Acts 15 Riddle

My first talk in this second season is dealing with the riddle posed by Acts chapter 15, the Jerusalem Council. The chapter, and the riddle, identifies the main editors by name.


Ryan and I are spending nearly all day every day on our computers. We are getting back to a daily routine. We have not had a normal routine since early in the summer.

We have been taking some time out for prayer. We don't have our permanent place worked out yet. We trust this will come together in due time.

Ryan is still working on a major update to The Testimony. Still no ETA on when this will be deployed. He's working over every chapter in the BRB using insights from this past summer in New York. Primarily he is factoring in the material discussed in the talk linked above. The big job is assigning a named editor to each addition.

I'm getting ready to upgrade the 3D printers in order to handle any type of plastic as well as multicolored prints. Most of the parts for the upgrade require printing, which has been going on for over a week. I was busy much of last winter doing 3D printing, and have some revisions to last winter's work and another set of Paleo related parts that will get more attention here soon.

I'm also doing some Javascript programming, rebuilding our tool chain for producing printed Testimonies. Ryan and I have had numerous requests for printed copies. So this will make it possible to satisfy those requests.

I am being careful to not commit to a schedule, but if you would be interested in printed drafts please let me know.

More Later,