Bible Tribes

Today we are posting a very major update to the Bible Tribes website. This blog explains.

Build Environment

Of course if you have been following along with recent blogs, you know I have been reworking our build environment. Ryan has also been continuing a rebuild of the style system that we use for our online work.

For the past couple weeks the build environment has been done, but we have been running down bugs and converting websites. Last week was the biggest and hardest of the set,

This week attention shifted to the website. This site was always a spin off of Bible Time. It was always going to be easy to convert to the new build environment once Bible Time was done. So we did more than just refresh the build used for Bible Tribes.


Bible Tribes received a major reformat of the layout of the articles hosted there. It was originally a tabbed website but then was converted for use on phones as an app. That phone conversion was a big mistake. Phone friendly is a better design goal than phone first, at least for this material. Bible Tribes is now back as a big beautiful and discoverable tabbed website.

Front Page Rewrite

Because this is such a big and beautiful refresh, I took my blog writing time this week and rewrote from scratch the front page of Bible Tribes.

In particular I wanted to address common misconceptions when people think about the riddle of the lost tribes of ancient Israel. In that rewrite, I refute the major objections that I have heard over the years. I also explain in detail the original discovery process. Here is the link.

We restored the site to using its original icon, the Swiss flag. There is an explanation on the About page in that site as to why we use that icon.

Icons almost never change, so they run with a long 30 day cache expiration time. If you have been there in the past month, you may still see the old icon used in browser trim. The new icon should change on its own with time.

Everything else should be running technically correct. If you spot a problem, or have a question, please let me know. There is a feedback form on the contact page linked from the footer of every page there.

More Later,