Lent, 2022

Lent starts each year on Ash Wednesday. In 2022, Ash Wednesday is at the 7 year mark ahead of a prophetic replay of Noah's flood. Ash Wednesday matches the last plague story from Exodus, so we have our first prophetic match for the date for that last plague.

Ash Wednesday

In my generally Protestant Christian life I never really practiced Lent. Nor did the churches that I attended generally hold Ash Wednesday services.

There was a time, though, when the church I was attending was working on getting churches in the area to get to know each other better. This was a small rural area and it was theoretically possible for all Christians in the area to know each other by name.

So the churches were holding public events where everyone from every church was invited. One such gathering was when all the churches in the area converged on the Catholic Church for their Ash Wednesday evening service. This in part because the Catholics have the best, and most ancient, liturgy for this holiday.


Lent, which starts on Ash Wednesday, is considered by many to be the oldest organized Christian holiday. From a Paleo timeline perspective Ash Wednesday is almost certainly a church memory of Joshua's birthday. The 40 days of fasting from there to Easter, not counting Sundays, is a memory of Joshua's paleo calendar birthday date being 40 days ahead of his paleo calendar crucifixion date.

All other Christian holidays were added later, and do not reflect meaningful dates on the paleo calendar. Particularly interesting to note, Christmas, a celebration of Joshua's birth, was introduced after memory of the purpose of Ash Wednesday was either forgotten, or not considered important. Christmas was also a repurposing of Saturnalia, a topic for another time.

Of course the Julian and later Gregorian calendars kept Lent synchronized to the sun. The text's calendar is not sun synchronized so Ash Wednesday has widely diverged across the centuries.

The Service

So, I went along to the Ash Wednesday service because it was a way to understand Catholics a little better. It was also my way of showing support for the entire effort. I also wanted to see what I could learn that might trigger something in the timeline studies.

What I saw that evening was the normal Catholic practice on Ash Wednesday. The priest marked the foreheads of everyone in the room with a cross of black ash from a little crucible. The primary line in the liturgy, surprising to Protestants, was 'dust you are, dust you shall return.' The dust being symbolized in the ash of Ash Wednesday itself.


That central Ash Wednesday line is taken from the story of Adam as he was dispatched from Eden. This was a home run in terms of the life timeline of Joshua.

Joshua's life is a prophetic timeline rerun of the story from Adam forward. 1 year on the historical timeline is 1 day with Joshua. So Joshua here is reversing the normal time ratio used by prophets. With normal prophets 1 day with them is 1 year with their nation.

The day of Joshua's crucifixion, in his life, was day number 10,989. This is also the year number of his birth. His birth and his death are prophetic matches.

So a liturgical line that marks Joshua's birth should be something from Adam, and it should mark something about leaving Eden for earth. It should also play to his death on the cross. 'Dust you are, dust you shall return' captures the incarnation of Joshua quite well, and how is birth and death map together.

The entire Lent season is thus a memory of when Joshua's life matched Adam. Lent counts days out to the other end of his life, memorialized in the Christian Easter holidays. So the 40 days of lent remembers the structure of his entire life arc.

Use of ash in the litergy also triggers the idea of something burned up and dead. This is also reflected in the Adam line used in the liturgy. To dust you shall return. So keep this in mind as we look at Ash Wednesday in 2022.


The stories as given in a Bible in this part of Exodus are a prime target for the hands of later editors. Solomon, the first editor, for example, has an Egyptian wife. The secret religion of Egypt in Pharaoh's day was picked up by Solomon and is seen again in Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon. The Bible we hold now.

That religion is secret because it is a death cult. It kills its own when they do not follow orders, and it kills outsiders too. Think Dr. Mullis from last week's blog. Almost all the insanity mouthed by politicians are because they are following these sorts of orders and they are afraid for their lives.

That is the religion that ultimately crucified Joshua. The editors of the text venerate his death, as a sacrifice to an angry god, in order to deflect the fact they killed Joshua in cold blood for their own political ends.

So Pharaoh's own use of his own secret arts has been toned down by editors from the secret religions as the cause for ALL of the plagues. Joshua does not do these things to people. But those who practice secret arts DO these things and cause these deaths by intentional acts. Abortion, eugenics, euthanasia, are several of the modern technical terms that comes from these religious practices.

The first reference to pharaoh's secret arts is in Exodus 7:22, the blood on the river. Exodus 8:7 is another, when frogs are brought to the land. Exodus 8:18 is another, lice.

We strongly suspect that later editors changed the text to shift blame from pharaoh to god. Only 1 word changes are needed to radically change these various references to pharaoh's officials secret arts. Those edits want god to be the agent of wrath on Egypt, not the hearts of evil men.

This difference changes how future generations think about plagues. If men do it, then we should be vigilant against evil men. If god does it, then there is no recourse except by sacrifice (usually killing people) to appease an angry god, the very thing the editors want. Such tricksters.

Joshua's involvement is to stop forgiving, and lift his hand to let evil men have their way. He does this for identifiable cause. In the case of ancient Egypt it was pharaoh killing the babies at Moses' own birth. This was blood on the river, which is symbolically the first of the plagues that finish Egypt.

Want a job killing babies? Fine, go get a job at an abortion clinic. See how this works? Don't deny it. It happens around you all the time. Each stilled voice stands at their own judgment and calls out for justice on everyone living in the jurisdictions where this was legal. I have read statistics that suggest roughly 1/2 of all church attenders have the blood guilt of abortion on their hands. This problem stretches well inside places where it should not be found.

We see the 50th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade being argued before the US supreme court in early December, 2021. Just as the peak wave of deaths will be starting. That wave most likely lasts until the 50th anniversary of the final decision on Row vs. Wade in 2023, about 2 years later.

Joshua has lifted his hand in restraining evil men for the same cause as wiped out pharaoh's world.

Last Plague

So the narrative of the plagues on Egypt wander down through a series of specific plague events until the last is introduced at Exodus 11:4.

Several points to consider. This plague happens at midnight. It involves everyone, from the greatest to the least. There will be great wailing. It has not been seen in Egypt before, and will not be seen in Egypt again.

The fateful night is then recounted in Exodus 12:29-30 where we read there was great wailing in all the houses of Egypt because someone was dead.

What we don't have anywhere near this story is anything that resembles a date or a prophetic interval that we can use to find the modern prophetic date for that terrible event in modern prophetic Egypt.

In order to find a specific date we must pair it somewhere else. When paired to Noah, this final plague date is possible to pinpoint.

Pairing to Noah

Matched to the story of Noah, the warning to 'load up' in the ark also marks Noah's preparations for leaving his pre-flood world. We don't know how long Noah was building his ark when he got the immediate 7 day warning, but let me suggest he was preparing prophetically using the same normal prophetic ratio, 1 day is 1 year, so Noah built his ark over 7 years. This is self evident when you look graphically at timeline charts.

So Noah preparing for the world-destroying event in his day had an actual 7 years to build his boat to get ready.

This 7 years of preparation looks to be just about to start now. This time, though, the troubles are different. It is a nuclear war, fire, not flood. The earth survives enough to colonize Mars. So not as severe. We get 2 inhabited planets within about 50 years.

But, there is still a planetary disaster in the process. A world war, if you will.

7 years ahead of the Noah date in 2029 lands on March 1, 2022, or the day before Ash Wednesday, March 2, 2022. A memory peg for everyone to watch, and remember, even those who have no clue as to the schedule.

In case you are wondering, at any given time there are always 2 dates active in the world. For those in North America, generally those dates are always today and tomorrow, as the sun sweeps across the globe. If you live in Australia, then it is today and yesterday. So March 1, 2022, and March 2, 2022, are both 'active' for about 12 hours at the same time.


When I first started looking at the plague series years ago the problem of the midnight reference was a little baffling. We might have a precise English word that translates something fuzzy. I have looked carefully, and know of no clear time ratios that call out midnight.

So timed between the 2nd and 3rd watches is possible, or between the 6th and 7th hours into a night are also possible. But using these transformations risks making the mistakes like I described relative to Natan's NDE.

So, there is no strong rule to use 'midnight' confidently on a timeline.

But, go back and think about the Ash Wednesday holiday on March 2, 2022. It is an evening service, it begins after dark and ends... at midnight.

Ash Wednesday has a central ceremonial line that deals with death. Dust you are, and to dust you will become.

So instead of using that 'midnight' as on a clock, we CAN use that term to mark an event in the world that is solemn and related to death. In this case the holiday that lands at the same calendar date.


We call future prophetic dates 'watch dates.' These dates get strength from a series of dates, usually with some dates in the series already now past.

There is no particular forward running date series that points at this particular Lent, so this is weaker than most prophetic watch dates.

BUT, with a holiday at the same date that matches the narrative, we already have our first fulfillment.

What remains are any other headlines that play to a death wave where it becomes widely recognized in government officials and in the public.

There are a couple headlines worth noting. Governments, especially, are seeing what is coming. California extended their Covid emergency to March 31, 2022 because they are already seeing this death wave begin. Austria, reversing their publicly stated reason, is the first European country to protect the unvaxxed via lockdowns this winter. (Though they then went full retard and will force vaccinations for all come February. They are willfully making their own death wave much worse.)

These are just shadows, we will watch for exact fulfillment headlines come Lent, 2022.


If you watched the videos I shared in the Heroes blog, you saw several different witnesses that suggest a spike in vaxx related deaths late in 2021 going into 2022. 48 weeks, say, after start of widespread vaccinations to the peak death rate.

This is a slow climb in rate, though, and there will be a slow decline too. No single date will mark the top. Different territories will see different crests. The whole event is thus even harder to pinpoint.

The VAERS data will not reflect these deaths for months after, either. That data might reflect the event maybe in the middle of 2022.

But, people working various death industries, undertakers, say, will see these numbers right away, within days. And, they will see the peak, and they will see when the death rate starts to head down.

Families, too, will see these numbers right away. That great wailing across Egypt.


There are differences between the Orthodox church calendar and the western church calendar. The original work to rediscover the Paleo calendar relied on a riddle that only solved using the Julian calendar, still used by Orthodox Christians for setting holidays. I checked the Orthodox dates for Ash Wednesday as a control on everything I've stated above.

For both east and west, the Ash Wednesday date jumps around and does not normally land on a Noah anniversary date at all. BUT, Orthodox Ash Wednesday on March 20, 2024 is 5 years ahead of Noah, to the Paleo calendar day.

Generally Russia is 'out of Egypt' in terms of prophetic stories so this is less important from a plagues perspective. But the east/west split in the church gets us the same 2 year window as we see in various measurements of the vaccine behind this plague.

This is curious because we may see a long period of time before the vaccine death rate falls off.

More Later,