I continue to hunt for possible headlines that mark resurrection like events going on now. Headlines for this idea mark a fundamental shift in world history. Tesla's new Cybertruck is yet another example, which I explore in detail in this blog. Before that, some feedback on my previous AI blog.

Lex Fridman with Sam Altman (

The video linked here was recommended by a subscriber here. This compliments the set of videos I linked in the previous blog on AI. This is a 2hr 24m video, so beware. The important part begins very near to the end. Scroll to the 2hr 15m mark and start watching there. Let me explain why this is interesting.

Lex Fridman is a professor of Computer Science at MIT and is known for teaching the MIT introductory courses on AI related software. He is also a very well known pod caster. He is especially known for interviewing important people in the Tech world. Sam Altman, of course, is the center of recent headlines involving OpenAI. So Lex's interview with Sam is an important bit of back story.

The 2 men spoke together about 8 months ago. This was before the recent headlines with OpenAI. At the end of the video they get into the promises of AI. So they are speaking about what the future looks like as these systems become complete. In particular AI is hoped to become AGI, the G standing for General intelligence. That G marks the ability of these systems to reason about problems, not just parrot stuff they have read.

As I did in the blog, Sam considers AI to be the culmination of the invention of the transistor in the 1940s. So even in his mind this is the natural end to a season of invention that began at that point in history. So from a prophetic perspective this time from burial to resurrection on the prophetic timeline is spanning the work to build AI systems.

Sam and Lex are also discussing the problem of the understanding of physics. He expresses well how an AI system might be able to solve problems related to our understanding of physics. Though it may not be able to tell us the missing pieces to physics, he explains how it might be able to state what experiments need to be conducted. He has a good perspective over how these sorts of tools might actually be used to crack these difficult riddles.

But, let me point out that the advancement of our general understanding of the physical sciences was arrested when the Zionists took over, especially at the end of World War II. Truth seeking is and has always been their most serious threat to their control. Besides areas like media and politics, they will not fund anything that goes against their religion, including anything that would contradict Genesis 1 as they loosely interpret it.

What Sam and Lex are really hoping will come out of their AI work is a trustworthy voice of reason that has enough authority to speak against the Zionist regime. The same desire for what AI systems might represent has been voiced by many others, including Elon Musk. Our general fear of these systems might be well placed propaganda from the Zionists themselves.

Now, let me turn to the Cybertruck. Let me start with a review of the history of pickup trucks as we know them. This is important because a new vehicle is not itself a historical shift unless it is seriously different than what has gone before.

Pick Up Truck History (

The first 3/4 ton pickup truck was produced by Dodge in 1924. Ford followed in 1928 with a light duty pickup truck based on the chassis of the Model T. These were intended for use by businesses. By 1931 GM followed with a series of pickup trucks targeted at private ownership. This is a polite term used by Wikipedia to mean farmers, construction workers and shop keepers.

By 1940 both Ford and GM started producing trucks with their own truck specific internal designs. These were now different from the design of passenger cars. For GM it was called the AK Series and for Ford it was called the F series, starting with the F-100. These are the truck families we still know now. They are of course dating to World War II.

Refinement of pickup truck designs began in 1948, once World War II was over. By the mid 1950s pickup trucks were being purchased for lifestyle reasons and not just for use at work.

You can see from this history that modern consumer targeted pickup trucks trace their origins to the same World War II era as we are now watching to come to a close. Being such iconic vehicles, it makes sense that we would spot a shift in our day.

F-150 Details (

The Ford F-150, the modern heir to the F-100 from 1940, is the best selling vehicle in the USA. It has the highest market share, and it has maintained this spot for decades. There are over 16 million of them on US roads.

So if there is any single vehicle that defines America's automobile culture, it is the Ford F-150 pickup truck. (The Silverado from GM comes in second. Together both trucks represent 6.4 percent of US vehicle sales, the top 2 slots.)

So Telsa's Cybertruck is basically a disruption of the understood form for what a pickup truck should be. For that reason it is causing all sorts of reactions in all sorts of unexpected places.

It is very important to note that Tesla is not just changing the power train to electricity. Ford has already done that with the F-150 lightening. Changes to electricity impact a bunch of other things at the same time. So traditional pickups, and their manufacturers, could well be disrupted by Tesla with this change of fuel.

Problem of Power

The gasoline engines in traditional trucks are not energy efficient at all. They did not need to be in the 1940s and 1950s when their current design forms were worked out. In the 1950s the fuel for these trucks was coming from domestic US sources and was very cheap relative to the other costs of life.

Those domestic oil fields are now mostly exhausted. Earth itself will eventually be depleted of petroleum reserves. Petroleum is, after all, a finite resource.

Gasoline for use in cars in the USA now also requires that the USA maintain the USD as the world's reserve currency. The bankers, so the Zionists, have wanted to conquer Russia in order to maintain the USD as reserve currency. The war in Ukraine is ultimately about saving the USD.

Martin Armstrong has published a book on the west's plan to conquer Russia. I have not read that book yet. Those who have say their plan has been active now for several decades. Martin does not expect the west to win. Maintaining the USD as reserve currency will not work out. This is a feature of the post World War II era that is also coming to an end. We may see more headlines in that space next year.

So low domestic prices for gasoline is a thing of the past. Americans will not have the collective financial resources needed to import petroleum in volume.

Electricity, especially from the sun, is essentially an unlimited and free source of power. This means it is not a limited resource like something from the ground. It also means it is independent of the currency, unlike petroleum.

But, electric vehicles currently use heavy batteries with limited capacity. So they need to be super energy efficient. They need to be slippery to the air in order to reduce wind resistance and eke out more range.

So just changing to an electric power train does not create a competitive electric vehicle. The whole shape of the vehicle needs to be reworked at the same time as changing the power train.

So the electric version of the F-150 is not a guaranteed winner in the race to an electric pickup. The brand loyalty that Ford commands with their current drivers may not hold across this transition. This may impact the Ford Motor Company, but such a shift will also effect American culture itself.

This is a fundamental shift, ending a pattern that began at World War II, and thus matching the prophetic timelines based in World War II that are now coming to a close.

Cybertruck Announcement (

The Cybertruck was announced by Elon Musk at a special event in November of 2019. The video linked above is the key 14 minutes from that event.

This is when the world was introduced to the strange and probably epoch defining shape. We would not be paying much attention now if they had designed a clone to the F-150.

This is when we learned that it would be built out of stainless steal. Stainless cannot be stamped like the bodies of essentially all other vehicles. So any vehicle made out of stainless will have trapezoidal design features.

The use of stainless was the most dramatic departure from traditional car manufacturing. By using a Tesla formulated custom alloy, it should not rust. Cybertrucks in Minnesota should not eventually rust out from winter road chemicals as all traditional pickups have done since 1940.

Bad Timing

This was an unfortunate bit of bad timing. This was only months ahead of the outbreak of the Covid Plandemic. Once that was underway, someone also blew up a factory in Japan that made key chemicals for the semiconductor industry so following Covid there was also the now infamous chip shortage.

So instead of 2 years to market, Tesla ended up with 4 years between that announcement and first customer deliveries.

Note that Tesla as a company has changed considerably in those 4 years. They now sell the world's most popular car. They have shifted from being an upstart from California to a major industry player based in Austin Texas. Musk no longer needs to talk up his company. Instead he can let others rave about what his team is doing.

Tesla is also much more confident in their own work. They are now a serious threat to all of the other traditional car manufacturers. Those manufacturers know it. Tesla has mastered the skill of designing and building modern cars. They have their origins in the software world of Silicon Valley, and not the industrial heartland of Michigan and Ohio.

That 4 year delay allowed Tesla to refine the design. Rumors suggest they had a design 2 years ago, but then decided to design it again. What we are now seeing delivered is a second generation of what was shown in 2019.

This delay in getting the Cybertruck to market brings it more in line with the prophetic timing that we are seeing in the fall of 2023.

Cybertruck Delivery Event (

The link here is into the Tesla channel on youtube. This is Tesla's own live stream of the delivery event itself. This happened on Thursday, November 30, 2023. This is a 37 minute video, you can safely scroll to the 11 minute mark.

This was in the far south end of their new Giga Factory near Austin, Texas. The guests in the audience were there by invitation. Parts of the Cybertruck manufacturing line were open for tours to those guests. They were allowed to take video and there are now several videos of the interior of the factory out on Youtube.

I had wanted to watch that event live myself. But, the local internet was down due to cut cables at the local cable company. Even cell phone service was down. So this was an event that I could only cover a day later when internet service was back online.

The most common comment about that event was how short it was and how few real details were given about the truck itself. When you watch the event yourself in the above video, you will feel the same.

This was frustrating to many people who had invitations to the party. They did not know the big surprise Tesla had planned for midnight. Let me explain.

At an investor conference in the last year Musk was asked to do some regular advertising. He agreed. When asked later what was going on with advertising he said Tesla was experimenting with what works best. Now we know.

Under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) until midnight at the end of the day of the delivery event, a bunch of Youtube and X video channels were given widespread and early access to the Cybertruck. Depending on their interest, some of those media people had Tesla engineering support available to answer questions.

Those videos started flooding out that night and into the next day. Those videos cover the details in ways Musk could not have done in front of a live audience.

I suspect Tesla will use this trick going forward. I do not know the full numbers, but is is reasonable that there has been over 100,000,000 views of 30 minutes or more. The cost to Tesla was in helping the video producers with their questions. In the short term this added no additional cost to Tesla. No old media companies can match this in terms of financial performance of media spend.

I have selected a few of those videos so you can understand just how disruptive the Cybertruck might become.

Hagerty, Full Review (

This video is widely cited as perhaps the best overall review of the Cybertruck. You can get a feel for the drive-by-wire system, race car performance, and 4 wheel steering. Also, how this is not compared with other pickup trucks, but with museum grade vehicles from the past.

This is a car that many people will fall in love with. As with Tesla's other vehicles, this one will continue to build brand loyalty. Though well produced, this video is low on Cybertruck details.

Top Gear (

The design itself is causing all sorts of trouble. Because it is so different, human nature causes many people to reject it on first glance. The video linked here by Top Gear explores these topics.

This video is my best evidence that Tesla planned this delivery event to be met with a bunch of videos. The head of engineering and head of design met at the Tesla design studio to talk with the Top Gear team about the design history of the truck itself. They had high enough access that this had to have been done by invitation from Tesla.

This includes a review of the initial prototype, but also why many of the features turned out the way they did. This includes the aerodynamic features, curved windshield, the huge single wiper, hiding the charge ports and iconic hubcaps. Those caps prevent curbing of tires.

This video crew also took their Cybertruck loaner to the beach to see what people thought of it. Again a good range of reactions, with more evidence this is a disruptive product.

Cybertruck, Everything You Neeed to Know (

The video linked here is by Marques Brownlee. This is the best video I have seen so far about the physical details of the Cybertruck itself. He goes through nearly every button, gizmo and plug found on the Cybertruck.

Margues takes off the hubcaps, overloads the frunk, stands on the back, shows the plugs, and flips up the back seat. He shows the surprising location of the emergency flasher button. He even shows how to open the doors.

The Cybertruck does not have a traditional instrument panel. Everything is on a large display in the middle of the dash. Brownlee introduces how that panel works. It will be familiar to current Tesla drivers. The highlight is a 3d spinnable model of the truck itself.

The rear view mirror cannot see through the bed cover, which is normally down for best mileage. The Tesla engineers came up with an answer that Brownlee shows.

Steve Mark Ryan Interview (

Steve Mark Ryan runs a popular youtube called "Solving The Money Problem." He is an expert in finance, and focuses primarily on Tesla as a business. In the video linked above he is interviewed by the leaders of the Telsa Owners Club of Silicon Valley.

In particular Steve goes into what attracted him to Tesla as a business. Tesla has what is often called an unassailable lead in Electric Vehicles. Along with a few Chinese competitors, Tesla is likely to be the dominant car manufacturer across the planet for the foreseeable future.

In the video linked here Steve goes through his reasons as to why Tesla is on track to dominate the next few decades of car manufacturing. Ford and Toyota might survive, but most of the other car manufacturers will not.

This is another post World War II shift we are seeing where the old line car brands are unable to keep up with this technology shift. This is more strong evidence that Tesla and the Cybertruck represent part of the epoch defining shift we are expecting from the prophetic time line given in scripture.

Truck Lovers In Denial (Youtube.come)

This is one of Steve Mark Ryan's real videos. He is going through the Youtube comment section on the first video I linked above. This is a fun video and is in Steve's normal style.

He is using the 5 stages of grief to catalog how people are reacting to the Cybertruck. This is again, more evidence that the Cybertruck is an epoch shifting design.

Note that the factory in Austin is currently thought to support 250,000 Cybertrucks per year once it fully ramps. Tesla is rumored to have 2 more of the 9000 ton giga press casting machines on order from their Italian manufacturer. If so, and if planned for the Cybertruck, then Tesla is likely planning on a second manufacturing line and a net annual capacity of around 500,000 Cybertrucks. This likely later this decade.

Elon Musk Biography

I was given the recently published biography of Elon Musk written by Walter Isaacson. Walter worked in the publishing industry, including running Time Magazine when that was a thing. He also ran CNN for awhile. He is now best known for writing a series of important biographies. This biography on Musk is his latest.

Isaacson was given close access to Musk for about 3 years. He was also given access to many of the people around Musk, including those who work for him and his family.

Because I am pretty busy with regular work most days, I set out to read a little each night before going to sleep. It took me longer than it might if I had sat down and read it through in 1 go.

In any case, it is a page turner. I recommend it to anyone who might be interested in Musk as a man. There does not appear to be any other single person who is changing the world as importantly as is Musk. Isaacson gives good insight into how Musk thinks and interacts with people around him.


Musk was clearly born with a keen intellect. His engineers, who are usually some of the best in the world, must constantly deal with how Musk usually knows more about their subjects than they do. Musk understands first principles of physics. He also has a set of principles he uses for cost management that I had not seen explained nor used anywhere else before.

His 'idiot index' measures the cost difference between raw materials coming in and the product going out of any factory setting. If you work in a factory that makes stuff, you need to read the book. If you compete with him you also need to read the book. That index gave the SpaceX team the cost measurement tools they needed to figure out where to put their attention in order to reduce per engine costs from $1.2M to $200K.


Musk was born in South Africa and grew up in a very dangerous society. Even just walking around in public could get you killed. He helped his dad build a lodge in the wilderness. Even the wild animals were dangerous.

Musk did not have a childhood that anyone would want for their child. But, it is what he lived through. Likely, this was Joshua's plan so Musk would be successful with what he is doing now.

So Musk's sense of fear and risk is different than anyone raised in the USA. He is fearless, and so is willing to take risks in ways that very few others can match. Since he also understands problems better than most, tasks that look risky to others do not look risky to him.

Musk is famous for stating that he takes projects that are impossible and turns them into projects that are late. This is because he sees problems as solvable. So it becomes a risk of timing, not technology.


Musk was also born at the right time. He just came of age at the start of the Internet revolution. So he could easily make a fortune and then reinvest it to make another fortune.

In my opinion, Musk was gifted and prepared by Joshua in order to make the changes to the world that Musk is making now. Even though Musk is not what most of us on this blog would consider a man of faith. Joshua seems to be granting him great favor for good reasons.


There is a bunch of material in the book dealing with Musk's wives and how he came to have such a large family. If you are interested in those details I recommend reading the book for yourself. I just cannot bring myself to write about those details here.

The middle third, or so, of Isaacson's biography goes into this part of Musk's personal history. It interweaves as it must with the struggles he had in keeping SpaceX and Tesla alive. The women around him had to deal with his keen intellect, so they could never out think him. They could never innately match why he reasoned about problems the way he did. They also had to deal with his risk taking, so they could never gauge real risks from the apparent risks that everyone else thinks Musk might face.

Near Bankruptcy

Musk formed both SpaceX and Tesla about the same time. His plan had been to run SpaceX while at the same time being a passive investor while sitting on the board at Tesla. This worked for a short time.

Isaacson portrays the early Tesla team as unable to measure, much less contain, the cost of building what would turn out to be the Roadster. That early team also did not appear to have been able to design their first car in such a way that wealthy buyers would want a copy. Musk eventually had to take over the day-to-day operations of Tesla while also still running SpaceX.

This is why, for example, the Tesla design studio is near the SpaceX headquarters in LA and not in Silicon Valley. It allowed Musk to monitor car designs while also advancing rocket designs.

Both SpaceX and Tesla should have ended up bankrupt at about the same time as Musk's financial resources were drawn down. Both companies were saved in ways I would consider miraculous. This is all the more reason for me to think Joshua's hand is on Musk and his work.


Near the end of the book Isaacson covers the process Musk went through to buy out Twitter. Once he was in control, things got interesting.

Twitter was unlike Musk's other companies. All the other companies he founded and then grew them up himself to become the great companies that they are. Twitter had been built on woke principles, with no cost control, and no leadership. To save it, Musk had to suddenly and dramatically transform it from within.

Musk knew before going in the door that the 8000 employees were going to be reduced to 1600. So anything wrong with anyone would quickly get them fired.

An illustrative example involves anyone supposedly employed as a programmer. If, over the previous month, they had not committed at least 100 lines of code into revision control, they were quickly shown the door.

Musk had been a user of Twitter since the start, but was unaware of all that was going on between the government and Twitter. That took some time to understand. It lead to his recent education in the areas of free speech. This is why the now renamed X platform is starting to out class various competitors.

Since nobody at Twitter knew what it was like to work for Musk, nor his expectations as a demanding boss, he needed to do things to change the culture. The most hilarious part of Isaacson's book is how Musk started moving 5200 computer racks from a data center in Sacramento to a data center in Portland. This across Christmas in 2022.

They were trying to avoid huge penalties for not vacating Sacramento as they had promised the landlord before Musk took over. I suspect this might have been a poison pill left behind by former Twitter management.

I have pushed many such an empty rack around myself. Even empty they are big and unwieldy to move. Musk's were loaded, about 2000 lbs each. His Twitter facilities people said it would take months. He needed to make a point and teach a lesson and change the culture.

Musk took mostly family members into the old server room and started unplugging them and moving them to Portland. This was done in ways that anyone who has handled surplus gear knows will work just fine. But, the old crew at Twitter was used to following manufacturer recommendations. Those recommendations are slow and cautious and written to find ways that void manufacturer warranties.

700 such racks were moved this way, within a few days, using low cost ex-convict movers. Of course the power plugs were wrong in Portland so they could not be immediately plugged back in and turned back on.

But, Musk had made his point. He does not take excuses. This is why he is so successful in nearly everything he touches.

By the way, if Musk can maintain Twitter, now X, as a mostly free platform for communication, this might also mark a serious shift in how media has functioned since the Zionists rewrote the history of World War II in the early 1950s. X remains as another possible epoch related headline.


Isaacson's biography ends with the first test launch of the star ship rocket from Boca Chica in Texas last spring. Musk is making a way to get to Mars as I have discussed in previous blogs.

The second test launch of that rocket system was on November 18, 2023. This was in the cluster of dates that we have been studying. The second launch was better.

In the second launch, the upper stage did not reach orbit, but it did climb high enough to reach into space itself. The upper stage traveled from Texas out past Florida. At that point the flight was terminated over the western Atlantic ocean.

Before the launch I had expected both stages to be terminated in order to test problems with the termination systems found in launch attempt number 1. That system was finally shown to be reliable only on this second flight so termination need not be tested on future flights.

That November 18, 2023, rocket test flight is yet another candidate headline defining our era of resurrection. Now that it can reach space, all that is left is to reach... Mars. Of course there is much more work to do before that happens.

The Unthinkable, Matt Walsh (

On Musk's way to Texas for the Cybertruck launch event, he stopped over in New York City for a conference held by the New York Times. I think Musk could show better taste in picking venues for making these sorts of public appearances. He was in enemy territory in many ways. Of course his risk curve is not the same as mine.

In any case Musk was probably a little jet lagged after traveling from Israel, which did not help what happened on stage that day.

Let me warn you. There are full length videos from the venue. All of them have some sort of editing cut just ahead of the first clip that matters.

Musk might have been addressing the host of the show, or the NYT itself. We cannot know from videos I have seen. In any case, Musk was more angry than I have ever seen him in public before.

With that warning, even as edited, Musk is rightfully angry. He yet again endeared himself to most people tracking what is going on in the culture. Rather than going through the clips in this already long blog, I am deferring to Matt Walsh who picks off the 3 important sound bites and gives the commentary that is evident to all who are tracking what is going on. Use the link above for details if this is new to you.

In any case Musk is demonstrating that he is operating with a strong moral compass. He is also operating with at least some level of faith. He is also operating with some level of Joshua's favor.

Musk is not going to be liked by the men who think they run the world. But, he is changing the world in a time when Joshua wants it to be changed. No matter what happens going forward, Musk is leaving an enduring legacy. He is himself causing the prophetic events that we are looking for in the world in our time.

More Later,