Weekly deploy of most apps. Also a new talk on the Covid related prophetic schedule. Details follow.

Apps This Week

The TT, 400 and SR all got deployed today, Friday, as usual. Minor changes across the text.

Ryan is continuing to work on the arrangement of stories against the 400 cells in the Table of 400. This is routine, and will continue for some time to come.


Last weekend I re-recorded the Coronavirus talk.

The major change is the use of a prophetic read to coax out more prophetic dates and stories. This spreads prophetic dates back to December 8, 2019.

The big deal is the Trump impeachment stuff going on in the US Congress. Both the report to the full house and the opening arguments in the Senate are hitting the Covid dates. If you remember the odd delay in delivering the paperwork to the US Senate? It delays the story so it can hit a 40 day mark.

Hitting impeachment strongly supports the idea that Covid is a political event that goes with the Deep State attempts to remove Trump from office. (Or at least put on a show towards that end.) Trump originally tweeted that this was a hoax. He was right, but overwhelmed by a deluded public, so he just went along.

This does not require that anything at all was released to the environment. The expected, severe, 2019/2020, flu season essentially never happened and was taken over for political purposes.

On the early prophetic dates we also see oil and the US Federal Reserve Bank hitting headlines. The petrodollar system makes little sense if oil is trading negative.

I have also put extensive links and notes under the talk itself. Bring up the video where you can start to watch it and below you will find the articles for the headlines I am discussing.

The talk is at the top of the newest list, titled Covid, Take 2.


Live Stream

Ryan is doing Sabbath Reads this week. The time for the stream is 10:00 AM, Pacific. Check out the front of the app, cr.paleo.in, for the time in your area.

More Later,