New classroom app, new talk, and we will be live streaming on Saturday, April 4, 2020. Details below.

A Day Early

I normally post on Fridays, for e-mail delivery on Saturday. This week I'm a day early to let you know about a new app and a live stream that is coming up this Saturday.


Our new app is called the Classroom. It contains all the talks we've recorded over the past year. It will gain new talks as we record them over weeks to come. With an app style interface it is now much easier to explore the catalog.

Like all web apps, it has a URL. After loading, it can then be installed to the home screen of your device. Here is the URL...

The main page is where we do live streaming. When we're not online it lists an intro to the project, 2 recent talks, and provides a topical index where there are pages of other talks. Play with it a little and it will make sense.

When we live stream the front page of the app transforms. It becomes the live stream video along with a chat window so you can chat with us and with anyone else watching. Look in the menus to setup your chat handle.

There is an option in the menus for switching between audio and video. This for you drive-timers that want to listen while you work. Or, because you're locked down and the internet is slow. (Live streams are currently always in video.)

I will update the links on shortly to show off this new app. I will also be removing all media from will become a place for finding apps and for the blog. Nothing more.

Join us Saturday at 10:00 AM Pacific Time if you are interested.

Most weeks we plan on 2 general things. At 10:00 we will be doing Sabbath Reads. This from the Sabbath Read app, ( Ryan will be hosting and reading. Since he spends most days in this material, he is good at answering questions.

Once Sabbath Reads are over, we will take a break and then usually I will do a formal talk. Those talks will later go into the catalog on the app. At the end we will hold open live discussion from viewer chat.

We tested last week with our normally live crew who were otherwise locked down. With only a few bugs fixed this week we are now ready to open it up to anyone.

Coronavirus Talk

This week's talk is posted in the Classroom app, the link is on the front page because it is recent. The permanent place for that talk is in the 'Prophecy' section. 2 things you need to know. First, this event has a schedule, it will be following Noah's flood. It has various dates between now and mid March, 2021. I give the math and dates so you can think about them.

This is way longer than anyone in the media is currently seriously discussing. Expect the talking heads to be constantly saying, 'another 2 weeks' until the public realizes this is really a political problem.

Government officials who have ordered lockdowns have set a trap for themselves. They know when they end the lockdowns, people will get sick again. So, they cannot stop the lockdowns without taking blame for dead people. So, they will keep lockdowns on indefinitely.

In discussion after recording that talk, we realized the January date that I give in the talk is the 2021 Presidential Inauguration date. This is also a political story, so no surprise.

This coronavirus event is also an occult human sacrifice. I give some details in the talk. The powers that be want people dead, which is why you don't want to pay much heed to all that is being said in the media.

They also WANT as many people as possible to run out of money. This creates slavery via dependence on government handouts. It also gives cover for a collapse in the banking system, which is why the over-the-top reactions from the world of finance. It is also part of a certain eschatology.

Will it succeed? That is the question.

Technical Updates

There have been many widespread changes to the underlying software we use for our apps. We now have more users on more platforms and are getting good feedback on bugs. We are also seeing issues with the slowing internet that has triggered long standing bugs that formerly high speed internet covered over.

The biggest change is a major rewrite of the Service Worker. This is what lets apps run offline. The code is much better at detecting and preventing a range of network related bugs that show up only with slow or buggy internet. The biggest bug in this space showed up as outlines where icons or images belonged. They would not self-repair when the app was reloaded.

With that rewrite the Progress Bar is back. It will take a couple updates before most people will notice. But, on a new install, a red progress bar will mark when initial installation is finished. It also shows up when there is a new version being installed. This was a well liked feature in the past and it has returned.

There is also an initial pass at keyboard support. The biggest thing you will see if you are on a keyboard device is the left/right arrow keys allow movement around the Testimony, Sabbath Reads and Classroom apps. The up and down arrow keys now reliably allow scrolling.

There was also a bug with the way videos were rendered for Apple platforms. The bug showed up as stalls on video loads on slow internet. It also showed up as a half load of the video poster. As I write this post, the re-rendering of the entire video library is going on. It should be finished and online by the time you read this.

It has been a very, very busy 10 days.

More Later,