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I have added a bunch of pages to Those pages deal with parables of finding scripture in the human genome. The idea of finding scripture in the human genome changes everything. A point not lost on some scientists like Bret Weinstein. Links given below.


We started working on BIG about a week before Tabernacles. As is our custom we did lots every day in addition to a complete read of the Testimony.

Lots this year were nearly always pointing at parables that could be interpreted to mean the human genome will be the source for a recovered vault copy of inspired scripture. The vault will be massive, a mountain of text.

The end of the Gospel of John summarizes. The material in that vault will cover topics of interest across the entire world, if not more.

Recovery is still in our generation, as we've long known. But recovery is because the Babylonians themselves have discovered writing on a wall cast by a shadow.

The use of a shadow is how the DNA molecule itself was found. This is how DNA sequencing machines still work. DNA sequencing appears to set the seeds for the fall of Babel.

There are so many passages on text being buried in the genome that I have written them up as a set. Here is the link.

Genome Parables (

The link here goes to the index page for that section. There are 9 articles currently listed there. Think of these more as extensive notes pages, less polished that full articles, but full of the quotes themselves so you can think about it yourself.

This is NOT what I expected to find when I first started looking at this problem a few weeks ago. If most (or 98 percent to use their terms) of the genome is encoding data, which I cannot yet confirm, then there could be 500 full bible's worth of material encoded there.

This includes, perhaps, photographic data. The hard to sequence sections that were skipped in 2003 are highly redundant. This is what would be expected if photos or more likely maps were encoded in the genome.

Read through those articles yourself to understand the specific parables for genome recovery and what they might mean to the world.

Genome Addressing (

Now that Tabernacles is over I am looking more closely at the code for this. The first problem is getting the genome data itself organized. I now have that data under our own revision control. It is also deployable using our normal build and deploy tools. It is sitting on the server ready for a general genome browser.

That tool now has a page, but the Javascript is not yet finished. I am debating the layout, and looking at what libraries would make this easier for future tools.

To that end I had a dream that pointed the way. The link above explains the fundamental complexity of the genome. The genome has 12 different ways it can be addressed. This has 3 different natural dimensions, which biologists use regularly for talking to each other about where they are and how they look at genome data.

The genome browsing tool I am working on must show all of that complexity. Hopefully displayed in some sane way.

The fundamental Javascript libraries for this work will follow the addressing and render sections of the genome in what I was shown to call steps. I explain those in the article above. Once we know what steps are used where, then only some steps will be needed for further work.

Letter Spreads (

That same dream included a clear direction of what to be looking for first. The article linked here is data taken from the Spice Bible ( That app is an Aramaic to Paleo conversion of the entire Protestant Bible.

The data I am interested in is the distance between letters across each book in the Bible. Hammock threads as I was shown, each looping down a different curve.

In the audit presented at the link above, each letter is measured independently. The metric of interest is the distance, or spread, down the running text to the next occurrence of the same letter.

For every letter except the Dot, the average spread distance is much longer than the most common spread distance.

If you inspect the table in this linked article you will see the Dot character, which lands between each letter, has very strange behavior relative to the other letters. This behavior should be evident in any part of the genome that encodes language. I am working my way towards specific tests for this. More when I know more.

If you understand that data well you might think that it could be used to find all of the codon to letter maps simply by the frequency distribution. This will not work because the Bible is not fully inspired. The letter distributions used there are not of inspired text and will not be the same in the genome. This is a very different problem.

I have started to work out that problem, but need time to work on certain experiments. Those need a better test environment written in Javascript which I am working on.


We have been having long discussions about what it means to recover inspired scripture from the genome. Given the parables I linked to above, this is bound to happen. What does it mean when that happens?

Think about this for awhile. The authority of the conversation about inspired text changes considerably.

If I tell you that inspired text was recovered from the human genome sequenced by scientists over the past few years then the conversation has changed. The basis of authority has changed.

The text is not based on any sort of church or religious authority any more. It is based on the same data that scientists use to defend evolution. Evolution becomes a weak theory since someone injected text into the DNA of every living human.

Who did it? And what did they say in the text of that injection? As the parables above hint at, Babylon falls on this point.

This idea is not lost on scientists. The importance of this idea was explained by Bret Weinstein in answer to an audience question. Here is a link. If you are in a hurry, scroll forward in time to 38:30 and then watch. He gives his witness to our position, a very important point.

Bret Weinstein (Youtube)

Bret has made his living teaching about evolution. He also carries a bunch of false assumptions about how we can change society. Once we think we can remold it, we endorse the powerful doing the same. They will then remold it to their own ends, kill shots and so on. Their vision is for serfdom, replaying Pharaoh's Egypt and a world with only a few hundred million living people.

He gives his position on the 2 bits of data that would disprove evolution. The first, are humans stepping off a UFO and speaking a regular language.

We have that one nailed already. They don't like getting off their UFOs because we are dangerous. But, they do take people into their craft.

It is known as the parable of the Lost Sheep. I did a blog on this. Curiously, we checked on that family not long ago. Dad is caregiver to mom. They are in their 80s. The family lives not far from Bret. Here is the link to the blog I did on people on UFOs.

Lost Sheep (

So Bret's other point, of what would disprove evolutionary theory, is finding scripture in the human genome. It would mean someone messed the genome and thus we are not evolved by chance up from goo. To a scientist it would mean our DNA went through someone's lab.

He instinctively understands the parable in Daniel. The light used to find the genome based writing has now shown on the wall. All that remains is for a prophet to read that writing.

More Later,