We were watching for flood related headlines on August 8, 2020. The big headline of the week was the bombing of Beirut. Details follow.

Ark Hits Ararat

The basic story line we were looking for is the point in the flood when Noah's ark hits, or grounds, on Ararat. The mountains are not yet visible, an event felt in the ark itself.


It is not every day, indeed it is not every 50 years that an explosion takes out half of one of the world's capital cities. So our attention goes immediately to Beirut. The problem is the blasts themselves were a few days early.

When this happens we usually watch for some sort of response. It could be a military retaliation or something else. It takes a review of the specific events to see.

Blast Details

Because there were 2 blasts, many people in Beirut turned on cell phone cameras after the first blast and started filming what would become the second and much larger blast.

Many of those were filmed with very modern, high quality cell phone cameras, and as is easy to do these days with a click they were instantly uploaded to various social networks.

Then over the next few days, the censors at virtually all those networks started deleting those videos, like they were cockroaches. A very curious thing. Why?

Within hours it was obvious. Still frames from those videos showed inbound projectiles of some sort, and the diverse camera angles were in agreement as to the shape, size and direction.

Many cameras, hooked to social networks, and then scrubbing in the hours following, is likely a new and permanent phenomena surrounding similar events in the future.

The cover story for the explosion is Ammonium Nitrite supposedly stored on the dock in Beirut. Likened by media to the Oklahoma City Bombing, and thus by headline series back to the previous headline involving parts of Oklahoma being turned back to federal jurisdiction. Unfortunately, AN is stable unless mixed with, say Fuel Oil, which it was not. Even if this was prepared as a bomb, like in Oklahoma City, there was not enough for the 3.3 M quake created by the second explosion.


Even Trump let on that his generals thought this was an attack.

By Thursday at a rally in Ohio, Trump went on to say he had made enemies and may not be seen for awhile in public going forward. Of course if this statement were true Trump would need to deflect who those enemies are, wealthy, but maybe not Big Pharma.

Trump is interesting because he seems to get past the censors that previously stopped presidents from telling the public what is going on, but he still requires the public to interpret because he must always speak with plausible deniability.

The Saturday Date

So, at the 8th of August, our expected date, Beirut was in an uproar. The local media, indeed the world media, had convinced everyone that incompetence in the Lebanese government was responsibile for the blast. Rioters were taking over the central square and government buildings. At this date some of the Cabinet was resigning, by the following Monday all had resigned.

This is the normal pattern of a big headline a few days ahead of the prophetic date and then a response on the date. In this case the resignation and take over of the Lebanese goverment through something like a color revolution. Same as is being done in the USA.

Mountains are symbolically governments and the Lebanese government's top was shearing off, both the capital city itself, and politically.

Next Date

The next date falls on October 21, 2020. It folds using our normal prophetic Tabernacles schedule. Unlike this date when the mountain top is felt like an earthquake, next time it will be seen.

I'll post specifics as we get closer. As a reminder the full schedule of dates is in the date with the Covid video in the classroom. I will update headline related links for Beirut once I am back at my desk.

App Updates

Our various testimony related apps were updated Friday night, August 14, 2020, as usual. This round we updated issues we saw during Tabernacles reading.

We are still traveling so we are not at our desks and no regular blogs for awhile.

More Later,