Post Holiday Update

We're back at our desks after a trip out west for the holidays. Out today, Friday, are updates to the TT and BRB, and there is more to cover on Patreon. Read on for more.

TT and BRB Updates

We updated both of our Bible apps today, Friday, January 4, as we normally do on Friday. If you don't have them installed on your phone or other device visit our main website for details and links. Use the Table of Contents in the Testimony to follow along with the rest of my comments here.

Our attention in this update is the last 25 books of the Testimony. We've dropped one of our Pauline Epistles that was based on material from Timothy. This brings interesting alphabet based folding structure to the order of the books across this section. The 2 large books in this section, our cut of Matthew and Acts B, now fold to each other while the smaller General Epistles fold to the smaller Pauline Epistles. Lots of good reasons to think this is right, but as always, subject to future revision.

Note how this is a change based on the "gold" level navigation system, future books, and the letter folding system used there. We've also done work at the "silver" level, future chapters, out in the Pauline Epistles themselves. This too is based on the alphabet folding and is of course subject to future revision.

We are convinced there will be 75 total inspired books when we're done, and dropping 1 at the end means we're missing 1 somewhere else. Without much attention, we've taken Jeremiah's letter to the remnant and made it an independent book. Beware, though, the entire scroll of the prophets awaits future attention. Our hope is by firming up the back 25 books then the 25 books in the central section, where the prophets are found, will be an easier riddle to solve.

Update on Patreon

Last post I gave some background on our decision to never use Patreon. I said we'd look at Jordan Peterson's alternative when it becomes available. We spent a lot of time talking about this on the drive over the holidays. Our conclusion was that Peterson and his friends would not be able to solve this because it is the banks themselves who are censoring Internet content. We think their most recent video shows we were right.

Peterson and Rubin have done a video that updates everyone on their current thinking. They will be leaving Patreon January 15, but have no ready alternative. Watch the following video for their conversation. Note the heavy editing very rare in the Peterson space, note the use of high-value words without much context or explanation. They are choosing words carefully and signaling their problem to other alternative media.

Matt Drudge picked up on this and provided some links to lawsuits against one of the organizations that Peterson mentions, unfortunately those links were off the Drudge Report very quickly. Drudge is signaling his support for Peterson and Rubin and their fight.

In the following video Computing Forever is giving the known public evidence that this is a bank problem rather than a Patreon problem. He explains why Cryptos, mentioned in the Peterson videos, cannot solve the problem. He also reviews a series of Eric Weinstein tweets where it looks like Peterson's friends are signaling what they think is the real problem. Well worth the 6:34 to watch.

Timing The Banks

Maybe 1/2 of the current subscribers on this blog have been with me since I was working the Bible Time project. Though we're generally working manuscript and related problems these days, we are in the text every day and sometimes spot things that impact earlier projects. In mid 2018 we stumbled on a major new insight to the fundamental stories behind the Bible Time project.

If you've heard me speak on this in the past, cracking the Bible's basic time line riddle starts with the Bible stories that time the Jewish return to Modern Israel. The previous, earliest, date from those stories also gives the prophetic timing of the Alamo in Texas and events in California which timed the final western expansion of the lost tribes.

What we found this past summer is how those key history scheduling stories from Leviticus chapter 26 are far, far more broad than we ever though possible, and can be used to skeletally explain ALL of western history since the close of the Old Testament. We expect additional manuscript volumes will fill in that skeleton with detail.

This fight with the bankers, going on since before Solomon's day, can be explained on this new Bible Time related insight. It will end this century. The bankers will loose. But, the last date in that battle is around the year 2057, now the last absolute date known to the prophetic time line. (Yes, I know, some children born now will have grandchildren by then.)


We finished the teleprompter over the holidays. It is beautiful, with the correct glass the image is perfect. I am planning my first series of videos. My goal is to take viewers along our journey from being "church mice" to our current work finding the inspired manuscript. To keep the story easy to follow requires careful planning, which I am starting now that I'm back at my desk.

We're having serious discussions about video platform and like Rubin will probably use Youtube until banned. I'll post details on that when we're ready, still probably a few weeks away.

More Later,