, 2020, Haggai Sophia was used again for Muslim prayers.

This is a double hit on the 2 days, a pattern we very much like to see.

Noah's Symbols

The basic story of Noah is informed by 2 important prophetic symbols. A 'mountain' is a government. The rock on which society is built. The symbol comes from a story in Daniel, where a mountain replaces the structures put in place by Nebuchadnezzar, king at the time, and expressed today in the Bible.

The 'seas' represent peoples. A quote from Revelation.

The governmental structures in place now are a remnant of what is popularly called Western Civilization, but which properly includes Eastern Civilization too, stretching across Russia and out along the silk road. Remember, Christianity reached China in the 800s about 200 years before it reached Kiev around 1000.

The Interpretation

The rock on which our society is built is sinking below the massive, disorganized, apparently random flood of peoples.

That rock was originally put in place by Nebuchadnezzar, and has expressed itself in different forms across the centuries. The latest incarnation, Luther's Protestantism, was built on the idea of letting anyone who wants read and use persuasive logic against the texts.

That tradition is being overthrown. The source of this movement is very hard to see. It runs in secrecy, and controls media, so it has hard to reach consensus on what it is.

Where is this headed?

The story of Noah suggests a new land, a new mountain, which still cannot be seen. In the short term, though, this can be seen in local governors and mayors acting like tribal war lords.

But, Noah's story provides a tantalizing clue. When the waters eventually recede, the mountains that become visible are the mountains of Ararat, in today's eastern Turkey.

One of the recurring themes of the riots in the USA has been defunding police. Minneapolis, Seattle, and others, are discussing or have passed resolutions to defund their local police forces.

Islam, which just hit the 2 dates this month, does not need police. In western cities they self police as a community. Though unspoken, Minneapolis and these other cities will get private, Muslim, security forces, along with everything that means.

The prophetic series is pairing these disparate ideas together.


The other headline, directly on the July 9, 2020 date, was the US Supreme court giving legal jurisdiction over eastern Oklahoma back to the federal government. Abrogating 100+ years of state government over the area.

On the one hand this will be seen as a victory for those fighting for the rights of the individual tribes in Oklahoma. There has been many centuries of wrongs committed against Native Americans, no doubt. But, instead of dealing with local, state, officials, the tribes must now deal with federal corruption and all the mess that Trump faces every day. Corruption ultimately directed out of the Middle East.

This is very much like the rioters in other parts of the country, and a match to the series, and like Haggai Sophia, coming from a corrupt court.

I see in this headline 2 other key issues. The first, and most impactful, is the start of the dismembering of the states of the United States. In this case eastern Oklahoma is now more like Guam or Puerto Rico. Without the full rights as a state and certainly fraught with legal uncertainty. What makes 3rd world countries 3rd world is mostly corrupt legal systems.

The second key issue, though, maps back to Haggai Sophia in an interesting way. Haggai Sophia was built as the eastern religious anchor of the then splitting Roman Empire. It was called New Rome by the locals of the time, and was the anchor point for Orthodox Christianity.

On the western side Christianity continued to evolve. Protestantism itself splintered off 500 years ago. Then, on a pretty regular schedule, western Christianity would evolve again. Each of the major Protestant denominations spring from that process, and did so on a regular schedule.

The city that represents the end of that process is Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is the big city in the western end of the July 9, 2020, headline. Tulsa is home to the 'Word of Faith' movement in Christianity.

The founders of that movement, when asked, explicitly rejected the formation of a new denomination. So it shows up as loosely confederated churches holding to the Word of Faith doctrine. Most big mega churches in Texas are part of this movement, or trace their heritage to that movement.

Word of Faith is still based in Tulsa and is best expressed with the Rhema and ORU campuses. The city itself is called the Buckle of the Bible Belt for good reason.

Though no longer used in regular ministry, like Haggai Sophia is not used either, the pinnacle of Word of Faith is an office complex today called Cityplex Towers. 60 stories tall, built through donations to Oral Roberts through his televangelism ministry.

For rough comparison, Haggai Sophia fills a volume of 11.6 million cubic feet. Cityplex Towers advertises 2.2 million square feet of floor space. Cityplex is considerably larger than the floorspace of Haggai Sophia. One of these buildings sits at the beginning of building large Christian complexes, the other building sits squarely at the end.

Notes On Christianity

A fascinating aspect of the Covid related shutdowns is the widespread closure of Christian Churches. There is no spine left in pulpits, and little political influence. No strong prophets who would say Covid is mostly a fraud.

The other feature of this series is the political right has also lost a moral compass at the same time. It has no moral basis without Christianity behind it, so there is no theoretical opposition to the Lunatics in Portland, besides just more guns.

Someone said it takes 21 days to establish a new habit. Churches were shut for longer. Christianity will never return in a form we would recognize.

Notes On Turkey

Keep watching Turkey for more. On Monday, July 20, 2020, the Egyptian Parliament voted to authorize ground troops being sent to Libya against Turkey. By Thursday, July 23, 2020, Greeks were stirred up over a possible war with Turkey, as Turkey is exploring Greek territorial waters for oil. (A match back to the prophetic date when oil went negative.) Also, on July 23, 2020, Turkey said it would send more troops to Libya should the Egyptians actually cross the border into Libya.

Very few North American based media sources are covering international headlines, so tracking news like this is difficult. Headlines are getting hard to spot in real time.

Watch for a possible next Noah series date on August 8, 2020. There is a split in the Noah schedule that will need to be understood based on headlines. I will cover it after it happens.

Notes On Our Schedule

Our last Sabbath Read in this series is on Saturday, August 1, 2020. Nothing is scheduled for Saturday, August 8, 2020, because that date is inside the Tabernacles Holiday when there is a daily reading plan. We may remain out of the office after our Tabernacles read is finished. I will post here with future plans once that holiday is completely over for us. Blog posts will be sporadic for the next few weeks as well.

Notes On Apps

There should be one last update to the various paleo.in based apps before we get to Tabernacles itself. Watch for significant changes to the Table of 400 stories. The Gospels as whole books inside the Bible are not inspired. They were used to aggregate independent testimonies from individual original witnesses. We expect to see 100 total books when we are done.

More Later,