In 2004 I was called to pray for an election in Washington State. Though not the race I was following, the governor's race at the time was stolen by Democrats. The victim became an expert in election fraud and has been advising the Trump campaign over the electoral mess going on right now in the United States. In this post I go into the prophetic details and provide some links.


In the middle of 2004 Ryan and I moved to north Idaho from where we had lived near Mount Hood in Oregon. In those days we did quite a bit of regional prayer. One of those prayer drives was praying for a ballot initiative in King County.

For those far away, that is the county where Seattle is located. It contains 1/3 of all voters in the state of Washington. That math is key to vote counting fraud. The same imbalance in voters is behind the same patterns of fraud across the country now. Political machines only need corrupt 1 or 2 counties in each state to throw national elections. Operationally they need activate only a few of those counties each time.

The initiative I was specifically praying about involved building a new monorail inside the city limits of Seattle. It was an odd citizen's initiative, placed on the ballot through the actions of a taxi driver fed up with traffic. He was not out of the political class, much like Trump today. He faced the same sort of derision from the political establishment that Trump faces now.

Ryan and I drove the proposed map of the new monorail and prayed at each proposed station location. Not much prophetic insight at the time, but it got very interesting when the November election was finally held.

Remember, I was living in Idaho, and had lived in Oregon, so I had no personal stake in the election. I was still interested in the outcome because I had been praying for that project. So I found where to track the votes, and kept up on the outcome via the Seattle Times.

There was both the election day ballots, and a series of mail-in ballots which were counted as they arrived, so the tally changed day-by-day for about a week after election day. The initiative itself was pretty close, but initially went down to defeat. On the last day of counting, a sudden bump in the numbers caused the initiative to pass. A very strange thing. Now, let me give you the prophetic backdrop.

The Dream

Before the count began, I had a dramatic prophetic dream. In the dream I was in the election office looking down on where the ballots were being counted. Sort of like being a fly on the wall, watching what was going on. I saw a man overseeing the operation and 2 female assistants running ballots through counting machines.

I watched as he was sorting inbound ballots into piles, some he would just pass to the women counting, some he was keeping uncounted in another pile. I eventually watched him take his special pile and give it to the women to count. All votes were counted, but those special ballots that he had selected where counted only at the end.

You should notice immediately that nothing in the dream had anything to do with monorails. It had everything to do with how election processes work in the general case. More on this below.

You should also notice that his special pile was most likely pro-monorail ballots, held back to defeat the initiative, but which were added at the last moment, throwing the totals to a win for the monorail.

Work History

My first job after graduating college was writing software for testing machines that removed bad product on a manufacturing line. Testing time was key because the higher the time, the higher the cost our machine added to the product. We could make the machine only go so fast. To reduce testing time even more we resorted to fancy statistical analysis to determine bad product, something clever statistics built into software could do very well.

The specifics of the math are not important, but it watched for deformations in test results curves. After working on this software for a year I developed an innate sense of what the software, and the product engineers, would consider good or bad in those curves.

Specifically, certain bumps showed up in test results curves when a testing machine saw defects in the product. Once a defect was found the entire test could be stopped right then and there. The product under test could be tossed out as defective, and the next product test could quickly begin.

Bumps In Votes Curves

As I was watching the voting results for the monorail initiative, I saw the same sort of curve bump I had studied daily in that factory years before.

What I saw in the daily monorail vote totals was the outworking of what I had seen in the dream. That pile of ballots, all alike, had been held to the side during early part of the vote. Those ballots were later fed together through a counting machine on the last day, flipping the final result on the last day of counting.

It was obvious in the counts what had happened. The overseer of the counting process was playing games with the outcome of the election. He seemed to be trying to make the monorail go down in defeat, but for whatever reason, changed his mind on the last day. Perhaps he realized someone was watching, and did not want to go to jail? Perhaps the 'powers that be' decided to deal with the monorail in a different way? Who knows.

His game would not have been obvious without the prophetic insight that the vote bump was caused by the actions of vote counters. Some people in the media innately knew something was wrong with the last day tally, and asked about it.

The vote counting official rationalized the bump away by saying to the media the votes were from a certain pro-monorail precinct, and it was not a problem.

It would have required a trained statistician to note that every batch of ballots is itself an exit poll, and represents a valid sample of the entire population of voters. It cannot vary far from other batches, otherwise it is fraudulent. There is very specific well known math to check how far off it can be. Once someone's gut says there is a problem, the math is already screaming fraud.

Note that at the end of the vote the Seattle Times eventually ran an article about the vote counting office itself. The article included a photo. The office manager and 2 women assistants were shown at their machines. Those 3 people were the same 3 that I had seen in the dream at the start of the process. The dream was accurate enough that if I'd been sitting in the building lobby I could have picked them out as they walked in.

Benford Analysis

OK, so 35 years later, and very much formalized, the statistical system I was using in the factory and informally with the monorail initiative in Seattle, is now formalized and named, and available to detect fraud in vote counting systems. It works by watching for bumps in totals curves as votes are counted and tallied. Here is a link to an article explaining the technique and applying it to fraud surrounding Trump election vote counting.

GP Benford Analysis

This same tool is showing fraud in various counting offices across most of the disputed states. The folks at Gateway Pundit are calling these out every few hours. Note that it is easier to hide huge frauds in big cities where the 'bump' is proportionally smaller. But, because Trump seems to have garnered considerable support from the electorate at large, the elections officials throwing the tallies need to use considerable bumps to make their fraud work, making it much easier to detect, even by laymen without fancy statistical skill.

Other Terms

These frauds are also called 'ballot drops' and can include the packages of ballots filmed on cell cameras being wheeled in to vote tally offices at 4:00 AM. They are also marked by a severe divergence between Presidential and Senatorial vote counts. They are also seen when total votes are more than total registered voters. They are also seen when election officials are using pens to mark ballots but using pens of the same color as voters who originally filled in the ballots. These are all measurable effects of the same vote counting fraud problems.

Note that recounts, where the fraudulent ballots are shuffled in with real ballots, will usually pass the Benford tool. Statistical tests do not detect very small defects. So beware of thinking that a recount, as Georgia is doing, is a good thing. They may be just covering their own crime.

More From 2004

I was not following other races being counted in King County in 2004, only the monorail, because that was the only race we were called to pray through. I did not live in the state either, so it was of little concern. What was odd about the dream at the time was I was NOT shown monorails. I was shown the ballot counting process. Using my technical history I could tell immediately the votes were being manipulated to some nefarious end.

In November of 2004 there was also a race for governor in Washington State. The same fraud I was seeing in the monorail count was also going on with the governor's race. It was also going on in the same vote counting office. That history matters now to the national election of Trump.

In 2004, Dino Rossi was running for governor of Washington on the Republican ticket. Initially he won the entire state, but by a slim margin. He also won an automatic recount required by law when the margin is thin. This should have been the end of it, and he should have become the new Washington State governor.

But his Democratic opponent paid considerable cash for a 3rd recount and with that count the vote was flipped and Rossi ultimately lost. Given what I was seeing prophetically in the monorail count, I can easily deduce it was by the similar techniques of vote counting fraud.

Rossi went through legal hell and became a national expert after being the victim of corrupt Democrat vote counting operations. He was called in as an advisor in a similar case in Utah. He is now advising the Trump campaign on the current mess.

Rossi was recently interviewed by a long time friend of his and that interview is very insightful into the various ways these crimes are committed, and how they cannot be litigated very easily.

This problem exists both at the level of evidence and because the judges themselves are corrupt. (Think Pennsylvania.) I strongly recommend watching and seeing what he has to say. It is full of details. A more practiced interviewer, like Dave Rubin, could draw more out of Rossi. Rossi deserves to be more widely heard.

Dino Rossi on Election Fraud

Note that Rossi points out important corrupt connections that exist to this day involving, say, the Russia collusion hoax and politics in Washington State.

If Rossi is remotely right, then recent federal level talk of prosecuting the current mayor of Seattle over riots, may have been partially a threat of retribution for past wrongs against the nation.

As Henry Ford himself importantly pointed out, there is only 1 conspiracy.

Rossi's education is probably how the monorail prayer was eventually applied by Joshua, to educate someone who could help with the situation now. When you hear calls for counting 'legal votes' you are hearing language from Rossi's education from the 2004 stolen election being finally applied on the national level.


It is important to note that the election of a US President, unlike all other local voting, is not based on actual vote tallies. The Electoral College was setup in order to prevent fraud in large states from overwhelming the rights of small states.

I am finishing up this post on the evening of November 10, 2020. As it stands right now Biden has 226 votes in the Electoral Collage. Trump has 232 votes, which is a slight advantage for Trump. Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia all have various disputes over tallies related to vote counting fraud. Some disputes are in court, some are in state legislatures. At least Pennsylvania is widely expected to reach the US Supreme court, others may too.

As Rossi so easily explains, these are not easy to solve because proof is hard to establish in court for these sorts of crimes. The Benford Analysis itself has been used in the past, and may be used again this year. State legislatures can also intervene in ways that courts cannot.

Until those disputes are worked out, we must wait for the process to finish. Right now, neither candidate has enough votes in the Electoral College to win. The actual vote for president goes on in the Electoral College in mid December. Plenty of time for more surprises to happen.

Dates that might matter earlier than that date, from this year's Noah series, are November 25, December 2 and December 9. Noah comes out of the ark on the day before Inauguration day in January, 2021.

More Later,