Section Heading Milestone

With today's deploy, the Testimony app now has a complete set of 400 section headings. Details on this, and on the 3D work, follow below.

Section Headings

Ryan starting thinking about the problem of the order of the Bible's books about 15 years ago.

Though there were valiant attempts at attempting to puzzle out this problem, there was always problems. In the end those problems were related to inserted content. It was never possible to fully settle the order of the books, nor their sections.

When we realized there was non-inspired content, the book-order game was again afoot...

Ok, with today's update there is a rough pass at the 75 inspired books, the "gold layer" and within those books 400 inspired sections. The "silver layer." This is a major milestone.

This work is being driven by a series of subject based alphabet grids. These drive the bible study based reconstruction. They will eventually be the systems that guide regular readers.

Surveying the summary data in those grids as it stands today shows much, much more work to do across the books and the sections. This will not be finished for some time. But an interesting milestone it is.

3D Model Work

While Ryan has been busy on the top-down, bible study based approach to finding the inspired manuscript, I've been working from the bottom-up. My focus this past week has been on the 3rd of what will probably be 6 cases that display various models created from the design of the alphabet.

Each case is designed like a mosaic floor, with storage compartments below, a lift off lid, and various artifacts stored below and displayed atop. This 3rd case is the largest of the cases. It has 38 cells in its mosaic. At 2 inch scale it is about 4 feet long.

I started working it over the holidays, and had to throw out the first design. I threw out the 2nd pass about a week ago and have been trying again for a 3rd time. I'm finally happy with the design, committing it to about 200 hours of 3D printer time to test it in realized form.

This 3rd case carries the solution to another alphabet riddle. For those of you who have tracked either our Disneyland work or our understanding of the national map of the USA, this has shifted how we pair both Disneyland rides and city pairs across the United States.

Many of the city pairs on this system are well recognized in a secular sense. Detroit and Los Angeles pair. Detroit supplies the cars, Re, cattle, that flow, Mo, on the freeways of LA.

Mackinac Island, Jo, pairs with Sitka Island, Yo, in Alaska. With the upper peninsula of Michigan pairing to Alaska itself, both separated by water. There are stories in the Testimony that key to Alaska's late addition to the USA. Similar replacement stories apply to Hawaii, Ne, still paired to Butte.

The Portland/Seattle location of the Ku on the national map now pairs with St. Louis, Qu. These cities were tied on the ground via the Oregon Trail. TWA at St. Louis was an important early customer of Boeing in Seattle, also dealing with territory and travel.

Our map of the USA has wanted a location in Southern Idaho, which we can now strongly identify. It pairs with Pensacola, FL. The pair here are both government installations, INL near Arco, Idaho, and the Pensacola Naval Air station. In particular the Idaho location is the Belt Buckle, Ze, and its letter meaning is privacy. You only open your belt buckle in certain situations. You need strict permission at both ends of this city pair to enter.

The Arco Idaho location matches Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland. The match being the difficulty of getting in. The other letter is Wa, at Pensacola, and this looks to be hinting at artificial stars created by nuclear power. There is an "abyss" reference in the Testimony to the Arco end of this pair. This suggests eventually the national nuclear waste facility gets built in Idaho, as has been discussed, instead of in Nevada.

Fun stuff.

This 3D case looks to be prominent in other studies too... But I digress.

More Later,