Using Lots

This week's talk deals with the Lots Tool of The Testimony App. The TT and BRB received vocabulary editing. The manuscript repair code continued to grow. Some thoughts about what happens when we have the manuscript. A final thought on Russia's new nuclear torpedo.

The Lots Tool

Helping people use the Lots Tool of the Testimony App is one of the most common things we do. We even gave an intro to that tool a couple weeks ago to a couple folks we just met. I've recorded a talk that goes through the history and many of the issues that show up when using that tool. These are things you should know if you start using that tool.

BRB and TT Updates

Ryan has been looking carefully at the issue of connecting words.

Some connecting words spring from an individual letter, usually the Paleo Ve.

Other words spring from more complex underlying terms.

Many translations don't translate the single Ve at all. The BRB and TT text has done this in different ways throughout its history. In the middle of 2018 it lost all cases where a single Ve became the word 'and.'

In this week's update, he's been eliminating other English terms that spring from the Ve. He started with 'so' and has moved other, more complex, terms. This simplifies the BRB and TT English in most cases. It also means when there is some sort of connecting phrase it carries more weight, usually from some other, specific, underlying term.

Connecting phrases, like those that organize Revelation, don't as easily get lost in the noise of Ve based terms with this series of edits.

Manuscript Recovery

I was able to work out last week's bug, getting the C code to finally do verse tests in reasonable time.

I've written the marshaling code that bridges from Javascript to C, so the C code can run under the bigger Javascript based test system. There are still issues here which must be debugged.

Late in the week I started trying to run various verses just as tests, and found that verses where there has been some vocabulary curation run OK, but other verses, which are more like random strings of letters, still have long run times.

The key idea here is curated words go through the test system as atomic units. When not curated the verse must be tested letter-by-letter. The number of test cases in this latter scenario explode and take much more time to test, even at C speeds.

I will continue next week with stress testing and auditing the code for correctness. I will also try to get all verses testing in reasonable time.

What Happens Next?

In what is probably a statement of Joshua's faith in us, he has been speaking to us about what we do when we have the manuscript in hand.

When that happens it will be time to for us to leave the mountain.

All of our assumptions about that eventuality have been dashed this past week. It seems we will end up in or near some large metro area where there are enough people around that some group will have interest in our work.

Where will that be? We don't know. But it is not likely to be off in the woods somewhere. A huge change, and something quite emotional for both of us.

Pray for us, that we can get the manuscript done, but also find our next place on this long journey.

A Note on Noah 7000

If you caught my talk on the 7000th anniversary of Noah's flood, where I addressed a key date in February of 2029, you know I was told this will also be the start of nuclear war.

In this week's headlines there have been reports that the Russians have unveiled a nuclear drone torpedo, if that is even the right term. Their weapon is able to cause substantial on-shore flooding, way worse than anything nature throws up. Depending on various conditions, it can destroy many 10s of miles inland for hundreds of miles along a coast line.

This weapon brings the text for the date, flooding, and the prophetic for the date, nuclear war, together. Nuclear war can now involve unnaturally huge, artificial, tsunamis. Curiously, the reason we originally were told to leave Seattle was because of a warning about a massive tsunami. After years of nothing happening, we figured this was just to scare us into personal action. Maybe, though, these prophetic words are converging.

This weapon system is a dreadful idea. Sometimes prophetic words like this can be prayed off. But, it is still too early to go down that path.

More Later,