Banker's Wars

People who understand markets well have now had enough time to think and write about events in Ukraine. In this post we look at an interview of David Morgan who writes a paid investment newsletter called the Morgan Report. He has many reasons to think this is a Banker's War.


One of the strange ways the west responded to Russia's invasion of Ukraine was through sanctions. This is a weapon of central bankers.

So this is a money war? Yes. As they always are.

Modern Central Banking loans all currency into existence. Someone, somewhere, is paying interest on every unit of currency you personally control. This is the modern expression of Pharaoh's Egypt which we are following prophetically in headlines.

All currency, therefore, is a unit of slavery. Getting your head around this problem is fundamental to understanding the prophetic headlines and where the text is taking us, with the end of Pharaoh and prophetic Egypt.

All Wars Are Banker's Wars

This video summarizes the evidence behind a fundamental idea, that all wars are caused by the needs of central bankers. This unifying idea is not taught in public school because the fundamental crime still goes on.

For example, why was the war of 1812 fought? You may have been taught this was a poor British attempt to undo the American Revolution. The real reason has to do with central banking and how the young United States would create currency.

Most other wars have similar money related motives including World War 2. In the case of World War 2, Germany was resurgent across the 1930s because they were not using currency lent into existence by the banking cartel.

Libya was overthrown for the same reason. There are many more related details in the video above, but the video is an excellent place to begin.

Note, in a few places this video touches on the religious nature of the central bankers. Central Bankers exist only with the help of an Egyptian religion spread through the culture.

In the New Testament text that religion is called the Synagogue of the Libertines. Our hunt for prophetic Pharaoh of necessity must look there.

It is Going to Get Bad, Really Bad

In this video David Morgan is interviewed by Greg Hunter. Morgan lays out a case for why the western central bankers are in a fight, perhaps to the death, with Russia.

Watch carefully, he will call out at least 1 candidate for prophetic Pharaoh.

Also note, he will give a couple of prophecies from the past 100 years about how Russia might win. The veracity of those prophecies is something I cannot judge. But, these references suggest Morgan's gut is pointing in that direction.

Putin's March 15, 2022, Speech

Finally, this is a link to a transcript of his March 15, 2022, speech. This speech is long, so you may want to only read the first half. He starts by reviewing why Russia entered Ukraine. This is not new.

He then generally turns to the western response. Now his public comments are new. Russia is now in a war with the western central bankers, calling them out by name.

Finally he turns to the internal Russian response to the economic war Russia now finds itself within. This is less important to us as western readers.

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