A mostly regular work week around here. Most apps were updated. The classroom app is now functionally complete. Details follow.


The classroom app, at cr.paleo.in, is now functionally complete. I am monitoring for bugs, but don't intend to add any more major function.

The big additions this week come in several areas. For live streams the front page of the app tells the time of the next planned live stream.

It does so in the timezone of the viewer, so if someone is watching, say, in Mountain Time in the USA, or in Australia or South Africa, the date and time are localized. Very cool. Hard to test, but still cool.

When not live streaming, the front page has links to various indexes. Similar to what was there before but the layout is a little cleaner, and friendlier to small phones.

The videos (or audio, of the audio player is selected) now launch at the location of the icon in the index. If possible, the icon and text introducing the video are scrolled to the top of the screen. Cleaner, less confusing, and friendlier to phones.

Finally, if you are using a regular browser you'll see the URL change when selecting a talk. This gives each video a unique URL. This allows them to be the target of a link from anywhere across the internet.

Here is an example, with last week's talk, which was an introduction to the concept of the Holy City...


Other Apps

The TT, SR and 400 apps were also updated today, Friday, as usual. These apps share the same textual data, so they are usually updated together.

This week saw continued tuning of the table of 400. Changes this week were mostly in the top row of the book map.

Live Stream

Just a reminder, live stream on Saturdays. cr.paleo.in. Check the front of that app for the exact time in your area. (So cool to say.)

More Later,