BRB Tour Video Online

Our 2nd video is online, details follow.

Another Video

We made another video... Getting a little easier to do.

The video introduces the features of the BRB app. It goes through all the menus and shows how they are generally used.

The video also covers some history. It gives a few examples why you probably don't want to use it very often in church.

The link is here...

Other News

I've started working on case 4. The models for this case did not scale well from 4" scale. The original design work a couple years ago was always done in 4" scale, without care to making things smaller.

These models have moving and fine detail parts. I had to go through and add subtle gussets to make printing and prep less error prone and I had to rethink some of the pivots and joints. Slow going detail design work. The case itself was designed in a day and is on the printers.

There are now 995 part numbers and assemblies headed for a new website.

TT and BRB Updates

Both updated this week, but with minor changes.

More Later,